Jaana Na Dil Se Door 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha stopping Kailash. Vividha goes to his room. Vividha says I know you all are thinking about Kailash and want to take him to a good place, I want him to stay here with me. Atharv says you said yes some time back. She says I did not think well, there is a reason for him to stay here. Atharv says I don’t want to know it. He goes.

Later, Atharv asks Vividha the reason. She asks him to see what she is seeing. He sees Kailash playing with Khushi. She says I did not see Khushi so happy before, she is listening to him and doing what he says, we can’t ignore this.

Its night, Kangana complains to Ravish about Kailash. She says I lost my child because of Kailash, how shall I keep quiet, I remember everything seeing her. He says I understand, we have to

find some way. She says we know the way, but Vividha…. He says there is one more way, Vividha wants Kailash not to go from here, fine, we can leave this house. She gets shocked.

She asks will you leave your family for me. He says if our family is not standing for us, its better to go away. She says I understand well, when I had to decide to leave my child and go, it was tough for us, how will you leave everything and Madhav. She stops him from saying and says I won’t let you do this, I won’t let you give big sacrifice. He says Vividha is not listening to us, how can she be so selfish.

Vividha says I know you would be feeling I m selfish. Atharv asks do you think Kailash will make Khushi fine. She says I m trying to make Khushi happy. He says we will see her, we are her parents. She says we could not make her talk, she is connected to Papa, she is happy. He says he made her stay as an animal, you say clearly, you want to keep him here. Everyone hear their arguments. She says we need him now, if anyone has objection, I will explain them. Dadi, Guddi, Ankit and Sujata recall Kailash’s tortures and misdeeds. Atharv says you will regret a lot. Vividha says I won’t regret. He says you are supporting him, who tried to kill me, if someone tried to harm you, I would have not let that man come close to us, even if he was my dad. She says what would you do if Sujata came back in this state, would you leave her on road.

She says I know he did wrong with us, I did not forget it, now Kailash has changed. Atharv says snake can leave its skin, not poison. Kailash takes a knife and acts mad. Uma comes home.

Vividha says you are scared that he will harm us, I m worried he can harm himself. Kailash says this sword will help me. Vividha says I won’t let him hurt himself. Uma enters the house. She goes upstairs. She gets shocked seeing Kailash. He waves knife towards her. She screams. Everyone go to see. They all get shocked seeing Kailash stabbed.

Vividha asks Uma how did this happen. Kailash opens eyes and smiles. He gets up and says I fooled everyone. He shows the tomato ketchup and licks his hand. Sujata asks Uma when did she come, why did she not tell anyone. Atharv says yes, how did you come here, we would have come to pick you. Uma says my train got late, how is he here. Kailash talks mad. He shouts. Vividha asks everyone to go to their rooms. She asks Uma to leave.

Vividha asks Kailash not to shout, wash hands. Uma asks what happened, tell me the matter. Sujata tells everything. Vividha keeps sharp things away from Kailash. She says now no wrong thing can reach you, I won’t let you get harmed. She goes. Uma says so much happened behind my back, Khushi is ours….. Kangana and Ravish’s marriage, what’s happening, why did this man come back in our lives. Vividha says because he needs us. Uma hugs her. Vividha says you did good to come. Uma says but all this… Vividha says yes, you had to hear many things in one day, some time will pass to understand everything, we can’t leave Kailash, he is my dad.

Uma asks Kailash what is he doing, go to sleep. Kailash says let me make boat, else I will throw you in sea. He scolds her and twists her hand. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sunanda12345

    Fast update amena dii….

    Nyc episode….
    Don’t know wt 2 comment…

    Ravish got mad…how can he leave his family for kangana….

    1. Sunanda12345

      Guys I think shivani killed shashank…bcoz in insta there is a pic that shivani with handcuffs and everyone on white dresses…

      1. Sss I also think but how can she kill a person espe ravish let’s wait and watch?

      2. I thk she will kill kailash

  2. Nikh

    he started showing his true colors…
    what atharv said is true.. “”snake can leave its skin not poison””
    stupid vivi when will she realize he is acting…

  3. I’m new here. Can I join with u?

    1. Vigneswari

      yes offcourse…
      hai !!!

