Jaana Na Dil Se Door 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma and Dadi explaining Atharv about keeping relations. Uma says Vividha values relation, it does not mean she loves Ravish. Dadi says remember this, Vividha never lies, she can never lie to you, I m sure that if Vividha had any feelings for Ravish, she would have told us and you, she did not say because she does not know Ravish, she loves her Atharv. Atharv asks why is she doing this, why does she not say what she is feeling.

Sujata says I can understand what you are feeling, you have to choose between them, you have to take this decision. Atharv says it was her decision, I did not force her to get engaged to me, why is she confused now. Sujata says because your decision will change many lives, yours, Ravish, Atharv’s life, decision should be not by pressure,

it should be for your happiness, decision taken under pressure does not ruin life, but generations, Ramakant’s decision made many to pay for it, you have to think now, you have time till this function ends, think well, with whom do you want to share your life, Ravish or Atharv.

Uma says if Vividha wanted, she would have not told you about her marriage, else she would have not left Ravish, I told her not to leave Ravish, she did not listen to me and took divorce. Atharv says signing can just get divorce done, but not break relations of heart. Uma asks what relation, if Vividha loves Ravish, what will you do, tell me. He says nothing, if she loves Ravish, its her right to go to him, I can’t do what my dad did, I will let her go.

Uma asks will you let her go and not get angry. He says I will not see her face again. She asks why. He says I love her, I m human, not Lord. She asks where are you going. He says home, I have just courage to go there. She asks him to prepare to go Delhi, everything will happen there, you, Vividha and Ravish will be there, you can talk to them and decide, whatever decision will happen will be in Delhi.

Vashisht family, Vividha and Sujata arrive at award ceremony venue. Reporters cover the event. Suman says its such an imp day in Ravish and our lives, I can see him today. Dadi Bua says he made us proud. Sujata says he is not here. Suman says he did not come yet, he told me he will reach here on function directly. Uma and Atharv are on the way. The award ceremony starts. Dadi Bua asks when will Ravish come. Suman says he would be coming now.

Atharv asks driver to hurry up. Captain Ravish’s name is announced. Everyone clap. They wait for Ravish. Ravish does not come. A man gives an envelope to the officer. The officer says Ravish could not come here by some situation, it does not mean Ravish will not attend this ceremony, it will be here, we got this CD, Ravish has sent a message for us from the border, we will show his message on screen.

Uma coughs. Atharv asks driver to stop the car at any shop. He goes to get the water bottle. He sees award ceremony playing live on tv. The CD is played. Ravish is seen tied to the chairs and tortured. Suman, Vividha and everyone get tied. Reporter says oh my God, its Captain Ravish. The terrorists kept Ravish captive. The family cries. Atharv and Uma get shocked seeing Ravish’s state. Atharv gets back to taxi. Uma takes water. She asks driver to drive fast.

The terrorist say we have this soldier in our clutches, he has troubled us a lot, you were proud of him, we have beaten him and made him a dog, see his state, you have sent this kid to fight with him, we will kill him and send at your border. Everyone get shocked and cry. The terrorists beat up Ravish.

Ravish says think if my hands get free, what will I do of you, every kid of India will try to become a soldier, even a dog ties tiger and thinks he is tiger, free me once and see what I do. The terrorist beats him again. Suman and Vividha shout Ravish and cry. Army officers look on. Ravish is held at gunpoint. Atharv asks driver to drive fast.

Suman asks officers did they get Ravish’s news. Officer says don’t worry, Captain Ravish is one of our brave soldiers, nothing will happen to him, our team is in that field, we are trying to find him and who has sent that CD. Suman says Ravish is my son, terrorists kidnapped him, you are asking me not to worry. Vividha asks when will we know about Ravish, if they do anything to Ravish, do something fast.

The officer says we are trying to find out, Ravish was kidnapped from border area, we are doing our best. Vividha asks Suman to have belief, nothing will happen to Ravish. Suman gets angry and slaps Vividha. Vividha gets shocked.

Suman says you are saying Ravish will come back, you are the reason of his bad luck, he is not just my son, he is a brave soldier, you are culprit of this country. Vividha cries. Atharv asks Uma why are you worried. Uma says don’t know where did Vividha go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sH83aXrXGBA&feature=youtu.be
    Is it true. Kk replaced by anupam shah. Who is he.

