Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Madhav showing Kailash’s room. The goon sees Khushi. She throws marbles. The goon falls. Madhav asks the goon to leave him. Goon says there is nothing here, he lied. Atharv and everyone are on the way. Kailash looks on. The goon scolds Madhav. The goons see Kailash.

Kailash sees the knife and talks mad. Goon asks him to stand with Madhav, else he will stab him. Kailash asks what did you say, tell me, you guys have no knowledge of proper language, what did you wear, what did your parents teach you. He asks them to have shame. They understand he is mad and says we are hungry. Kailash asks them to go to kitchen and come back to learn maths tables. Madhav asks Kailash to call his mum, save him. Goons take him. Kailash says I m a king. Khushi runs and makes the goon

fall down. She teaches him a lesson and runs away.

Goon catches her and says you have made me run a lot. Vividha calls home. Goons take Madhav and Khushi. They scold Madhav for lying about the cash. Madhav says if my Papa comes, he will beat you all. Goon asks him to call his Papa. Kailash asks did you had food, is the kid sleeping, I m also hungry, I will go and get food. The goons get leaving. Kailash sees Khushi beating the goon’s back. He shouts and stops them. Khushi sees him and smiles.

Madhav bites the goon. Khushi runs to Kailash. Khushi and Kailash get back. Kailash throws the fruit and hits the goon. Madhav looks on. Kailash and Khushi tackle all the goons. Kangana comes and finds the door locked. She gets worried. The goon catches Kailash. Khushi sees the ropes. Everyone come home. Kangana asks who is inside Madhav. She tells Vividha that kids are inside, door is not opening. Vividha asks Atharv to do something.

Atharv checks windows. He breaks open the door. They get inside and see the kids sitting on the goons’ back and having fruits. They get shocked. Kailash says I have failed britishers, now we are independent, my two new ministers failed enemies. He ties and hangs the goons. Police comes and takes all the goons. Madhav says goons have scared uncle, then Khushi gave rope to uncle and hanged the goon, uncle has beaten all goons.

Inspector says great, kids and this man have caught such a clever gang. Kangana says I should have not left kids alone. Ravish says they have done amazing job. Sujata says this happened twice, we should be alert. Dadi says Lord has protected us. Sujata says I will go and attend kids. Atharv says we have to increase security. Ravish says I will install alarm systems. Kailash says dohas.

Dadi Bua says our children did great work. Dadi says our Madhav is brave. Madhav says no, I did not do this, uncle and Khushi did this. Kailash and Khushi talk in their code language. Vividha looks on. Sujata gets food for kids. Khushi refuses to have food. Vividha says I will feed her later. She goes to get milk for her.

Kailash feeds Khushi. Vividha looks on. Atharv asks Vividha to make Kailash ready, we have to drop him to Guru ji’s ashram. Vividha gets sad and recalls Kailash. Atharv and Ravish ask Kailash to come. Kailash refuses. Ravish says you have to go. He refuses to go. Guddi takes him, but Vividha stops him. Everyone look on. Vividha signs no to Guddi.

Kailash takes a knife. Uma gets shocked seeing him. Everyone hear Uma’s scream and rush to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pooja12

    Hi friends, I sent email to star plus channel yesterday requesting for extension but they firmly replied back that it is going to wrap up for sure.
    If anyone tell me how to share the mail link I will share here.

  2. Pooja12

    I think now it is waste of time to plead with star plus for extension. because they have made their mind to encourage and continue stupid shows like sns, yhm, pmhmd which r dragging like rubbers for years. What to do? I can’t digest that it is ending but we can’t do anything.

    1. When is it ending

      1. Pooja12

        June 30

  3. Sandy17

    It was very interesting to see two cutie pie’s and kk handling goons …very funny ??
    Kk-khushi scene was also very cute …their code language,kk feeding khushi…even though he was cruel …I liked his behaviour today…madhav-khushi-kk make a great group??

    The highlight was this and the precap…I think as they have not informed uma about kk , she is scared to see kk back and would have thought that he is going to attack her.

  4. Pooja12

    Please friends don’t make this page inactive after end of the serial. Write ffs with the ideas u have because swaragini ended long ago still there r at least 15 ffs r being posted per day. We have to do like so that we will make keep our vitharv alive.

