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The Episode starts with Kailash cursing Atharv. Atharv says you are blessing me while cursing, I was born here in this haveli, you told about returning me this haveli unknowingly, we both are same, we take care of family. Kailash says when you fall down, you will find yourself on the road. Sujata asks Kailash why is he cursing his own daughter, Vividha’s fate is linked to Atharv now. Atharv says when Vividha is with us, its fine we are in stable or road. Kailash asks him not to link Vividha’s name with him. Sujata says you are elder and should give blessing. Kailash says I m not cursing, its impossible pairing of Vividha and Atharv.

Sujata asks even after winning challenge? Kailash says its not possible to win challenge, I will keep this flowers infront of Murari and pray that Atharv’s

dream does not get completed ever. He asks him not to dream of uniting land and sky. He scolds them and gets hyper. Atharv caresses the cow gun gun, while Kailash is shouting. Cow runs to hit Kailash. Everyone worry and shout. Kailash moves back and goes inside the temple. Atharv steps on cow’s rope, and stops the cow. Kailash falls over the temple stairs and the flowers falls over the Lord idol. Everyone see Atharv stepping on the rope and stopping the cow to save Kailash. Kailash says wild animal, move this cow away. Vividha takes Kailash. Kailash asks will you leave your cow on me, did you find this way to kill me, you wild animals, cow also became wild staying with you. Atharv says I did not say anything, cow has heard you and went after you, leaving everyone here, cow did not harm you, you did not wish our flowers to reach our Murari, but see you yourself made the flowers reach Murari.

Atharv asks Kailash to respect Lord’s wish, Lord has guaranteed my success, will you argue with Lord now, my project will start at 11am, then I will get engaged to your daughter in temple. Kailash and everyone look on shocked. Atharv asks Kailash to be ready. He hugs Sujata and leaves.

Vividha worries thinking of Atharv’s words. She sees Guddi’s uniform and says Guddi did not go to school. She gets Divya’s call. Divya asks for Guddi, where is she. Vividha asks is Guddi not in school. Divya says I did not see her, I think she went to class, I will find her. Vividha says how did Divya not see her, where is she if she is not in school.

Guddi is dizzy and sees wine bottle. She gets shocked and recalls how Chintu made her drink wine. She recalls how Chintu got intimate with her. She sees him sleeping beside in the car and tells him that her exam started, she has to rush there, if anyone knows this at home. Chintu scolds her and asks why did you come with me then. Guddi gets shocked and recalls Chintu’s sweet lovely words.

Kailash is angry and talks to Badri about killing Atharv getting necessary to end this matter. Badri nods. Kailash asks Vividha where is she going, and asks her to be careful. She goes. Badri says you controlled children well. Kailash says yes, control is necessary. Badri says I don’t have to control Chintu, he is always alert. Guddi cries. Chintu asks her why is she crying for my exam, you failed twice, whats the big deal if you fail third time. She says Papa will scold me a lot.

Chintu asks her not to cry, I will drop you to school, exam will be going on, you can write exam. She says it will end in some time. Vividha reaches the school and says I just have to see whether my sister came to give exam. Guard says you can’t go there. She asks him can he find out, and tells Guddi’s name Shweta Kashyap. He says I m on duty, you go to office and find out after exam ends.

Sujata does the arrangements for engagement. She says I will get ring and talks to Uma. Uma asks her why did she take this so serious. Sujata says engagement can’t be a joke. Uma asks her to explain Atharv that decisions taken in hurry becomes joke after getting senses. Sujata asks when did you think this marriage is game for us, Atharv worked hard, its because of Vividha’s love. Uma says I know you don’t think this is a game, but…. Sujata asks are you afraid of Kailash or society, you think they are wrong. Uma says if we forget everyone, and talk of Atharv and Vividha, whats guarantee that Atharv’s heart has love, not any attraction which will end by responsibilities. Sujata says Atharv is my son, I can see his heart, he talks less and speaks more by eyes, I can seen much love for Vividha in his eyes. She says love’s other name is freedom, Vividha will get free today, she will hear her heart out and that will make her helpless to refuse all the bounds and accept Atharv.

Guddi says I don’t have school dress, clothes and bag, Vividha would have known everything. Chintu says lie to them that you forgot everything in hurry. She says I will talk to Vividha, give your phone. He asks are you mad, Vividha will tell Kailash first.

Vividha waits in school. She meets Divya and others. Divya asks why did you not let Guddi attend the exam. Vividha asks did Guddi not come. Divya says no, she did not come. Vividha worries and thinks where did Guddi go. She recalls seeing Chintu outside the room and gets a doubt. She recalls Atharv’s words about Chintu. She says no, what am I thinking, Chintu would be at home. She calls Ankit and asks about Chintu. Ankit says he is not here since night, maybe he went to party with friends. She gets shocked.

