Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with pandit asking Vividha the name of her husband. Suman cries and is afraid for Ravish’s life. Dadi Bua asks her not to lose by heart, have faith, heart will be strong, think good, everything will get fine. Suman prays for Ravish. Vividha says I m not doing this for my husband, I m doing this puja for those two mums who are waiting for their sons’ return, so that they win in war and come back, Lord has to listen to me, I came to tell Lord to accept my puja. Pandit blesses Vividha and goes.

Vividha does the puja. Reporter says no one came out of building, we hope Ravish and his team are fine. Sujata sits with Atharv. She asks Atharv to get up. Vividha ties the thread to the tree. Reporter says firing stopped suddenly, we hope Ravish and his team are safe.

She tells the breaking news that terrorists are coming out of building, there are no army men, did they kill all army man and coming out to celebrate success. Sujata asks Atharv to wake up. Vividha has been awake all life and praying for you in temple right now. Vividha takes rounds around the tree while tying thread. Reporter says Ravish is seen getting the terrorists out. Suman and everyone smile seeing the news. Ravish aims gun at terrorists and get them downstairs. Suman says my son Ravish is fine. Ravish’s family smiles.

Sujata asks Atharv to wake up for Vividha’s love. Vividha ties thread and takes round. Atharv gets conscious and says Vividha. Sujata smiles. Vividha finishes the puja and thinks if I did any good thing in work, if I did Lord puja by true heart, I want the fruit for it. She realizes someone has come and turns to see. She sees Ravish, injured. She looks at him and then sees Atharv behind. She smiles seeing Atharv and runs to hug him. Jaana na dil se door….plays…..

Ravish sees them. Vividha says I knew you will get fine Atharv, I knew Lord will give me good fruit of this fast, see you got fine, you know what doctor said, that maybe you will get memory and remember our love after getting fine, you promised me you will come, you kept promise, you know everything right, its fine I will explain everything, I can’t live without you. She hugs him and cries. She gets shocked seeing Suman and Sujata. Vividha tells Atharv that she will tell him everything later. Atharv asks for food, I m hungry. They all get shocked seeing him still mentally unstable. Sujata and Vividha cry. Atharv goes and sits eating.

Suman recalls Vividha and Atharv. She asks whatever you said now, is that true, do you love Atharv, tell me. Vividha says yes, we did not wish to hurt you, we got stuck in problems, Maa…. Suman says don’t call me Maa, you have no right to call me Maa, this is not cheat, this is sin, you did wrong with my son, I trusted you a lot. Ravish asks Suman to listen. Suman says I gave you place in heart and loved you as a daughter, trusted you blindly, you ruined my trust, you don’t love Ravish. Suman cries and asks you love Atharv? Sujata looks on. Suman says such a big cheat, why did you marry Ravish when you loved someone else. Ravish asks Suman to calm down. Suman says such a big cheat with me and my son, I was thinking Vividha is a nice girl and cares for ill Atharv, but no… she loves Atharv, so she did all this. Vividha cries.

Vividha says my life starts and ends with Atharv. Suman slaps her. Ravish holds Suman. Suman raises hand again. Ravish comes in between and Atharv holds Suman’s hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. N as u Said atharv n vividha considered them selves as married. S we may not accept dat. N marriage is not considered according to indian law. But forced marriage also not considered as true marriage. According to law no need for divorce also. Within 6 months or 1yr girl can report same thing in court n some small procedure is enough to come out of a forced marriage. Even indian law also won’t consider dat marriage as a valid in true sense. But it is a fictional show they may show divorce all stuff

  2. hmm..
    gud mngg evrey one..
    plss guysss just coool..
    we don’t have grudge on any one..
    we all are jndsd fans that’s it..
    and all vitharv fans also support marriage rituals and customs every thing but in ravish and vividha case it’s different right .. you all are also know it..
    and vivida just married ravish for atharv life only nd to save atharv from death right..
    with out her wish this is a blackmailed marriage and vivida doesn’t cheat ravish also she told every thing to him then ravish have feelings for her just 2 days for this you all are reacting like this then think about atharv atharv’s life is vivida then why can’t you understand his feelings??
    come to the marriage vivida don’t know about what is kailash doing behind her till he tell about her marriage with ravish right till that moment she thought her marriage is with atharv only atharv and vivida also done all marriage rituals before marriage then you don’t consider this is a marriage ??
    we just wanna tell about his that’s it..
    if that kailash do every thing straight forward nd if told to vivida you should marry ravish only before only then we think about all but in this case it is not like this right..
    then how can you support kailash decision…

  3. ravish is a good guy that’s why yu all are supporting him but if he is a bad guy then you support whom??
    then also you told about this marriage and rituals??
    already ramakanth sujatha suman 3 people don’t have happiness in their life you all are want to happen this to ravish , atharv and vivida??
    vivida family members (except kailash and ankit) nd sujata evrey one want vitharv only ..
    no one is happy with ravish and vivida marriage even ravish vivida also not happy..
    if we support this type of marriage, it should be a wrong msg to society then every one blackmail whom they like then they marry forcefully them is it good??
    we are also supporting marriages and rituals but not this tupe..
    and we don’t have any problem with you we just wanna tell you try to understand and think correct that’s it
    after all this is a daily soap right..
    so plss don’t think like this we aren’t saying a single thing to any one right so be frndss…
    and njy the serial..
    be happy..

