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The Episode starts with Atharv holding Vividha, while she tries to run. He forces her and gets close. She tries to push him away. She takes a knife and hurts his foot Sujata wakes up and does not find Atharv. She calls him out. Atharv removes the knife from his foot and looks for her. Vividha takes phone to call someone. Guddi asks who is there and gets scared seeing a cat. The cat runs. Guddi tells Uma and Dadi that it was just a cat. Vividha sees Atharv coming after her. Uma says I still feel someone was there. Dadi says I did not see gungun shouting like that before. Guddi says I did not see anyone there, maybe I was nervous. Someone comes after them. They go inside the house and lock the door.

Vividha runs and shouts to Kalindi, Daddy ji and Situram. She uses the electric wires

and lays on the way. She hides. Atharv comes that way and gets trapped in the wires. He falls down. He plays with the wires and smiles. She says he can’t be my Atharv, don’t know where is my Atharv. She recalls Situram showing the switch connected to his room alarm, he would come any moment then. She thinks if she rings alarm, Situram will come. She hides and goes to ring alarm. She does not see and switches on electric button instead alarm.

She says why is Situram not coming. Ravish checks the fuse and fixes it. He switches on the mains. Ravish comes inside and sees Vividha crying. He asks what happened, why are you scared. She asks him whats happening. He says I just returned, what do you mean. She says stop your drama, I want to know truth, what are you doing with me, you are responsible for all this. Suman and everyone come. Vividha tells Suman that someone attacked her when she was alone. They all get shocked. Vipul asks did you see his face…… Vividha asks them to ask Ravish what is happening. Ravish recalls Atharv. Suman asks Ravish. Ravish says I don’t know, what does Vividha mean to say. Suman asks Vividha who attacked you. Vividha recalls Atharv and says someone I don’t know. Kalindi comes and asks what happened.

Suman asks how did you go leaving Vividha alone. Kalindi says I went to talk to my London friend. Suman says someone has attacked Vividha. Vividha says I made him fall by the light wires. They see there is no one. Vividha says I m saying truth, his foot was hurt and his foot was bleeding, the blood marks are in corridor, come and see. They don’t see anything.

Kalindi asks where are blood marks, its nothing here. Vividha says I m saying truth. Kalindi says I don’t think anyone came here. Vividha panics. Suman asks her to relax and says I trust you completely, don’t worry, Ravish find out who can attack on Vividha like this. She asks Vividha to come and take rest.

Sujata feeds Atharv and asks him not to go out. Ravish comes to them. He asks did he go out again. Sujata says he was hungry, he would have gone to find food. Ravish says he attacked my wife. Sujata says no, he was stuck in wires, I freed him. Ravish says you did not see his wound. Atharv runs and Ravish stops him asking him to show his wound. Vividha hears the sound. Ravish recalls Vividha’s words.

Sujata says I told you his foot is not wounded. Atharv says I did not do this, I did this. He tells two things, which angers Ravish. Ravish gets angry. Sujata says maybe your wife misunderstood. Ravish says you are his mum and saying this, he is not your son, his mental state got bad and anyone can have risk by him, its all because of him, what can you do if you can’t manage your own son. Atharv asks him to shut up. Ravish looks at him.

Atharv turns to him and says don’t talk to my Maa in loud tone, else I will bury you here, Atharv Sujata did not die yet. Sujata cries hearing this. Ravish looks at him. Sujata asks what did you say, Atharv Sujata? Om ……plays.. Atharv recalls getting beaten up by Kailash’s men. He gets flashes of past. He sees Sujata and says Maa. He falls over Ravish and holds his head. Ravish makes him lie down on the bed and leaves.

Ravish thinks that Sujata is also confirming Atharv can’t do this, his foot is not hurt, what is happening, how can one thing matches and other does not, there was no blood mark also, did Vividha get confused.

Ravish apologizes to Vividha. She drinks some juice and her voice goes. He asks are you fine. She holds her throat and signs she can’t talk.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. atlast they r showing atharv is not such person indirectly it denoting vipul or sethuram wants to do shit work.let us guess what would happen in next few days .really atharv is regainig his memory back

  2. Shah_dhara

    Enough is enough now.. ssly.. nothing progressive .. all the viewers and reader will get mad along with Vividha.

  3. What s thz ..?

  4. Hi guys
    Jndsd ko kya hota hai
    Voo atharv nahi vivida kae satt rude behaviour kare huee. Kise aur pur koun Ho voo? ??????
    Atharv kae pier be chot nahi haey. Parrr vivida hurted with him with knife? ????
    Who is in sujata house. It’s not be kailash bcoz he won’t wear jeans pant .bcoz the writer shown that guy in jeans pant. Is it ankit? ???????
    Atharv get his some past again. He said atharv sujata soooooooooo long back he got his name.
    Who hurted vivida like that.????? Muje samaj nahi aara.
    Really I got fear by seeing black cat
    Wt”s the mad confusion in Jndsd. Really guys I am getting mad.

