Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman saying I just have right on Sindoor, mangalsutra and Ramakant’s pic, you have rights on rest of the things, you, your son and bahu can stay any way you like. Sujata says Vividha is still your bahu. Suman asks are you taunting me, everyone knows Vividha loves Atharv. Sujata says no, Atharv is her past, and Ravish is her present. Suman says Atharv is her present and future too, she will always love Atharv. Sujata says the Atharv she loved is finished, Ravish loves Vividha, she will always be your bahu. Suman says question is not that Ravish loves Vividha, question is does Vividha love Ravish, i know what one sided love does to life. Sujata says I will talk to Vividha.

Suman turns and sees Ravish, Vividha and entire family. Ravish stops Suman and keeps Ramakant’s

pic back. Suman stops him and signs no. She says let me go. Ravish says you are not going anywhere. Suman says I can’t stay. Dadi Bua says Ravish can request you, I can order you, no one is going anywhere. Vividha and everyone ask Suman to stay back. Suman cries. Ravish nods to her.

Atharv plays with toy car. A man comes and says you gave complaint of car not working well. Atharv asks did my complaint go so soon. Ravish says he has come for my car. He goes with the man. Suman tells Daddy ji what Sujata said. She says you may feel Sujata said right, but I don’t think so. He says sorry, I failed in my eyes, then your and your dad’s sight, I proudly asked for your hand for my son, being sure to give you much happiness in this house. She says its not your mistake, it was written in my fate.

Vipul says our fate is bad, we did not get anything, just 10% share, that man guy got 30%, if he was not here, he would have got much share. Bhoomi consoles him. Kalindi says we will not get anything if we ask, but we can snatch anything. Suman says I don’t have any hope till Atharv stays in front of Vividha, Ravish and Vividha’s relation will be just on papers. Daddy ji agrees.

The man checks car and says there is brakes problem and oil leak, I will get some items. He goes. Atharv asks Ravish to repair his car also. Ravish says i will get new one for you tomorrow. Atharv says I m smart and big boy, I will drive this car. Ravish says no, you can’t drive. Ravish gets a call and goes. Ravish keeps keys on the side table. Atharv says captain has big car, I have such small car, I will tell Vividha and Sujata to give me big car. Someone throws car keys to him. Atharv says this are keys of big car, I will also drive, I will learn this myself. He opens the car door. He sits and think how to start car. Vividha calls him out. He starts the car. She hears the sound. He thinks how to drive. She gets shocked seeing Atharv driving and shouts to stop him. She shouts to Ravish. She runs after Atharv and hides a rickshaw to follow Atharv.

Atharv drives the car and enjoys. She follows him. The car brakes fail. Auto driver tells Vividha that car’s brakes are not working. Vividha gets ahead of the car. She makes the man place the wooden sticks in the way to break down car’s speed. Atharv drives there. She shouts Atharv.

Ravish tries calling Vividha. She gets Atharv home. Ravish asks how is Atharv. She asks how can you give car keys to Atharv, he does not know driving, you know his mental state, if anything happened to him. He says I did not give keys. She asks then who gave it. Suman asks her not to talk in high tone, why will Ravish lie, he did not give keys. Vividha says how did Atharv get keys. Atharv says Ravish did not give me keys, someone has thrown keys to me, keys flew in air and came. Kalindi says now he has stolen keys and making stories. Atharv says I m not making stories. Suman asks Vividha to think ten times before shouting on Ravish, why did you talk in high tone. Ravish says its fine, take rest now. Atharv says I did not take keys. Sujata takes him.

Its night, Vividha goes to Ravish and apologizes. She says I m feeling guilty, I know you love Atharv a lot. Ravish asks her not to apologize. She feels bad and clarifies. He says we can’t afford that Atharv gets hurt, I will be alert. She asks how can we be alert all the time, how is this possible, I feel someone is trying to harm Atharv. He gets shocked. Suman, Kalindi and Vipul are shown.

Suman goes to Vividha and Atharv. She asks her about sports day. Atharv says I will also in sports day. Atharv practices. Someone tries to harm him again.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. aisha

    plsssssssssssssss vividha atharva foreever plssss unite them only the main story was of theirs only plss remind the first episode of their meeting

  2. Dhana vadra

    Vividha ne ankamma
    Ravish meda ala arustave.ipudu vadi avasaram ledana 50℅share vachindana……idiot,andhariki Dani apurupamina Prema telisipoinanduku siggulekunda poinattu undi siggulenidi …..Daniki tofu a musaldi okarti ……And ravish vadi manchitanam chupinchukovadaniki valla Amma niadpistunadu yedava…

  3. Apple

    The way Sujatha was talking… Seems.. Sujatha will become another daddy ji..in Atharv and vividha life.and ravish as suman, vitharv(both can’t love other person) as Ramakant.

