Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi saying we will serve this birthday boy well. Madhav talks to them. They all smile. Ravish says Madhav made the family work today. Sujata misses Uma on this occasion. Vividha says she was going to come, but she got some work. Guddi sees Ravish icing the cake. Guddi asks shall we go out today. Madhav says yes. Dadi says we will go, its been long we went out together. Guddi says I will book tickets. Ravish says I m busy, you all go, take Vividha along. He goes. Guddi asks why was Ravish talking so rude. Vividha says he was talking normal, he would be busy. Guddi goes. Vividha says Guddi got upset. Atharv says its drama, proposal fun gets double. Dadi says yes, I will be seeing Ravish and Guddi’s happiness when Ravish proposes Guddi.

Madhav cuts the birthday

cake. Everyone wish him happy birthday and give gifts. Madhav checks gifts. Vividha asks him to see gifts later. He says please show me this gift. She opens the gift and sees a doll. Atharv asks why are you upset. Guddi says I m enjoying party. He asks her to say, what’s the matter. She says you know you and Vividha have seen a lot in few years, I also went through a lot, what shall I explain Ravish, I know everything went wrong, Ravish is coming close to me, but then I feel he is like he does not know me, I don’t know what’s going on.

He says mind and heart should not have conflicts, sometimes we don’t expect things and it happens, just listen to your heart, time will take its decision on own. Vividha checks the note, from K. She recalls Kangana talking to some K. Atharv comes and asks her to come, Ravish is going to propose Guddi. Vividha says that man has sent this doll, he knows its our lost child’s birthday today. He asks what are you saying, maybe someone gave this gift to Madhav. She says no, see this. He sees the note from K. She says this K is the man who has stolen my child, I know he did all this, I will not leave him, find him, do anything. He says you are mistaken, K sign can be any brand symbol, we can’t link this to it, that man took our child 6 years before, Ravish used army sources, we could not find anything, our search is going on, we can’t link to same thing, its Madhav’s birthday, Guddi is your sister, don’t you wish to become part of her happiness, stop thinking this, come.

Ravish gets a cake for Guddi and asks her to taste it, Vividha made it. She says I don’t want to have it. Ravish stops her and asks her to have cake. She eats cake. She gets surprised seeing the ring in it. Everyone smile. Ravish apologizes for his behavior and says I wanted to surprise you. Atharv says he is ring, I m the witness. Ravish promises Guddi that he will never make her upset in life, he will take care of her happiness, we have seen a lot and learnt much from life, I respect you a lot, I want to see you happy, I want us to start a new life, will you marry me. Saware……plays… Guddi looks at him and smiles. She agrees. Atharv and Dadi ask Ravish to make Guddi wear the ring. Ravish makes Guddi wear the ring. Everyone smile. Vividha gets shocked seeing Kangana.

She says Kangana…. They all see Kangana. Madhav meets Kangana. Vividha pulls him away and asks her to stay away from Madhav. Kangana says I know, I don’t deserve your forgiveness, trust me, I did not come to hurt anyone here. Vividha asks is there anything else left, you thought you will come back and we will trust you. Atharv asks what are you doing here, did you run from rehab. Kangana says no, I was released from rehab one month before, I did not try to reach here before, but today its Madhav’s birthday, so I came to meet him, I promise I don’t want to hurt anyone.

Atharv says whatever you did with us, all this talk is nonsense after seeing that. Kangana says I know, I killed innocent people, my mental state was not fine, after treatment in rehab, I realized my mistake, I tried to kill Vividha and Atharv, I m feeling guilty, forgive me. Atharv says I m glad you got fine and realized your mistake, don’t expect us to trust you, you can leave now, please. Kangana says I want to gift this to Madhav. Vividha says I will give it, thanks from Madhav’s side. Kangana sees Ravish.

Vividha says this is our last chance. Sujata says you know Kangana is dangerous. Vividha says we failed to find that man, let me follow Kangana, she will make us reach him. She sees Kangana at the gate.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dumb episode. Vikku what did u do. U broke the small sequence of good episodes. I don’t want to blame director for today but I can’t stay without criticising him for what he did today. Yes, Vikram went to his friends marriage but you have to complete Vitharv scenes with Vikram in advance. Any one who observed a bit can easily say that Vikram’s scenes were just edited and placed in the episode. Made Atharv look ridiculous today after 2 intense Vitharv episodes. Atharv consoling Vividha when she said about the gift sent by K should have been the scene. Instead of this dumb episode, atleast director should have dragged yesterday’s episode with the date sequence and today should have included the 2nd part (last 10 mins) of yesterday and only Ravish – Guddi scenes. Tomorrow also we have to bare this director because Vikku was still on leave at the point of shooting the episode.

