Jaana Na Dil Se Door 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vividha leaving from Atharv’s house. He comes home and blocks her way. Jaana na dil se door…..plays…….. Sujata smiles seeing them. He says its good you came here, I did not need to go to call you now, you start working now. She asks what work. He says marriage arrangements, will my mum work alone. Vividha asks him to stop nonsense, and scolds him. Atharv asks Sujata will she come here to slap him. Sujata signs him to come and talk to her. He asks Vividha to stay here, he will just come. She says why will I wait here. He says for Payal’s sake. He gets down the bike and locks the gate. She says I can’t wait, I have to go. He asks her to go. She asks him to then allow her to go, and make her free of Payal’s swear. He asks her to then stay back.


tells Atharv that I have seen love in Vividha’s eyes for you. He says I know, say anything else. She says the girl who can stay here for an animal, who loves animal/Payal so much, I can imagine how much she will love you, she will always love you, just get her bangle size for me, I have to make shagun. He laughs and goes to Vividha. Vividha asks him to let her go. He asks Vividha to give her bangle for size, so that Sujata can bring shagun bangles for her. He looks at Sujata. Sujata hides and Vividha does not see her.

Vividha says I will give slipper. He says I will take slipper/sandal size later, give bangle now. She says you have gone mad, no girl will marry you, you say you won’t talk, and then you announce that you will marry me, you always stay anger, you are a microwave, I want to marry a normal man, but a mad person like you, why shall I marry you, I don’t love you. He gets some mud on his hand to measure her wrist size, and stares at her smiling. Sujata looks on and smiles. Vividha gets on Atharv’s bike and climbs the gate. He asks don’t you love me. She says no no no….. He asks again. She says no. He holds her hand and pulls her in his arms. She screams. Sujata smiles and hides. Atharv and Vividha have an eyelock.

Jaana na dil se door…….plays…………. Atharv smiles. Vividha looks at him. He asks does nothing happen to you when I come close, when I get away from sight, don’t you miss me, don’t you see my face when you close eyes. She answers everything no. He asks if every answer is no, then why did you get goose bumps by the name of love. Sujata sees them and smiles.

Dubey comes to Kailash’s house. Dubey says sorry, its something imp that I had to come now. He shows the plot map/plan to Kailash. He says Atharv is preparing to make a dairy farm on that land, I got this map from the bank. Kailash gets angry and says he has no status to look high, he started raising voice, I will tell him difference between reality and dreams, when ghee does not come of the box, I don’t make my finger cross, I heat that ghee box, I will ruin that guy. He tears the drawing and says I will ruin his dreams same way.

Atharv takes her wrist size by holding her wrist. Vividha says I don’t love you. He asks her to then prove it to herself. He says I know you love me, you don’t know. He says I will give you three proofs that you love me, when you wake up, you will miss me, you will miss me when you have food, whenever you think of me, you will smile. She looks at him and smiles. She says I don’t love you. He asks then why are you in my arms till now. She realizes she is in his arms and gets down. She says nonsense. He says I think your Papa fed you well and made you fat, lose some weight before marriage. She says I m not fat, and marriage won’t happen.

He says look I want a fit wife, this won’t work. She asks him not to be mistaken. She says I don’t love you, I m not marrying you. He measures her bangle size by the mud he had on his hand. He opens the lock of the gate and signs her to go. Vividha leaves. Atharv says Maa, your bahu’s bangle size is done, make bangles for shagun. Vividha turns and looks at him. She sees the mud marks on her wrist and says you are….. He says I know I m very lovely. She throws grass on him. He says you are doing this before marriage, what will you do after marriage. She runs from there.

Sujata prays for her children’s happiness. Vividha gets a romantic dream of Atharv. She dreams that he is getting close to kiss her. She shouts no and Guddi asks what happened. Vividha says I had bad dream of Atharv. Guddi says then it can’t be bad. Vividha recalls Atharv’s words and says no, why did I dream of him, I don’t love him. Atharv and Sujata come to Kailash’s house. Sujata looks on tensed. Atharv says there is no use to stand here, you have to go inside. She asks him to come along. He says I did love and announced marriage, now shall I go to invite them, you are my mother, you go there. She says I don’t know what will Kailash do. He says I know he will go mad in anger, Vividha is dear to both of us, we have to get her at our home, all the best. She goes inside the house.

Atharv waits outside. Guddi sees him and smiles. He waves her. She signs asking where is your elder sister. Guddi signs him to wait, she will call Vividha. Guddi goes to Vividha and asks her to help in trying the rope. Vividha goes to balcony and says Guddi, rope is fine. She dries her hair and sees Atharv. She says what is he doing here, he is just staring, what to do now. Guddi says I don’t know whom shall I say bad, my fare or you. Vividha puts dupatta on the rope and hides. Atharv tries to see her. Jaana na dil se door…….plays………………..

Sujata tells Kailash that she has done arrangements for her son’s Sehra, but he has do to bride’s side arrangements. She gives him bhoomi pujan invitation. She taunts him and asks him to do all arrangements, else marriage without a bride’s father does not stay, you know it. Kailash gets shocked and fumes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. luvg it so much ……atharv<3……..

  2. Superb episode

  3. Such a fast updates

  4. Woooow ..fantaaaabulous episode. Will definetely watch the repeat telecast.

    Seeing the other side of Angry Man Atharv as LOVER. So much of spontaneity.

