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The Episode starts with Ravish stopping Vividha at the door. She says I feel Atharv is not fine. He says we need proof to prove him innocent. She says we don’t have time, I have to reach him, why are you not understanding, when two people love each other, they are just seen two, but they are one, like me and Atharv, whenever he is hurt, I feel it, like I m feeling now. Jaana na dil se door…..plays…… Atharv is caught by ward boys. She says I have to reach there, please don’t stop me, let me go. He says I will call and ask about him. She says I have to go to him.

They leave and reach the mental asylum. Ravish says I will keep the guards busy in talk, you go inside. She thanks him. Ravish makes guards busy by showing his ID card. She thinks I m coming Atharv. She

gets down the car. A saline bottle falls down the window. She looks on. Ravish asks guards to tell the doctors info. She goes silently. Atharv is tied to the bed and shouts for help.

He apologizes to the warden. The warden asks the men to start the machine. Atharv asks what is it. Warden says you will know it now. Vividha comes there and screams seeing the mad people. Atharv shouts no. Vividha hides from the ward boy. Ward boy looks for her and does not see her. Doctor comes to the ward and sees the warden. He asks whats happening. Warden says I m making his anger down by giving shocks. Doctor says if he gets the shock, he can die. Warden says shut up, get out, else I will make you lie here and give shocks. Doctor goes.

Vividha is looking for Atharv. She worries for Atharv. Warden tells Atharv that now you will see the stars. He goes to start the machine. Vividha hears Atharv and comes there running. She holds the warden’s hand and stops him. Ravish is still talking to guards. He says I will come tomorrow and leaves. Vividha scolds the warden for giving mental shocks to an innocent man. Warden asks the men to catch her. She gets the knife and says I will kill if anyone comes close, none can harm Atharv till I m there.

Ravish thinks Vividha got late, something is wrong. Warden signs the man to catch them. Vividha says I will take Atharv. Warden says he is in our custody. The man slaps Vividha and catches her. Vividha says leave me, what are you doing. Atharv says leave her. Warden says in my hospital, you are threatening me, you are brave, will you save him, first save yourself, see what I do of you, I will give mental shocks to you first. They catch Vividha and make her lie on the bed. Atharv gets the memory flashes. She shouts leave me. Atharv shouts Vividha and beats the men. He beats the warden. Vividha asks Atharv to please come with her. She asks Atharv to leave warden. The men catch Vividha again. Atharv beats all of them single handedly. She asks Atharv to leave them, we will leave. The warden gets the injection. Vividha sees him. She asks Atharv to look back.

Ravish comes and hits the warden on his head. Warden fights with Ravish. Ravish says I will turn asylum to emergency ward if you do anything, you will be punished. Ravish asks Vividha and Atharv to come. They try to leave. The ward boys stop them. Ravish manages them, and asks Vividha to take Atharv and leave. She refuses. Ravish insists. Guard comes to beat Ravish. Atharv beats the guard for beating his captain. Vividha is caught up by another guard, who keeps a knife at her neck. Atharv and Ravish get shocked seeing her.

Ravish gets a knife from his shirt and throws at the guard’s shoulder. The guard falls down. Ravish shouts run and takes Atharv and Vividha along. They leave. Vividha drives. Atharv shouts we won and kisses Vividha on her cheek. Ravish looks on. Atharv asks Ravish to come ahead and kisses on his cheek also. He asks Ravish do you want another kiss. Ravish says no, I m fine. Ravish and Vividha smile. Atharv says see Captain saab looks good when he smiles. Love you zindagi…..plays…… They all smile happily.

Its morning, they reach home. Ravish says I can’t believe this, how can they do this with Atharv, its a legal crime, I will not leave them, I think we should shift Atharv out of city, so that none knows about him, Vividha you do his booking, we have to take his medicines too, I will talk to Maa. Atharv asks for food. Vividha says I will make food for you. They enter the house. They get shocked seeing the inspector at home. Atharv says you came again here. Sujata hugs Atharv and asks how are you. Atharv says I m fine, but bad would have happened. Suman asks Ravish what’s happening, inspector told me that you guys made Atharv run from asylum. Inspector says you took laws in your hands. Vividha says Atharv is innocent, we will prove this, no need to arrest him or take him to asylum. Inspector says its police investigation, not yours, I should arrest you both for breaking laws. They get shocked.