    1. He is sithuram sunanda

  5. Navz

    I am not able to understand wats happening.is it atharv or not and if it’s not he den who would like to do so. Soo confusing and serial is dragging

  6. boring boring ….. romantic & drama serial turn to thriller and horror serial

  7. So there s at least one thing that we can appreciate… It was not Atharv who misbehaved with Vividha. The man who stucked in wires was Atharv. But man who tried to molest Vividha was another one…… It s a big confusion… Hope Vividha will find out the truth soon. Want to see Vitharv together….

  8. Aswini jenny

    Exactly a pani Chusindi vipul no doubt.

  9. My guess Kalindhi s dng dat with vividha because c has a similar body shape lyk atharv

    1. Wow..Mini.. I like your guessing. . If that is Kalindi so we accpected that revealing of Vitharv’s love very soon

  10. My guess Kalindhi s dng al dat with vividha because c has d similar body shape lyk atharv

  11. So someone else knows about atharv being in the house, but the viewers only know of ravish and situram knowing, so who’s the 3 person who knows? It could be vipul, as he asked vividha if she saw the attackers face. But the viewers can know if the writers show someone with a wounded foot as vividha stabbed that person on the foot. But I don’t think this will happen. Where was vipul and situram at that time? Why are the writers taking this serial in a different direction? Just let atharv get his memory back somehow as he does get flashbacks so he can remember. Whoever that person is, it’s easy for them to hide as all rooms connect somehow, through windows.

  12. Going by precap, it’s obviously someone in the house. Maybe vipul as if vividha loses her voice, she can’t shout for help.

  13. Bore so bore

  14. I think its situram molesting vividha… wearing atharav’s mask…and its definitely not vipul,coz he don’t even that atharv is in that house…and makers u are making vividha an object,characterless which everyone in this serial is just using her..i mean first atharv,then ravish,then Vipul and now situram…..4 men over 1 girl…really disgusting.. whatever i only want vitharav??

  15. I think its situram molesting vividha… wearing atharav’s mask…and its definitely not vipul,coz he don’t even know that atharv is in that house…and makers u are making vividha an object,characterless which everyone in this serial is just using…i mean first atharv,then ravish,then Vipul and now situram…..4 men over 1 girl…really disgusting.. whatever i only want vitharav??

  16. How did sujata get out of room if it was locked from outside to free atharv?

  17. Atlast Atharv got his memory.. And now I am waiting for reunite of Atharv & Vividha..
    I hope nothing can happen problem between Vitharv.. And Ravish go away from Vividha..

  18. @[email protected] I agree with u r second comment .may be situram or vipul done this. Let’s watch next episode of the walk of vipul nd situram. Bcoz of the kinfe pain let’s watch

  19. I think vipul is taking advantage of atharv’s condition and attacking vividha……in the name of atharv…….any way track is sooo boring old reunite vitharv soon..

  20. Maybe Kailash changed his face like atharv…….

  21. I think Atharv got his memory back excluding Vividha’s love memories.. he doesn’t recognize Vividha..

  22. Who is that person outside sujata’s house? Serial is getting boring and dragging. If it’s vipul then he’ll probably make some excuse.

  23. Vipul was shown coming with bags, so what is happening? Plus he was walking ok. If ravish didn’t have key, how did he enter the room? Why the suspense?

    1. Good point @TUFFY…i too think how could Ravish can enter secret room without key…one key was with Atharv and other one is with Situram…so how does ravish enter room with knocking door and lock opened..
      i think ravish has super powers….he will present everywhere he wants

  24. May be it’s Kailash plan. He has set someone to act as Athrav so that Vividha hates Athrav. That’s why he even broke into theirs house.

  25. xyz(sudheer)

    Vividha ravish ki daggaravvadanki, adharv ki dooramavvadaniki, 1) adharv r duplicate adharv cheta vividha ni hurt cheyadam.
    2) vividha nu matlada kunda cheyadam these are really new thinkings. I must say that ravidha is the director’s ultimate aim.

  26. whts wrong wit atharv???wht is happening in jndsd???full of mystery n suspense???i think atharv has got back his memory but acting as a mad in frnt of everyone….n vividha ur so dumb n stupid why ur character has gone down??atharv plz return to ur normal condn n unite wit vividha

  27. don’t wanna talk abt episode..not even a step forward going ahead these days episode.. same hide and seek game,,
    superstitions in sujatha’s house and
    now this Atharv double role drama.. just boring ..dragging..wasting viewers time..

