Jaana Na Dil Se Door 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha asking Atharv what is he doing. He walks to her. She asks why did you take this bat. She throws the bat and asks him to say what happened to him, this time she won’t leave him alone. He holds her hand and caresses to his face. She asks him to say something. He gets close. Ravish comes and calls out Vividha. Atharv and Vividha hear him. Atharv tries to go. Vividha says stay here, Ravish will not touch you, i will talk to him, wait. Ravish knocks the door. Vividha calls out Atharv. Ravish hears her and knocks door. She opens the door. He asks what are you doing here. She thinks Atharv got scared hearing Ravish, it means something is wrong. He asks what is happening, why are you in this room. She says I don’t know, maybe I m going mad, I don’t

know what is people doing, its all confusing. She gets dizzy. Ravish holds her and calls Situram. He asks him to call doctor first.

Doctor checks Vividha and says there is nothing to worry, ask her to take rest and have food on time. Suman asks Vividha are you fine, you fainted. Vividha recalls Atharv and sees Ravish. She says no, I had weakness. Ravish sees marks on her hand, like someone held her by force.

Suman asks Vividha did she see anyone there. Vividha lies that she just went there. Suman says Ravish you should be with Vividha. Vividha says i can take care of myself. Ravish thinks was Atharv there and why is Vividha hiding it from me, why is she saying this, maybe she feels I m wrong, all her problems are because of me, I wish I could tell everything to her, I can’t tell her, Atharv you can’t hurt Vividha like this.

Dubey cries and tells Uma and Dadi that they lost Kailash, he was upset since manyd ays and feeling guilty, he went to temple barefoot and climbed 1001 stairs. Uma asks why, was there no other way to go temple. Dubey says no, there was no other way, you tell me if I can help in any way. Dadi asks what did Dubey say. Uma says he is working for Kailash, he lied about Kailash climbing 1001 stairs, it was difficult for him to climb just 10 stairs at home, why will any man climb many stairs to die, I m sure Kailash is alive, but the question is, what is the drama behind the blood stained kurta, what does he want to do by proving he is dead.

Suman tells Daddy ji that something is not right, its not a good sign, something happened between Ravish and Vividha, she got scared, she fainted in temple and today at home. Daddy ji says doctor said no need to worry, its just some weakness. Suman says you know, all this happened in this house before, and he said……

FB shows….The tantric Baba says this black shadow is on this house and will be around every suhaagan, happiness will be ruined and madness will come. Daddy ji says stop this nonsense, get lost. Baba says no one will be saved, everything will be ruined, I can see it clearly. Daddy ji says get out. FB ends. Suman says he said right, Kalindi was almost mad. She cries. Ravish comes and says you are being superstitious, nothing will happen to this house as its made by love, Vividha was just weakness, she will be fine, your love is her protection.

Atharv comes to Sujata and asks her to wake up and see, what did he get. Ravish comes and gets shocked seeing Sujata hurt and forehead bleeding. He asks her to wake up. He asks what happened to her. Atharv says don’t know, she is sleeping. Ravish sprinkes water on her. Sujata gets conscious. Ravish asks what happened, you got wounded, shall I call doctor. She says no need, Atharv has hit me with the bat. Ravish gets angry. He slaps Atharv hard. Atharv and Sujata get shocked. Sujata says no, don’t beat him. Ravish says you know he tried to hurt my wife, I will not bear this, its about my wife and you also. Atharv says no, I did not do anything. Ravish tells Atharv about Suman who is a caring mother and is serving him 24 hours, and what did he do, he has hurt her. He says if you hurt anyone, I will chain you.

Sujata says no, Atharv was like that, if I got a scratch, he used to cry for me, if anyone spoke to me with loud tone, he used to fight for me. Atharv sits making a sad face. Sujata says he used to feed me food every day and massage my legs till I fell asleep, such was my son Atharv, he loved me a lot, if I got hurt, he used to lift me in lap and walk, he kept my name with his name, Atharv Sujata. Atharv hears her words and recalls Sujata. Atharv holds his head and shakes up.

Sujata asks is he getting an attack again. Ravish holds him and asks her to get injection. Ravish gives him injection and makes him rest on the bed. Sujata cries and says they made him like this. Ravish too cries seeing Atharv. He holds Sujata and Atharv’s hand. He says I should have understood that Atharv does not know what he is doing, its not in his own control, I slapped him, I m sorry. Sujata says what will anyone beat the man who is beaten up by fate, its not your mistake, you did a lot for us. Sujata pacifies Ravish.

Uma says where are you Sujata. She sees some light in Sujara’s house. Guddi asks Uma to come, its getting cold. Uma shows the light in the room. Guddi says we all know no one is there, maybe its reflection.