  4. Anam

    Ravidah fans please don’t start again and it will all ways be

    Vitharve ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Ravidah fans each the serial from epi 1 or stop watching it stupid ravidah fans

    • Anam

      We don’t start we just keep quite n enjoy d show n we know ravidha is going to be toughter. …. u just keep quite asshole insecurity people

  5. 143

    Such a people (Kalindi, vipul, bhoomi) never change.. It would be better they were killed by aruna/zeenath.
    Ramakant has given there share… But still want to snatch from family.

  6. nidha

    Omg ..who is trying to harm atharve …
    But am very disappointed,who is guddy’s murderer,they didn’t revealed it yet,it is totally injustice with guddy ..i thought after terrorist track they will show guddy’s murderer but its not happening…..
    Am very disappointed with vividha,just because she doesn’t even remember her sister who is recently died
    When guddy died director gave detective appearance to vividha ,who is hardworking to find guddy’s murderer but they suddenly changed the track into terrorist and now they are changing the track Again without considering guddy’s murderer and purpose behind murder
    am happy that vitharve union is confirmed but this guddy’s death is still on my mind

    • Pinky

      @nidha u r right.
      Plz koi mujhe ye question ka bhi answer de do na….
      1. Abheer kyun aya or chala gaya ll?? Uska entry ka kya matlab tha??
      2. Tailor ke paas ravish ke naam pe court kisne banbaya tha???
      3. Abhinas ko kisne mara??
      Plz pata ho to batana koi…..

  7. 143

    Arey suman ji…How funny u asked vividha….think whom to u r talking. Hell with whom infront. Voice raised for Atharv here….if u(suman ji) r in same place vividha will shout…on u toooo…😜😋😝😝😝😝

  8. Naina 15

    so, there have some plan of sujata&suman to make ravish and vividha come closer.. 1st time I didn’t like sujata.. lets see forward..

    love for VITHARV .

  9. Ruby

    Atharv please jaldi tikhh ho jaavo sujatha how can u say this ,vividha is atharv’s jo galthi atharv ky dada ney ramakanth sey ki .wohi galthi tum atharv ky sath kar rahi hoo plzz dont do this vitharv union plzzz no more twists directors ab tho viewers bore ho gayee ab tho vitharv ko milaa doo

  10. NS4

    Uffff again and again target… Is Atharv, still how many days we have to bear this hell with vitharv..
    Plz bring Atharv Sujatha back…….

  11. xyz

    Nice epsde.but who is trying to harm my atharv.pls leave atharv .always accident to atharv.it s nt fair

  12. Suman

    Shooting started at ajmer set. So they r going back to ajmer. Confirmed. I am missing tabela gungun payal Juliea all. Old jndsd coming back. Just now saw vividha n Uma pic in twitter

  13. NS4

    Oh nooooooo
    Sujatha ji…..u r going to do same mistake again….
    U have sacrificed ur love for suman. And now going to do same with ur son😨😨😥😰😰😰😩😩😩

  14. Sachin

    Omg omg i cnt stop laughing…😂😂😂😂😂

    atharva wt a acting nd superb dialogues…hahahaha…both wn he said -his complain came so soon nd also wn he said yes the key came flying nd u r absolutely right to kalindi….haha

    any way cool epi just did felt good while sujatha said tht “atharva. Was his past”…hw cn she say tht en she knows tht Viv still loves atharva…

    any way guys precap is no dangerous as nthing will happen to atharva according to a video uploaded on YouTube nd ravish’s insta…
    so chill guys!!!

    i will watch those dialogues again..Lol

  15. Vitharva fan

    Hi, I am new to this. Mujhe lagta hai suman hai iske piche. Apart from that I love vitharva pair they complete each other. Sorry ravish and vividha fans lekin aap logo ko nhi lagta atharv ko bhi kuch khushi milna chaiye, kyu ki na toh childhood mai usse Papa ka pyaar mila na respect and ab pyaar bhi na mile that’s no fair.

  16. satya

    Plz end this show as early as possible. we can’t bear it .again vividha turns into a dectective.wt all these nonsense .she left the guddis murder inspection
    in the middle.plz forget it do nt raise it again plz windup this nonsense as early as possible.

  17. Sachin

    Guys like nidha said i was also thinking the same Bt forgot to ask be4….thx nidha di fr remembrance

    WHO KILLED GUDDI??y tht track didn’t came???
    i think the actor frm ek tha raja ek Thi rani=kalindi’s othr bf is the culprit nd may be the one harming atharva nw might be same man….

