Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman asking Vividha not to take decisions, fate takes our tests, our loved ones look wrong, if there is trust, we can pass any test. Vividha asks what do you mean. Suman says i m worried for you, we all are with you, you can tell us and Ravish anything, Ravish worries for you, he does not express but feels, he can go to any extent for you. Ravish tells Atharv that i promised you I will take you out, you are a soldier and have to hide, so that no one sees you. Atharv says Sujata, she is outside. Ravish asks what is he saying. Sujata says don’t listen to him, he makes stories, don’t think much. Atharv says we will go out, she is outside. Sujata says yes, I will get medicines. Ravish says we will go out, promise.

Vividha says I will go to room and

wait for Ravish. She thinks what does Suman want to say, I just know I have to protect Atharv, I will be quiet. Suman says Vividha is hiding something, Lord don’t let the curse affect Vividha, Ravish and Vividha should not get any misunderstanding.

Its morning, Uma keeps a puja at home. Ankit says atlast you accepted that Papa is no more and did Shanti puja for him. Uma says no, Kailash is alive and will come back, this puja is for Atharv, if he is alive, he will come back, else Lord gives peace to his soul. Vividha recalls Atharv and thinks why is he behaving like this, I have to find him and get evidence, then ask Ravish, if I do anything, will Ravish hurt Atharv, I can’t do anything now.

Ravish comes and asks what happened. She says I think you were busy in urgent works, you did not come home all night. He says yes, i m busy but… She says let it be, I don’t want to talk. He asks her to share if anything is troubling her. She says no, i don’t think so. He says I felt everything got fine between us. She says really, you did not ask me once. He asks whats this drama, you behave normal, silent and rude sometimes, what is your problem. She says you are my problem. He asks how. She says i will understand first and then ask you. He says I think we should sit and talk. She says I don’t think so and goes.

Suman gets tea for Ravish. She asks what is it. He says nothing. She says Vividha was finding you. He thinks what to tell Maa, if Maa knows all this, she will break down, I can’t say anything. He says nothing, don’t worry, I will manage everything. He hugs her and cries.

Ravish says I can’t say anything to Maa, I want to say truth to Vividha, but don’t know will she understand or not. Daddy ji asks Suman are you sure of this. She says yes, Ravish was upset and hiding something, something happened between Ravish and Vividha, such things happened in our house before also, where people did unexpected things. Sujata asks Atharv to come, will you have apple. He gets a bat. She asks where did you get this bat. He plays like hitting a ball and injures Sujata. Her forehead bleeds and she faints. Atharv stands like a cricketer. Suman tells about Kalindi, this curse is our life’s truth, I thought my son will get saved, but I feel like something very bad is going to happen.

Ravish thinks all this is troubling me, how will i hide all this, I don’t know this to trouble anyone related to me. Vividha thinks where to find Atharv, why are they shutting Atharv, I can’t trust anyone, I have to find out about this family. Vividha calls Uma and asks about Kailash. Uma says we did not know, police is finding him, its good to know soon. Vividha says fine, I want some answers from him. Ankit tells Uma that she is lying to herself and Vividha, police got Papa’s blood stained clothes, he is dead, how can you sit like this. He asks Dadi does she not have love for Kailash. He says Guddi, its our duty to do something for our Papa. Uma asks him to be quiet, else she will make him quiet.

She says nothing happened to Kailash, you both are murderers, and culprits in law court and Lord’s court, whatever you did with Atharv, don’t know where is he if he is alive. Atharv eats banana and throws the peel. He gets a rose. Vividha thinks to stay here till she gets Atharv, else anyone can harm him. She sees Atharv and cries happily. She runs to him. He drops the rose and goes.

She picks the rose and follows all the roses he dropped. She goes to her room. Atharv shuts the door and she holds him, asking are you fine, where did you disappear at night, tell me what happened with you, I know wrong happened, I m with you. He locks the door. She asks what are you doing. He gets the bat and walks to her. She asks why are you roaming with this bat. She holds him. He holds her hand. She finds his behavior strange.

Vividha asks Atharv to leave her, I need to talk. Ravish hears them. Vviidha says leave me. Ravish gets shocked. Ravish tells Sujata that Atharv tried to hurt my wife today and slaps him hard.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How dare to ravish that he slap my A tharva I felt so bad that I am crying I have decided to stop watching jndsd that it

    1. what is wrong wid dis ravish? how dare he slap and atharv? jndsd is nowadays boring, i’m fed up of this show! i knew that vitharv won’t get married becoz the same happened with amaya-mantu from tere sheher mein. jndsd is exactly following tere sheher mein’s plot!???

