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The Episode starts with Suman giving sindoor and mangalsutra duty to Ravish. Suman turns Vividha to Ravish. Ravish takes mangalsutra and makes Vividha wear it. Mangalam…..plays……… Suman gives sindoor to Ravish. Ravish applies sindoor to Vividha’s hairline. Vividha holds her saree cloth tightly, and holds her breath angrily. She gets tearful eyes.

Kailash asks Ankit to not use his tongue, else he will use it off. Kailash goes. Ankit turns and sees Uma. Uma asks what did you do to Atharv, where is he. Ankit asks why are you asking me, don’t talk to me again. He goes.

Suman asks Daddy ji shall we organize caterers for mu dikhai. He says yes, but we have to first talk to Vividha and explain her about mu dikhai. She says yes, I did not tell her, but she is mature

and will understand. He says she did not come from our background. She says she will stand up to our expectations, I m sure Vividha is made for Ravish, and she will shower love on Ravish. Ravish looks on.

Suman says Lord can’t do injustice with me twice, I have seen Vividha’s face, it seems like a blank page of a new book, now Ravish and Vividha will write on it together.

Uma stops Ankit and asks him about Atharv. Ankit says I don’t know, who was he, a milkman, its good he and his mum are gone. Uma slaps him and says he was nothing to you, but he was my son, if he was my only son, I would have been glad, if I slapped you from birth, it would have been good, you would be not like this, people stop girls, but the restrictions should be on guys like you, atleast you can learn to respect mum and sisters, I will rectify my mistake, tell me where is Atharv. Dadi and Guddi look on. Ankit worries and says I don’t know. Uma says you will know it and remember.

She gets a broom and beats him. Ankit screams and cries. Guddi asks Ankit to say it. Dadi shouts asking where is Atharv. Ankit says I will tell you, that day when Papa and Vividha left from temple, I was there, and I have beaten Atharv with a hammer. They get shocked.

Suman makes Vividha ready and says I know Kalindi’s words did not look good to you, but don’t feel bad, mistakes are to learn, you are starting your new life, I m with you, I will never ask anything, just give love to my son, you already love him right.

Suman explains her about the ladies addressed by their surnames, and ranking them by commanding posts. She asks Vividha did she understand, punctuality is regarded as Dharm in army, come on time at 5pm, if anyone asks anything, answer politely, come on time, don’t forget. Suman goes and sees the arrangements getting done. Bhoomi says such arrangements did not happen at my mu dikhai time. Suman welcoms the guests. The lady says Mrs. Vashisht, you did not come in our association meet last time, we accumulated money for assisting army families. Ravish comes and greets them. The lady congratulates him and says your Colonel told me that you shot down terrorists and your name is recommended for award. He thanks her. The lady asks where is the bride. Suman says she would be coming any moment now.

Uma calls Vividha. Vividha asks about Atharv, where is he. Uma asks are you alone there. Vividha says yes. Uma says don’t know, something bad happened, after you left. Atharv was beaten brutally at his head, and maybe…. Vividha asks what. Uma says don’t know, no one is able to say he is alive or….. Vividha shouts Maa…..

Everyone wait for Vividha. Kalindi finds Suman tensed and thinks Suman would have not told Vividha about punctuality. Suman says I think there is some misunderstanding, Vividha was ready, I think she is waiting for Ravish. She asks Ravish to go and get Vividha.

Vividha asks how can Atharv’s whereabouts is not known, where is he, who has beaten him and why, Papa said his goons not to touch him. Uma asks her to talk in low tone. Vividha says no, till Atharv is not found, I will not sit in peace. Uma says if anyone hears you there… Vividha says I don’t care. Ravish comes and shuts the door seeing her shouting. He asks Vividha, what happened, tell me. Vividha asks uma how did that happen and who did it. She moves and the vase falls. Uma gets worried hearing Ravish and the vase breaking sound. She ends call. Ravish asks Vividha what is the matter, tell me. She steps ahead, and he puts his hand under her foot to save her foot by getting hurt by broken glass. She moves back. He turns his hand and she cries seeing the glass piercing his hand. He removes the glass piece.

