Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv telling Kailash that I m immature, but made you bear a loss, I have already bought adjacent land in 20 lakhs, you bought this land in 40 lakhs and raised my land’s value too, you are right, you have experience and I don’t know business, I made you buy 20 lakhs land in 40 lakhs. Kailash asks did you do this intentionally to make me raise bids. Atharv says I know my and your limit, you have lost by your ego. Kailash scolds him.

Sujata looks on. Kailash asks Atharv will you challenge me, I will not only cut your feathers, I will cut your legs too. He threatens Atharv angrily. Atharv says my fate is in Lord’s hands, you become human first than becoming Lord. Kailash says I did not earn this status by getting charity, you want to strike me. Atharv says

I just gave you a light dose, you got shaken up, the day I collide with you, think what will happen, if you could win, why did you get scared to lose. Kailash taunts on Atharv’s being fatherless and scolds him.

Atharv and Sujata look on shocked. Kailash says you are showing the land bought by my money, its my promise I will not let keep any brick on that land. Kailash starts leaving, as Vividha is finding him. Atharv shouts and asks so shall we bet on your promise. Kailash stops. If I put a brick on your land then….. Vividha comes and looks on. Kailash says what will you bet, you don’t have anything to bet. Atharv says the brick I keep on this land, think of it as your daughter’s engagement shagun. Kailash and Vividha get shocked.

Atharv says because after that, I will marry your daughter. Everyone get shocked. Kailash shouts and rushes to Atharv. He holds Atharv’s collar angrily. Sujata says leave my son. Kailash asks what did you say. Atharv says your hands are fine after reaching my collar, as these hands are of my would be father in law. He makes Kailash fold hands. Vividha gets shocked and drops the aarti plate. She gets dizzy…..

Atharv comes home and recalls Kailash’s taunts. He recalls Vividha. Jaana na dil se door…….plays…………… Sujata comes to him and beats him. She asks did he had no shame to talk about his marriage like that. He says you told me to follow my heart. She beats him. He runs. She says I asked you to follow heart, not to challenge Kailash. He says time out, wait…. She takes a breath. She says Vividha is fake pride of Kailash, he is not a good man, he will fall low and not let you win, he will ruin you, why did you challenge him, we are simple and poor people, no one will support us. He asks her not to worry.

Vividha is sleeping at home. She recalls Atharv’s words and wakes up. Kailash asks how are you. Ankit gets friends’ call and tells Kailash that everyone got to know about Atharv’s challenge. Dadi and Guddi say everyone is betting on this challenge, who will win, Kailash or Atharv. Kailash apologizes to Vividha and says I should have not gone in that bidding, its my mistake to do good to Atharv. She says no, its Atharv’s mistake, will I marry him if he challenges, I will not marry him. Vividha hugs Kailash. Uma looks on.

Sujata asks Atharv why did you not tell me that you love Vividha. He says I did not tell Vividha too. She asks what do you mean, its one sided love, you can’t make relation without asking her wish, if she likes you, its tough for her to go against her dad, if she does not like you then… did you ask her? He says no, but I have seen love in her eyes. She says its difference between mutual love and misunderstanding, if heart breaks… it aches a lot. He says what happened with you will not happen with me, Vividha has heard the marriage announcement, next time when you see her, you will also see her silent love in her eyes. She says I can’t see you alone. He cheers her up. They smile.

Atharv leaves from his house. Vividha comes there. She sees him leaving, and then goes to Sujata. She asks how can Atharv do this, I m human, not anything to bet on me, its wrong, my Papa did so much for him, he did this, why is your son confused, he did not say anything in Pushkar, now he is saying so much infront of my Papa, he is not bad at heart, but does weird things, explain him that this can’t happen. She hears bike sound and says oh no, how did he come back so soon. She runs out and Atharv reaches home. She comes infront of him. He smiles recalling their similar meet before…… Jaana na dil se door……plays………. They look at each other.

Atharv asks Vividha don’t you love me. She says no. He lifts her in arms and asks don’t you feel anything when I come close. He asks many questions, and she keeps saying no. he says when your every answer is no, why did you get goose bumps.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Super episode

  2. Thanks amena di for the update?

    OMG atharv u rocked..waah..band baj gayi kailash ki??
    And the kaka was continuously smiling?

    Kailash has no other job than to again n again call him fatherless????

    Bits of todays’ episode-
    “Aap mujhse nhi haare..apni zidd aur ego se haare hai..” ??

    “Abhi toh maine apko halka sa jhatka dia hai..abhi apko apni janam kundli yaad aagayi..”??

    “Jiske paas haarne ke liye kuch nhi hota..wahi jeetne ki baazi lagata hai”?

    “Main iss zameen par jo eent rakhunga use apni beti ki shadi ka shagun samjhiyega..kyunki uske baad main apki beti se shadi krunga”

    Loved the song jaana na dil se door❤ and the flashbacks??

