Jaana Na Dil Se Door 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a leap of 6 months. Ravish gets ready. Atharv calls him and asks about sweets. Ravish asks did Uma and Sujata not say. Atharv says I asked them, but don’t remember. Ravish says get the sweets which bride wants. Atharv says Vividha will finish the entire sweetshop. Ravish asks him to get both sweets, I m ready, I think you will get late as always. Atharv says I won’t, Vividha will get late to get ready. Vividha gets ready. Ravish says she is bride, she will take care. Atharv says she is already pretty, she is the bride, she does not need to get ready. Ravish says yes, she will be the bride in red clothes today.

Vividha smiles. Ravish says its special day today. Atharv jokes. He asks him to get Vividha and come there. Ravish thanks him. Atharv asks how many times

will you thank me, get the bride to temple, I m reaching. He leaves. Sujata compliments Vividha. Uma asks Vividha to come, its not good to make groom wait. Uma asks Guddi to go and get some kundan anklet. Guddi makes Vividha wear anklet. Vividha jokes. They all smile.

Ravish and everyone see Vividha. Madhav comes. Ravish tells Madhav about his shoes. Sujata says I will make Madhav wear shoes right. They all leave and reach the temple. Atharv is on the way. Pandit asks them to make bride sit in mandap. Vividha sits. He asks them to call groom, mahurat is passing. Atharv is on the way. Everyone wait for him. He finally reaches. He says sorry. Ravish says late like always. Atharv says everyone put work on me. Ravish says fine. Pandit says call groom, shubh mahurat is passing. Ravish goes ahead. Everyone smile.

Ravish turns to Sujata and takes the packet from her. He gives clothes to Atharv and asks him to fast and come. Atharv goes. Atharv comes dressed as groom. Vividha sees him and smiles. Ravish makes Atharv wear the pagdi.

Atharv teases Vividha. She signs what. He says she is original. Everyone smile. Atharv says finally I m getting married, I don’t want any problem, shall I sit. He sits in mandap. He says I wanted to see your face since morning, now I got to see you, remember we tried to marry in such temple, now the dream fulfilled.
A girl is seen at some dark place. She sees the jewelry and wears. Pandit asks them to stand for varmala. Vividha and Atharv exchange varmala. Everyone clap. Uma does their ghatbandhan. The girl gets ready. Pandit asks them to stand for rounds. Atharv and Vividha take the wedding rounds. Atharv and Vividha’s promises are shown in FB. Jaana na….plays……..

Pandit asks him to make bride wear mangalsutra. Atharv makes her wear mangalsutra. The girl wear the ornaments. Atharv fills sindoor in her maang. Jaana na….plays……… They smile.

A girl runs on the road and falls down. Some goons are after her. She collides with a car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow finally our athrav and vividha unite

  2. Frndz, look hair style of new girl ..the same hair style pic vividha post in instagram..am a right?

    1. Sumank

      May not be possible. Becoz dis show is 7 complete days per week dual role may be hectic. Some times they r using dupes for single role. Practically it may not be possible

  3. Can anybody tell me if Madhav is Ravish’ son or Atharvs son? In the last episode did it not say that Madhav and Atharvs DNA did not match? Confused :/

  4. I dnt knw y that killer bride is vividha I am thinking .plz it should nt be vivi r else jndsd will go off air today every vitharvian r happy dnt spoil there happiness cvs. Plz plz plz . C vivi has also changed her hairstyle nd her off screen pics plz plz it should nt be vivi plz plz ….afer 7mnths we enjoyed frm heart by watching this episode dnt spoil our happiness.plz

  5. Fartun Abukar

    But still I want to know who’s is the father of the child that question wasn’t answered they just jump to marriage.

    1. suman di it is not working
      What is in that???

      1. Sumank

        S they deleted dat pic. Sorry

    2. Sumank

      Sorry they deleted dat pic. It was vitharv suhag Rath pic.

    3. Yeah di. Can’t open.what was the link?
      Pls tell me .I m so curious.

      1. Sunanda12345

        @xyz go to yesterday’s updates at there you will find the link what suman di sent. But yesterday another girl sent that link

      2. Sunanda12345

        his or her name is mubi. I think last onwards 10th comment

      3. Sunanda. That was the picture. Suman di and mubi shared same picture?
        If it is same pic then I saw that picture early.I mean bfr Mubi sharing I saw in instagram bfr yesterday .
        Anyway thanku for the information.