  18. Akansha

    The show started wd vitharv..thn hw cum ths qstn is arising to pair up vividha wd ravish..sujata herself knws their love then how cld she tell ths..hope that vitharv’s love cross all ths dfclts..n cum 2gthr..ravish n vivi r gud frndz let them b…makers let vitharv hpn..bcz of them max people watch..in a hope of their unit..plz unit them

  19. Sheena

    Guys please come n vote for our favourite couples VITHARVE.. tellyexpress.com/2016/12/27/year-ender-poll-most-popular-jodi-on-indian-television-in-the-year-2016/

  20. Eva

    Sujata using Vivivhas state to console Suman trying to resolve their own relation …
    Suman and Daddy ji thinking …
    Vitharv need to live alone
    Looks like Ramakant messed up again by willing them to stay under one roof , I mean look what everybody is doing …

    • vitharvian

      Guys, hurry up,just a few hours.plz plz plz plz ….. Vote ,difference is very little,only 0.87 percent.VOTE PLZ PLZ PLZ…..

  21. vitharvian

    Guys I recently read Vikram’s tweet that
    The most beautiful thing is that it is a story that is not daily saas-bahu drama. It’s the romantic journey of Atharv, Vividha and Ravish, and how these three will end up and what will happen to their lives. It is very emotional and something very different to what viewers have seen on TV. At times we move away from the plot because of TRP race which is also important.

    Now I think that,This show doesn’t have a fixed couple to end with,2days episode is also a precap of new drama and show is losing its stability.Yesterday’s episode says something which changed 2day.If this continues fans will lose interest.First of all, a fixed track is needed then they should go forward,not at all the way of current track which is just confusing.

  22. Vitharva fan

    A lots of questions are arising in my mind 1.where is the hell khailash
    2.who killed guddi (is that suman, ravish, or bhoomi)
    3. Who is planning to harm atharva
    4.last but not least when will be the director unite vividha and atharav
    Ravidha fans waise malayam jo iska telecast hota hai uska naam is pyaar ko kya naam do ka 3rd version hai and dono episode mai heroine jis se pyaar karti hai uski hi hoti hai so plz stop dreaming and kitna happiness dena chahte ho ravish ko

    • malayalam Movie maniac

      Malayam alla Malayalam…. Kuntham .. Karuthamuthu…..kayamkulam kochunni….Prem Nazir…..Sathyan….Jayan…..Sukumaran….Madhu….Tikkurishi….Mammooty ….Kamal hassan….Mohan lal ….jayaram and the greatest Jagathy Sreekumar….Sreenivasan

      • just fr fun

        Nivin pauly,Dulquer salman,Fahad fazil,unni mukundhan,vineeth,sunny Wayne,privitiraj,Jayasuriya,chakkochan

  23. Malus

    Who wants to harm atharv?any guesses,guys.i dont like this suman.becz she always blame sujatha&atharv for her life.and not tell any words to daddyji.atharv sujatha ko vapas aana hi hoga for finding guddi’s murderer. And he is one who can find it.

  24. nidha

    This sujata chachi is getting on my nerves…
    If sujata and suman and have a intention to unite ravidha…then one and only solution for changing their mind is ATHARVE AND VIVIDHA’S LOVE
    Am 1000% sure that vitharve’s care for each other,love for each other and sacrifice for each other will make sujata realize that vividha’s past ,present and future is atharve,
    (vice-versa) and not only sujata,suman will also understand their relation
    Apart from all this ,if ravish is good hearted person and also a person with understandable mind, then at any cost he will not let sujata&suman’s intention complete…
    So I have no fear about that at end it will be vitharve
    Vitharve ‘s love can make everything right

  25. Sparkle

    Hey Anam .That is rude of u to say abt ravidha fan. Becoz I also think ravidha looks really good compared to vitharv. So everyone has a opinion which may differ . So u don’t have the right to say abt ravidha fans. And I think the serial has been skipping parts like we don’t know who is guddi ‘s killer or where is kailash . What happened to image etc . I think the director will do justice to the audience to join ravidha or vitharv but it could be done faster.

  26. Priya

    Ravish also did not get much happiness in his life plzzzz unite ravidha..they appear to be as the best couple.. i think vividha has love for ravish…which she is unable to express…plz dont drag the show..

    • Aan

      Priya.. Are you saying this after watching the first episodes of their love story.. I am asking this bcx., even I felt ravidha should not get separated and that they should love each other first.. Bcx I started watching the serial last month and that time what I knew was ravish loves vividha
      a lot… Bt Nw,after watching past episodes of atharv nd vividha ka love story I love vitharv Jodi more than ravidha.. They are meant to be together.. They looks so great together..
      Vividha atharv ravish all looks so gorgeous

  27. sam

    Why sujatha dragging after knowing vividha love feelings on adharv to all in family…why anyone didn’t talked about ravish and vividha divorce…y they still continuing ravidha marriage relationship after knew about vidharv love to all in family..for what cvs waiting.