      1. We can’t blame Ravish for the slap guys… Ravish is unaware of Vitharv’s past… For him Atharv tried to harm his wife… Plus Atharv is behaving so scary…

    2. i noooooooo

    3. where is Atharve sujatha. I really felt very bad for this

  2. Full confusing…he s not atharv am sure or someone makes atharv to behv lke ths..ohh noo??pls make some intrstng things ..rly bored ..

  3. Really this serial is making me sick…i want a vividha and atharv to reunion but on the going track I can’t understand anything what writers are upto if they want pair ravish and vividha they have clear that so that I can’t waste my time by watching this stupid serial…myself loosing my cool…

  4. ohh knowww i hate this ravish he slapped at my atharv…….. wat is happening in this.plz stop this reunite vitharvz

  5. What’s wrong with this director?? What he wants do with this show…till now hide and seek. And now rude rromantic Atharv

  6. Also remove ravish? from this srl..ths s a rqst .i dnt like him , as he s the main prblm bw vitharv ..how dare to him to slap atharv..stupid??

  7. I think Vividha will move on with Ravish as I have never seen a serial or even movie before where married heroine leaves her husband for her lover.Eventually, she will fall for Ravish, if this does not happen then this will be the first one to do that.

  8. I think we should boycott dis serial..boring it is bcumin…no nayi soch it has..useless show

  9. Ravish slapped atharv coz in his point of view atharv misbehaved with his wife and trying to hurt her (still if he’s brother). So it’s simple a true husband will do the same…

    1. am agreeing with u.
      i think this time vividha will question ravish about atharv in front of the whole family . suman will ask ravish about the truth.then ravish will tell the whole story about
      step brother,goons attack, memory loss pappa’s last wish and all.then suman shocked and hurt,vividha feels sad and guilty .if sujatha too overhears then all get completed.
      poor ravish.

  10. Is Ravish mad?

  11. Donno wats wrong with atharv…fed up with this serial now…unite vividha nd atharv otherwise jus end the show….hi havilah,nitya iam also from andhra…Guntur…haha we r all at close places….picha saagadeesthunadu kadha serl ni…atharv ki emaindo ila behave chesthunadu

    1. Hiii.. Meghana.. what r u doing ?

    2. Avuna….. Vijayawada ND guntur.. ND ongole…….. Nice…
      Unexpectedly manam chala daggara vunnam…… Thank god TU valla kalisam….. Happy naku ikkada new frnds kalisaru…..

      Happy Diwali to all meghana…. Havilah…. In belated frnds……. Diwali baga celebrate chesukunnara……????

      Meghana ND Havilah….. Meru em chesthu vuntaru……???????

    3. Hii frnds I am also from ap. Naadi vizag. My name is navya.inka unnara ap vallu merru 3 members kakunda. I am happy dat Telugu vallu unnaru

  12. Yes hema Ur right he is a nice husband & brother & son. His character is gud. May be atharv acting memory loss patiant. I think atharv is ngitive character from temple episode (kharwachut) he gets memory at that place.

  13. Wt the hell is gng on. ……..
    That ravish slapped my atharv. This is nt nice.
    Ravish has 2 first ask vivida is she fine without asking anything how can ravish slapped my atharv.
    I think of precap that ravish listened voice nd he ask atharv nd vivida 2 open door. Vivida get faints. Ravish breaks door nd saw atharv nd vivida faint. He worries for vivida nd get his angry 2 atharv .I think it might be happen

  14. I think atharv is doing everything for ravish. Because ravish told infront of atharv tat he loves his life a lot. So he is doing to make vividha and ravish together.

  15. sun sets in the north

    crap..utter bullshit… i dont know how we cud put soome sense iinto these wirters brains.. allthat the star plus serial writers know is how to spoil good love stories whether it is tere sheher mein or jndsd…first show a beautiful love story and then spoil it like hell.. i hope this serial is following the footsteps of tere sheher mein…At least one thing we could be happy about vividha- ravish pairing wont be as bad as amaya-rama.

    1. i Agree with this

  16. Correct ga chepalanta vivida ravish marriage ravish vala Dady last wish ani nammi suman marriage chesindhi valaku, kani ramakanth last wish vividha atharv marriage kada aa vidamga chusina vitharv kalavali kada. Aina suman ki ramakanth last wish vitharv ani teliste thanu vitharv kalavali anukuntundi ani na feeling.