  4. There some people have now bashing on vividha’s charecter.. but why they don’t understand this show is based on NAYI SOCH.. if a girl had to be force to marriage that marriage cant be acceptable for a girl and even a boy also… if she or he truely did love any person.. this comes to NAYI SOCH.
    If anyone bashing on this thought, then why they didn’t protest when atharv took his mother’s name ATHARV SUJATA. Why he didn’t take his father’s name !!!!!! This is also NAYI SOCH..

    shaadi agar honest tarikese hoti toh wo shaadi kahlati.. lekin wo nehi huye..
    which marriage has done here, is this called SHAADI !!!!!!!

  5. Atharv is acting??? No I don’t think so.he is always straight frwd.

  6. Guyzzz atharve-vividha Jodi is leading with 28514 votes they are in the first position….they are having 2865 votes more than swasan jodi(sanskar-swara)

    1. We still need to keep voting if the lines.r open. Only then we can b sure that our favourite jodi wins!!

  7. This story is not a good way to going har ladki uski shaadi ke baad uski pathi ki saath Kush rahna he agar uska pathi ke saaath koi kami woh be sahan kar woh Kush rahna Na he yehi ek aachi ladki ke liya accha hai.aghar shaadii ke pehalai koi affair ho woh bula kar apni shaadi mein Kush rahna hai woh bi esi pathi ravish jaisa woh uske liye bahuth heart feel ho raha hoom soo plzzz vividha ko atharve ke saath nahi ravish ke saath ristha joodna hai otherwise sab ladki apne pathi ko chod kar pahele vaale affair ke saath ristha joodna aacchi baath nahi hai so please serial sab ko aacchai seek ne ke liye bee hona hai

  8. New twist vipul trying to kill atharv. Drag drag drag

    1. Vipul atharv ni champataniki plan ah kani nduku.. Atharv am chesady vipul ni asalu

  9. I think ravish and vidha looks good with each other and I wish vidha will accept ravish,s love soon

  10. Spr episode pls unite vitharv

  11. Nikh, NaveenS, well said and explanation justified. Being in a marriage that is out of duty and not love is injustice to the partner who is truly in love. Ra……vidha fans pls do not get carried away with emotions and use abusive language, u r just showing us ur class and stooping to a pathetic level.

    This is a public forum to share ur opinion and That’s it.

    Btw, didn’t Suman ask Sujata to pray 4 a wife just like Vividha 2 Atharva. Well the tables have turned guess she’ll need to do that herself.

  12. and i have another thing to say..
    some people feel it is a dream..
    for their clarification..
    let us assume it is totally a dream(of course it is not..)
    then whose dream it should be??
    it should be vivida’s dream right..because she want to tell everything to suman so if it is a dream then it should be vivida’s only..
    in dream also she is thinking about atharv only so she is loving atharv that much in a dream then how much she can love in realty??
    she didn’t consider ravish in a dream also then how can she treat ravish in realty??
    if it is a dream also then it is confirm that vivida’s love is only atharv atharv atharv..
    in this condition also atharv doesn’t forget vivida this is his love
    they are made for each other and soulmates..
    in shiv ji’s story also sathi dead but she came as parvathi in another life so they never separate in any life..
    in this jndsd also shiv is atharv and sathi/parvati is vivida and they will united at any cost..

  13. There some people have now bashing on vividha’s character.. but why they don’t understand this show is based on NAYI SOCH.. if a girl had to force to marriage, that marriage can’t be acceptable for a girl and even a boy also… if she or he truely did love any other person.. this comes to NAYI SOCH.
    If anyone bashing on this thought, then why we dont protest when atharv took his mother’s name ATHARV SUJATA. Why he didn’t take his father’s name !!!!!! This is also NAYI SOCH..

    and talking about the marriage happend in this story, in which way this happened is this really called SHAADI !!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh really is this nayi sochch……????

      1. already vivi has told all situation, to ravish. didn’t ravish know about all. agar vivi ravish k pith piche asab karti tab wo galat hoti na! or ravish asab apne vai k liya kar rahi hay, apne papa k lia, toh vivi kaha se galat hui? vivi toh sabse jada pish rahi hay.. ravish k lia o kabhi kuch feel hi nehi kar payegi..

  14. Omg…nice episode. Vividha n artharv.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Finally TRUTH BE TOLD.

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