Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv thinking of Suman and Sujata and whatever happened. He sees Vividha’s face in his flashes. The memory bits gets clear to him. Jaana na dil se door…..plays……….. He goes and sees Vividha and Madhav sleeping. He recalls their vows. He smiles seeing Vividha and thinks we will relive all the moments again, just some memories are lost, once they are revived, everything will be fine. He keeps her hand fine. He sits looking at her. Jaana na….plays……….. He goes.

Its morning, Uma says Sujata’s handmade parathas, it will be fun today. Sujata talks to Atharv. A girl gets down the car and records everyone having breakfast. Madhav talks to Atharv, calling him Sadiyal. Ravish says you should not talk to elders this way.

Madhav says if I call him Papa, you will react and it will be confusion between two. Ravish says you call him Papa. Madhav asks but what shall I call you. Ravish says call me Chote Papa. Everyone look on.

Atharv plays with Madhav. Madhav suddenly falls down. Atharv and Ravish get worried. Everyone rush to Madhav. Doctor comes and checks Madhav. Doctor’s assistant says I have taken Atharv’s Dna sample. Ravish says it means we can start treatment of Madhav once results come. Doctor says sure, we can start. He goes. Vividha goes to get milk for Madhav. Atharv sits with Madhav.

Vividha takes milk for Madhav. Atharv comes there. He says you took disguise and came to take my DNA sample for Madhav’s treatment. She says yes, that’s why he took your toothbrush, comb and leftover sandwich. He says you all were worried, I did not do anything. She says when fate plays hide and seek, when you turn and see, some good memories and broken relations are seen, what we lost and what we got, I don’t want to think, I just want…. He says nothing will happen to Madhav. Jaana na dil se door……plays………..

He says person can either stay quietly with his fate or go ahead to write his fate, Madhav is a brave kid, he will write his fate himself. She says you used to say this, its part of your memories. She smiles. Jaana na dil se door……..plays………. He says I wish I could get my memories back, I did not just lost life, but also family, I could not see Madhav’s birth and his growing years, I m his father and could not become his father. She says its not your mistake. He says I can’t see anything clear, I can see your love and don’t understand, Suman made a fake world around me. She asks do you think we all are cheating you. He says no, I don’t feel so, even if you lied, I would have wished to do what you want, these eyes, this face, just this was the face which used to come in front of me like sunlight, I felt you in my soul, you were not there, but you were everywhere. He stops himself from holding her. Jaana na…..plays…………..He goes. She gets tearful eyes.

Dadi says Sujata, don’t know how Madhav will get fine. Dadi Bua asks her not to worry. Atharv asks Vividha how is Madhav. She says he is fine, he woke up, and had milk, he slept again. Doctor comes home. Ravish asks him to sit, what’s the matter, is everything fine, you could have sent reports by anyone else. Doctor says I wanted to come and meet you all, how is Madhav. Vividha says he is fine now. Atharv asks what happened to Madhav. Ravish asks anything serious.

Doctor says I can’t check Madhav’s symptoms. Vividha asks why. Doctor says Madhav and Atharv’s DNA are not matching. They all get shocked. Ravish asks what. Vividha says how can this happen, check again. Doctor says I did double checking and came here, DNA is not matching. Vividha says I m his mum, you did something wrong, maybe samples changed. Doctor says I know this matter is serious, so I came here myself. Ravish checks reports. Doctor says samples can be checked again, but I m 100 percent sure, it will be a mismatch. Everyone get worried.

Vividha comes to everyone. Uma asks Vividha what’s the result. Ravish asks her to tell everyone. Atharv comes. Vividha goes upstairs silently. Ravish asks Atharv did result come, is everything positive. Atharv says results are not matching, all tests happened in front of our eyes, its not a match. Everyone is stunned. Atharv says doctor wants to know what to do now, Madhav’s father’s DNA sample is needed for further treatment. He looks at Ravish and says real father’s sample. Ravish gets shocked.

After 6 months, bride asks them to make bride sit in mandap. Vividha sits. Atharv comes there. Ravish dressed as groom talks to Atharv. Pandit asks them to call the groom. Ravish walks ahead.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello guys… I was silently reading every comments of yesterday’s updates.. And i ws shocked whn i saw someone said Ravish as the hero of jndsd… How can you consider Ravish as the hero?? Just analyse the life of Atharv n Ravish at first… From the birth itself Atharv was bearing the title najayaz… What abt Ravish.. He had everything.. Father,mother,family,money everything nd never suffered poverty or anything like Atharv… Atharv had his ma nly… When Vividha came into his life.. He got a new life… Theirs was a true love story as he gave her a new lifestyle, new way of thinking etc. After a long struggle he has made a factory… But Kailash kashyap ne sab kuch cheen liya…and Atharv became mad.. It was Ravish’s mistake that he has married vividha without knowing anything abt her to fulfill the wish of his family… And he has realised frm the first day of their mrg itself that she is not hpy with him… How can he love Vividha after realising dt she is his brother’s girl… For the third time Atharv was suffered from hs grandfather.. And then He was under the control of Suman for 4 years… But all these time Ravish didn’t loss anything instead he had everyone… Ravish could take care of Vivi n her family as the brother of Atharv or as a friend… But he married Vivi…isn’t he selfish? Frm first till nw Atharv is the victim… Atharv has nly his mother n Vivi.. But Ravish had everyone.. Ravish himself chose what he wants.. He tried to replace himself wd atharv.. But he couldn’t replace Atharv in the mind of Vivi… Thats the true love… Atharv’s ideals love and sacrifices are much greater thn that of Ravish.. But everyone are trying to praise Ravish only… What abt Atharv?? A victim nly?? Did anyone try to understand the feelings of atharv… Atharv is the hero of Vividha n jndsd…the only Hero….