    1. Avunu.. sane feeling.. Ravish kuda Ramakant last wish fulfill chestadu.. so Vitharv kalustaru.. i want Vitharv together..

    2. Hiii u r also from telugu….????? U r from…..???

    3. Ravish vitharv ni kalapali anukuntadu emo….. But Suman anukodu….. Endukante valla family lo evariki prema dorakaledu…..sujatha medha kopam tho vitharv reunite ni voppukodhu ani na feeling……

      1. Sujatha ki life Ramakant thana tho ledu.. so Atharv ki ala avvakudadhu.. Atharv ki toduga Vividha undali.. papam Sujata 27 years single gane undi.. so Atharv ki Vividha todu kachitanga kavali..

  17. indera sanichara

    Writers please make Artharv OK and remember his once in a lifetime love Vividha even if they can’t be together. My entire family used to watch it but not anymore since Artharv get mad. They get mad and stop watching it.so sad where the story gone

  18. I left serial very borring serial

  19. Top no.1 waste serial e serial chusi plz time waste chesukokandi dnt waste ur time by watching this serial . As they said its new fabulous love story but same as like bollywood movies nly as we have seen many films nd serials also then y watch this waste serial

    1. Haan Jessy.. prathi hindi serial lo ilage jarugutundi.. Love chesinavaritho marriage cheyyaru.. borring borring..

      1. mare telugu serials lo marriage chesthara love chesukuna vala iddarike ….all serials r same.. love ne serials lo high point ga chupistharu kane marage ke importants.. istharu

      2. Yes NS4….. Am agree with you…… Okavela pelli ayyaka malli lover tho kalisthe chala bad ga matladatharu……. Kadha

        So better to do anything before marriage with new person if she r he r all ready in love with someone…… Am I right dears…..

    2. Hiii jessy….. Nuvvu kuda telugu na. … U r from….?????

      Nice to see here lots of telugu ppl….

  20. Hi aash meeru kuda Telugu varena.akkada me native

    1. Hiii Aswini….. Nice to seeing here our telugu ppls…… R u from……????

    2. Hi aswini nenu kuda telugu ne madi telangana

  21. As u said till now in serials after the mrg they starts new life with new one men or women should adjust with that but in this serial Vivitha is married by atharv before ravish actually… Atharv put sintoor to vivitha and he is the only man won her heart already….. I hope vivitha and atharv should unite if it’s not happened I don’t know what S the valuable and respectation of love.. And a beautiful character atharv’s justice. .he S the imagination and dream for every girl be a lover and life partner.. And I know this character could be an imagine …no one can like him

  22. It shows how much ravish loves vividha when ravish slaps athrav

  23. You can review this comment all you want, but I am telling the samething about this show. Simply boring, waste of time and moving at Snails pace. Stupid

  24. Hii meghana…. Havilah…. Aswini…. Aash……jessy…….

    Sony lo KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI serial chusthara……????? I think dat is different serial from all channels……. I love dat serial bcoz its not dragging……..

  25. Hi meghana, nithya, havilah, aswini how r u my telugu frnds. Chala happy ga vundi ekkada telugu frnds kalisinanduku

    1. Hii I am Navya naadi vizag chala Mandi unnaru kaada ikkada Telugu vallu

    2. Yes Sunanda….. Chala happy vundi ikkada telugu frnds ni kalisinanduku

  26. Hiii… sunanda,Meghana,Nithya, Aswani, and Jessy… I am fine and how r u friends ?

  27. Hi Aash

    1. Hi sunanda ,I agree with sri, atharv vividha pelli pramanalu kuda munde chesukuntaru kada , vitharv kalavaka pothe this serial is meaningless and ravish vividha kalisthe villan kailash win ayinatlu avutundi so stupid kada

  28. I think Atharv will sacrifice his love for his father help towards vividha.. and she is now married to his step bro.. its a big thing for him.. that sujatha was angry on vividha for Athrva state..

    Atharv and sujath has to sacrifice their live for vashista’s house. 1st sujatha and its now atharv turn.
    so saddddddddddd

  29. Hi nithya ji I am telugu .my native
    West Godavari.now I am working at telangana

  30. Hi Friends chala happy ga und

  31. Hiii telugu frnds……… How r u all…… Andaru em chesthu vuntaru…..!!???

  32. Nithya I am studying degree 1st year nd u

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