  4. Today I can’t agree with vividha. She was completely wrong today. I really surprised by hearing the reason she said to atharv for keeping kk there. It was clearly showed that there is no speech btw kk and khushi. They communicating with some signs and sounds. If khushi continued with kk she will forget that ‘kha’ also. How could she think that kk can make khushi fine and atharv can’t..
    Yes, khushi is happy with kk. If she want only khushi happiness she can let her to drive car because while driving she was much happy. She can let her to live like her past with kk if she is happy. She can let her to have food uncultured if she is happy.. A mother cannot think like this.. The learning process will be tough for khushi.. She may not be happy.. But it doesn’t mean that they will not teach her anything because she is unhappy.. Vividha is totally wrong

    If she said she wants her papa along with her as the reason I would be happy.. But today she disappointed me.

  5. Vigneswari

    precap is horrible it conforms that kk is acting mad…
    oh no because of this kk our vitharv is argueing ya…
    no sweet moments…
    but definitely these people are going to rock from now onwards…

    today I have watched JNDSD in hotstar for many times.this is my small share from my part.
    As “little drops of water makes mighty ocean !!!”
    plz guys watch this serial to increase the trp. And this is our last chance.Its my humble request!!!

    after all this is just a serial but it got attached very close to me that I cant imagine without this…
    I want vitharv back !!!
    hope you all too want this right!!!

  6. Aliza111

    Hey​ everyone. As our jndsd is going to end ?we every registered ones others pls get reg before jndsd ends so we can make a group /joint account . Pls suggest names and those who r interested pls reply me below

    1. Sandy17

      ? everyone might be interested as none of our frnds want to miss their jndsd family?

    2. We will be frnds for ever even jndsd end also???…good night dear @aliza @sandy Chechi gud night??

      1. Sandy17

        Gud nyt ?

    3. Sunanda12345

      Hi aliza even iam also interested….luv jndsd ??

  7. VizPinky

    Today i have not seen epi as jio phone went to hospital.it will come back after a week up to then I have only this updates.

    Guys as I told u all yesterday that i have to say something important.we cannot keep trust on sp they can shut our show at end of this month.l am very verrrrrryyyyy thank full to jndsd and vitharv that they gave me this many lovely ppl as my frnds.I don’t want to loose u all at any cost so only we have formed a group dm in twitter for that I want all ur twitter accounts.if anyone have problem here they can dm to me.my twitter account is pinky loves vikku @pinky sams.plssss join with us therealready i have added ppl whom i know.but still there r many ppl so plssss join us there.plssss give me a reply…We can be there as jndsd fans forever even the show is off.mainly xyz, aailya, usha sis,linah, sweety sis,karan, raone, priyal ,pooja, aliza, nazneen and many….sry if i for get anyone.plssss all of u reply me.if anyone have no account create one its sooo easy.if anyone have no interest also plssss say me.
    Have a wonderful evening all of uuuu.once think about this ???

    1. Sandy17

      If JNDSD ends also it should live through us
      Don’t want to miss my sweet family here ??

    2. Aliza111

      Di read my comment above . I too thought of creating a group account so we can chat and our ff ‘ s should remain an see can chat there too

      1. VizPinky

        U can do it in twitter dear.we already have group.u can join us there so say me ur account name or dm to me ???

      2. Aliza111

        di i dont hav twitter and my sis and bro wont allow me for it . i f they come to know this iwould better suicide

    3. Love u pinky???

      1. VizPinky

        Love u toooo ????? my bestieeeeeeeeeeee.love u a lot ???

    4. Pooja12

      @ viz pinky, dear , my mother is not allowing me to join twitter or fb what shall I do now? ????

      1. Pooja12

        How shall I join you all?

      2. VizPinky

        Dear even my parents also don’t know anything about jndsd and wht i am doing for it.I took big risk for my vitharv but it’s nothing in front of love that i have on vitro . so only started twitter.u don’t believe if once u enter there u cannot come out of that.it’s like heaven to our vitharvians.we can do many thing’s for vitharv there.tomorrow we also have trend there to don’t end jndsd.if it becomes success our hope can increase.

        U no need to come with ur real name u can keep any name like me.actually my name is YOMI and nick name is pinky there will be many ppl with name pinky but with YOMI only less so only i have kept pinky in the same way u can also do that.first u have to install twitter app and should create account if u have any problem in that way u can do it through chrome.and then follow me there if there r any doubts i will be there for u do it fast.then u can participate in trending too..ok….gud n8 dear

    5. Pooja12

      K. I will definitely do it dear.

  8. Sandy17

    Oh my god, what a transformation…in beginning kangana was about to leave from d house and now ravish for whom his family is everything and his beloved wife is stopping him …how can a person change in fraction of seconds .
    Vivi is helpless…she want to see her khushi
    remain khushi(happy)…but she anchor for a second thought… Khushi did not get mingled with none of them in d beginning but now she is happy with kk who treated her like an animal.
    Vitharv …fighting, arguing….before their marriage also kk was a hurdle infront of them but they did not failed to maintain their nock jokhs and romance but now after marriage ?…romance appears like a full moon and we have to wait until the next …I know they have many more responsibilities now than before…but then also…
    I have seen vivi’s pic with handcuff…but I don’t think she can kill some one , that too ravish…may be she is taking someone else’s responsibility..kk or ankit .