Sujata says Atharv gets too angry and too calm. Ravish says i think I should lock the room from outside. Atharv runs again when Situram checks the room. Atharv catches Vividha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t understand why the writers are dragging this. I mean no one knows that atharv and sujata are in the house, rooms connect to each other and people go in out without others hearing or knowing anything. How long are the writers going to continue this? Why was the light on in sujata’s house? Why don’t the writers show ravish knowing that vividha knows sujata and atharv and loves atharv? No spoilers have come true so far. Just hide and seek each episode.

  2. Wow….so many Telugu ppl….nitya havilah,,sunanda,navya,ashwini….hi everyone….so happy to see u all here….

  3. Hi 2 my telugu, hindi,malayali nd tamilian frnds.
    Ravish bet atharv for hurting vivida nd sujata. He loves suman nd equally sujata. Later ravish apolises himself of beating atharv.
    He came in sense that wt was atharv is dng is nt in his ctrl.
    The way sujata told 2 ravish about atharv is superrrrrrrrrrrr.
    When sujata cares ravish it is really a heart touching scence.
    Precap is horrible

  4. this show become piece of waste.y because they shows atharv as a -ve character and ravish as a +ve one in fornt of vividha. vividha doesn’t know atharv is suffering with this kind of problem
    what they want to show us in this is serial. TRUE love become funny if vividha doen’t know about what happen with atharv and pair with ravish.

  5. Again and again same hide sike…..not interesting shown today…

  6. Again and again same hide and seek..not any interesting track shown today….

  7. Finally this episode confirmed superstition are also involved in this serial…that’s wat suman said abt a baba…????

  8. What the hell…..just admit vividha in mental hospital. Stupid lady always goes unconscious when Atharv and ravish come in front her…

    1. heaven sake stupid idiot vivi what the hell she is doing,always freaking, shocking,creature than atharv and ravish

  9. Complete disaster of a beautiful story….such a nonsense show. i missed previous few episodes due to some work…i got to watch today..but it looks like i haven’t missed any episode,story is just there from where i left…i think if i won’t be watching this serial for a month still the story will be same, characters will be doing the same stupid things what they r doing now.. ravish will be hiding atharv and vividha will keeps on fainting..and idiot family members of ravish will never notice a stranger roaming in their house freely…and between all this ravish will be on a permanent Holiday.. excellent story writers

  10. Hi guys I am too telugu from bvrm.

    When atharv gets recovered. And when ravish will know that atharv and vividha love each other ?????????

  11. What’s going on.. ? If Vividha moved on her life with Ravish ?
    We can’t see that.. Plz.. Make’s Vitharv’s love Succes.. Ravish can slaps his Unconditional brother for Vividha. . He can do any thing for Vividha.. I think Ravish will turn negetive for Vividha..

  12. Hiii.. Sunanda , Meghana , Navya , Nithya , Aswini , Jessy and Aash..
    Can I connect with you Facebook..

  13. Havilah you can connect with us. May I know u r fb id. If u don’t mine

  14. Hi to all friends. I am not interesting present part of serial.chirakuga undi .entamandi ela tittukuntunna serial lo a matram change ledu.

  15. inka entha drag chestarra nayana.

    “will b back in destruction mode” hearing this from vikram expected high range episodes. but from past 1 month story not moving a inch. And makers not using potentiality of Vikram. Recently, founded a link on twitter regarding tv awards across all tv channels. In drama category only 5 actors got nominations and Vikram is in that list. it shows how amazing actor he is.

  16. What nonsense is this ? Boring serial

  17. I think woh atharv nehi sithrum hai

  18. In todays episode beating scene shows how ravish loving vividhaa………..plz dont drag it becoming so bore show ravidha scenes……..make to know
    about athrav sujatha truth to suman and ravidhaa draging a lot….atlast iwant ravidha to tiee

  19. One thing I don’t understand, why do writers show actors talking to themselves instead of each other, and clearing things like ravish just to extend an episode or track? Why can’t they show others knowing about atharv and sujata, someone else seeing him go into the room, no one knows vipul goes into vividha’s bedroom, vividha still doesn’t know why atharv is like he is, all this just to telecast more episodes and drag tracks. What’s kailash’s new plan?

