Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sujata and Vividha reaching Vashisht’s house. Sujata asks Vividha to come inside. Vividha recalls Atharv’s words and turns back to leave. Vividha sees Suman and recalls old time. She greets Suman and thinks of her marriage and grahpravesh. She recalls how Ravish wipes her sindoor and ended relations. Suman says situation changed, house is still same, come inside. Suman takes her inside and says I m not annoyed with you, as it was not your mistake, Ravish and I are not annoyed. Dadi Bua asks about Atharv.

Vividha and Sujata look on. Vividha says he had imp work so he had to stay there. Uma asks Atharv did you and Vividha fight, I have never seen you fighting. Atharv says then get habitual, as everything is changing now. Sujata says nothing changed Vividha,

its your illusion, why did you and Atharv fight. Vividha says Atharv does not trust me now, I have waited for him madly and did not leave hope that he will get fine, I have hurt a good person like Ravish, I could not do a wife’s duty, Atharv does not trust me. Uma says you should trust Vividha. Atharv says I did, I felt she loves me and wants to do engagement with me, wants to marry, I believed her, she says she has no feelings for Ravish in her heart, but her eyes say something else. Uma asks do you think Vividha loves Ravish. Atharv says fine, she doesn’t, then why did she write Ravish’s name in rice plate, why did she have Ravish’s photo in purse, she wrote a letter for Ravish and asked Sujata to give it to Ravish, she wrote in letter that she missed Ravish, she has feelings for Ravish. Uma and Dadi get shocked. Atharv says if she thinks this, why did she not tell me.

Vividha says I explained him that I did not write Ravish’s name in rice plate, I did not keep Ravish’s pics, if I wrote a letter for Ravish as a friend, why does he not trust me, he looks at everything by doubt. Uma tells Atharv that Vividha has bear a lot for him. Sujata asks Vividha to see some things according to Atharv’s perception, he loves you a lot, when he came back and saw you married to someone, what he went through, now you both are together, he will take time to move on, this can happen with anyone.

Dadi says any new relation is based on belief, if that gets weak, then relation falls weak, you have to understand and trust each other, this is meaning of true love, you can’t deny this, that you and Vividha can’t live without each other, you both are made for each other, I can surely say this, Atharv can’t get a better life partner than Vividha. Jaana na dil se door……plays………… Atharv says I also felt so. Uma asks felt? You should feel this even now, because Vividha also feels this, person will need time to change, Vividha’s marriage happened against her wish, she stayed with Ravish for 3 months without becoming his wife, try to understand her state.

Vividha says he is not understanding, I m not computer that I delete Ravish from my system, Ravish is a nice man and did not ask anything in return, when he got to know about me and Atharv, he promised me to unite me and Atharv, he has done it, if Ravish was not there, I would have not been able to make Atharv recover, once he touched my hand by mistake and said sorry 10 times, he got shot and beaten up, he did not say anything, and then he sacrificed his happiness and sent me to Ravish, how shall I forget such person, how to break all ties with Ravish. She cries. They see Suman hearing them. Suman gets tea.

Suman says I used to be sorrowful to think why is Vividha not able to see Ravish’s goodness, I m glad that comparing Atharv with my son, you find Atharv less, I m feeling good seeing Ravish’s goodness made place in your heart, I wished that Atharv never got fine, so that he does not identify you. Sujata asks what are you saying, how can you say this being a mother.

Suman says I thought that being a mother, I could not see my son’s life getting ruined. Sujata cries and says my son has come back from death. Suman says Ravish risked his life for Vividha, without any pressure, he got shot by terrorists because of Vividha, Atharv also shot Ravish once, you don’t tell me how many times your son challenged death, he will be less than my son in this matter too, Ravish has bear this, even when his happiness was snatched.

