Jaana Na Dil Se Door 31st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 31st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman saying Vividha was caring for Atharv, as she loves him, she did not think of Ravish once, this puja is only for Atharv. Ravish asks Suman to calm down. Suman cries and says people cheat us and we trust them again and again to get fooled again, this woman came with her son, you regarded him as brother and wanted to give him his rights, and I stood with Sujata when Atharv was fighting for his life, Sujata did not think once to tell me this big secret, and Vividha, what shall I tell about this girl.

Ravish asks Suman to listen. Suman says how can history repeat, I did not wish to go through this, why is this happening, why…. now Sujata would be happy, she snatched my husband, and now her son has snatched my son’s happiness, Ramakant did not love

me as you were in his life, and today my bahu does not love my son. Sujata and Vividha cry.

Vividha says I wanted to tell you everything, but could not, I m sorry. Suman gets angry and slaps her. She says such a big cheat and raises hand again. Ravish comes in between, while Atharv holds Suman’s hand. Atharv says don’t beat her please and goes.

Ravish says Vividha did not cheat me or hurt me intentionally, its not her mistake. Suman says she lied to us. Ravish says she did not lie or cheat, I told her to not tell anyone. Suman gets shocked. Suman asks did you know all this, you did not tell me. Ravish says I was….. Suman goes. Vividha cries. Atharv says why is she crying, have food. He sits eating.

They come home. Vividha cries and says Sujata loved me a lot, I have hurt her a lot. Sujata consoles her. Vividha says she always stood with me, the pain I have seen in her eyes, don’t know when will her wounds heal. Sujata says the wounds will heal, entire family knows this truth, Suman got hurt, the question is… what will you do now? Vividha gets thinking.

Ravish talks to Suman. He says I was trying to save you from this pain, I knew you will break down when you know about Atharv and Vividha, Atharv was my responsibility, how could I tell you, its all fate, its none’s mistake, its not Atharv and Vividha’s mistake, she never made me any promise, she does not love me, she did not wish to marry me, Kailash did deal with her to make her marry me for Atharv’s life sake. Vividha married me to save Atharv’s life, she told me the truth, she did not know whom is she marrying, she just married me for Atharv’s sake, she is not wrong. Vividha looks on.

Suman says we are such people who curse our fate for other’s mistake, how can I put your pain on time and fate. Ravish asks what pain, there is no pain, I knew Vividha is of Atharv, not mine. Suman says you learnt this from me to compromise with life, you know I did not wish to make you compromise in life. She sees Ramakant’s pic and says don’t know you joked with me or my fate, but you would have thought that Suman has bear a lot. She says there is tradition in this house that couples do not stay happy, its all about fate, I have to live with such bahu who does not love my son, its biggest failure for a mother. She cries. Vividha says no Maa, you will not have to live like this, I can’t get your forgiveness, I have no right to stay between good people like you, I broke your trust, I will bear the consequences, no need to live against will, I decided to leave with Sujata and Atharv.

Ravish says no, you know well, I can’t let this happen, Atharv is my brother and my responsibility. Vividha says I knew you wanted to make everything fine, I would have gone if I could leave Atharv, but you know Atharv can’t stay without me, and I can’t stay here, you all should be happy, so it will be good if we leave. Ravish says listen… She says I m taking Atharv away from house, not you, I can’t make two loving brothers away, I don’t want to hurt Suman more. Ravish says I want to say…. Suman says let them go Ravish.

Sujata and Atharv pack bags. Atharv asks where are we going. Vividha says we have to leave soon. Sujata says I m saying again, this is your house and family, stay here, Atharv and I will leave. He says I will not leave Vividha here. Vividha says you know this can’t happen, its just we now, not ‘me’, life wanted me to separate from Atharv and make me just Vividha, but fate us back to we, same names are always taken together, Vividha and Atharv are one of them, I can’t leave Atharv alone, when I have hurt this family a lot. Sujata says no, you can apologize and start new life, I can see Ravish’s eyes having love for you. Vividha says I will always love Atharv, it will be unjust with Ravish, you know truth, my life starts with Atharv and ends with Atharv. Jaana na dil se door….plays……….. She apologizes to Sujata. She asks Sujata and Atharv to come with her. Dadi Bua comes and says no one will go anywhere.

Dadi Bua calls lawyer. Lawyer says I have come to present Ramakant’s will. Ravish reads Ramakant’s letter for Vividha. Ramakant writes… Vividha I hope you do your duty of an elder bahu of this house. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Guy

    Make atharv and sujata leave the house after atharv retains memory back…. So that vividha gets a chance to love Ravish… And they will have romantic scenes… And atharv also falls in love with another girl meanwhile… Anyways I love this show.. But I will not like it if Ravish and vividha gets separated… Btw this is my first comment to this show
    Just wanna tell ravidha must not get separated..