  20. Boringgggggggggg……. Make them stupid……

  21. Amid atharv turns to villon. Director exactly tells that unit ravitha cause some points are there
    1. Present episode tells vividha was molested by athava and mentally ill. So vividha saved by ravish. Then vivida and ravish love story starts. In that moment vivida 100% accepted ravish is her husband. Atharv furious ravidha.
    2. So atharva turns to Villon and hurts ravidha. In that moment ravish and vividha childhood fb reveal in that fb ravish loves vividha but some of the moment ravish and vividha separate. Vividha tells the father papa ( nanna nenu okvela ravish ni marchipote meere naku ravish tho kalapli ani cheppi full ga marichi potundi)
    3. So kilash is not a Villon he is a good father.
    4 . ramakanth tells kailsh ravidha reunite. Cause adharv meets his father tells that ( ravidha ni seperae chesindi tanenani vividhani pelli chesukoni kilash and vividha meeda paga teerchu kontanani cheputadu).
    5. Then atharva brutally hurts ravish. Vividha hits adharv on hed. Adharv again memory loss. Ravish tells that vividha his fathers wish and tells ramakath is not a biological father.
    6. Ravidha decides adharv mentally cure and gives his father’s name and status. Vividha ki previous episode lo valla Amma old house ki teesukoni vellinappudu cheppina matalu ( nuvvu preminchindi nijame ayte ikkadanunchi doornga vellipo ani cheputundi) gurthuku vastayi. Andaru ravish vividha chanipoyarani anukontaru but ravidha vallandariki dooranga happy ga untaru) the story ends.
    Don’t be hopes on vitharv cause title name is jndsd. This title relates only adharv ( adharv eppudu vividha ki daggaravvaledu but adharv chinnapptinunchi vividhani love chestune unnadu but thana kopam, and possessiveness thanani vividhaki daggakanivvakunda chesttai. Atharv, vividhani nannodili vellipovaddu anadame Jana na dil se door)
    So frnds don’t vaste d time pls concentrate on Ur life and all d best fr Ur future gudluk and by.

    1. Xyz.. are you mad… ? What is this stupid, meaningless Story that you have written ?

      1. Sry mam meeku ee story kastha kastanga anipinchavachhu but ee story nenu 4 years back o book lo chdivanu. But aa book name idea ledu. E story lo adharv character nanny chala influence chesindi. Entha influence chesindante naa pg exams failayyanu. Recent ga maa TV lo ee serial chusanu so anduke post chesa naalantivallu evarina untaremonani. Director story lo climax change cheyadane naa expectaion. Any way evarina feel ayithe sry.

    2. Already directors are made/mad to make viewers irritate
      Why do u wanna do same job again…???
      Just ignore…this comment

  22. Directer tana katha ni cheppataniki athav & vividhala love story super ga theesadu but tana aim ravidha ni kalapadam so manam ee serial chusi headache techhukovaddu pls avoid d serial expatially vidharv fans

  23. Intersting.

  24. It’s enough now
    Everyone hiding their story in that house
    From each others…..

    Yes case will never Crack
    Very boring
    Who cares about Kilaash if he is dead or not? Vividah needs to know what she has made Artharv turn out to be
    Either be with him or help him get better
    Ravish look passionate might kill for his wife

  25. guys gm to all…

    i think tht sujatha should lv atharva and ravish should nt give medicines to atharva ne more untill serious ….

    as its nt allowing him to remember his past…

    i think writers will be showing an epi soon,which would be showing atharva going mad recalling his past,nd thts to his memory come back…bt hope its nt too late fr atharva and viv relationship!

    ne way cnt say nething more as the story is stuck ..

    and those nonsense spoilers are the worst

  26. Only god can save this show..not even director.. He is already got mad and can’t able to show in right path. Only god can save this show from director/writer garbage tracks.

  27. Aswini jenny

    Childhood love gurtukuvachi ravish ni accept chestundi antunnaru xyz ji mari maturity vachaka Atharv ni love chesindi kada .mari atanni Ami chestundi?vividha Di mari anta sensitive heart antara.appudo chinnappati vishayaniki anta imp estundi antara?

    1. Vividha ki childhood love story vundani evaru chepparu meeku.. ? Vividha chinnappudu evarni love cheyaledu.. She have been love’s only Atharv..

  28. actually i heard somewhere that ravish and vividha will stsrt loving each other and then atharv will return but vividha will choose ravish instead atharv and atharv will leave to another country with the help of ravish and suman to avoid the rememberance of vividha and i also want ravidha to unite ravish looks far better than atharv and atharv too is so less expressive

  29. sun sets in the north

    going by the present storyline.. there are two possibilities.. either ravish will end up with vividha or ravish will unite vitharv.Had i been the story writer i wud hav just killed vividha and saved the two beautiful young men from this chipkali daayan

  30. Aswini jenny

    Hi havilah ji how r u .xyz chala pedda story chepparu Kara daniki menu respond ayya ante ,Baku vividha Ku CH love undani teliyadu

  31. vividha ur so dumb,stupid,mindless,always faint when atharv cm in frnt of her wht happen to u vividha nowadays????atharv i cnt watch u lyk dis plz recover very soon n unite wit vividha…luv jndsd

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