    1. @Veer, Is this true ? I lost my interest to watch aftr reading ur cmnts , seriously . One more thing : I’m proud to have a frnd like u . Ur aim is really amazing dear. Working whole day fr common people to solve out their issues . This needs more will power, courage & dedication. Through ur cmnts ,we can understand that u r blessed with good writing skill & observation power. These r also good qualities of a sincere administrative officer. May god bless u to reach ur goal soon. And wish u all the best to get in to the short list fr interview. One more thing : don’t stick with state level jobes.U should appear fr CSAT also. Most imp: Don’t forget us when u reach ur goal. Srry bro. Just kidding. My dream is to bcm a proffessor and to continue research . Bcz solving maths problems always make me feel happy and I don’t want to get away frm this life long. Gud night dear.

      1. Thank you Usha, for the kind words. Ya, I’ll appear for CSAT aswell this year but, just to get a taste of the exam. Next year i’ll go for it sincerely and on a serious note. If I ever forget the JNDSD friends of this page, mark my words I would have forgotten JNDSD aswell and this is not even possible in the wildest of my dreams. AtharvSujatha and Vitharv are life goals. They have made a mark on me and I would never want to get rid of them. Show may end at some point of time but AtharvSujatha and his personality will always be part of my life.

      2. Usha, best wishes for all your future endeavours.
        Do whatever you want to do but don’t trouble your mother(Salman bhai style)
        Good Night….

      3. @Veer , thank fr ur wish. Bt srry ,I don’t understand one thing : what is this Salman bhai style. I love my Amma& Appa ,more than anything and will never trouble them.Sure. Plz tell me dear.

      4. Salman Khan will say that line before he ends the show he hosts to make viewers laugh. Nothing serious in it only to make people laugh he says it.

      5. Srry Veer, I’m not a fan of Salman khan & have not seen his films or shows except 2 ( Bagrangi bhaijan & body guard ). That ‘s why asked this dbt. Gud aftr noon dear.

  2. leave the past.. live in present… i don’t know about anyone but i’m happy with guddi-ravish pair… at least ravish is happy with this relation then it’s good… i want to see more happy moments of ravish-guddi also…
    hey atharv and vivida did you put any rule like “only one of us can use brain at a time”???
    if atharv thinks in right way then vivida becomes dumb at that time and vice versa…
    plss cvs don’t show atharv like this… as of my knowledge atharv is so smart.. so don’t ruine more than this please… leave about story at least you have to maintain the character’s charm right…

    1. Me too Nikh they make a cute pair hope Tara won’t spoil their rlnsp.
      Please CV’s don’t drag too much we want to see vitharv’s daughter already, hope she’s cute.

      1. yes.. i also want a pretty , cute , bubbly and naughty girl as vitharv’s baby…
        but some days we have to bare b’coz that girl is brought up under the shadow of kk so it’ll take time for vitharv to make their baby girl normal… till then we have to feel happy with her face that’s it…
        but i wish they have to show her face asap…
        i think this cvs will drag this scene till sunday b’coz they usually give a bonanza on sunday so i feel may be this cvs reveal her face on sunday…

    2. Hi Nikh , me too happy with Raveesh ,Guddy pair,not now,exactly frm bfr guddi’s fake death. All the best dear fr getting preliminary of PO exam. U can also rock in the main. Don’t lose ur hope. Just think positively. Gud mrning dear.

      1. Thnq Usha..
        Gud afternoon…
        And all the best to you also for your future…

  3. Prabably this k would be kailash

  4. OMG, I couldn’t watch today’s episode due to heavy rain and thunder. Read the update just now. So nothing to cmnt today.Waiting fr tmrw. Bt i cann’t watch it on tv ,since i ‘ve to leave home bfr 7 am. Anyway hot star is my only hope. @ Aleya Marzan, did u do ur vote dear? Srry , i couldn’t help u,since i’m unaware abt that. My sis too don’t know abt that.Guyz, if anyone know , plz help our Aleya to vote. Gud night Vitharvians.