  5. Aliza111

    Fast update. Tnku amenable . Nice episode . I loved kailash today. Super action vineeth sir . Khushi and kk’s code Lang ,khushi trapping goon, vividha ‘ love for kk , everything was nice today. Why does gudo have this much anger towards kk? Old someone tell me. Cause I started to watch jndsd very latlly and now I watch old episode on hotstar so old tell me my doubts

    1 what is this tabela ?in which episode it is shown
    2 what is shiv thandav?
    3 who killed guddi before
    4 why does Vivi over choose kk over kailash in season 1,2
    5 where is aditi now ?
    Pls reply me.

    1. Sandy17

      1)Tabela means cow stable ..gungun and payal are their cow and calf because of which vitharv romance started…all their romance and 7 promises were taken from tabela
      2) shiv tandav is the background music given for atharv when he is in anger.
      3) it is shown that ravish’s colleague, I think his name is ashish…he pushed Huffington upstairs because she came to know about affair of bua ji with him.
      4) I didn’t get clear about question ,
      whether it is choosing atharv over kk?
      If its like that kk played cheap tricks and vivivi was unaware about this as she blindly believed her father.
      5) don’t know anything about her…it was shown she is studying staying in hostel…I don’t know what course is she studying , even if it is mbbs its 5 year course sandbox at all she is doing MD it’s 2years , so total 7yrs ,but she has not returned back.

      1. Aliza111

        4th is kk over atharv she slaps atharv because he says about kk . That way I asked. Thanking Di for Ur reply now I understood everything. Is its avinash or ashish

      2. Its avinash dear @aliza

  6. Nav

    http://www.tellyupdates.com/brother-atharv-episode-2/ It is my first fan fiction please read and support

    Iam Nav and iam 20 years old boy doing btech
    Iam from Mohali ( punjab )

    1. Diya30

      n yes we definitely support u

    2. Sandy17

      ? our support will always be there with u

      1. Nav


    3. Hii…dear always support u keep writing???

  7. Diya30

    I hope that u all saw this epi we’ve to increase trp
    anyway today’s epi was awesome…my two babies just ?
    but what is this? kk is doing act or….?
    Vivi again got emotional….

  8. Just copy the mail.link and paste here that’s it

    1. Pooja12

      Thanks I have copied it in the below comment

  9. Nice episode even I loved kk today…..madav khushi scenes were awesome ..madav words my paoa will beat u???kk is acting or not confusing.. Anyway khushi eyes is just wonderful vibi again sentimental for her father..pls frnds don’t lose hope keep emailing watch jndsd on TV retelecast on hotstar from 20 the may..plz save our show

  10. One more thing vineetji had been just awesome today my frnds plz come were are u all plz come back iam missing u ol badly..everybody come back plz iam requesting u guys

  11. Nikh

    episode is damn good…
    kk and kushi duo fight is superb…
    madhav and kushi expressions are really nice…
    over all episode is kk kushi madhav and goons…
    only one thing is worrying me… it is going to end… i will miss a lot here…
    🙁 🙁 🙁 what to do… such a stupid star plus.. stupid serials are still lagging from decades with out any story.. our serial story line is far better than that stupid serials…
    atharv plss don’t go away from us…
    hey anyone did watch iss pyar ko kya nam doon new promo in star plus…??? batun sobti is really superb in new promo
    i don’t whether i should feel happy for iss pyar ko kya naam doon or i should feel bad for our show is going to end…
    hey xyz and aailya at least come now just one month is left… 🙁

    1. Diya30

      hii nikh…
      actually I was a fan of ipkknd after pyare ki ea ek kahani n tei
      but now I’m a die hearted fan if jndsd so I ?
      rabba ve…let’s see

  12. Sunanda12345

    Hi frnds….
    Episode is gud…
    If there is a chance of ending up jndsd. …….I still write my ff……If i had ur great support of u all guys…..hope u all support me ????

    1. Sandy17

      There is no doubt in that we will surely support u dear ??