  28. i just loved one thing from overall episode…that’s Atharv Omg!!!! after a long time we have seen same old Atharv…
    His love for his mom… AtharvSujatha came back for minute…..oops ravish in Shock!!!! looking him

  29. I dnt think adharv is acting coz if so he will never hurt sujatha lik he hit her wid d bat..and i also think dat situram is the person who is trying to misbehave with vivz coz vipul was wit bhumi at that time right guys??

  30. Hi frnds,
    Jana na dil sent door story is so sensitive story (e story ni director ji Adharv -vividha young age nunchi start chesadu but this story starts with Adharv, vividha & ravish la child hood tho start chesivunte meeku Adharv intentions telisi undevi)
    Adharv,vividha-ravish childhood:-
    Vividha-ravish both are good frnds. Some incident vividha helps adharv. So adharv also likes vividha. But adharv sees ravish-vividha closeness. Adharv was jealous. In that time ravish father (army man) was nastly talked to adharv’s mother. Adharv so irritated. At that night adharv burns his house.(aa house lo unna ravish ni kapadtaniki valla father mother velli ravish ni kapdi chanipotaru).
    Adharv says his mom(sujatha)( aa incident ela jarigindo cheppi vividha gurinchi chptadu)
    Sujatha first kopaginchukoni tarvatha adharv ki vividhani daggarachestanani promise chestundi. But adharv baga chaduvukoni goppavadivi kavalani appude neeku vividha dakkutundani cheputundi.
    Other side ravish valla fatherfrnd (ramakanth) teesukoni velathadu. Apptike ramakanth wife suman mentalga upset(mad). Ravish ni tana kodukanukoni thana stagenunchi kolukontundi. So ravish anduke tana meeda anthaprema chupistunnadu. Vivida ravish vellopvatam tho entho upset avvutundi. Ee visayam telusukonna kilash tanani chalagarabanga penchutadu. Kilash ravish ni OK army man teesukonivellatam chustadu. Vividaki thanani eppatikina kaluputhanani mataestadu.
    This is d childhood fb
    And ramakanth ni meet ayina kilash ventane ee nirnayam teesukontadu.
    Present track
    Vividha mentally upset on adharv thoughts. Ravish & his mom special care teesukoni chala premaga choostaru. Ee vidnga ravish vividha Manchu frnds avutaru in that proceses adharv mentally cure. Sujatha hates vividha. Adharv jealous ravidha. Suman irritates sujatha and adharv ( she knows vividha and atharv love story she again mentally upset). Vividha takes care to suman like maa. Adharv didn’t accept this family. Atharv- ravish cold war.Then adharv brutally hits ravish. Ravish don’t blame and don’t hits to adharv. Cause ramakanth last wish. And amid vividha hits to adharv on hed. Kailash enters and tells d fb to whole family. At that time lawyer- ravish- ramakanth deal papers vividha chustundi. She asks ravish. Ravish tells her ( vividha- adharv lani okati chesi tanu dooranga vellipovalani choostadu) vividha feels bad and she decided and accepts ravish is her husband and both are goes to suman and tells d whole truth. At that time (ravish-adthav cold war fight) sujatha takes away from vividha and ravish family. Suman accept sujatha and adharv. She gives all rights. But adharv forgets vividha. He goes ravange on kilash. At that time vividha reenters in adharv’s life (okriki okaru teliyani valluga) she full fils 6 vachans and 7 th vachan cheese tappudu tanu hill meeda nunchi dooki chanipotundi( don’t die ravish saves her and she goes to ravish) adharv mentally cured. Ravish- vividha- suman disappear. They give to total rights to sujatha and adharv. This is d story. Director ji estory ni atharv tho start chesi vidharv fans badhapdela chesaru. Soo sad.

    1. Sudheer.. neekela telusu story.. ??

      1. 4 years back ee story chadivanu. Ade story ani nenumeeku cheppalenu but nenu chadivina storylo adharv character cheppina 7 vachans nenu jdsd serialo chusanu. First time nenu aa book lo aa story chadavadaniki karanam 7 vachans different ga cheppatam. May be I think director story climax change cheyyochhu and alage present cheyochhu.

  31. Aswini jenny

    Meeku ala telusu guess chestunnara or avaraina cheppara pls tell me andi

    1. Guess cheyatledu nenu chdivindi cheppanu but director ji e story lo adharv – vividhala love ala chupinchaka pote ee serial evaru chudaru. But ala chupinchatam valana vitharv fans climax chusi chala hurt avutaru. Cause ekkada ravish-vividha la love anthaga present cheyaleru.

  32. Read in a spoiler that it’s vipul who molests vividha under atharv’s mental state and ravish will suspect atharv. So vipul knows about atharv and sujata being in the house. Why the writers are straying from the storyline don’t know. Unless they are trying to get the secret out of ravish so everyone knows they are there.

  33. JNDSD fandom. Just finished a kick ass episode. Vividha on a roll. Major revelations. Coming soon to your small screen.???

    This was on twitter.

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