  5. Shit …..pretty much good episode?

  6. Aleya.marzan

    epi was good. why ravi didn’t put the ring seeing sara/tara soo horrible

  7. Aleya.marzan

    @ USHA DI, VIZ DI,







  8. https://t.co/K1vK6WmnTI
    Again the link was here.vote 4r vitharv

    Aleya u can go through this again dear.yesterday itself I have replied u.pls tell me it worked or not.

  9. Sumaya hossain

    Ravish loves kangana…..thn why is he doing this?vivida did exactly same thing with him…..he shouldn’t do this….

  10. o god this kk what he want don’t know hope everything happens nice and yes why thus kangana came when ravish had just weared the ring to guddi don’t know what will happen next only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  11. @Sweety ,Hi sis. How r u dear ? R u feel better now? How is ur headache ? I know da u r getting bored in hospital.I don’t like even the smell of hospital. What to do dear? We cann’t change our fate , right? Ellam god’s decision.U should thank god fr saving ur life & ur Vappa. Don’t worry mole. Ellam Sariyakum. LDF Vannallo .Ha ha. Today ‘s episode enikkum kanan pattiyilla da. Gud night sis. & sweet dreams ( VITHARV’s Happy family with madhav and their daughter ). No dear ,that will take time. U just dream of VITHARV’s Romance.OK.

  12. I’m very upset with the star parivar music video :'(
    Even after Vitharv being the nominees none of them were cast in the music video 😐
    I don’t watch Namkaran or Chandra Nandani but they didn’t cast their stars too in the video but I guess that dhai kilo prem wale guys are cast >:(
    What kind of Star parivar is this where even the nominees of the show aren’t cast.
    If it is all because of trp then this is too bad.

  13. 6yrs….wat yaar..it was a 4yr leap knw?.and after 6 month vitharv mrrge happn.,same tym kanganas entry,all the dramas and family members death……this all are happened within a month….or say 2mnths…after the truth revealed abt vitharv kidnap baby and kangana.the
    episode started vd a 1week leap right?….so
    Totally it will be maximum of 4.5-5yr for vitharv child…..
    Then how it becomes 6 yr…..
    Wat logic wat story…

    1. Mubi dear , just relax da. Expecting logic and justice frm jndsd cvs has no meaning. They showed that madhav was born in 2012 ( hospital records). Bt bfr the leap they showed newspapers and tv news of 2017 ( when adharv got his memory bac). How is this possible. So ignore these type of illogical things and just concentrate on main leads : Vitharv , Raveesh & Guddy , Madhav and vitharv ‘s daughter. Athanu nammude health nu best. Vitharv &Atharv nu vote cheytho ? Plz , ella frndsneyum convincecheyyanam ketto. Gud mrning dear and have a nice day.

  14. Today some parts like madhav’s b’day1 celeb, ravish going to propose giddiness nice but y is there a delay in putting the ring to guddi’s finger as if they are waiting for kangana’s/tara’s entry.
    I feel very sad in Ponting that atharv is just making relax vivi in their daughter’s missing ..not much serious..just my feeling ..don’t know whether its right or
    wrong..they should speed up their enquiry
    How did kailash came to know that the girl is Vitharv’s child because at that time only ravish and vivi was knowing the truth..if suman told that matter means kk should
    also have told that he swapped the babies..total confusion..

    1. Sunanda12345

      Sandy kailash is very smart that he knows that vivida is not close 2 ravish at that time..soooo obviously kailash thought that it’s atharv child….the shocking thing is the baby is not boy…it’s girl….kailash type people think that boy is useful….girl is not useful……but why he took the baby that already he know she is girl…..or kailash did not know the baby is girl????

      Several questions r revolving in my mind……

      1. Sunanda, don’t think too much abt these dear. Now u must only concentrate on exam. Ok. They will defntly show flah back of this. May be that will take some time. What can we do now except waiting . Srry dear if I hurt u. I ‘m not pointing u.Here my situation is also the same. Gud mrning dear.