      4. Sumank

        S xyz same pic. Yesterday I didn’t see

  6. i’m feeling something fishy again…
    i’m also getting doubt may be she is not real vivi or else they will come with again crap…
    hmmm what to do more than waiting..
    anyways if it’s really vitharv marriage i’m also happy and happy vitharv mrg everyone…
    gud nytt ….

    1. Nikh I think she is vividha only because she and atharv know about vachans
      so vividha also remembered the vachan.
      She is only our vividha atharv sujatha

  7. So disappointed how Artharva and Vividha ‘s marriage was treated. We waited for so long…you would think they would have given us all the pomp and circumstance of a wedding longed for! Instead it was corrupted by this stupid entry of another bride…what has this serial become? A mystery series? Really?
    And pls do NOT make Ravish evil…that would be so unfair to his character and Artharva as a brother…please CVS do not ruin this show anymore than you already have!

    1. Sumank

      No dear. Better if they finished it off. Or else we need to bear that torture of waiting.

  8. It’s not real vividha …the other girl has made a face mask of vividha . Vividha is kidnapped …maybe ravish is behind this… what a crap serial!

    1. Who told u this. don’t say this type news pls we r not able to hear them.cvs will not dare to do this.did u see fan following of vitharv ki shaadi.they r celebrating it has more than a festival.it was new entry of a new girl (killer bride).it was real shaadi real viv and everything real. Ravish will never become -ve.it was confirmed by sunjiv puri sir ok.
      Don’t think anything or imagine anyting just enjoy vitharv ki shaadi.he happy☺☺☺
      Sorry if i hurt u…

      1. *be happy ☺☺☺

  9. Today I get the feeling of phase 1 VITHARV. In between what is this killer bride non sense. I don’t understand the need to focus on this new character for every 1 or 2 min. It is clearly evident – director prateek shah magic is missing.

    CVS & JNDSD team — in the last couple of episodes direction is not up to the mark
    1. Payal lady – she speaks and does magic but u project her as dumb
    2. Payal lady romantic angle with Atharv
    3. Suman speaking to Maha Maya without any media(phone etc..) through meditation still u say no black magic nothing
    4. Atharv said to viv that guddi says there is no relation b/w them
    After the court scene guddi flat belly. I think Atharv knew this earlier. Is not it???
    5. So far no clarity on who rescued Atharv when dadaji tried to kill him. And he returned on the day of Ulta pair??? — this is the only mystery yet to be cleared (related to baby atharv)
    6. Vitharv marriage.. while taking round why not all vachans??? At the time of marriage with ravish every vitharv vachan repeated why not now???? Vitharv marriage completed in super jet speed. Vitharv expressions are good???. But direction is bad. This new character track is distraction. Yes.. suspense is good. But timing to introduce this suspense is bad.

    JNDSD team looks like I proved a bit on story line. But without prateek shah direction it is incomplete!!!!!!!!!

    1. CVS did not explain reason behind payal lady romantic angle with Atharv

      Improved bit on story line instead of I proved

      1. I truly agreed vd u Lakshmi…Nothing is clarified

  10. Congrats vitharve fans finally they’re married and now hopefully everything will be fine but in my opinion I think another villain has entered the serial or it is kalandi..
    because if the height and the shape but I wonder how many enemies do these vashisht and sujatas have it’s like the hells full with evil beasts what have they lot down and why was this girl dressed up as a bride ? Who is this ???

    By the way it was so cute and jolly to see the vitharve marrriage

  11. indera sanichara

    Finally out dream came true, thank you writers. Please don’t let any trouble befall Artharv and Vividha, let them live in please and stay happy together for always.

  12. whoever you are killer bride whatever i don’t know ur intentions but please don’t cast an evil eye on this heartthrobbing couple… let them enjoy their love in peace… cvs please don’t u ever try to seperate my vitharv again with ur illogical twists…. Let us relive this moment in peace aa.

  13. nice episode.I like vividha and athrva jodi so much.

  14. Sunanda12345

    In precap I think the girl is vivida who is running on road and dashed to a car
    Bcoz when they shown the girl getting ready I saw the hair style that shivani done it rececently. I think sooooo that girl is vivida
    Bcoz just I watch a video in instagram by shivani. That she has the same hair cut that what a girl was shown who is in precap

    1. Oh no this can’t be another conspiracy against my vitharv with fake vividha aka killer bride…. we can never have peace of mind in this serial ever fed up… i thought finally no more villains and happy life for my vitharv and our peace of mind but no cvs just hate us for sure…. just hope yesterday’s marriage wasn’t fake.