  9. Oh my god precap u kk????vivi wat are u doing???not much to comment plz guys keep emailing watch rewatch and in hotstar to watch from 20 the may till today save our show don’t lose hope we can???????

  10. U forgot me pinky

    1. VizPinky

      Really sry ????????.I know i forgot many but what to do I have very little amount of brain ???. U can also but plss follow me in twitter or dm me or do something.I just want all of us to join there.???

  11. Sreelekshmi

    I am interested Aliza

  12. kk showed his true face and colour this was only expected from him the cheater and the villain I’d her daughter life kk hope vividha sews his true face and recognizes what she did hope only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  13. Aleya.marzan













    1. Common aleya its not all big???we love reading ur comments keep it and ofcourse we will register hope ur fine now???all the very best for ur exams good night dear????

      1. And aleya ur dp just cute????

      2. Nice dp Aleya. Your comment made me laugh,the jumping part. Glad you’re feeling better…. best of luck in your remaining exams.

    2. Vigneswari

      your dp is superb ya….

    3. Sandy17

      ?lovely dp
      Gud nyt and all d best for ur exams..?

    4. VizPinky

      ?????? u made me laugh.happy to know that u r fine.

    5. Diya30

      aleya dear besi na…huh…ur comments always valo r ekta n others seriously villain…
      best of luck?

    6. Sunanda12345

      Hiii aleya…u r dp is awesome dear ??

    7. Usha

      Hi Aleya , nice dp dear. Shivik is awesome as always .
      SRRY dear ,I didn’t know abt ur fever ,that ‘s why didn’t ask abt ur health.Bcz these days i didn’t get enough time to reach here and chat with my frnds.Once again srry.

      Ur Jumping idea ,great . I think all vitharvians bcm mad aftr hearing the air off news.
      Anyway no need of srry for lengthy cmmnst. We all r like it.
      Gud mrning dear.

  14. If vivi is vividha kashyap, then she can do whatever she want. She can excuse and take care of kk even after the deeds he did to his family. now she is vividha atharv. She has her own family. Her first responsibility is to see her family well being.

    Its difficult for atharv and sujatha to live in house along with kk. Kk insulted sujatha many times, called her as characterless women. Afterall the sufferings, sujatha need peaceful life in this old age.Atharv led mental life in past becoz of kk and ankit, he went to jail twice becoz of kk. He cannot forget all those incidents in his life.

    Afterall the sufferings and separation, atharv wished for a happy life with vivi and kids. Vivi need to think from others perspective too.

    Khushi need parents love. Vitharv can bring khushi back to normal. For that no need of kk help. Honestly , he is the reason of khushi state.

    I really like vivi daughter love on kk, she take care of him like a baby, she worried about how mental hospitals, rehab will treat kk. atlast she find asharam which is situable for kk condition. If she send him to ashram I feel glad about her. Now she is behaving like emotional fool by keeping kk in home. She gonna get betrayal again from kk.

    how come vivi cannot think about atharv and sujatha feelings…this aint getting me. On top of that, vivi comparision of sujatha,rk with kk is simply stupidity.

    1. Sandy17

      She is mature enough to think about pain of who’ve suffering badly like kangana , kk etc but not mature enough to think about whether their suffering is just an acting or not .
      I also don’t agree with the comparison of kk and sujata.
      She could have directly told atharv that she don’t want her papa to be separated from her in this condition by not mentioning khushi because if khushi continue her old behaviour it will be difficult for her to get over it and move on. He might have understood because even if he makes her realise about the consequences of her doings, he will never ever stop supporting her .

  15. Hai guys..i read that our show is going to end on 30th june

  16. And also saw that the shooting ends on june25th

  17. But even in this sorrow,there is one thing which made me happy,that is jndsd will be replaced by ‘chakravyuh’ in which our favourite vivi and atharv are doing lead roles..i’m not sure..let’s pray for best.

    1. Sandy17

      Rani, u r giving such lovely expectation …but don’t know because no such news has yet been confirmed…but I wish it was true.

    2. Yes it real???

    3. Diya30

      what… plz god…I just hope it comes true

    4. Usha

      @rani, i think u r misunderstanding dear. If the news is true ,i will be the most happiest person in the world. Bt at the same time i don’t expect this from star plus.
      Gud mrning dear.