    1. He used to be in the serial Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya!

      1. @naveen,yes you are correct

    2. Who is that ?

      Our Kk will be missed.
      Shivik also will miss old KK.
      Why is Vineet Sir not coming ?

    3. Suman, I had seen a few episode of Pratigya…trust me this new Kk is as horrible as the old Kk. Anupam Shah too will do full justice to the role of kk

      He too is a brilliant villain. …now I am also scared of this new Kk!!

      1. Anupham Shah will rock as a villain.I used to watch pratigya before.His acting is outstanding as a villian.I used to get fear by his sound.He will be far better than present kk.

      2. I don’t know who is he. U all saying he is Gd. Let us enjoy d show ?.

      3. Karan CVs really know how to choose their villains, that’s about the only thing they’ve done right so far.

        Let’s see if it’s a new plot with the bandage of Kailash Kashap’s face?
        Did Kk get plastic surgery etc

        I too used to look Pratigya and this was one of the most disgusting character on there!

    4. why? why? why? why? why?
      These nappenings??
      already they spoiled old charm of JNDSD. now another wrong step.
      but till now..even though. KK covered with bandage..his eyes looks like Veenet kumar nly.
      But wat happen to him and y replacing him??

  2. Heart breaking episode with Ravish fighting for his life on border

    please bring Ravish back on screen

  3. Honestly Vividha’s expressions are always a guilty look she seems to want both Ravish and Atharva! Moreover I cannot stand this whole slapping business in all serials. How can people slap a grownup person or even a child. Where did all the Ahimsa of India go to? Strangely no one notices Kailash!

  4. indera sanichara

    Suman what nonsence are you talking why blame Vividha for Ravish kidnapping, writers here you go again confusing everyone including yourself. We want Artharv and Vividha unite but you are making Kalish win this is so sad to watch.

  5. Nazneen Syed

    Good morning
    Suman di,Joe di,143,Karan bhayya,Anam,xyz,Aailya,Nikhat,Havilah,
    Sunanda,Nikh,Indera Sanichera,Aisha,Neeth,
    And all new comers.How are you all?☺
    After a long time I’m commenting do you all remember me??
    I missed you all & your comments too.?
    The serial has lost the charm.
    Don’t know what will be that Vividha’s decision???

    1. Good morning @Nazneen syed,happy to see you back.

    2. Nazneen naveen was missing you very badly.

    3. Gud mrng nazneen dear.m fine.and u?
      No u r back.m so happy.

    4. [email protected]
      good morning.

      How are u?

    5. Gd morning nazneen. Hw r u. Study well. Settle before marriage it self in career. U know after marriage it’s very difficult to concentrate on career.

      1. Sorry suman di for commenting in malayalam.We will not repeat this again di.Please forgive us suman di.

    6. Nazneen, we do remember u. How have u been ?

    7. Gud afternoon. …
      We all are fine..
      Hw r yu???

  6. Gooooooood mrng

  7. Ravidhàaaaasssssaaaaaa

  8. Good morning Mia pinky and jyoti have a nice day friends.

    1. Hello dear, have u a pleasure day.

      1. Hi.. eswari.. hv a good day.. jnsd is getting boring.. n dey are making ravish a scapegoat in this vitharva relationship.. cvs are trying to revive vitharva at the expense of ravish..how cruel is dat.. and i m not able to recall that i watched the following scene in this show or not..

        But dadi gave a good lecture that y she is always in makeup n accessories while being a widow.. n atharva n vivi were not happy when sujata turned into a widow attire.. den y did vivi(still being married to ravish) turned into a widow when these things didn’t mAtter to her.. it hurts any mother on this planet to see her daughter inlaw in widow dress even if her son is dead.. n here ravish was alive and vivi did such an evil act..

        I do not support suman to think negatively for atharvA.. but hypocrite vivi deserved that slap for various other reasons..

  9. @who blaming suman for slapping vividha,,,,,may b she slapped and blamed vividha bcoz ravish removed sindur,bangles and ms for vividha’s happiness,,,suman thought removing all when husband is alive is bad luck for him,,,bcoz dis is da sentiment and at most tradition to follow in many families…..