Suman tells Sujata that you got your son and making my bahu do her duty, your son is always with Vividha, like she is his wife, he touches Vividha and kisses her face too while joking, does Vividha has any relation with you and Atharv….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vitharv makes 7 vachanas infornt of fire nd god every where
    Vitharv forever???????????????????????????

  2. INDIA is a country where rich in culture and values if we go history where great personalites like goddess sati ,savatiri,seetha,anasuya and arundhati were born with great values,due to various religions present now in india became influenced by west and other religions people.BCOZ of these of type of shows like jana na dil se door where encourgaing illegal relations ,a married women vividha romancing her husband brother athrav infront of his husband ,its really worst ,giving wrong messages to youth of this society,actualy Ravish like character is artifical in reality ,its a created character by the director of the show.Ravish is ENCOURAGING his wife in her romance with athrav,really worst.These type of show should be banned,giving wrong message to society,where marriage became joke for this show.

  3. You are too CRT karan. Nisha has a girl just think can you live a life without basic love will you get over if you have one. marriage is a sacred relationship I agree truly but keeping one in heart and having relationship with other is said to be faking the life we r living

  4. @sheela,oh really sati, seeta, arundati, anasuya all, they didn’t have love with one n remaining with other. Ya they all great. But way you portraying is wrong. They all accepted only one man from heart soul n body. They r lucky enough as they r not cheated by their parents saying ur guy is dis but in last moment changing dat guy it self. Den y u want vividha to share same feelings for both. In our culture we accept only one man dats it. Vividha already choosen her man. She is not cheating ravish. The concept of pathivratha is one man as seeta savithri all. They r great because they shared their souls with only one man. But in case of vividha she shared her soul with atharva. It already over. Der is no process or procedure to get it back. It’s impossible for a girl to share same soul n feelings with two. If she shares with ravish means plz don’t compare her with savithri seeta arundati all. Marriage is not tying thread. It is tying two souls together. According to our purana vitharv are already married.

    1. wow!! well said Suman.. i totally agree with u.. ONLY VITHARV FOREVER..

    2. ??????????

    3. Who is asking vividha to leave atharva!!!
      But some of us who hve value of cultures n traditions juz want the director to show her to behave as a married woman n behave decently with her lover till the things are not cleared out..
      whethr she loves Ravish or not ..whthr their marriage lasts or not ..she is married nd shud respect her marriage untill she is divorced..
      Certain relations in life have their dignity n u shud respect them no mattr howevr long they last..

  5. Sheela ji pls u will not see jnds.why did watch that type of serial if u feel bad.pls

  6. I will support you Nidha.
    Well said Karan you will always give correct comments.
    The way you said to Pinky u chill yaar….I couldn’t control my laughter
    Only Vitharv
    You all are taking the serial very seriously and please don’t fight like this it won’t look nice.We have to give our comments that’s it.

  7. Actually all who are supporting marriage and Ravidha.unfortunately they are forgetting they are supporting vitharv. Let me tell in detail
    Some of u saying mangalsutra,sindoor. If u guys real agree to ur words of sindoor or marriage .Then its vitharv only wife and husband. If u guys forgot that Atharv filled sindoor to vividha.plz recall or recollect those episode and watch it. So Atharv was vividha’s true husband from body and soul. Ravish was second husband to vividha. Now u guys ask ur self to whom u r supporting .. Love or marriage
    If u guys think love..its Vitharv. Even if you guys think marriage its also vitharv.
    Just u guys missing abt vitharv are bounded by love and marriage.But Ravidha nly marriage.
    So vitharv supporters no need to worry abt Ravidha supporters. They are unfortunately or indirectly supporting vitharv. So just come down.

  8. truly said suman..wht are ravida fans accept that vitharv are already married they are take 7 prms infront of panchabutha..plz watch phase1 of jndsd..in this condition atharv saves her girl..thats calles love nd relationship..

  9. @suman,here iam mentioning sati or seetha because they are goddess with rich values,they are examples for women.Iam not comparing vividha role of jana na dil se door serial with great people like sati or seetha becoz vivdha is an ordinary human being.vividha doesnt deserve or worth to be compared with great people like savithri or so on.Jana na dil se door is a fictional serial that’s it.Iam not ravidha or vithrav fan,but in this serial vivdha is wearing mangalsutra in name of ravish and romancing athrav in name of love.she is giving wrong message to women.ATLEAST she should go out of marriage relation with ravish and live with athrav for decency.IF u go through indian movie WOH SAATH DIN the actress of the movie padmini kolhapuri respect her marriage eventhough she had love before marriage.this is INDIAN CULTURE atlast that movie WOH SAATH DIN SHOWS.