    2. Diya30

      always dear

    3. Always????

  13. Diya30

    dear tabela showed in phase 1 in Ajmer…it’s our fav right guys…there 1st kiss on tabela…I’m missing like hell
    n shiv tandhav is our atharv’s special performance we basically show it when our atharv becomes angry or when he fights against enemies…
    n I don’t know who killed guddi before n after leap we saw her new face (which suman gave her)
    don’t know where is aditi?
    n I can’t understand 4th q n yes vivi never supports kk

    1. Diya30


    2. Aliza111

      Tnku u. For the reply

  14. Hey Sunanda
    Are you a student?

    Precap looks awesome

    1. Yes…nd u? ???

  15. Guys, I have sent mail to [email protected] for extension. We can maximum sent mails guys, plzzzzz.

    Today’s episode was really nice. I also have the same doubt Aliza , where is aditi now?

    There is another news, that is Shasank vyas is about to quit the show ? Is it true. Oo then I will truly miss him.

  16. Aliza111

    Even after jndsd??we should continue commenting on previous episodes epages so that our relationship doesn’t get separated​ ?guys u will miss u all . And I have another idea our ff ‘s should be active then we registered members should be begin a joint account and guys we all should be active even after… Jndsd . Ian so sad that I cried last night iam trying to sent mail now? . Even though it might not work?

    1. Sandy17

      Yes , we all should be in touch through the comment section , Twitter …etc …Don’t want to miss my jndsd family ??

    2. Diya30

      after some days(don’t know exact time)…previous page(those page we already commented) automatically shuts down
      but miss u too dear

    3. Me to feeling like u Aliza my eyes become red and I get tired of crying notinly becoz jndsd ending but also our family I can’t leave u all I want u oll we should do smthng to keep in touch love u ol??????

  17. Pooja12

    Dear Pooja,

    Thank you for writing to Star.

    We would like to thank you for having liked our show, Jana Na Dil Se Door and its characters Atharva, Vividha and Ravish. It is this love and support from our viewers that has made us the most loved channel in the Hindi entertainment space.

    We hope you will agree that all stories have a beginning and an end. The characters created in any story embark on a journey before reaching the destination defined for them. Storytelling is a creative endeavor and the creators of the story are best placed to decide on what the story will talk about and what the characters will stand for, before they complete their journey and fulfill the purpose for which they had been created.

    The authors and creators of Jana Na Dil Se Door believe that the journey of the characters has been completed and the story has come to its logical end. We know this may disappoint some of you, but we are also hopeful that in the larger interest of good story telling, you will understand our decision and continue to be with us in our endeavor to bring you the best stories on our channel.

    Enjoy watching the show as it reaches its final episode.

    Warm Regards,
    Prerna Naidu
    Consumer Response Cell.

    From: Pooja Reddiar
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Request for extension of jndsd

    Hello sir/ madam,

    I am a huge fan for vitharv Jodi of your series jndsd. Thank you for
    giving us such a wonderful show with good storyline and excellent cast.

    Now after the return of Kailash Kashyap many viewers who have left
    watching the show have come back.

    Despite having dead slot of 5.30pm, jndsd have earned huge fandom base not
    only from India but also from other countries.

    So I request you to give the show a. second chance with the extension of at
    least 2 or 3 months. Please do consider our request. Thank you in advance.

    Yours sincerely,

    Pooja reddiar

    This message and its attachments contain confidential information and may also contain legally privileged information. This message is intended solely for the named addressee. If you are not the addressee indicated in this message (or authorized to receive for addressee), you may not copy or deliver any part of this message or its attachments to anyone or use any part of this message or its attachments. Rather, you should permanently delete this message and its attachments (and all copies) from your system and kindly notify the sender by reply e-mail. Any content of this message and its attachments that does not relate to the official business of STAR India Private Limited or its affiliates (collectively stated as Star Group) must be taken not to have been sent or endorsed by any of them.
    Email communications are not private and no warranty is made that e-mail communications are timely, secure or free from computer virus or other defect. The email servers of Star Group are located outside the jurisdiction of India. The use of the personal information and sensitive personal information, if any, is governed by the Personal Data Privacy Policy located on the following link http://www.startv.com/PersonalDataPrivacyPolicy.htm . By sending a communication comprising your personal information and sensitive personal information to Star Group you agree to and accept the Personal Data Privacy Policy.

    This is the mail I got as reply from star plus

    1. Pooja me to got these same reply it means they are not Reading email just subjects they are cruel??????they don’t have hearts

      1. Pooja12

        June 30

      2. Pooja12

        Sorry wrong reply.
        @vismaya Yeah the new series name is chakravyuh it seems.

