Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Badri asking Kailash to get Atharv killed. He asks whats there to think, end the matter. Kailash says I m worried for my daughters, everyone knows about Atharv and my enmity, if anything happens to him, police will come to ask me, matter should get solved such that blame does not come on me. Dubey goes to stable. He sees Atharv’s place and says Atharv sits here and works, I will find sometime, else I need to find new job. Payal hits him and he falls in cow dung. He recalls Kailash’s words.

He looks for something in Atharv’s belongings. He sees the business files and takes pics quickly. Atharv comes there and calls out Dubey. Dubey gets tensed. Atharv asks Dubey to take his pic instead the papers, as his face is not too bad. Dubey smiles. Atharv asks will

you have laddoo. Dubey says no. Atharv checks phone and pics. He says atleast you should have taken good pics, there is no angle and clarity, you could have good phone for cheap work, tell me the reason for your coming here. He removes Dubey’s specs. Dubey says I came to take blessings from Gaumata. Atharv makes him take blessings from all the cows.

Atharv calls out Kailash. Vividha hears out Atharv and gets worried recalling his words. She says he may tell Papa about that binocular thing. Kailash and everyone go out. Atharv asks Kailash to see Dubey. Kailash asks whats this drama, what did you do with Dubey. Atharv says I did not do anything, he came in my stable and fell in cow dung, you have sketched the line here, your rat came in my stable in search of food. Dubey goes to Kailash’s side.

Atharv says Dubey was interested in my project file. Kailash asks him to stop nonsense. Atharv asks Kailash why did he spy, he could have asked and I would have given the file. Kailash asks why will I need it. Atharv says our scores did not settle, I will get engaged to your daughter when my project starts. Everyone get shocked. Vividha looks at Atharv. Atharv reminds Kailash his challenge. He says we will fix engagement date. Sujata says Atharv…. Atharv asks the date. Dubey says 1st July. Atharv says tomorrow I will get engaged with your daughter and start my project. Kailash fumes. Atharv says you also have less time to prepare for engagement.

Ankit says I will see him. Atharv asks him to stay at that side of line. Kailash says I know they are poor people, helpless, they don’t have tv, how will they get entertainment, so they are entertaining by using neighbors, ignore them, come. Atharv asks then why did you get sweat on your forehead, you just came out of AC right? He throws Dubey’s phone and says get good phone for cheap work. Dubey picks his phone. Atharv greets Sujata and says I m going for imp meeting. Dubey hides behind Dadi. Kailash catches him and gets to his room. He beats Dubey with a slipper. He scolds Dubey. Dubey cries and apologizes. Badri looks on. Kailash says Dubey ruined my respect, Atharv is going to start his project tomorrow, when was Dubey going to tell me.

Dubey says there is no work happening at that house, but Atharv is just meeting people, I could not find anything. Kailash asks him to show the pics. Kailash checks pics and asks whats this numbers, graphs, what shall I do of this, shall I cook this? He gets angry and says I will not let this happen.

Its night, Vividha sits thinking of Atharv’s words. She recalls their meet and other moments. Jaana na dil se door…………..plays………… She thinks of Atharv’s sweet and honest words. She cries. Guddi asks her to sleep, I m getting disturbed. Vividha says yes, and goes to shut the door. Chintu hides. Vividha sees Chintu and shuts the door. Vividha lies down to sleep. Guddi is awake and eager to meet Chintu.

Sujata asks Atharv to think again, are you sure. Atharv says yes. Sujata says Vividha did not say yes or give any sign. He says she gave sign, she just have to say yes. She says think again, are we forcing her. He says I m not forcing her, I did not get lifting her on my shoulders, she will take decision, she will come to me, I m sure of that, I held Kailash’s collar that day in anger and ruined everything, you say right anger ruins everything. He sees Vividha in her balcony and asks Sujata to sleep now, I will take papers from the stable.

He goes out. Vividha looks for him. He whistles and waves to her with a smile. He says you think I will risk my life by hanging from your balcony daily, sorry, don’t have this hope. She says what nonsense, I came to shut door so that thief does not come. He asks are you keeping an eye on neighbors, I understand everything, you are getting nervous for tomorrow. She looks at him. He smiles. Saware………plays…………….