    1. Yeah…This is wht I am also saying .

  10. O god so good to see atharv in action…..fighting fr his vividha……guys…pls stop saying vividha selfish….U must see the previous episodes den only U ppl will gt to knw wat atharv and vividha had to go through…….no one is selfish here….except dt Kailash Kashyap….he had dt SO called status and Class prblm with Atharva….and Ramakant gave atharvas proposal to vividha…..bt dt men forcebly made Vividha married to ravish…and marriage does nt work forcibly….it jst needs true love……Ravish is no doubt a good men….and he too deserves happiness…bt atharv and vividha are one…as vividha already….told him abt d same in yesterdays episode…she is jst suppourting her love……she is nt a selfish girl….I jst want VITHARVA to unite SOOn….loved VIKRAM’s acting…….and d car scene was so CUTEEEEEEE…….

  11. I think those who are with ravidha are right as if vividha loves atharv then it’s ravish also who loves her and why will he have to suffer, atharv is vividha’s past and i think that she should unite with ravish and forget her past, ravish has no qualities less than atharv.

  12. Ya I accept vividha is not dat great to be compared with goddess. Sati in two janmas married only shiv Ji. They set norms to us as only one man from soul. Dats it. Den y ravish coming in to picture. She is not great as goddess, so as human being she did small mistake by marrying other man for sake of her soulmates life. She is carrying dat guilt all time. N she clearly explained whole segment to ravish. He understood her love n her sacrifice for saving atharvs life. It is unfortunate that he is atharvs step brother n he has fallen in love with her. She can feel guilt n respect for ravish but not love. Even ravish knows this. N ravish saved atharv as a brother. Already their family suffered from same situation before. Vividha not romancing atharv. How can she romance him in dis situation wn he him self don’t know wt is romance.

  13. She want to come out of marriage she discussed with ravish too. But because of circumstances she is staying at that place for sake of Suman,as ravish promised her vitharvs marriage. N he don’t want to disclose dis to his mother immediately. So all r waiting for right time to disclose.

  14. All people who are supporting vitharve are well said ….i think 95% people who watched the show from the beginning are supporting vitharve …but the remaining 5% people who started watching the show from recent few days are supporting ravidha ,thats why their point of view differ from others….BUT THE FACT IS “VITHARVE WAS THE BEST,VITHARVE IS THE BEST ,VITHARVE WILL BE THE BEST …
    Those who want ravidha’s union Plss understand a thing “its not easy for a girl to move on in her life, by forgetting her true love ”
    Atharve is vividha’s true love …so true love never dies even after death

  15. Yes I accept with yu.
    People who are asking to think about the culture of India and relationship.
    Atharv had filled the sindoor this means Atharv is vividha’s husband.
    Think twice before saying anything.
    This is so surprising that now also people are thinking like 90’s. If yu got married yu have to be with them only if yu don’t love. Pyaar ko nehi hona chahiye hai kya? I wish the culprit could be suman/ravish/daddy jii.
    I could have see yu guys reaction if that is true. Technically Atharv is vividha’s husband not ravish. Aab bolo jii culture blah blah and all.
    kuch Bolne ke pehle sooch lijiye.
    Woh Loog aamir hai. Shaadi hogaya to poora life compromise karna hai Kya. Pehle eh vishisth family bahoot bakwas aur loog bhi.

  16. I think culprit is going to come out with in 3 4 days. I love ravish character for understanding vividhas condition. I am not supporting atharv or ravish. But vividha.

  17. Aswini jenny

    Thank u to suman, karan,s sunanda ji

  18. Atharva is nt vividhas past……He is her present….nd btw ravish himself promised her dt he will reunite dem….love U Vitharva…….vitharva must reunite…..

  19. Achha now let us stop being rude to eachother..
    None is wrong in this case..
    Some take dicisions by heart n they value love more..whereas some respect traditions n speak their mind ..

    It is juz tht .. We shud not quarrel over it..
    May be we dun think the same bt one thing is common in all of us that is…

    We all love RaVitharva….. What sayy…
    ; )

  20. I want to the jodi vitharv??

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