  18. For me vivi is not selfish but an emotional fool.

    What profit will vivi get by keeping kk in home…nothing right..instead she cannot have a good family life with atharv, everyone in family gonna taunt her decision if anything goes wrong.

    Ravish married kangana becoz he feel bad for her so became emotional fool and married her.

    in the same way vivi behaves like a foolish person. Her fb about kk clearly states that how her heart still weak for kk. Vivi need reality check again.

    Ravish words about vivi is soo irriating. First he claim that she is responsible for all the sadness in his life. Now he termed her as selfish person.

    What will ravish do when he find his mom in mental unstable state… He will do the same what vivi is doing now, even after knowing what suman did to vitharv and sujatha.

    Cvs did wrong by keeping word selfish to vividha….just my opinion

  19. Hi Rani chechi how r u missed u a lot and even aleya no Rani di jndsd is replaced by that stupid show pardes me he mera dil

  20. Aliza111

    Guys support the os comp . I won’t say which is mine I commented for three till now . Comment I vote for it an state it . Pls vote cause I believe u all fill vote for mine . Not only mine but others too I voted sincerely without discriminating mine or others . Others do the same

  21. @sandy

    what u said is true. They completely buchtured vivi character. Also the meaning of soulmate love. On one side iam feeling sad for jndsd going off air news and on other side cvs completely runied my show concept.

    I supported vivi in phase 1, even kk insulted atharv many times. Coz that time she dont know true colors of kk. Also a child cannot think that much low about their parents. Kk acted smart everytime infront of vivi Even uma hide kk color from vivi.

    But not now, she is one big emotional fool. Who can only think with heart but not with mind. but a person need to think with both heart and mind like atharvsujatha.

    phase 2 & 3 was seems good becoz of vivi soulfull love on atharv. But now she is not ready to listen atharv words becoz of that monster kk. I wont forgive cvs for what they are doing to the story.

  22. Sorry di I just saw in Google it’s true but I don’t know whether vitharv r the lead or not .
    Chakravyuh is replacing jndsd

  23. Hai summy

  24. I’m also interested . how tomake register member

  25. Vismaya44

    Oh my god finally I did it???aleya dear look I got registered r u happy?????guys how is my dp..oh my god its 12 good mrng guys wishing all a great day….????

    1. VizPinky

      Hiiii vismaya..happy to know that u got registered.?????????

    2. Diya30

      dear Congo…I mean I also faced some problems to get register…

      1. Diya30

        n yes dp?

      2. Vismaya44

        Yup diya I to struggled so much to get registered and thnku all for ur words???????

    3. Sunanda12345

      Hiii vismaya finally u got registered??

    4. Sandy17

      Wow visu kutty u registered ??

    5. Usha

      And DP, no need of asking .SHIVIK r always awesome .
      Gud mrning mole.

      1. Vismaya44

        Good mrng chechi and wishing u a great day??enu schl reopen cheith but kurech kazhinjapol vitu first day ala pine nala rain umnd so….hope u r fine???????

  26. utter rubbish no sense no logic no story Indian serials are the worst I wonder what dumb people watch these silly shows

    1. Vismaya44

      I don’t know whom r u but I want to tell u one thing if Indian serials are dumb plz don’t watch it????so that u will not be the list of dumb people better pls don’t comment for dumb serials to kk??? ???

  27. This whole serial only revolves around Vividha and whatever she wants she gets, She uses everyone,

  28. Vividha is a dictator does whatever she wants and uses everybody, CV;s have written the roles all very badly,

  29. VizPinky

    Guys I know that here sooo many mems don’t have twitter due to some problems .as I told we r going to trend today so many of u cannot take part in it.but there is a chance to help us for trending we have to make 100 and more tweets and want many lines for it by describing vitharv and jndsd.I know that here there r sooo many talented guys to help us and to save our show.so plsssssssss i request u all to suggest /give us some beautiful lines in ur words plsssssssss do it for our show.

    I HOPE U ALL WILL HELP US.PLSSSS DO IT ??????????????????

    1. VizPinky

      Once tweet should contain 1-2 lines not more than that.plsssssssss do it fast guys…come onnnn

      1. VizPinky

        *One tweet

      2. Usha

        Pinky dear, still u have hope ?????
        I lost my hope completely aftr reading Sanjiv puri’s confirmation.
        Some one ask abt the hope of not ending with the increase of trp ,bt he dbt abt that.
        He told that jndsd crew is informed by the star plus to wrap up the show and all r getting ready for that.
        rani ,told that jndsd shooting will end on june 25 and star plus already decided another show to replace jndsd.