Atharv makes Vividha wear the ring. She smiles and looks at him. Even Vividha makes him wear the ring. They have an eyelock. Atharv asks are you happy. She nods.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arshi IshRa ViTharv Forever

    OMG!!!! OMG!!! Prem Kahani Toh Ab Shuru Hoga !!! What A Precap!!! #ViTharv
    Can’t wait for 2morrow……???
    Already waiting for tomorrow 5 30!!?

  2. Arshi IshRa ViTharv Forever

    Whoever is dying for 2morrow……Raise your hands!!!!

    1. Nivika

      i m dying for tomorrow 😛 <3<3

    2. Devga

      Me too … 😛 it’s too looooonnnnngggg wait … almost 23hrs

      1. happy fan :)

        meeeeee tooooooo …..I’m raising my both hands yaar…..

  3. Nivika

    OMG OMG OMG what a precap…….finally they will get married…..i hope that it isn’t a dream…..

  4. Nivika

    OMG OMG OMG what a precap…….finally they will get engaged …..i hope that it isn’t a dream…..

  5. Nivika

    now vividha will realize that atharv was talking right abt chintu….now guddi iwll regret for her mistake…donno what will happen next……vividha shld say sry to atharv for not listening abt chintu….hope so

  6. Guys m not sure of the precap as I havent seen the episode today…according to my way of thinking it was just a dream…hope its NT…,

    plz those who saw the epi tell me whether the precap was true or NT…m waiting fr response……

    1. Arshi IshRa ViTharv Forever

      Hmm…the thought crossed my mind too….’what if it’s a dream’
      But in the Precap which I saw…..there is no sign of any such thing…still…let’s cross our fingers!!

  7. Nivika

    i love the sujata…the way she trust atharv and support him in every way possible…and hate this kailash…when vividha will get to know the truth abt him then real drama will start

  8. Arshi IshRa ViTharv Forever

    ViTharv chemistry is too strong….and they’ve got closer…I am only interested to know what part Ravish aka Shashank vyas will get….I never want him to come….but the story will have an interesting twist…after all Ravish is supposed to be Atharv’s step brother….
    Hoping for many twists and turns…but the makers must be careful enough not to exaggerate or make it a bore….
    Expecting a lot from this serial….it’s going gr8888….hope they won’t spoil it
    But again…..ravish’s entry will be interesting!!

  9. Devga

    EWow fantastic right …. I just enjoyed all the scenes today …… now plz writers the precap should b real and not like other shows tht it will be dream …..

  10. Let’s hope the precap isn’t a dream. I am eagerly waiting for tmmr epsz. II have seen a promo for the first time she is not listening her Papa wht a wonder.

    1. Arshi IshRa ViTharv Forever

      Yah! Vividha has turned down her father’s words…that’s a wonder!!

  11. Hi guys…
    Sachin I think it will be a dream.
    This guddi is such a moron I mean how can a girl trust anyone as much that she can go with him at night without telling her family…

  12. Woooow what a Rajni kath style Vikram today. Stops the Gun gun bu stepping on its rope. Wah wah wah.

    Optimistically and very smartly replies Kailash that through his curse he has blessed him. You will reach the samenplace where yiu were born ..which means Atharv will get back his haveli. Wow what a smartness.

    And about the precap..most probably I guess its just a dream

    Or may be engagement ritual may happen unintentionally. Just like kailash dis not wish to keep Sujathas flowers near lord Krishna..but unknowingly the flowers fall near lords feet when Kailash falla down.

    Engagement as shown in precap is impossible.

    Vividha is not a kind of girl who would so easily go against her father.

    Let wait and watch tomorrow

  13. Arshi IshRa ViTharv Forever

    It Must Not Be A Dream….Let’s Pray!

    1. Arshi IshRa ViTharv Forever


  14. Arshi IshRa ViTharv Forever

    Guys …..I think it is a dream….because did u all notice the place where ViTharv were sitting? It wasn’t the haveli nor the tabela….
    It looks like a dreamland….
    But let’s hope my guess is wrong…bcoz I don’t want that to happen

  15. Woww what aaa lovely lovely precap awesome. Luv it a lot

    Atharv uuuu rrrr so handsome in blue shirt luv u

    Id8 what did that chintu do with guddi

    Any have atharv prayed flowers r reached 2 murari feet

    Very very eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

    Tq amena for the update.

  16. Arshdeep

    Thank you amena di for the update?