  15. Vitharv love

    finally my vitharv together.. oh my God.. atharv and vividha’s Cutie cute expressions after marriage.. I love u vitharv..
    CV’s just to increase our pressure, u people send groom to get sweets on marriage day, that too alone.. what a presence of mind. yerr

  16. Thnkz jnsd…we all are happyyyyy..

  17. It was very nic to see weddng with our favourite song…vivi and atharv were stunning in bridal wear..how cute couple!

  18. Vivi is running on road?but why?

  19. Sunanda12345

    @xyz suman di mentioned rath pic. it means that pic only

    1. Hi…sunanda are u from Kerala ??????but I am not from their but I want to know some things about Kerala…….I visited kochi once……from Kerala where are u????

      1. Sunanda12345

        Diya iam from andhra

      2. srry yaar andra wher??

  20. Gud mrng to all jndsd fans.
    Nice epi & who is d new gril in precap.
    But something fishy on vi……..dharv’s mrg. I thought that vi……dhrav mrg is ravidha’s plan.
    what will director make d story in future epi I don’t know ?
    Anyway congrats to all vi…………dharv fans for vi……….dharv mrg.

    1. Sumank

      Oh God. Sudheer at least now use vitharv. N plz don’t use ravidha. They already separated. U can use ravish n vividha. N plz congratulate us. Nothing fishy. Actually CVS having dead line it seems to increase trps by star. Dats y they r in hurry to finish off shaadi soon n start new track

    2. Nthg fishy is there sudheer ji….vividha and Atharv got married. But u are unable to digest that …I know u r a big fan of ravish but truth is truth u should accept this vitharv Unite….and as usual ravish peaceful life

  21. Hi frnds….i am new here…. And malayalee tooo ….

    I think the girl who collides with the car is not vividha…. And she will be the new entry to jndsd… Happy to see vitharv is married ?

    1. Hi malavika I ‘ m also from Kerala
      ya we are celebrating vitharv marriage
      But the news of fake vivida is disturbing me …oh god plz unite our true vitharv don’t separate them

      1. even I am also…

    2. RAOne

      welcome to JNDSD world… a;ll the best enjoy………

  22. Aailya dear? Why r u absent? Where r u?

  23. Latest news…….. Vivitha is not original… Atharv married fake vivitha.. Original is kidnapped by Ravish…. Thats why Atharv remember their vows.. And vivitha did not remind that…fake Vivitha is very happy, because the training of Ravish. Ravish turn to negative……. Original vitharv Union is so far……

    1. Oh my God ?. From where u ppl gets this type of fake news. Can’t believe. Fake vividha. …..??.

      Ravish turned negative ……..???? Ravish kidnapped vividha. …..????
      Oh my God fed up with these.
      I don’t blame anyone but I can’t digest these type of news.
      Cvs pls show the face of that killer bride asap. Otherwise many ppl will create their own story ???????

      1. gud afternoon xyz dear & all vitharvians.
        yesterday’s hangover feels good and what is this crap am hearing about fake vividha if it’s true then that would be the most meanest thing cvs could do to us vitharv fans hope its fake news bcoz i really enjoyed every second of yesterday’s epi except killer bride part….wah it was amazing….please don’t spoil my gud mood with sort of news

      2. Gud afternoon Linah dear.
        Yeah.I also don’t believe in this fake news. Even i can’t imagine.
        Again how can they play with our emotions??. After a long time we r so happy from inside. They have no right to spoil our happiness again and again

    2. Sunanda12345

      Is this true ????????
      Is ravish behind all of this
      Yyy will director make ravish as negative
      I can’t believe it
      He himself said too vivida to go with atharv then yyy he will do like this
      Wt happened in this 6 months

      1. Thank u ?

      2. Don’t worry everything will be fine

      3. Is it right …can,t believe…. OMG……

      4. ravish will not be a negative character… fake vivi,kidnap … all r fake news…
        i think sara khan will enter to jndsd…..(which is almost confirmed)

  24. hi guys…..good morning i am happy about vitharv married ……..and eagerto see whois tat girl hi…malavika malayaleee means which language or u are from which state……

    1. I am from kerala

      1. Sunanda12345

        Hii malavika welcome to jndsd fan group. Hope u will get more frnds of malayalis

      2. From Kerala where are u???dear…. Let be frnds…..malu let I call u like that …..

      3. ernakulam district

    2. ya…. why not u can call me malu…in my family all r calling me malu…

    3. @sunanda & @diyas where r u from?