      2. But di kailash have 3 childrens ankith, vividha,guddi.
        In this 3 se vivi is favorite of kailash
        kailash give more love and cared only vividha
        in this reason ankith guddi become jealous to vivivivi esliye ankith and guddi become enemy of vitharv in early episodes

      3. I can’t see today’s episode because of the rain and thunder
        I just read the updates
        Thanks amina di
        I miss today’s ravish proposal Ravish ?Guddi ???
        The devil kangana again came into vashisht house
        Kangana is really changed???? I think this is her new drama

      4. @asana, where r u frm dear ? I too couldn’t watch the episode bcz of heavy rain in our region. Gud aftr noon dear.

      5. Thiruvananthapuram

  15. Aam2000

    Shwetha (Guddi) and Ravish…?.. #ShweRav….I’m loving this Jodi…
    Priyanka and Shashank..#PriShank look so adorable together…pls CVs…pls bring them together… luving #ShweRav…

    1. Sunanda12345

      @Aam you are back…..gud 2 see you….
      How r u???? And when you are writing ff….
      Iam Egerly waiting for it…..

    2. Hey Aam, gud mng dear
      Plz upload ur ff ..waiting for that

  16. Ravish and guddi is not good. I like ravish and Tara/kangana. Best jodi

  17. Yes sandy and mubi ,
    Your observations are right , I also have one more doubt , if mysterious man (k) is kk , how come he did not know abt Vashisth house or his own house in Ajmer

    In one scene Kangana was telling someone that , she found them after 4yrs of search.

    Just remembered , who killed Avinash by the way ? Anyways , it does not matter now , does it?

    1. He might have known that the baby was Vitharv’s child so he changed the babies because that baby was Atharv’s blood and he didn’t want Vividha to be mom to Viharv’s baby. He might not have told Kangana because Vividha was with Ravish for 4 years. When Suman’s plots got failed and Vividha came to know about Atharv he might have told Kangana about her baby. After Vitharv marriage he wanted to take revenge on them so might have asked kangana to kill everyone.

      1. Yaa , this sounds logical.

    2. I don’t think kk was aware that baby girl is vitharv child. If he knew that he would have killed that baby. Viv severed ties with her father. Kk intention might be to let Viv realize how painful it is.(loosing daughter). Except Viv and ravish no one knows the truth abt vitharv child. I agree how suman get to know abt vitharv child…CVS so far did not clarify this point. Do u remember suman considers Madhav as Madhav vashisht not Madhav Atharv Sujata (1st time Madhav kidnap-suman reveals abt Madhav identity to vashisht). Later suman changed her opinion abt Madhav as Madhav Atharv Sujata.
      This killer entered into the picture when Atharva aka raghav,(Delhi house). That means kk is spying vashisht and Ajmer family to know what is going on…when vitharv married kk wanted to kill vitharv(kangana wanted to kill vitharv…but planned by kk).— this is my opinion

      1. Ya may be ok thought as lakshmi do told but kk did not tell to kill vitharv.kangana did that because she thought that they were intentionally trying to separate madhav and kangana.even kk in phone told to kangana that don’t misunderstand vivi in one of the instance.so his intention was not to kill vivi just for making them painful by separating their child from them

    3. I think the k is kailash bcz i’ve seen a post in insta that kailash is back to the set…and he doesn’t like vitharav to be together know…its just my gues?

  18. Nazneen Syed

    Good morning Vitharvians ?. Have a nice day.

    @Veer bhayya. I’m also studying engineering 1st year and I also took E&C branch. I’m interested in central government jobs.
    You try for central jobs it’s good this is the suggestion of your younger sister ?

    1. Sunanda12345

      Gm nazneen dear…have a nyc day

    2. Good mornings
      Have a good day to you

    3. Gud mrning Nazneen. Have a great day dear. Plz convince ur cousins and frnds to vote fr our Vitharv & Atharv as much as u can possible.

    4. Hii nazneen gud mng dear
      Have a great day

    5. Thanks you, Nazneen. I’ll definitely try for central government jobs.
      All the best for your bachelors(under grad). A small success mantra to all the bachelors friends , don’t always concentrate on the technical things, try to concentrate more on soft skills/communication skills and logical thinking because these days soft skills and logical thinking are way too important than your technical ability. Recruiters these days want people with good logical ability, communication and some basic technical stuff rather than expertise in technical skills with bad logical thinking and bad communication skills.
      Hope this helps under grad friends.