  28. Sneha

    What the hell is wrong with sujata..she sacrificed her love and now again she wants to repeat history with vividha…itna mahan banne ki jarurat nai hai….aur athrva ko jaldi thik karo….Athrva Vividha ki love story dekhani hai…drama nai…pak chuke hai ye vashishth family se…

  29. Joe

    Y some people compare ill atharv with ravish.. So strange.. Compare atharv sujatha with ravish vashist.. . Vitharv are best couple ever..

  30. Anonymous

    Atharv vividha is so cute together
    There was a time I watched this serial only to see the beautiful face of vividha.. Bt Nw it is getting interested as atharv and vividha is getting closer.. Anyway I will watch the serial as long as vividha is starring

  31. Nisa

    I like Ravish and he is the coolest guy in the series

    He does not get much credit, but he is the hero in this serial

  32. saranjit


    It is written and ARTHARV N VIVIDHA was suppose to get MARRIED. ELDEST BAHU.

    Bring OLD artharv back.

  33. Nazneen Syed

    Oh no what this Sujata is telling to Suman.It can’t happen.
    I think Suman ,Kalindi,Vipul Mein se koi ek hai Jo Atharv ko harm karna chahta hai.

  34. Nazneen Syed

    Sujata Ravish shaayad Vividha se pyaar Karta hi lekin Vividha usse kabhi pyaar nahi kar Sakti .Uske dil Mein sirf aur sirf Atharv hi basta hai.I hope Atharv regains his memory soon after going to Ajmer aur Atharv Vividha Ki shaadi Ravish karvaye kyunki Ravish ne Vividha se vaada kiya tha un dono Ki shaadi karane ka😉

  35. Nazneen Syed

    Ab samay aa Gaya hai Ravish aur Vividha ka iss shaadi se alag hone ka.

    Ravish ne Atharv aur Sujata ji ke liye itna sab kuch kiya hai toh usse bhi apna pyaar milna chahiye.

    Ravish Sujata Ko badi maa keh sakta hai.What you guys think??

  36. Vitharv

    I think Ravish is the anti hero of this serial
    .May be he is trying to harm Atharva..Ravish have a silent negative role in this serial.

  37. Ramya

    Ala drag chesi Ravi…dha ne unite chestaru anipistundi.aina sujatha ki pichi LA undi atharva ki vividha a jeevitham ani telisi kuda ala ela matlada galugutundi.aina chuddam roju ki oka LA marustunaru track.hope for the best.vitharvvvvvvvv

    • Suman

      Inkoka sari vitharv ni separate serial musukovalsinde. I am sure they won’t separate vitharv one more time. Ravish also understood vitharv relationship. If ra…….. vidha means history repeats in place of sujatha atharv, in place of Suman ravish, in place of ramakant vividha. No will be happy. Den how ra….. Vidha r justified. Only Vitharv.

  38. NazneenSyed

    Guys the end game will be Vitharv only don’t worry 😊.
    Ab murder ka naatak khatam ho Gaya shayad.Why these directors will stop everything in between only.
    Suman kabhi nahi sudhregi shayad😁

  39. NazneenSyed

    @Nidha.Suman killed Guddi .Kyunki Suman Ko pehle sachai nahi pata Tha Ki Vividha Atharv se pyaar karti hai voh nahi chahti thi Ki uski zindagi Ki tarah Ravish Ki zindagi bhi barbaad ho.
    Usne daddy ji se kaha Tha yaad hai.MEIN MERE BETE AUR BAHU KE BEECH KISI KO AANE NAHI DOONGI.
    Aisa lag raha hai jaise history repeat ho raha hai something dialogue.

  40. Nazneen Syed

    @Nidha.Suman killed Huddi because Suman ne us din daddyji se kaha Tha yaad hai:

    Mere bete aur mere bahu ke beech koi aaye Mein yeh bardaash nahi kar sakti somewhat like that dialogue.
    Aisa lag raha hai jaise history repeat ho rahi ho.Suman tab nahi jaanti thi Ki Vividha Atharv se pyaar karti hai. I’m sure that Suman killed Guddi.
    Uski zindagi toh barbaad ho gayi lekin voh apne bete ke saath aise nahi hone de sakti thi na isliye usne Guddi Ko maar dala.

  41. Shani

    I think Ravish is trying to harm Atharv . he becomes good in front of Vividha . Ravish is jst showing his mahanta ……. pls director jii aur kitna wait karwavoge pls v wnt our hero Atharv Sujata back .

  42. Amar

    Please make suman realise that
    How much atharv love vivitha even in his mental condition…..

    I would like to see atharv getting memory by protecting vividha……

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