      1. I am from Maharashtra….

      2. Are u studying or working dear ….but I am still studying……. How is ernakulam…..here pune is a nice place and Mumbai so busy state… So much of pickpocket and other things…. But aurangabad is a place which is beautiful……

      3. Sorry yaar mera sat ek mistake da while typing Mumbai is so busy place….not state

      4. Sunanda12345

        Iam from andhra

    4. What r u doing ? @diyas

    5. i am trying for a job… just completed my degree…. ernakulam is not good… pollution,pickpocketing, not a safe place for girls too…but so many good places also here…. festivals,foods… i like masala dosha(food item)… have u ever heard about this..

      1. i am studying for MBA…..i visited kochi in ernakulam once…..it was very busy yaar but not much compared with mumbai……..i stayed in a hotel where a big celebraity is the owner…his name is mohanlal and i saw him with his family too…everyone was their ..it’s really a big hotel named travancore court something like that …..our guide told us that he is a big celebraity here and it’s his hotel…..and we visited lulu mall…it was awsome and my relatives too are staying their….my mom told but i don’t know them….the metro job was going on when we visited their…..srry yaar when u said first u are from ernakulam district i was confused whether it is the same place i asked my mathaji she told me it is the same place which we visited…..

      2. i don’t like masala dosa i ate it when i visited their it’s good but they will add something along with it …i love chappati,poori laddos and our spl curries

    6. my comments r not publishing yaar… i just completed my degree.. now bank coaching….ernakulam is nice but not so safe

  25. Ohoo,,sum r saying ravish is rich nd atharv is poor nd sfrd a lot,,so atharv is da real hero,,funny,, cmpre nyone on wat dey r upto nw on their own not on da basis of wat their parents hv given..if atharv is called illegitimate it is bcoz of crcmstncs created by his parents..nd mrovr sujatha has done evythng 2 gv him cmfrtbl lyf..
    yeah ravish is rich,, but instd of njyng dat he opted fr army,,nd so called fmly of ravish,evryone care fr mny nt fr him..
    rk loved his sons equally..sujatha nd suman loved their sons..here dadaji loved ravish nd there abdul chacha fr atharv..
    atharv suffered by kk nd all jst to get his love nd vivdha suffered 2 get back atharv
    bt ravish suffered to fulfill his mother nd fathers vsh by marrying vividha n by bringing sujatha nd atharv..
    Evry1 luv their wife,,instd of kpng mum if vividha tld ravish abt her lv imdtly aftr mrg den ravish wud nt hv been fallen in luv dus cmplctng frthr situations..
    am nt saying ravish is mahaan,,he is vry pure..
    nd i luv atharv also..both heroes hv der own vision..dnt cmpre dem,,pain is written on their fate,,nw 2 of dem r happy,,chill…
    1thng no one is born hpy bt born vth ability 2 create happiness..so my captain made every one hpy by flashing his cute smile..
    i missed ystrdys episode bt cngrts 2 all vitharv fanzz…

    1. Sunanda12345

      Well said sam
      Iam also a big fan to atharv and ravish
      Butt more I like and luv atharv

      1. tnq sunanda,,,hope our atharv nd my captain shud b hpy from now,,no mtr wat…

  26. Sumank

    Is rutuba khan n anju same. She is playing double role here. Just check it guys.

    1. Ya Suman di I also have a doubt
      I know that ravish has not sacrificed Much but I meant he has to get SOME happiness in his life( if he is not a negative character) and I gave a polite reply
      even after she or he badmouth vitharv is because di I did not wish to start a quarrel thats all…??

    2. Ha nak kuda ade doubt ga undi thana comments chustunte..
      Ado mental aina ndku le dani to manaki poni vadileyu..
      Psycho la ki enta duram ga unte anta better..
      Ha ha ha ????

  27. I feel which girl married with atharva is fake vividha.once again director cheat us guys

  28. @Mia. ..
    Hey Mia where are yu ? ? ?
    Sagar’s (vishal’s) new show jaat ki jugni started…
    Are yu watching ??
    I quit gangaa after sagar exit..
    Atleast we saw sagar in that new one..

  29. Guys can u say who all are from Kerala and which place…..let’s be a group in JNDSD page.. ……..

  30. Hi Malavika, me too frm kerala. Nice to see u here.

  31. Guys why CVS show every thing incomplete
    1)who saved atharva when dadaji threw him in the river and who help him to reach home while vivi was taking ulata phera.( we don’t know)
    2) the fake medical reports for which he left the marriage.(vivi don’t know)
    3) Ankit beat Atharva when vivi left after Kailash promise her that he will not cause harm to Atharva. (Vivi don’t know)

  32. Hai guys..vivi and atharv are stunning…very very cute couple

  33. guys u all did a great i must say which i forgot to say yesterday AT LAST and congrats to u all for vitharv marriage

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