    • NaveenS

      So after watching this episode you’re still saying this Ravish and Vividha nonsense?

      How long have been watching this show?
      So people’s word mean nothing no more in today’s society?
      Why should she be tied to someone she does not love and long for another, his brother to be precise?
      They will never be able to live happy because Ravish family especially his mother will always find Vividha love is lacking in somewhere when it comes to her son.
      People talk about society, culture etc
      I want to know if society lives behind closed doors with you, do they pay your bills, do they comfort you etc

      Ravish will be fine, he needs a fresh start. Vividha is Arthav’s wife…. Ramakhant’s will states it as he thought by the time he died Arthav and Vividha would have already been married. That is why he asked Ravish to find Sujata and Arthav and give them their rights. Vividha is the elder Bahu as Arthav is older than Ravish.
      Why should Suman son take Arthav’s LOVE as Suman took Sujata husband and tried all her to gain his love but never did.

      People need to be more honest and practical.

  2. Nikh...

    nice episode..
    it’s good all truths are coming out one after another..
    this mistake is totally of suman only ramakanth told her just i chose bahu but he didn’t told her for whom she only misunderstand totally..
    at least finally after revealing the ramakanth’s last wish suman will realize the truth and unite vivida and atharv..
    vitharv forever and ever…

  3. meghana

    ARDRA DI how r u and what abt ur studies????
    Anyways epi was awesome vividha dialogues were really heart touching( I felt this first time when vividha spoke)
    Vitharv……..now v vitharv fans r more and more stronger about their Union and u all ra……vidha fans go and sleep and start dreaming now……. Gd nyt ravidha fans
    By the way advance happy new year anyways v got good gift from director💞💞💞💞💞😁😁😁😁

  4. nidha

    Love u vitharve….love u so much ….
    I have a doubt ,is vipul is elder than ravish but why did they get shocked after hearing ramakant’s will ….
    I couldn’t watch complete episode because I was watching film “happy wedding “….
    Plss anyone clarify my doubt

    • navz

      vipul is no way connected to this, as he is the son of kalindi.and his wife cant be elder bahu.i think this way .no offence. if i am wrong anyone can correct.gud nyt and advance happy new year to everyone

  5. sakshi

    When they changed the atharva pair frst we all where upset now again we changed our thought wow the writers are great who only think of trp and gossips but people like us keep on changing thoughts frst we thought they are good now we changed our mind is it. But has a today’s girl I just dnt want a customs only to bind the people and thinking. I too respect custom and culture that does not mean we can kill our heart and go on with the thinking. If it’s going to happen then this serial will became like a daily soap serial line. I thought it’s different so only I watched but again it’s coming to same point like other serials. Has my point I want atharva pair to just return to make its own place. Where a girl feeling is concerned not only the customs. If arthava is already married but then again it happen like that will you accept new changes exactly not right why you all guys think different about love life and marriage live according to both are same having one in heart living with other is making a sin.

  6. Ruby

    What the hell ravidha itna kuch hua abhi bi ravidha omg oo shadi nahi agreement hai o life long ravish sey adjust kysey kareygii agar atharv ky sath hoo tho donoo kush rahengeyy ravish par kuch logg symapthy dikha rahey hyy pyar sympathy nahi hai aur time ky sath change nahi hota agar vividha athar ky sath thi tho uskey life sirf ek hi agar oo ravish sath tho then before marriage she romanced with husband ka brother how cheap story her fate has bad luck ki uski shadi ravish ky saath hui but she can change her fate by breaking this marraige

  7. anuja

    plz ab bahut ho gaya vividha n atharva ko sath rehne do sab thik karke…..bass…atharva n viVidha r made for each other only….plz ravish u stay away with vividha

  8. shivik/vitharv only

    Enough is enough ,bohot hua dragging and precap indicates some more drama which means VITHARV reunion is again delayed. I stopped watching the show frm the day of ra…vidha marriage ab written updates bhi boring 😢😢😢😢😢http://tellyexpress.com/2016/12/27/year-ender-poll-most-popular-jodi-on-indian-television-in-the-year-2016/
    By the way,keep voting for VITHARV, they are in top.
    I’ll return only after ra…vidha divorce and VITHARV reunion 😦😦😦
    Vitharv is the best😍😍😍😍😍

  9. Tanusri

    Yes…vividha and ravish should not seperate such a loving couple…love you ravidha….😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  10. Esha