        ONE DBT DEAR , How to be DM in twitter ?
        Me too have a twitter account and wanted to continue frndship with all of u even aftr jndsd end .
        Srry Pinky , i can’t help u,since i’m not good at tweeting .
        Gud morning dear.
        Keep tweeting & keep trending .
        All the best for ur efforts to save jndsd.

      3. VizPinky

        Sis i am waiting for u sooo much di first follow me just now hima followed me i will join here there or else u will find ?

      4. VizPinky

        Sry have posted half reply by mistake.

        U will find above symbol at right side of u.so there u search me and dm to me.or say ur account name sis i will do rest.
        Sry she is not hima she is pooja

  30. vitharv_jabra_fan

    vivi is again blind in her father’s love .How can she forget kk like that. Madhav and khushi r just 6yrs old if they follow kk it can have bad influence on them vivi should take care of them as mother.Atharv is right how can he forget kk like that ?comparing suj and kk is foolish.?Uma can be in danger he always abused uma .I think kk is again manipulating vivi.Atharv is right they r parents of khushi they(vitharv) r capable enough to take care of khushi.Ath himself taught khushi ‘kha ‘ word dialogue about snake(saap) and poison(zeher) was amazing

  31. RAOne

    Hey!!!!!! Hello guys yesterday I heared jndsd title song…….it was painful to hear….. Listen the song once again think about serial going off air and then about your any fav feel the song and remember happy moments be anything….. Whether watching serial….. Pair, acting, star cast or commenting here….. You all will feel emotional please try out this and then reply…… By the can anyone share the newest version of jaana na dil se door song with me anyhow……. Please help me….. Yes try out whatever I told u.

  32. Pinky can u tell me what is ur full name in twitter

  33. And how did u upload vitharv’s pic as dp

  34. Sunanda12345

    @@Usha sis how r u? ??

    1. Usha

      Hi Sunandha, thank u dear for asking .
      To be frank ,I ‘m NOT GOOD.
      How can we feel fine aftr hearing this heart breaking news ?
      I could say that i ‘m good ,bt i don’t like telling lie at any cost.
      ME TOO WANTS TO CONTINUE OUR FRIENDSHIP through twitter or tu page.
      My twitter name is
      NISHA @nishamanoharan.
      Do u follow me in twitter ?
      Gud aftr noon dear.

      1. Sunanda12345

        I will follow you…tq u for u r account info…
        Even i am also not gud of listening odd news about jndsd…

  35. Pinky,i have a twitter account now..i think i could keep in contact with u all with this account.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Hii rani…even i am also have an twitter account…send me u r account name

  36. Asana321

    Hai jndsd family members , How are you dears??????
    Anyone remember me ???
    I can’t comment previous some days ???
    Now I am back ?????
    I heard that jndsd going off air ????
    Why this star plus always avoiding jndsd ???????
    So many bullshits shows aired on Star plus (mere agne mein, pmhmd,yhm,sathiya,dhai kilo prem etc …….) then why sp choose our jndsd.???
    Meri favorite channel sp i watch all serials of sp .But now I hate sp coz meri favorite show is jndsd have no importants in sp ( star plus)

    Star plus nayi soch = inequality

    SP always give importants to IB ,DBO .IN 2017 SPA all award gos to IB, DBO ???
    Anyway, please increase our shows TRP, please watch jndsd on TV

    Almost all members of jndsd are registered ???
    Good afternoon ???

  37. Asana321

    @@@aliza I agree with U

    We can create a group account in TU name is jndsd family

    Any objections???

  38. Asana321

    Jndsd will be end I miss so many things

    1 . vitharv
    2 . my favorite show
    3 . comment section , recently I start commenting on this page but I am scilent reader of this page (4 months )and I no the all commenters .
    Actually I open this page to not read update ( coz I saw jndsd on TV)
    Only for reading your comments I love this comments
    I will miss you all ????????????????????????????????????????????????????? this is not just a smiley this is the situation of me now
    I can’t control myself
    I didn’t see this page and you all I am be come made

    1. Vismaya44

      Don’t be sad dear we are trying our maximum to increase trp….we can do it don’t be sad if u have Twitter account we can be in touch??????we will be frnds forever if jndsd ends also vitharv will live through us be happy dear?????

  39. Twitter account name S.Marliya banu.please join me too

    1. Sunanda12345

      Dear I did not find u r account…keep a request to me-panuganti sunanda
      This is my twitter account
      Dp is vikram

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