Atharv lies down to sleep. Chintu takes Guddii with him in his car. Atharv wakes up by the car door sound, and sees them leaving. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. Atharv catched up that dubey red handedly.
    Atharv challenge is super that about engagement.
    Vivida waits for atharv for outside that’s superrrrr

    Nd what that chintu nd guddi. Robbish

    I think now chintu will exposeee

    Let’s wait.

  2. I think atharv will fall into a big trouble. Sometimes, this chintu will use guddi and blame atharv for it by blackmailing guddi.

    Oh god,plz do’t make my thinking true.
    Plz help atharv.

    May their engagement happen.

  3. Nyc episode…… Atharv’s bold character i liked the most……wt the hell is ths guddi up to??? Waiting eagerly fr nxt…….!!!!

  4. Nice episode……now chintu will expose

    guddi realise her mistakes…and say sorry …..

  5. Cool episode ,it was awesome while viv was remembering those special movements….i think they r NT gonna engaged,as atharva said….???lets see…

    eagerly waiting fr 2moro episode…???….

    according to the on location viv gonna suspect atharav thts a good sign

    1. Sachin lgta hai tumhari problem solve ho gai aur jahan tk bat rhik tum vishkanya nhi dekhte to iss se koi frk nhi prta tum agr episode kholo to shaid prh to lo main to prhti b nhi hon but i love my vishkanya family agr hmari us family main add hona hoa to bta dena main tumhain us ki story bta don gi waise tumhari age & class?

  6. hi guys….. have u seen votes for negative role voting starts…. I think next year all the awards goes to jndsd only…. so plz vote… I hope u guys were thinking the same…..

    1. yeah we were

  7. nyc episode….. vitharv scene was soo good….
    atharv’s dialogues were just super…his bold character is a role model…..
    ENGAGEMENT… what’s gona happen next…n wats that cheap guddi is doing….

  8. Nivika

    i just love this atharv yaar…how cute he is…cool..handsome…:* :* : * :*
    i hope vividha and atharv remain together forever

  9. Of course haritha we r thinking soooo

  10. awesome epi loved when atharv challenged fr engagement

  11. .wow…..choooper episode……..hahhaha kailash pling ho gaya……..shit i wud love to seen kailash’s long face wn he was abused by atharv…..finally vivu is realisung lil bit….waitn 4 tommrw s epi….and shun those guddi and chintu..shaah feels to give them 1 …..and ardra…hehhe cls was awesm…thr wer few buddies frm old skul……enjoyed a lot….but din lyk the teachn very well…but i ll adapt soon..no cherk in our class oll are budhus…but handsm seniors??????

  12. ANd ameeeeeeeenaaaa dheeeeeedhi a big tanx foh spot update

  13. Hai haritha what u r saying voting for negative role. Jndsd ll get fav Jodi award n International award. As if Raman n Ishita got everytime…how to vote Haritha I dono how to vote

  14. Hai jndsd fans have you all watching the retelecast at 10.30

  15. ooh aysha …..that’s good as u have ur old frndz…
    in my 10th class we were 6 but now only two of us r in same class ….I’m missing them a lot…
    I’m sure u can adapt to the new teachings.. and heyhey …….handsome seniors……
    Hey can i know whether raging was there……

  16. happy fan :)

    gud mrng frndzz….

    1. good morning to u too

  17. episode was good eagerly waiting for the next

  18. good morning to all members of vitharv family wish u all a very good day

  19. hello everyone


  20. hello everyone vitharv should nt be separated

  21. Hi everyone…
    Reshma welcome to vitharv fan club..
    R u seriously from srilanka???
    I am in shock.
    What is this nonsense yaar 1more new entry.
    I really don’t like shashank & Fed up of all these love triangle drama.Seriously yaar every serial is showing same story pyaar kisi se or shaadi kisi or se.
    Pls listen us…
    Show some fresh story don’t copy others..

  22. Meghana

    Hey guys y no update tdy

  23. Meghana

    I m wtng fr tdy’s update plz reply me

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