The lady says I think we will come on some other day. Daddy ji says Vividha would be just coming, Ravish has gone to take her. Suman says I m really sorry, I will go and see. The lady says don’t worry, we are one family, go and see what happened, and all ladies leave. Kalindi asks Suman whats happening, what is Vividha doing, what was the sound, I will go and see. Suman says no Kalindi, you wait, I will see.

Ravish says I m asking you again, what is the matter. She says see leave me alone. He says I can’t leave you alone, since you met me, you are lost and silent, you were talking angrily on phone, tell me the problem. She says I can’t say anything, you leave from here. He says I told you, you did not listen, I won’t go till you say the problem. She says I don’t need to tell you anything. Suman calls out Ravish. Ravish asks Vividha not to say anything, else problem will increase. He injures his hand with glass piece. Vividha asks what are you doing. He asks her to be quiet. Suman comes in and asks what happened. Ravish says Vividha was coming, I came here and my hand has hit vase, my hand was bleeding, I asked Vividha to meet guests, but she is not ready to leave me alone.

Suman says its small cut Vividha, nothing to worry, you married a soldier, the lady went from here and this will become a joke, but don’t worry, I will call her and explain. She gives first aid box and asks Vividha to do wound dressing, soldiers’ get small wounds, don’t worry, and Ravish if she gets tension seeing your small injuries, you should be extra careful. Suman goes. Vividha looks at Ravish.

Ravish says you are my wife, I m an army soldier, I don’t want to talk indirectly, I just want to ask you one thing, just say yes or no, did this marriage happen against your will by any helplessness, yes or no? Vividha looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tq amena di for update.
    Sooo sad 2 ravish that he was hurting bcoz of viv.
    Uma done a great job towards ankit.he have 2 deserve it.
    Precap is interesting.where is my atharv??????
    From one week onwards iam missing him a lot.
    Viv is looking tooooooooooooo beautiful nd cute in the red saree.she is like an apple today.
    Today ravish nd viv nailed the episode.
    Asually suman did a great job.ravish looking handsome.

  2. Ravish nuvvu great….. Problem ni solve chey plsssss… Papam vividha….. Nenu episode chudaledu kani chusina feel vundi……. Atharv Yeakkada…..????? Vividha ravish kind nijam cheppu…..

    1. Glad to know that you know telugu. I am new here. Naa peru vaishnavi.

      1. Hiiii vaishnavi….. Andaru hindi r English lo comment istunnaru….telugu vallu entha mandi vunnaro chudali ani telugu comment petta……chudham inka evaru vunnaro……

        Me native place……???

    2. [email protected] @Vaishnavi ..happy to know both are telugu. Naa peru Srinivas!!

  3. Come on vividha,pour ur heart to ravish abt atharva @ ur evilness of ur father.plssssss directorji,dont drag it long…plss show our atharva…….

  4. Uma is now a hectic person in this serial now. As a good mother, she should now teach Vividha ho wt live happily with her new family instead she is spoiling her own daughter’s life. I understand that Vividha and Atharv loved each other. That’s ok. But please don’t make this serial as filmy ok. I want this serial to be realistic. No mother will help daughter for her love even after marriage also. Please….

  5. Tell ravish the truth and pls go away vividha. It’s said ravish is married already, not sure. But vividha go for atharv or wait for him, he promised and he will return. Kill that ankit rascal.