    M watching this show since episode 1…Finally after so many uninteresting and useless track,the storyline moving towards its original track.Thanks writers.Its time for Vitharv and we are glad .Original vividha s back

  11. Joe

    Vitharv are together at any condition.. Some people atharv frgets abt vivida how silly they are.. If ravish fal in lve nd move on another gal bt atharv never do thiz.. Atharv dont think abt another girl except vivida thiz stry belongs to atharv nd vividha.. Anyway ramakanth choose vivida fr atharv nt ravish.. Vivida lves atharv not ravish..ravish knows all the truth how can he accept vivida nd move on with tht girl never accepts ravish like her husband..i lve vitharv nd i support my vitharv onlyy..

  12. Nisa

    I agree with comment from Guy

    Please give Ravish and Vividah a chance in married life. After all they are married not Atharv.

    Please produce good things so that our children and community can sustain their culture and religion. Please do not use this serial to westernise our culture. After all its call Star Parivaar

    • Sanven

      Loving one brother and marrying another brother. After marriage also her love doesn’t change. In our culture dis can’t happen dis is serial please don’t compare serials culture with our culture please take it as entertainment.

  13. Vitharv Forever

    Wowww superb episode… Lovely precap… At least now I hope vashist family realise that ramakant wanted vividha for atharv and not ravish… Maybe dadi knew about vividha from ramakant… Fingers crossed..
    Superb vividha, Vitharv can never and ever be separated… Shiv parvati ka jodi hai.

    • sudheer

      Vidharv like shiv-satidevi ka jodi. Not like shiv-parvathi ka jodi. That way I said that finally vidharv not unite. Happy new year Frnd.

      • Suman

        Sathi died n takes rebirth as Parvati, marries shiv ji again. Do you mean CVS will show us punar janm now for uniting vitharv. Great guess yar

  14. Shani

    Vividha luves only and only Atharv than how she can fall for Ravish . GUY 😀😀 u dont knw wht Vividha said in today’s episode ” my life starts with Atharv and ends with Atharv . pls unite Vitharv otherwise shw vl be useless .

    • Nikh...

      chalo beta utt utt..
      neend se jaldi utt bahut kuch hogaya idhar..
      yu stilll sleeping and dreaming??
      ha ha ha…

  15. Nazneen Syed

    Guys I couldn’t comment for 2days because net pack got over.Anyhow coming to the episode.Thank god 😊 the truth came in front of everyone.
    I hope Vividha ko badi bahu ke roop Mein ghar wale swikaar le aur jald hi Choti bahu bhi aa jaye(Ravish ‘s wife).😊


  16. xyz

    .today’s episode proved that only vitharv union will happened.i luv today’s epsde. And after a long time I began to love vividha only bcz she reviled that vitharv=vitharv only.and she said that she starts & end with atharv.absl*tly right. From Atharv’s v vividha starts and frm vivida’s a Atharv starts.then why someone wants that ra….vida nonsense rav dha.actually it means vida (farewell) to ra vidha. I eager for tomorrow epsde. Luv yu vitharv.nammude swantham vitharv😚😚😚😚

  17. Shani

    Hii all Ravidha fans by watching today’s episode also u’ll wnt Ravidha to unite . Vividha luves only Atharv . She cannot luv 2 people . Vitharv forever 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 .

  18. Pinky

    Thank u very much guy…..
    Aaj ki episod dekhne ke baad I decided to never comment here but ur comment mujhe comment karne par majboor kardia… Aaj ke baad lagta nehi tha ravidha ke frns ke taraf se koi comment ayega..but aya!!!
    Yaar main galat thi mujhe lagta tha ki isi show main female lead bahat poor dikhata hai par….

    I can’t believe ki ye itni strong hai jo ki aapni pyar ke bare main apni pati or saas ke samne aise explain kiya jaise ki wo apni seminars present kar rahi hai…😅😅😅so funny
    Chalo achcha hua kya karsakte hai vitharv ke fans ke request puri kardia writer ne..
    Had show unnatural hai….. Or aisi show se kya umid hai vala…


  19. Nikh...

    this people are really ridiculous and disgusting…
    after watching all this also you people are talking about mrg and ravish vivida..
    how can you people think like this??
    fst of all this is not a marriage.. so if it is not a mrg then y one chance 2 chance??
    why should atharv find another girl?? why not ravish??
    is there any ritual or ethic in our culture do mrg forcefully then what is wrong in this??
    thank god directors and producers are not fools like this people….
    justice and ethics have more value than rituals and customs..
    we want justice for vitharv…
    so vitharv only for ever and ever…
    any ways think as per your mind but we want just justice and vitharv…
    atharv is so selfless so nothing wrong should happen to atharv…
    directors should justify the show…

  20. Joe

    Todays dlg mehasoos karne chezom ko sochna nahi jatha.. Yes pyar ko mehasoos karthe hain.. Not think.. Wat a lvly dlg it is..