    6. Aleya.marzan

      good after noon di . r u angry at me

  19. Sunanda12345

    Nyc episode….finally ravish proposes 2 guddi…..That’s gud……
    @veer atharv Is back 2 shoot on before yesterday……

    1. But Vividha – Kangana fighting goons will be today’s episode. Vikram was not there when today’s episode was shot.

  20. Sunanda12345

    Guys today communication technology (ict)
    Exam for me…don’t know how 2 write….very tough subject…iam really geeting tensed…..

    1. All the best sunanda akka.tension padaku cool ga alochinchi rai.tension vachinapudu alla vikku face gurthuthechuko monna na eamcet ki adha chasing . some magic is there in his face.

      1. Sunanda12345

        Ok pinky….I will try my level best ?

    2. Di how was ur exam yesterday?
      Plz don’t take tension..u can do it really well ?

      1. Sunanda12345

        Sandy yesterday my exam is gud…bcoz Of vikku words ??

    3. All the best di don’t worry you will write good. ?

    4. Hi Sunanda , how was ur yesterday’s exam? Don’t worry dear.If u get tensed then just remember the pic.( Vikku & Ridha ).Everything will be alright. Bt one more thing dear , if we think abt vikku , we will loss our mind . Am i correct? So just concentrate on ur paper ,not abt the result now. All the best dear. Gud mrning dear.

      1. Sunanda12345

        Thanks yar

    5. Best of luck

    6. Aleya.marzan

      i’m late for wishes but best of luck

  21. Good morning friends..
    Have a nice day..

    Sorry friends for not commenting from 2days..Actually, I came to my grandma village for few days…suddenly heavy rainfall.. No power,no network…and mobile off.. Anyway now I am back..

    @viz pinky dear!! Sry ra..network ledu anduke reply ivaledu.. and yeah SPA-2017. vitharv and vikku ke vote chesanu….I will do as many I can.

    @sweety., get well soon..and fly like free bird from hospital..

    1. Sunanda12345

      @143 gud to see you

    2. Varsham padadha mana andhra lo ekada.ikada vizag lo aitha oka chuka kuda padaledhu.yendaki chachipothunamu.but no problem I can live in cool shadow of jndsd and vikku ???.

      I know that u will vote 4r them.keep going dear.neeku chala frnd circle untadhi kadha.know my old frnds r looking like valuable treasure to my eyes.I am contacting all my 8,9,10th frnds to vitharv.see how crazy I have become???.

    3. Hii 143,gud mng ?
      how r u dear?

    4. Good morning di.

    5. Hey gud afternoon…
      Hw is your grandma…??
      Pinkzz avnu mona night ma dagara kuda vana padindi full gali kuda…

  22. In yesterday’s episode they have really spoiled it by edited scenes of atharv.they made a nice episode into tasteless one.madhavs birthday party became dull.

    I really liked guddish pair.new method of keeping ring in cake and proposing was nice and funny idea.it was good.I am laughing like anything at that time ???

    1. Pinky, keeping ring in Cake is old idea itself. I was not happy for that scene because they played saaware background music for Guddish. That song is only for Vitharv in JNDSD. Editor should have used other song for Guddish. I didn’t like that Guddish proposal scene personally, maybe because Atharv scenes were patchy patchy and I was disappointed with the direction.

      1. Yes dear i to did not like it but i am happy 4r ravish he got his love.and that saaware song really I forgot to tell about it.that song will not suit to anyone except vitharv.when i listened that music in back ground i got sooo much of anger but what to do only we can do one thing is we will never accept it.that song is only dedicated to vitharv that solve.
        And one more thing thank u 4r ur suggestion dear. now I am going to create Id on my grand ma and grand pa?????????

  23. One more request from me.all the ravish fans in our page disappeared one by one don’t know 4r what reason.but one thing if anyone is reading this section pls vote 4r vitharv.we all know that we r one we all r jndsd family.so pls vote 4r jndsd family.

    I saw many tweets in twitter against our vitharv by ravidha fans and felt very sad.I don’t understandwhy this fan wars.if u don’t like one silently u have to vote to the other and quite but instead of that saying badly about atharv sujatha badly to other fandom and making them against vitharv is not correct.so pls don’t do that pls.

    Once again I am saying leave everything and think only one thing we r jndsd family.so pls ravish fans of my family members pls vote 4r vitharv.it is proud to us if our jndsd gets an award.so pls don’t forget to vote them??????..