  6. I wish ki vivida ravish ko kal sach bata de kyunki agar vivida ravish ko kal sach nhi bataya gi toh ravish ke sath galate hoga. Kyunki phir ravish ko lagega ki vivida apni merji se yeh shadi ki hai toh ravish vivida se pyar ker baite ga agar bad mai ravish ka dil tuta toh eshki jimaidar shirf vivida hogi so vivida plz ravish ko sach bata do nhi toh aaj jaise apko darde ho RHA hai vaise hi ravish ko hoga.apke sath toh apke papa ne bura kiya hai joh galate the but ravish toh innocent hai uski felling ke sath mat kailana plz..
    I am excited to see next episode and vivida’s answer

  7. good epi…..
    precap vivz say the truth………
    I m soo happy came to know that atharv will be back in few days and dancing after knowing that dey will show a glimpse of atharv entry toommmmorow yaaaahhhhhhhh?????????????

  8. I too hope she tells him the truth and doesn’t say yes or remain quite as that’ll be taken as a yes, because he’ll find out later and then he won’t be happy. It’s not their fault in any of this and so don’t treat them wrong. If she stays quiet now truth will come out later and everyone will blame her for not speaking sooner.

  9. Abbabbababbbababaaaaa
    Serial version of him dil dechuke sanam
    Only diff…movie for 3 hrs and serial for 3 yrs
    If trps gud then 30yrs also
    If trps bad then just 30 months only
    Sooo dragging boss.

    Every scene serioulsy I feel like as if they are leading a slow motion life.

    Nonsense even a slow motion scene would run faster than the scenes in this serial.

    Dindindindin doosh doosh doosh doossh derederederedere…nonsense

    More of background score than story!!!

  10. Why vividha is doing such rubbish things to ravish and his family. Does they did any mistake. Its her dad and brother done wrong things. Vividha should respect ravish.

  11. I bet you anything ,, tomorrow, vividha will say that our dog died and we are really upset.

  12. Pls dont spoil d show… Dont makr it typical daily sop… Nw plz don’t show ke ravish ki acchai dekh ke vividha ko usse pyaar ho gaya n then atharv will enter n he will try to separate ravish n vividha… Plz atharv ko villain mat bana dena… This show is abt love story atharv n vividha.. dont make it love story of ravish n vividha…

    1. The love story of Vividha and Arthav ended the moment she married Ravish.

  13. Well done Uma 4 slapping ankit..at least he told the truth that he also had hitten with hammer 2 ankit..but when adarv will b back..

  14. She has to tell him now , otherwise she’ll become her father’s partner in crime . It was misunderstanding in the first place and had no option , but I don’t think she will , this would be to easy and good, knowing the writers …..

  15. Pandu are u telugu …….

    1. Avunu…… Nenu telugu….. Meeru….?????

  16. Well well Well, ain’t that Somethin’ I feel Sorry for Suman and Ravish.On a Serious Note Suman is stuck on stupid, Continueslly stating Vividah Loves Ravish from the get going, Sad what happened to her happened with Ravish, love is lost there. I’m Sure in the end he’ll end up with
    Whats her name, Guddi or something like that..

  17. Taniya Shammi

    I miss athrav a lot n yeh kiya ho raha h yaar kahi aisa na ho ki vivida fell in love with ravish I will surely stop watching the show..Agar vivida athrav ko vul jayegi to yeh serial.ka koi value hi nahi rahega n iska title ka bhi..olz vivida n athrav ko jaldy mila do plzxz

  18. I want to c ravish and Vivi love story .pahle to Vivi ko shadi nhi karni chahiye thi ravish se .aur agar kar lo to usko iss shadi ko accept karke aage badhan chahiye .kyunki probl Vivi aur uske papa ki thi but bechare ravish aur uski family suffer karegi .I love d role of ravish .very impressive character. N I know that he will be a good n loving husband .he love Vivi more thn atharv

  19. If viv falls in love with ravish then its like the writers are proving vividha’ father right in choosing ravish over atharv!! The whole story line will be meaningless then!!

  20. D.Dashni

    If all the force marriage are always expected to lasts for eternity than true love is will not have any value !!!! Writers should think out of box rather than creating a love story in every forced marriage ….Stop spreading nuisance thoughts in all daily soaps…. I really want at least to have a glimpse of atharv sujata?