  21. Eva

    Sujata knows what Ramakant means by elder bahu and why isn’t she telling anyone already that Ramakant knew about Vitharv

  22. Happpyyyy fan

    Hello people today was a great episode finally the truth is out.and soon kailash will return again to ruin atharvas life.when that happens vividha will be there to protect him from her father as for RAVISH FANS I REQUEST ALL OF YOU TO START WATCHING THE SHOW FROM EPISODE 1…AT LEAST WATCH ONE EPISODE FROM 1-100 TO UNDERSTAND WHAT WE FANS OUR SO DESPERATE TO SEE VITHARV BACK BECAUSE OF THEIR CHEMISTRY.you people call small eyelocks of ravidha as love.but you should see what vitharv were doing when they were in love. 😉Anyways enjoy your new year well everyone.jndsd will be better again for vitharv fans in this new year.lets hope for the best.

  23. bella

    Ohh no .. now everyone will think that ramakant really choose vividha for ravish .. how the truth will come out that ramakant want artharva and vividha to unite .. i hope someone in the house has brain and they will understand ramakant’s wishes which is he want vividha to do her duty as ELDER BAHU which mean for his ELDEST SON artharva and not ravish .. love you vitharva

  24. Dhana vadra

    Oh my god anta e Ramakant vadi valla vachindhi.diniki jndsd ani kakundaa illegitimate ristey ani pedtey saripotundi anukunta.culture less serial bakwas bakwas bakwas………

  25. Shani

    Ravidha 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎. only Vitharv 👍👍👍💖💖👍💖💖💖💖forever Atharv and Vividha are made for each other . Happy new year to all .

  26. Naina 15

    Guys leave these rabidha fans … just love jndsd show… love vitharv more n more.❤

    Happy new year to all jndsd fans and others.

  27. Ramya

    Badi bahu ki mathlab atharv ki patni.chaala inresting ga undi.valu andaru ramakanth last wish ni teerchali.

  28. Fan of fans👼

    Just enjoyed so much today’s episode . Too good VIVIDHA 👍…

    This time Pls unite VITHARV PLS PLS..

    Happy new year to all of you..

  29. nidha

    Let ravidha fans dream…..it is total time waste if we make them understand….
    Jo log reality ko apnaana nahi chaahthi un logon ko samjhaane se kya fayda
    According to ravidha fans,a girl have no right to live with her true love ,she must live with her husband whom she married forcefully due to bad circumstances😠 ,ravidha fans are against “a girl’s wish and her true love”

    But lets celebrate vitharve fans , we must not be downhearted by the opposite comments of ravidha fans
    Lets them dream,lets them support ravidha ,
    anyway, for a interesting fight there should be two opponents

  30. Havila

    Friends i know that Ramakant last wish is Atharv and Vividha’s marriage…
    But there is one doubt on this letter… Is Atharv elder than Ravish ???

  31. nidha

    I think everyone get shocked.. bcz in letter ramakant used the term ELDER
    Before atharve’s entry in to vashisht family ,according to all family members ravish is the only son of ramakant, so there is no need for the terms elder/younger as he is the only son
    But in actual ,atharve is ramakant’s elder son and ravish is younger son ..may be that’s why ramakant told elder bahu its mean atharve ‘s wife
    If vashisht family members use their brain they will come to know that the letter was about atharve’s wife ,otherwise it will be bad for vitharve
    Lets hope for the best

  32. maha

    Sujatha is ramkant’s first wife in that case atharv is d elder son.. That’s why vividha should be elder bahu… Pls move on to vitharv reunion… No more melodrama pls pls pls

  33. nidha

    ENJOY ALL😍😃 ❤😊 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 😊

  34. Sami karthi

    So many viewers said ravish married vividha but don’t forget vividha removed mangalsutra in front of ravish and then she tied okay va

  35. jo

    Still I am not sure of vithrav will be endgame.dont know how atharv gng to react towards ravish family.will he accept them .will he accept vividha.

  36. African-American Fan

    According to the narrative, Jaana Na Dil Se Door tells the love story of Vividha and Atharv. Let their love story continue and endure through the hardships, but let Vividha and Atharv always be together.