    Sujata beating atharv was awesome??hahahah??
    Shaadi ki tayari kar maa??

    Finally atharv fell in love with vividha??❤

    And the precap is superb?????

    1. Yes arshdeep i just love todays episode.i was never expected this.from the day when atharv and vivida met i was thinking how can they love each other as they always misunderstand eachother but atharv already atharv started lovng vivida..???

      1. I was hoping that vividha will fall in love with him first but the reverse happened

  3. oh my God oh my God oh my God………such a breath taking precaps…….

  4. Love and all of a sudden. But Woooow finally the love story has begun.

    More than Arharv and Vividhas Romantic scenes, Atharv and Kailash scenes are much more entertaining

    I just love the brave and strong attitude of Atharv.

    Just loved the scene when Atharv challanges Kailash and also makes Kailash fold his hands.

    I reietrate. This is the only serial where I find the Protagonist so strong against the antoginist.

    Loved the scenr when Sujatha starts beating Atharv with a broom. It as so natural. I just love the bonding between Atharv and Sujatha.

    Loved the FB Atharv thinks of.

    Finally seeing smile on hotties face.

    Fell in love with Vividha …Isiliye tho searching for a reason to meet Vividha.

    Goes and gived her milk. Gives her food. Also goes to give sweets after getting loan. Woow silent lover.

    This is the only serial where I find the male actors having some strong role else.in all the senseless saas bahu serials ..male actors are just dumb creatures.

    Loved the precap. And Mr Microwave..so romantic. So comfortably holds Vividha in his hands.

    Just loved todays episode. Bang on again

    1. Yep the protagonist is very very strong with his killer smile??????

  5. Its was seriously shocking that Atharv started having feelings for vividha coz 1 day before when his mother asked that whether you like vividha or not he said that vividha’s chapter is closed from today and the very next day he told his mother that he loves vividha…no offense jst I am expressing my point of view
    Anyways today’s episode was the best episode till date n eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode…very soon vividha will also realise her feelings for Atharv coz I watched a video in you tube that atharv will be a professor in vividha’s clge aftr that i guess they will come more closer ?

    1. Where u got that video? If you can share the link please..

      1. Here is the link Arshdeep?

    2. thankkk youu so muchhh chaviii… forrr sharinggg.. that soooooo sweeettt offffff u chaviiiiii…

      thank you once again

      1. Awww u r welcome priya ??

  6. wowwww… shitt yaart i misseedddd todayyy epdisodeeeee

    ohhhhh.. gawddddd howwwwwwwww romanticccc….

    luv u adharvvv……

    i cann imagine hissss nottyy smilee.. when he luks atttt vividhaaaaaa……..

    whattt illll hapenn nowwwww??? ya ofcoursee vividhaaa tooooo fal in luvv.. tatt toooooo veryyyyy sooonnnnnn….

    such an goosebumps epdisodee…

    heyy guyzz… did anyone knw the retelecastttt… tymngggg… plzzzzzzzzz plzzzz sum one helppp mee.. frndzzzzzz… plzzzzzżzxzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. 11:30 pm to 12:00 am
      Next day 11:00 am to 11:30 am
      Afternoon 3:00/to 3:30/pm
      And anytime on hotstar

      1. thankkkkkkk youuu… soo muchhhhhhh swapnaaaa

  7. This is such a nice show..then comments itna kam kyu hai???

    1. Abhi new hai na priya

  8. Ohhh love this drama nice precap…..

  9. o.m.g!!!!… is it real…. wow!!!
    i get goose bumps toooo…

  10. such an awesome episode n precap….. ??????atharv….. u rocked it…. ?… waiting fr tmmrow….

  11. Finally! Atharv loves vividha

  12. Hey people .. I hav 1 doubt … did athrav n vivi .. com 2 star parivaar awards …. didnt c them

  13. luv u atharv n vividha….you guys rock the show….best serial.ever….love u a lot

  14. and thanks for the repeat telecast of this aWesOme….mindblOwing..superb..duper drama show on 11.30 pm…i really enjoyed it

  15. Atharv ur so cute
    And precap was just amazing
    Luv u both muaaah

  16. Kumari Ranasinghe

    Precap was so awesome

  17. Wow! Finally ,a serial wer bth the lead character have equal strength!!! Not lyk those wer it shows nly female lead imp! Hope it continues the same 🙂

  18. really nice show that i want atharv and kailash ka taakara scenes more. in evry show the male lead is dumb nothing to show of his abilities the leading ladies will rule the show and thz shw is really different from others. vikram sir, god has given two beautiful things
    i luv ur smile and the second u had a great voice………………….. meeru navuthunapudu chala chala baguntaaru.

  19. Wow what an amazing episode!

  20. awesome episode

  21. guys this is just all imagintion…..no way applicable to todays generation….so stop making people fool….and let them live in reality

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