  21. D.Dashni, I am right with you these writers are spreading nonsense about relationships and marriage. This is not the real India. I am sorry to say this but most Indian men’s mentality is backwards, archaic, retrogressive and demented. There is no show where a girl marries the man she loves, all girls are forced to marry and if they marry someone they love the writers separate them. The men have low self esteem therefore they have to degrade the women to feel manly. Think about it? why is there so much crime against women and children in Indian society? All the daily soaps have no value or positive messages, all is about how to mistreat and abuse women. Women in Indian society have , are and will always be objects to the men to do whatever they want to . Unless the women stand up and let their voices be hard, nothing is gonna change. These idiot writers don’t they have mothers, sisters, nieces, daughters? what message are they bringing on the table for their families, not to mention that Miss Ekta Kapoor is one of those who is a big surpoter of such nonsense in spite of being a woman herself. Shame shame on all those writers, directors and even the actors themselves have sold their souls for money, they will utter any stupid dialogue given to them to keep their jobs.

  22. D Dashni, I completely agree. I cudnt Hav said it better. Atharv n Sujata but sonething different to the show n I miss that. Ravish n Suman Hav a different relationship. Mother/son relationships r special n Atharv/Sujata was a good one. Well, directors/writers, in the words of Atharv, joh hoga, woh dekha jayaga….

  23. If vividha says truth then it would be nice.how much will they extend???????

  24. Could you pls stop it all these..?.i can’t take it anymore….wats happening here..its all rubbish..
    I want atharv and vividha back…
    Pls ravish make them together….
    I stopped watching this when vividha got married to ravish…
    Everytime bad wins over good..yyy…its too much now

  25. Writters of jana na dil se door…… the sotry line going in show is compltyl copy of HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM… if you thnk that it will give good repons frm the viewers than u r worng after a point than nobody like the show.. we want atharv nd vivdha as a pair not again hum dil de chuke sanam….Rubbish yaar…. seriously… u guys dont find any interstng story.. so u did ths…. That’s compltyl make sense that vivdha father won… bcz ultimatley in last vivdha will choose ravish as a partner.
    Its better we stopp watchng ur show…..

  26. Pls unite adharv and vivitha….don’t be like all other typical daily soaps…u guys showed great chemistry between them in all sense u potrayed a true love of equality, respect for each other and unconditional love and if u break that,it would be just a waste…I am sure ur trp rate would have steap fall…….PLS UNITE ADHARV AND VIVITHA

  27. Pls don’t let kailash win…atleast not in the world of tv serials world…PLEASE UNITE ADHARV AND VIVIDHA

  28. Repeatedly same narration among the characters. ..
    Vividha-Vividha’s mom: uma lost her love and married evil kailash. …now same thing with vividha.

    Sujatha-Atharv: lost their loved ones…and meant to be live life alone without life partner. .

    Suman-Ravish: mom and son, both lost their true love and respect.

    Atharv-Ramakanth: Both father and son lost their loved ones. .bocz of a person so called “father”.. kailash and Ramakanth’s father

    In a positive thought…it may be a track to teach a lesson to both egoistic father’s (kailash and Ramakanth’s father.
    I think both brothers will teach a lesson to these too egoistic people. ….let’s see what will happen nxt????????

  29. athrav whear are you go
    athrav don’t come when vividha love with ravish

  30. y most serial showing the concept of girl accept the forced marriage. if they r going to do that plz stop it. true love appear only once. swaragini -thapki-udaan-etc all follows same path. pls be different . unite artharv vividha

  31. y should artharv suffer always. is he &his mom born only to suffer. don’t make him still suffer. pls let him live his love lady

  32. Plz unite atharv n vividha. Don’t show Vivi loving ravish. It doesn’t make any sense. Shaadi hogaya tho pati se pyaar hona ye bullisht hai.

  33. Pandu I am also from telugu

  34. http://www.desiserials.tv/laut-aaya-atharv-jaana-na-dil

    enjoy ths bt it says they will meet as “ajnabi”

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