  18. Aleya.marzan

    i’v loose all my hope
    i was having fever n with this news that increased they reply to all same
    good bye to all

    1. Aleya dear pls don’t lose hope try till last we need to save our show don’t say gud bye it will break my heart if show ends we all should be contact love u ol?????????

    2. Sunanda12345

      Aleya be happy dear ??

  19. something is fishy how kk knows that khusi doesnot now to speak if he is mentally disturbed dont know now which strom he will bring in vitharv life only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  20. Optimistic

    Hello friends i think we should stop watching starplys serials, zee tv is way better becoz zeetv promotes every new serial very well, if serial is old also if will promote rigoursly by dng this trp will definitly incrsase miss vitharv star plus dnt care of fans requests

    1. Pooja12

      Yeah u r right star plus is very much biased than other channels

  21. Today’s epi was awesome for a moment there i forgot that kk is a villain, his acting was just superb i thought when khushi sees kk she will freak out bt she was happy,, kk did bad with khushi, bt khushi doesn’t hold any grudge against him just shows how kids are just innocent angels n kk should be ashamed of himself for all his wrong doings.
    Gud nyt & gud morning to all have a wonderful day.

    1. Good mrng linah? keep emailing dear???to save our show

    2. Sunanda12345

      Hiiii linah…..

  22. Veer

    Thought of not caring commenting today but got a ray of hope about JNDSD not going off-air and wanted to share with you all. RajBaddan said that STAR still have not yet taken a call on JNDSD OFF-AIR. They’re only evaluating the time slots. So friends please watch JNDSD on TV and on HOTSTAR without any fail. If you have a concern of data, then change quality to LOW and watch.

    Easy way to increase the clicks on the episode would be to play the episode and watch few seconds then scroll/drag timer to last minute of episode and watch till next episode opens. This way you can save ur data and increase number of clicks on the episode. Repeat this again and again.

    Don’t stop mailing and tweeting. In mails ask them to continue JNDSD as a web series or change the time slot and continue the show. Do these thing in addition to watching on TV and HOTSTAR.

    Please don’t forget to do these things to save our beautiful show.

    1. Oh veer bhaya data is not a probm even iam just opening hotstar and iam sleeping let it play???? I want to save our show iam emailing everyday watching TV retelecast and hotstar to I can’t let them go like these becoz we will never ever get a show like these and a pair like shivik??so try hard everybody kee emailing watch rewatch in and in hotstar and plz save our show???plz guys don’t lose hope..gud mrng everyone wishing all a great day ahead????

  23. Vikku my hero

    Dears , yeasterday I got a chance to see shivani ??she in a shopping mall..but I can’t interact with her?Shashank and Adhvik Mahajan and Neha are with them…I think they went for shopping …..they happily talk in a cafeteria

    1. Vikku my hero

      One more thing …I don’t like their friendship?why shivani go shopping with Shashank and his close friend??

    2. Madam anju we can easily fund u rest in peace??????go to hell plz don’t use viku name becoz it will be a great shame to him…..that’s it u blo*dy???

      1. Vikku my hero

        Vismaya di…who is anju because I’m new here …I don’t know who is she….I’m Ankith…a viewer but never commented on this…I got a news that this show will going to be end…I get tweet from twitter that show our fandom on telly update page also…that why I here.im really shocked ur reply but it’s k ..may there should be some reason

        And sunandha…ys im really happy….but if she alone I’m sure I will ask a selfie and vikkus phone number…I want meet Vikram once…it’s my dream…because I never saw a serial…but accidently I saw it …my sister introduced them to me…my first episode was the kiss scene in rain…it’s really lovely ..actually I had a misunderstanding that serial only show sas Bahu drama…my shivik will change my mind…can any one tell me how to register

    3. Sunanda12345

      Ohhh really u saw her…That’s nyc…??

  24. Pooja12

    https://instagram.com/p/BUvYVTyjEDE/ It’s raj Bhaddan’s tweet.