    1. viz dear am really saddened by this news. i thought since we are competing against other serials both fandoms should join hands together and vote if not for anything but for our serials sake. if the situation was the other way round wouldn’t they want us to give them a hand??so please everyone ravish fans, kailash fans, kangana’s fans please vote for vitharv & atharv if not for their sake atleast do it bcoz we r one family.

  24. K is kailash bcz in insta i’ve seen the post that kailash is back in set….

  25. How they release an murderer with 5 months unbelievable.but feeling sorry for guddi.:(

  26. @143 akka which computer languages did u learned and in which institute? i want learn learn MYSQL.

    1. Vimala, I suggest you to learn a reporting (Business Intelligence(BI)) tool aswell if you are willing to learn MYSQL because MYSQL always goes well with a BI tool. You can look for BI tools like Tableau, OBIEE, MS- Power BI. Reporting/Analytics is like hot cake in the market now. Do give a thought on this.

  27. Aleya.marzan

    @ viz di

    thanks for concern. but it didn’t worked. i tried my level best but …………………just wanted to crush my computer. don’t worry 1st may i voted for them. i’v also sent an email to star plus regarding international voting system. good afternoon di . i was late to wish u so sorry. don’t get hyper for my voting it’s fine.??? if u got irritated bcz of me then forgive me???

  28. I have a boubt please anyone say me.will it become any problem if we take more ids with one phone number.pls say me.my frnd is frightening me to not to take more ids.plssssss I beg anyone say me.I have to do more votes ????



    2. I think u can make max 12-15 IDs with one pn nmbr.Aftr that limit u can’t make any Id with that number anymore.so make 10 ids from one nmbr&.leave that nmbr for future requirements .Make IDs from different phone numbers..We have to do it for our vitharv..Plzzz everyone​ cooperate with making multiple IDs and vote for vitharv

    3. No problem. It will only be a problem if you don’t remember the passwords of the accounts.

  29. Hai all ma frndz viz pinky,usha chechi ,sunandha,veer,aleya,lekshmi,nikh,xyz,143,sandy,sweety,nazeen and all jndsd fans iam sry if I missed some names our frndship is just awesome so I had an suggestion we can make a watsup group may all will have watsup we believe each other so that will never be a probm its just my suggestion I know everyone will be having there own opinion and decision u can take decision just ma suggestion good noon frndz?????

    1. Vismaya kutti , I have no problem. Bcz we can chat any time ( no need of waiting updates ). Bt there is some prblm in it. Still here is one virus with diff.id & diff. names.U know na. She will start another cheap game with us. Otherwise I ‘m ok. Me too wish to continue our frndship even aftr the show ends. This is only my opinion and don ‘t know abt others. Gud aftr noon mole.



    3. Hy dear it’s a good suggestion .I also don’t want to miss my dear frnds when jndsd ends.I thought if we could connect through facebook.

    4. Its gud idea but 4r that we should get our all phone numbers it is difficult right. we can’t keep out our numbers there will be some security problem.some ppl like virus can miss use it.I don’t know anything about all this if u have any solution 4r it then we can go forward or else can stop here.

    5. Nazneen Syed

      Hello Vismaya di.?

      1. Nazneen dear, Vismaya is a plus two student .So u can call her Vismaya sis. No need of calling di. Gud evening dear.

    6. I think twitter would also be good. Because as everyone said, if phone numbers are shared here on this platform it may cause problems to everyone because of one particular person who regularly tries to trouble. Other idea could be we can share our numbers or Twitter id’s on a mail id and after creating a group in WhatsApp or Twitter or any other platform we can delete that id. I can’t think of any other way. Feel free to give your opinions.

  30. Aleya.marzan


    1. Yes I see that aarambh
      It is historical serial
      Rajneish duggal and karthika nair is main lead

    2. No dear ,might be an addition to dopahar shows

    3. May be it will replace SUHANI SI EK LADKI in 5PM slot or part of Dopahar slots.

  31. @viz pinky dear I created 6id with 1 phone no to vote.n then I removed all my accounts.so don’t worry dear.u can remove all ids.