  37. Mahadev Desai

    So many comments but I am surprised no one mentioned Kashyap. Is he alive and will he prevent Atharva marrying Vividha! Also, is Atharva mentally stable? If not,will Vividha be happy in married life!

  38. vimala

    So director this is called nayi soch.love chesina athani life save cheyadam kosam mrg chesukoni inkokari life spoil cheyadam.so u re showing that mrg has no value.

  39. vimala

    Mee trp kosam emiena chestaru.ipudu vitharv antaru trp taku vastey mali ravidha scenes chupistaru.mali trp thaguthey mali vitharv antaru.merem msg istunaru maku.chusey valani fools cheyadam thapa.

  40. vimala

    So director this is called nayi soch.love chesina athani life save cheyadakosam mrg chesukoni inkokari life spoil cheyam.so u re showing that mrg has no value

  41. saranjit

    who cares about house and who is the eldest bahut. She loves artharv and he hints in convo that he won’t leave vividha.

    Artharv should gain mental stabiliy and act upon his duties as son. He should come back to normal self so he can now fight for Vividha. Bring something good here on his behalf writers.

  42. sudheer

    Who is ramakath’s elder son? I think some truths r out in this precap. Anyway wait & see. What’s going on upcoming episodes?

  43. anvi

    I too feel the same jo as long as Villon like kk is there we have to stop dreaming vithrav will be endgame.lets hope for the best

  44. manoj

    Villan is not kk it’s only ramakanth.just because of him all this is happening.he always had love for sujatha and atharv who are away from him instead of loving suman and ravish.in that letter he himself agreed that he could nt love ravish .not getting love by staying with u is unbearable cmp to not getting by staying far.i feel very bad for ravish.plz keep vithrav aside.bring a new girl and start his love story.i think by vividha he confirmed that his fate is also like his mum.plz do nt do injustice with him.

  45. Havila

    Friends do you remember 2nd vachan… Atharv said that he never love anethor girl.. End game will be Atharv… Only Atharv… Now a days its clear that Vitharv will be unite…
    But I am waiting for Atharv sujatha..

    Sunanda, Nithya, Aswini, Keerthi, Suman, And Sudheer..🎊🎊🎊🎆🎇🎉🎉🎇🎆🎈🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎆🎇🎉🎆🎇🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎇🎆🎆🎉🎉

    💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💜💞💕💞💕💞💜💕💖💗💞💕💖💕.💞 💕💕💕 LOVE YOU VITHARV. 💞💞💕💞💞💞💕💞💕

  46. Karan

    Vitharva union in 100% positive. This story is based on Atharva N Vividha, pls see serial posters, coverage has always been Vitharav. Atharva is Ramakant’s elder son n he went to Kk to ask 4 Vividha’s hand 4 Atharva to atleast now do his duties as a father 4 Atharva.

    In the end Suman, Sujata and every1 will have 2 accept d last wish of Ramakant n that is Vitharav union.

    Ra……….vidha fans pls get real and wake up…..love should b 2 sided…here Ravis loves Vividha but she is already in love with Atharva. So u can’t ask her to stop loving him just to play fair to Ravish. That makes her to love Ravish out of pity n in d love ion run this will never work as it is just a compromise for her.

    That is Y the channel says Nayi soch. We all live one life so live it fully under your own terms!!!!

    Joe, Suman, Nidha,……..and all d rest out here

    Happy New Year !!

  47. [email protected]!n

    happy new year to all my jndsd frnds over here and also the old jndsd grp!

    wish u a happy and prosperous life! and also have a gud and sound health through out!

    may god also help vitharva to unite soon!

    the track is gonna be interesting ahead bt still waiting fr atharva sujatha comeback!

  48. Nazneen Syed

    Why Havila you forgot my name?
    Just kidding yaar.
    Aaj ke episode Mein sach saamne aa jayega Ki Ramakant Atharv aur Vividha Ki shaadi Ki baat kar rahe the naaki Ravish aur Vividha ki😁

  49. devikrishna g nair

    RAVIDHA should unite becauz as a keen watcher of JNDSD I culd see great love of ravish for vividha .Can u plz cast a pair for Atharva soon

  50. Happpyyyy fan

    Ravidha fans should watch the show from the beginning to understand atharv vividhas love story why they cant fall for anyone else because of their honest love for each other.even if ravish loves vividha whats the point anyways cause vividha doesnt love him and she will never do either.this marriage is just a deal for her nothing else so we vitharv fans should hope for a good pair for ravish

  51. vitharv.........

    Where is 2days episode?won’t it publish?
    Vote for Vitharv , Just 1 day left and very little difference between VITHARV and swasan.Make sure that VITHARV wins…please guys vote.

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