    Todays starting bit was very funny with Gungun threatening Kailash??? Maze aa gaye?? So finally Atharv’s flowers had reached Murari and so his project will be super duper successful???

    I did not expect the Chintu’s chapter to be closed very soon but i think he was introduced just to make Vividha trust Atharv. So thats good. I really did not want Guddi to be used by Chintu. I thought Atharv or Vividha will save her but he had already used her for his lust?? Poor Guddi.. Now she can see his true face. Still if she trust him will be mere stupidity ?The main reason here was of age factor. In this age everyone else except the lover seems wrong.?  Mind it it was A good lesson for viewers?
    Anyways its good that Vividha have almost reached to the point where she needs to and will help to save guddi?

    Precap left my mouth wide opened..??
    Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful ! ❤?
    Is it real or a dream sequence?????
    Writers cant be that rude to us i guess??

    Ooshi di i was very busy past 2 days in admissions work.
    Anyways now got admission at Delhi University in Hansraj College?
    Where were you missing from many days???

  17. Omg Omg Omg u all guys…after reading the comments I m getting nervous as well as sad…..

    if its a dream,thn it will pain mny fans….

    according to me 95% its just a dream and just 5% its not a dream….

    even if its a dream thn plz plz,plz hope thts its a dream if viv…

    ths is 99% atharv’s dream and 1% viv’s

    bt if minimum ths 1%comes true I will be happy….nt tht much if the precap comes true….

    ????mere to pasine abhi se nikal ne lag chuke hain…. Lol

    1. Sry thrs a mistake in my text in the 4th stanza its NT ‘dream if viv’ its ‘dream of viv’

      1. u r trying reat to be ……..

      2. *great

  18. Yeah iam also thinking this is a dream sequence it can’t happen easily but anyway fingers cross for tomorrow I hope it is not dream sequence

  19. happy fan :)

    wooow……. wonderful…..awesome……fantastic……superb…….don’t have any words to say….really pray its not a dream……. I’m waiting for 10.30 to watch precap again n again…..
    oooohhhhhhh finallyyyy ittsssss gooonnnnaaaa haapppeennn….


    Tere khayalon se mekhe hum chandan se……
    Tujse mili hai zindagi jeevan mein………………………………………………………..
    ooohhhh mar jaaun re……..tere naam pe…..
    tere naam leke aara jiye jaun re

  20. I am also thinking this is a dream sequence but hope it not be dream sequence fingers crossed for tomorrow s epi….

  21. I can’t wait for tomorrow epi…. 99% it will be dream 1% it will be reality I hope 1% win but chances may be dream of atharv…… Not viv’s

    1. sultana if it becomes dream viv thn its sure tht viv loves atharva so hope fr tht nt fr atharva’s as he loves and admits too

  22. awesome precap bt it should nt be a dream hello frnds

  23. now as i think that guddi got pregnant and the same bore story would start and athrav end up marrying guddi . . .

  24. it’s a dream for sure . . .

  25. Why are you guys thinking negatively. Most likely the engagement of vividha and atarav will happen.

  26. Arshdeep

    A blunder in todays episode
    Divya seems to be calling guddi from school phone..then how the name on phone came as Divya???

  27. Atharv was looking handsome today…. ??…. dying to see tmrw episode…. hope it’s not dream….

  28. I’m dammmñ xcitd 4 tomrws episode ….

  29. Amazing episode…. Makers used gungun was totaly new n undesirable thought so grt thought… Guddi’s chap. Not close nw real drama start she will get pragnent n like wise face prb. Pre mature age wht she had done.. N vividha help her n will get justice to guddy may be….

  30. I am also eagerly waiting for 2maros episode…I hope they get engaged and there pure love story begins…

  31. Arshdeep

    I feel the precap is not a fream sequence but real one?
    As in spoilers it is mentioned that
    Episode – 56
    Chintu takes Guddi along with him in his car. Atharva wakes up when he hears a sound. He sees Chintu and Guddi leaving together and is shocked.
    Episode – 57
    When Chintu and Kailash’s antics are exposed, Vividha realises that Atharva is the right person for her. She accepts him in front of her father.

    Time to party guys?????

    1. Nivika

      lets party guyz ????

  32. uys don’t expect so much from the precap as acording to Atharv engagement should happen in the temple and second blast will be guddi’s mistake
    these boyh sisters believe madly the wrong persons
    episode was nice accept chintu guddi scenes

    1. U r ra8 oshi di…..

    2. Ooshi di upar aapne mujhe great kyu kaha???

  33. Every one saying that it may be aa dream. But guys atharv challenged 2 kailash he will engage 2 viv in July 1st.

    I think so it’s not a dream

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