Sujata says Ravish’s fate had his house and Vashisht name, Atharv did not had this in fate, Atharv had Vividha in fate, who got snatched from him. Ravish says I wish that happened, atleast my son’s happiness would have not spoiled. Sujata says if you curse my son, remember you have a son too, if this curse affects your son, we both will regret. Vividha asks them to stop it, if your son know you are fighting, how will they feel. Suman and Sujata talk in support of their sons. Sujata says my son called you Maa and said his fate is good that he got three mum’s love, I regret that you did not fulfill his expectations, Ravish is my son and will always be, I want to see him happy. Suman stops Sujata and apologizes. Sujata says leave it, true things come out in anger. Suman says it was not true, it was my anger, its my heart darkness which came out, I don’t want bad for Vividha and Atharv, you know this, Ravish will be upset on not finding you and Vividha in this function, stay back please. Vividha asks Sujata to stay for Ravish’s sake.

Sujata asks Vividha to think with whom she wants to spend her life, Ravish or Atharv. Uma asks Atharv what will he do if Vividha loves Ravish.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. atlease vividha has a options to choose…if she goes wit ravish..she is going to be happy..or if she goes wit atharv..she will be happy…guys try to understand anyway she will be happy..but being fans u r fighting for them..eventhough they dont know who r u???…my point is dont judge them..judging habit will not allow u to enjoy the show…serial is just for our entertainment not for blaming the artist or not for judging them…

  2. Anju please leave telly updates because first you hurt Aaliya and now me…..
    And I’v no idea who Aaliya is.

  3. Thu vividha …u r a blo*dy b#[email protected]….ur waiting to see ravish…if u got a chance u run away from atharav….cheeeeee characterless girl…this uma said she don’t have feelings for raveesh…but she saw something in her eyes…..stupid,idiot uma…kailash is perfect husband to u…. u need more torture…u and suman are dangerous villans than kk..I want kk back to torture uma…vividha ji thum kuch tho sharam karlo…..ithna kya help kardiya raveesh ney…isss mahaaaan vyakti ko nikaldo….serial SE….bloddy idiot….uma mahaprathivrta….apko kotikoti namaskar….thumara guddi ko bachayatha atharav NE….u forgot totally ….cheeeeeee I hate u both mother and characterless daughter

  4. Leave this telly update anju

  5. Love this show but I really want to quit telly update because of this anju

  6. Good nite everyone

    1. Aaliya. Ippol vanna harsh ennayalde dp sradicho?.athu aailya de old dp alle. Athythu a stupid anju moshtichath.
      Ini athu stupid twinsle mattaval ayirkkumo?

  7. Aaliya xyz suman 143 all vitharve fans please don’t listen to anju

    1. Anam.no dear we will never consider that creature. .she is wild animal and mentally retarding rare specie.so just avoid that idiot.u don’t worry.

  8. @sudheer ohhhh really that mahaaaan raveesh ,evil suman and [email protected]#$h vividha will happy then what about atharav. …ha…ok leave it ….atharav u said he is strong and sujatha and atharav only lives their peacefully life….ok I agree with u….then tell me one thg…this vividha can stay lifelong with raveesh… If somebody comes in their life…her mind will change….then she starts feelings for that new person…this unstable girl cheeeee I hate to see her face….mahaprathivrata…yaaaaak I hate uuu vividha

  9. today’s episode was so annoying ,,, vividha’s character is getting very weak day by day.. first she took much time to realize that she loves A, then she took much time to find out the truth about her father.. so this is quite obvious thing that early she wouldn’t able to reach any conclusion, if it would be R or A…
    and this suman mataji, i think u didn’t get to learn anything from ur whole life.. by the way
    when ur son got shot by terrorist for the sake of vividha !!!! actually this vashisth family really deserve to u as their bahu…

  10. Good nite and one more thing anju my reel name is Ayesha not anam but anam is my nickname and I’ll continue using anam