  10. Gud mrng friends. Have a nice day.

  11. Dimpurose11234

    Hii, A cold gud mrng to everyone.
    There are less comments today. All are upset about
    yesterday’s episode.
    Why this suman slap the vividha. Wt is her mistake.
    K don’t react on precaps. Let’s wait and watch today’s episode.

    1. Hi dimpurose,good morning dear

    2. Hi. gud mrng.
      Have gr8t day.

      Yeah just waiting for today’s episode.For vitharv.
      but can’t bear that suman blaming vividha.

  12. Hi…..a Very good morning Friends..
    Have a nice day.

    1. @143 good morning dear

    2. Gud afternoon. …

  13. @Suman diddi
    I’m not going to marry. By the way I’m young still. ☺
    @Anju.Mind your tongue ???

    1. @nazeen you got shy baby

    2. @nazneen dear just ignore her.That blo*dy creature is not going to understand anything and it is just a time waste.

    3. Ha ha it’s ok nazneen. Any how concentrate on ur career

  14. @dimpurose,,,,hv u seen my comment,,today 8:56 am,,,i think dat is da reason….

    1. Dimpurose11234

      Really u believe in this.
      BUt suman is a woman she has to understand another woman feelings.
      Vividha ne tho nahi kaha terrorists se kidnap karne ke liye.
      All this happens just becoz of revenge not becoz of vividha.

  15. Finally.. parallel old sequences going to happen.
    in phase 1.. Before going to Pushkar to find “PAYAL”(Kidnap) Vitharv misunderstood each other.After that Atharv fall for vividha then vividha fall in love with Atharv.

    so here we gooooooooooo ……..same happening now also, same misunderstandings b/w Atharv. Now both will leave to find Ravish.
    In phase 1 after payal kidnap. wat happened?
    same will happen this time tooo
    wat u guys say???

  16. Thanks for sharing the link suman di and 143. Kullu manali became Kashmir. Can’t wait for the track.

  17. What’s going on in this show? show started with another level of social thinking and now it’s becomeing illlogical show ? why they dragging some rubbish tracks bringing some popular actors ?
    Hope vikram and sivani quit this show as early as possible and come back onscreen with another powerful show ?

    1. Illogical*

  18. Misunderstanding drama..plz don’t do this CVS .suman is a blame Product.she always blame others for his unsuccessful marriage life and his son’s also.

  19. Guys any new spoilers?

  20. Hi nazneen good to have you back

  21. Can’t you shut your mouth ? anju

  22. @ eswari
    Have a great day….eswari…… I will wait for your comments for JNDSD….till than I enjoy your comments for us dear…. Bye…

  23. OMG ! suman di the link tht u gave frst abt kailash replacement! is really a horrible one!

    tht man was in maan ki awaz pratigayan!

    i watched tht too wn my mom was watching tht and believe me he is 10 times more furious man thn the present KK…haw….his eyes made me frighten wn i was watching tht show!

    superbly dangerous he is!

    bt dont think yet the replacement has been done!

  24. I will slap you suman mad

  25. vividha really deserved that slap for so many reasons how she can beacome widow when her husband is alive she should give a chance to her n ravish relationship she thinks that if she will break her marriage her relationship with atharv would be normal like before but a girl after marriage loves her husband more than her lover she should move on with ravish without hurting any body’s emotions suman did a gud job by slaping vividha such a shameless character ever seen in any main lead character

  26. Hi xyz, Aliya and others. The episode was OK. Vivi did not do Anything. Suman is selfish she thinks only abt her son . But I am feeling really bad for ravish I think that is why atharv and vivi will go to manali. It is just my assumption. @anju dont u have any senses u r a stupid donkey trying to irritate people and ask stupid and irrelevant questions and u r shamelessly flirting. Mind ur business and behave like a mature person instead like a kid. Or we would treat u like a kid. Once again I am asking u to go away. U stupid mental creatures. Idiots

  27. guys on instagrame and twitter theres a picture if ravish vividah atharve and team and ravish was injured ? so he should be fine

    1. Eva1

      Thanks for the info

  28. Good evening

  29. @liza well said

  30. Vividha and Arthav should get married and live happy

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