  25. RAOne

    No worries guys…… Don’t be disheartened by news…… We will wait for season 2 Aab na Jaao dil se door.
    Writer :Amish Triphati(my fav)
    Director: SS Rajamouli
    Producer: Raj Kumar hirani(my fav)
    With same star cast and with a better time slot so that next time it will rock……

    Hope many of you will laugh at this but I’m Damm sure if show ends everyone will wait for season two….. If you really want this…. What will be your Title of show…..

    By the way I’m back here friends how are u all…… We will miss each other get registered friends we will always connected with each other even after show ends……. Wait for season 2 Yeah Thoko Thoko ha…. Haa……. Haaaaaaa………. Bhai Thoko…..

    1. SrinivasN143

      Oh!!! Really that’s a great idea!!! SS Rajamouli with vikram and shivani combination..JNDSD season 2…
      Superb thought..
      Rajamouli is an expert in small screen also..Actually his life start with small screen only..rajamouli 1st directed a serial named Shantineewasam(in Telugu) in ETV.

    2. Sandy17

      I wish all ur words come true ?
      Yes , all other frnds who has not registered plz get registered then we can maintain contact thereafter jndsd ends

      1. Aliza111

        Disk we can make a good account and alsoO be active in activity . Group account name suggestions pls

    3. Oh my god raone great idea I was crying all day but when I Read it it just give a smile on my face thanku and iam praying and praying that all ur words to come true oh my god I can’t wait for it..thanku a lot and I really missed ur comments not only me everybody here try to comment everyday?????

    4. Usha

      RAOne ,ur cmnts r always interesting and funny . JNDSD Season 2 , u know ,me too think abt this bfr , exactly when heard abt the air off news.
      We can touch in contact with each other through registering even aftr the show ends. Nice idea.
      Gud aftr noon bhai.

  26. SrinivasN143

    Good morning.

    Have a nice day.

    1. VizPinky

      Omg!!!!!!! Brooo nekosame wait chesthunanu.okasari naku reply ivu.nuvu twitter lo group DM chesavu kadha.adhi ela chesavu naku chepava.manam andharam vidipovadam naku istam ledhu.ledhanta chepu nuvu form chesina dhanilone andharini add chei na lekapotha kothadhi form chadhama mana dhagira time ledhu thondharaga chepu plssssssss anaya.me chellama request.

      1. Pinky I did nt understand ur reply but hope smthng gud..
        ??? u know I love reading telegu comments I love Telugu films a lot Samantha,kajal,anushka,allu,all are my fav Iam trying to learn telegu but ur language is so tough to learn but im trying my best by reading ur comments watching films programs etc even my sis watch khushi TV a lot?????oh my god prabhas to???????

    2. Sandy17

      Gud mng dear ??

  27. SrinivasN143

    Funny episode???..
    Madhav, Khusi and kk rocked d episode.
    Khusi running scenes are d best from episode???..khushi running around goon ..escaping from goons???? ..so sweet..
    Kk teaching maths to goons????

    So kk doing mad drama..kk-khushi conversation????? is same like Atharv-Khushi language.. So our Atharv can decode kk..

    Omg!?? khushi is happy with kk….kk feeding khushi???
    I think Vividha found kk changed behavior with khushi..
    Precap: maybe its a trap for kk to know his truth..

    Waiting for today’s episode..
    Have a great day friends??☺

    1. Gud mrng and have a great day bro????

  28. VizPinky

    Plssss all of u come back soon.what to discuss very imp thing with u guys plssss come back.we cannot trust star we have only less time.

    1. Gud mrng pinky wishing u a great day???

    2. Usha

      Pinky dear ,what ‘s the matter ? Ya ,we can n’t trust star plus . They r all ready decided to end our show. So no hope .
      Gud aftr noon dear.

  29. Vigneswari

    anyone know the trp of our serial(JNDSD)
    if know pls tell yar….

    1. Sandy17

      Its 0.7

      1. Vigneswari

        what is this ya?
        if you see many serials their trp are just 0.3 0r 0.4 and like that.but those serials are still running. then why this is happening for our serial JNDSD?

    2. That because star India ltd is high on trp on comparing to other channel…so according to them it also low trp.same thing happen in malayalam channel asianet .6.0 trp serial they will ended.but other channel highest point of trp is 2 or3 so it will decided by channel starus and asianet are under one roof star India ltd

  30. Then who will marry guddi?

    1. Usha

      If u know some one suits for her ,plz bring him to vasisht house for alliance .

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