  11. RAVISH…..aab ajare mere piya

  12. What exactly are the directors trying to do? All the people talking about ravidha make no sense! You’re all saying that you feel bad for Ravish who has only known Vividha for 3 months compared to Atharv who has always loved her. You’re all so selfish too! You want her to stay in a forced marriage just to keep Ravish happy but what about her and her feelings_? This show gas ALWAYS been about Vitharva so what are that trying to show now? Atharv has suffered so much just to be with Vividha just for that no reason? Ravish has his whole family, the whole house, the nation by his side But Atharv only has his mom and Vividha and now the directors want to take her from him too? Thats so stupid. the love between Vividha and Atharva is meant to be pure and its the only reason people Watched the show.
    I love how Star Plus is meant to be showing Nayi Soch but this show is doing the exact opposite. A girl, as per usual, should Have to stay in a forced marriage even if she’s not Happy. If vividha and ravish end up together, this show will be sending the message that evil always prevails. It was her fathers wish for her and ravish to be together which he did through evil means and you’re just helping his characters evil motives come true. This show is about Vividha and Athardvs true love and it should remain that way. The very sight of Ravidha makes me sick to my stomach. Would hate to quit this show but that’s the way things are looking right now.

    1. Ravish would hav got shot on border and they will bring ravishs body to the function . Vividha will choose ravish instead of athrva and will remain as his widow. Thats wat directors are going to the edge of this.show

    2. @lala.U r absoltly right lala. But no use to say those people who r nt ready for accepting the truth.bcz the truth is nly vitharv.All these misunderstandings made by kk is nly temporary and we know vitharv very well. So vitharv will again unite and reveal kk.Dadhi said right” atharv and vividha r borned for each other.for unite and merge into each other. Truly.

  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/BQAsrnhFedB/
    Read this. Aftr reading this I feel much relief from all these unwanted cmmnts for now.

  14. Jndsd finished shooting in Manali. They r returning

    1. Yeah.. suman. just saw those pic’s in instagram.
      They returning for home… and we are waitng for Manali on screen.

      they worked for 3 days… but for us it gone be.. 3 to 4 weeks on screen i think sooooo..
      just waiting..for it…..

  15. Xyz where is nidha where is she.You are missing her. Kadhal

    Anam where is Aailya where is she.You are missing her. Kadhal

    Karan where is nazeen where is she.You are missing her. Kadhal

    1. Get well soon.
      My dear poor. wild [email protected]

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  17. Vitharvians how are you dears

  18. Hi friends……. good morning and good afternoon one and all.
    Have a nice day.

  19. Muttan kozhi fans

  20. Ravidhàaaaasssssssaaaaaaaaaaa

  21. Hey all vitharvarians,look at the dp icon of new comer harsha. If this is the dp of that sonu who cheated us and after blocked the id?.How can it possible?
    That means team of telly update again allowed that dp ?or is she that anjus twin sister?
    Pls guys check it properly.

  22. https://www.instagram.com/p/BQChBsUF-WV/
    Read this .I can’t controle my laugh.its superb.?????????

    1. Superb.

  23. Hi xyz iam also a malayalee from tvm.

  24. Umàaaaass

  25. Waiting for today’s episode

  26. Hurray manali track is going to start on tomorrow.Finally vividha will fall to ravish.

    Every one check twitter account of Tanya with vitharv as dp.

  27. Gud afternoon evwrybody

  28. Xyz. Nidha Aaliyah Karan and nazneen and the the rest of vitharve fans don’t listen to this phsyco anju

    1. Don’t worry, dear.

      We all know she is mad .
      And you saw all are ignoring her.
      She will leave so soon as no one is just replying to her even.

      You don’t worry. She is just insane.

  29. Yes harsha is my twin sister

  30. Hi gud eve

  31. To @ anju
    Can u please stop making everyone upset. No one will comment due to ur character . Just go away . This is a platform where everyone can make friends do not make it a place where enemies are being made. Pls let everyone at piece if I like ravish then do not hurt anyone by saying bad things abt vitharv. And once again please go from this group. U make everyone upset.

  32. directors giving meaning to a 3 month marriage in comparison to artharv n vividha life together?????

    wht bacwass..is going on .

    work on the bros establishing a relationship instead of this crap. ask us writers we can help u direct better story. please pick one of us ……
    so many in comment panel.

    I’m being sarcastic guys. these writers are stupid

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