    “Joothe ka siza baad mein lelunga pehle kangan ka size dedo”

    ” Kitna khilaya hein tumhare papa ne ki itna moti ho. Shadi se pehle kam karna Vazan. Mujhe ek fit wife chahiye”

    Finally when Vividha throws grass on Atharv
    ” Shaadi ke pehle hi aisa tho shaadi ke baad kya haal hoga” and then he runs behind Vividha to hold her.

    Wah Wah wah.

    Superb scene when they both have eyelock.

    Guddi seriuosly provides so much of humour .

    She maintains such a funny rapport with Atharv.

    Arharv so cooly Signs Guddi to call Vividha. Wah what a perfect sign language.

    Jus loving this lover side of Microwave.

    1. Swapna I just read the updates.. And see the serial rarely if I have time. I really like reading ur ‘fav dialogues of the day’
      Thank you!

    2. I too love those dailogues..he is amaszing??

  5. Nice serial….i like vividha and atharv’s cute fight….hope they will unite soon :):):)

  6. Awww
    Atharv is solo cute
    And such a lovely episode

  7. wow!!! this serial is going awesome. Bt in new spoiler I read atharv wants vividha to stand against her father, hmm I dont think so vividha wil agree for this!! any way atharv is awesome. His eyes filled with love and vividha eyes full of confusion. But how suddenly he started loving her so much?? I mean last epi he told her chapter is ovr now he is saying she has become dear to him.
    But sach main “Jana na dil se door”

  8. Awesome episode… Vikram has a killer smile ? …the way he was holding her in his arms and staring her…lovely chemistry between the two…the dream sequence was also too good ?
    Now we can see transformation of Atharv aka Vikram from angry young man to a lover boy wooing his lady love Vividha????

    1. Thank you so much chavi for the links on previous episode??

      1. U r welcome arshdeep ??

  9. Seems a lovely lovely episode?? but hadnt watched it?
    Will watch it online later and then comment?

    1. U can c the repeat telecast as well. Today itself

      1. When is the repeat telecast?

      2. Actually swapna i have my exam tomorrow… out of station …
        So cant watch repeat but will definitely watch it online

    2. Hey arshdeep wat is the online link you watch??

      1. I usually watch on desi five or desi serials site

    3. itz on 11. 30 pm arshdeepp…

  10. guys i read that repeat telecast timings are 11pm, 11.30am, and 3.00pm

  11. i have started loving this show so much that i keep thinking about it all the time.

  12. adharv and vividha is a really cute jodi

  13. Omg ..superrbbbbbb episode.atharv killed it.kya romance yar.mind blowing….:-):-):-):-):-)

  14. i thnk m addicted of this show… love d chemistry b/w Atharv and Vividha.. !!!

  15. Sacha pyar ka,vishvaas ka nishani hai ye adharve ek sacha aasjiqui hai par thody akedu hai fir b he is nice guy jise rishtey ki value patha hai vivida ek sanskari confusing pakli par dono mileka to vo loak duniya ki sabse achi jodi hpga i love tis show i love adarve and vivita and hate kailash kashab

  16. Such a wonderfull episode.their chemistry was just awesome??.sudden trasformation in atharv…i never expected that he wil be this much romantic?☺

  17. vividha will marry another guy that is atharv s step brother

    1. What the hell? What what what

  18. They be the cutest Jodi ever?

  19. I love this episode it’s so amazing ????

  20. awwwwwwwww… i cant believe my ownnnnnn eyessssssssssss….

    angryyyyy young mann turned outtt tooo bee chocolate boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. ohhhhhhhh goshhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

    is it real hai kyaaaa?????

    suchhhhhh an suddeennnn changeeee????

    haann hannnnnnnn… aftr al dizzz zzzz caled luvv……..

    luvddd d parttttt when vividhaaaa beattt adharv ndd adharv went behindd herrrrrrrrr….. such an cutieee pieeee theyyyy areee??? ummmaaaa

    bt thnkng abt their separation itzzxzzz hitsssss my headdd lyk a big rckkkkkkk………

  21. Is it true that vividha will marry adharv’s step brother in upcoming episodes….then it will be so sad

  22. Oh god plz don’t separate such a cute pair. Don’t do so my heart will break.
    May it be not true.

  23. Aaliya b4 the starting of the series itself it was said that it is a tragic series

  24. I guess they will not separate the leads coz Vikram once told in an interview that he knows the whole story and unlike the other daily soaps, in jndsd the male lead has equal importance as the female lead so thats why he has accepted to do this serial.
    So in my opinion they will not separate the lead pair coz if they do n introduce shashank opp shivani then vikram will not be having anything much to do in the serial…
    They can show shashank opp shivani for few episodes for the story to go further and add spice to the lives of vividha and atharv bt at the end its all about Atharv Vividha and their love story… As far as i remember the serial saraswatichandra if anyone had watched it they showed the same for few episodes
    So guys chill n enjoy the show…I guess it’s quite different from other typical shows n m jst loving the present track

    1. I hope so chavi..

  25. soumya pritam

    I m also lover of this serial…loving all the cast specially atharv and vivida…..

  26. if vividha marry another guy n atharv will mentally ill then what will b the future of the serial?

  27. atharv vividha eye contact was aWWeSOOmEE……love the cute fight of this lovebird…atharv holding vividha moment was superb can’t get my eyes off from them…..best jodi

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