  32. hi all my dear friends;aaliya xyz nazneen nidha 143 sandy eva sumank di viz pinky sundana and all my vitharve feiends
    how are u lot?/?//
    sry im still busy with my exams thats why im just not able to comment much

    i love the jori of guudi and ravish they loooks so cute together
    now i get that it wasnt alll tanya/kanganas fault it was thta kk why did he take vividahs daughter away from her and mhadav as well ;;;;how can a girl be used to kk oe is this the ravish is grandpa but to me more like kk

    have u gus noticed that vitharve rule this page yippppeeee

    and hasnt that anju commented again

  33. have u wached bahubali 2

  34. Hey vitharv fans i couldnot make many rift in TU page but i made it in twitter. By creating different id in vitharv’s name and abusing ishqbazz and krpkab fans. I have succeded in doing that. Now all turned agsinst vitharv fans. Only shivik will win everything.
    See ishqbazz fans have krpkab support and also they shashank fans support. So it is sure ishqbazz will only win. And show is with top trp and not like your show which stands at bottom.?????????????????????????

    1. Shivik will win

      1. Hey physco well done.Now u go and die.It is so nice to hear from u that shivik will win.we also want to shivik win.
        Bl**dy fool u helped ib fans very much by ur cheap games but still u don’t know their favourite couples name????????.
        So pityyyyyyy???? .Next time u should learn their pairs name correctly. OK. Otherwise they will feel
        very bad.
        OK fool.
        Maramandi poyi chaku nee.vannirikunnu .
        And next time use other vitharvfans name also whoever absent now other than aailya, anam,nikhat.
        I want something new from u .Enough ur old wine in new bottle. Pls come with new cheap tricks .
        Poor fool poor bl**dy fool.

      2. U idiot , how dare u to cmnt here with our Aailya’s name again ? How much u do ur cheap game those Vitharv fandom will get strong.Even if trp of jndsd is low , no vitharv fan change their mind yet. We only consider the true love of VITHARV not trp. Each vitharvian will be with jndsd utilll the last episode or until shivik quit the show. So U can not do anything to decrease our love towards Vitharv & Jndsd. Go to hell with ur donkey husband .

    2. oh woww… really great job… you will get a noble prize for this.. you done a fantastic job… still what do you want now??
      no award or reward is enough to give jndsd and atharv sujatha character… if jndsd won’t get any award then also our love for jndsd won’t decrease and that so called trps can’t decide which show is good and which is bad…
      trp is only a rating of how many people watching the show that’s it… if 10000 people watch a show it doesn’t mean that show is good … if 1 person watch a show it doesn’t mean that show is bad…
      everyone has different taste that’s it…
      if jndsd is number 1 in trp at that time also my words won’t change remember it…
      if everyone quit this show i’ll be the one person to watch this show till the last episode if it is not last episode at least till atharv is in this show…
      so you carry on with your great job and don’t spoil our aailya name…
      get lost you blo*dy bugger and b*t*h..

      1. True Nikh, TRP’S are for the business to worry about. We are only worried about the content. I really agree with all your views. If the same revolutionary content was made with other actors also I would have definitely watched it. Me too will watch the show till the last episode. Even though the tracks are stupid and silly the soul of show Vitharv are always there. No matter what happens with the awards and nominations it’s still our own JNDSD and it will always be ours.

  35. hi everyone . iam aliza . hope i can join ur family. how r u all. is sweety okay now. usha chechi belated happy brthday. i voted for atharv and jndsd. this Aaliya is not our “aaliya”. i hope it is sanjana ?anju trying to create difference with aaliya and us by standing against jndsd. or this might be a isqbazz fan spoiling our jndsd comment family.
    hoipe sweety will be well soon may god bless her and cure her.. sunanda might be knowing me iwas ther in ur ff page.
    i hav been reading ur cments daily. luv u all. sunanda all the best for ue exms . do ur best.

    finally ravish started to love guddi . happy with gudish. i hope tara is now normal she is not psycho now. she has the right to come to madhavs birthday party . iam okay with tara and ravish with madhav as thier son cauz tara has lost everything her hus and now baby. if ravish marries tara and they will look madhav and vitharv and thier daughter. this both families in one house. but i feel sry for guddi so gudish is best but then tara can marry ankit hahaha. juz jokking .let ravish maerry both . hehe.

    how r u all guys.aleya try voting from phone. if cmptr is not working.

    hoping kailashs entry soon but what abouyt dadasji is he back frm jail or did he die.

    hoping ur replies

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