    1. Hi chikku , don’t get upset. They are shanky fans ,so supports Ra…….vidha. Everyone know that JNDSD is the story of VITHARV , there empowerment through love . And male lead of the show is Vikku. Raveesh is only the parallel lead.That ‘s all. Yesterday Raveesh himself admited that he is only the chotte papa of Madhav , not papa. No one can replace Adharv in jndsd. Instead if Raveesh was the male lead , the show can’t get this much fandom. Can u imagine Raveesh in place of Adharv in phase 1? No na.So don’t think abt these type of cmnts. They r in the frustration of vitharv mrrg. Bt for us this is the time of celebration. Ok dear. If I hurt any Raveesh fans, srry.me too respect him , bt the fact is that Adharv is the only hero of jndsd.

    2. Hy chikku.. Nice to hear tht according to you a hero is the one who has suffered throughout his life..the one who has struggled for everything..the one who has been discriminated by the society as illegitimate.. These all struggles make a person hero.. Nd if the other one has not been through these discrimintns can’t be a Hero.. This is your mentality.. I dun think if Ravish hasn’t suffered as mch as Atharva he shudn’t be considrd the hero.. There are two heroes in jndsd whthr you agree to it or not ..both are loving caring sacrificing emotional and true individuals.. Tht is sufficient to becm a hero..these struggles nd discrimintns are designed by fate.
      Now in today’s scenario if you compare Ravish nd Athrva it wiuld make Ravish the bettr Hero as per ur logic of struggles.. Today Ravish is the one who has nothing left to him.. The only one who loved him was his mother whom he has lost a few days back.. Today Athrva has evrything..mother lover son family..everything..nd there is not a single thing tht is owned by Ravish..no family no house no mother ..so why dun u say tht he is now the hero of jndsd…

  2. Vitharv fans where are you. Many fans are missing. Today is our vitharv marriage day.
    Our long waited day.

    Karan,naveen,nazneen suman,di,nikh,143k,nidha,sachin etc where
    are you guys.

    Please fill the comment section with your comments on this special occasion.

    1. Sumank

      Nenekkadiki ponu polenu. I am here

  3. Oh my god….how to control myself up to evening.it was sooo difficult.pls time show some sympathy on me.run fast beyond ur stamina.still how much time i have to control. it was tooo much vikku.what u have done to me.always in ur dreams how to come out from that.o god pls help me na.love u vikku luv u soooo much????????

  4. Who is Madhav’s father
    But if madhav is not vitharv’s son
    He is vitharv’s son
    Who is groom ?…
    Confusion questions………?????

  5. Devadasan Potty

    Who is Madhav’s father
    But if madhav is not vitharv’s son
    He is vitharv’s son
    Who is groom ?…
    Confusion questions………?????

  6. Sumank

    Happy Vitharv ki shaadi all. ?????

    1. hey nice pic….gud morning guys….

      1. Sumank

        Thank you priya

    2. Actually I don’t feel marriage happen today!! How can they complete in a single episode!!!
      After too much melody drama marriage will start at d end of episode!!!!
      Twitter vitharv fandam Rocking twitter!!! With there tweets..simply superb..its like marriage happening in own house!!☺☺?????

      Anyway happy vitharv marriage day @sumank and all vitharv fans..who has waited for this day!!!???????????????

      1. Sumank

        Ha 143 but marriage celebrations starting today. Let us enjoy.

      2. Same to u 143.
        It s party time???????????????????

      3. Same to dear 143. Enjoy.

    3. Sunanda12345

      @ Suman di your profile was superbbbbbbb

    4. Same to u di .Let’s enjoy ?????????????????????????

    5. Same to you suman di. It is party time.

    6. nice pic i liked urs……..

  7. I don’t want to this show end soon jndsd one nd only my fav serial..our vitharv are married now I’m dam happy..?????

  8. Guys count down start.still 6 HOURS left for vitharv shadi….I know it was too difficult 4r us to wait for 6 hours but what to do just dreaming their marriage pics again &again.
    Our lunch party starts at 12:30 pm.all of u get ready to fill ur stomach..?????

    1. Still 5 hours left for today’s blasting episode….waiting??????????..i request d time to forget its rules and run faster than the fast!!!!!

      BTW what is d menu list my dear @Viz pinky!!!☺☺??????????????

    2. Sunanda12345

      Count down again 4 and half hours for vitharv marriage ?????

    3. 4HOURS left hurrayyyy time go fast run run run…..

  9. who will be madhav,s dad? is it atharv or ravish…love u atharv…..a big fan of u….even vikram and shivani are my fav…..let’s see what happens in today,s epi so guys share u taughts and crazinesss

    1. If u r a fan of vikku and shivani,Do u need answer for ur question??.. Its clear answer vitharv marriage episode today!! Watch it and get ur answer.

      1. it’s clear 143

  10. Still 5HOURS left…..
    Party time….???????????????????????????????….let’s have our lunch party in the name of vitharv kind shadi ???????????

    1. Oh my god oh my god such beautiful segment ms on vividhas neck in the name of ATHARV SUJATA????????????

    2. Sumank di can you tell me what’s going on

  11. Sumank

    Maa TV lo stop chesarenti ye Maya chesave. I stopped watching recently after vitharv separation. But 3 – 4 days back I watched vividha birthday celebrations episode. Suddenly they stopped

  12. Sunanda12345

    2 and half hours left for u r cute couple marriage iam very excited ???????????????????????

  13. 2 and half hours left for long longggggggggggggggggggggggggg wait guys!!!!!
    get ready!!!!
    6 months leap!!!!

    Vitharv marriage count down……………2 and half hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sunanda12345

      I already saw it yar it’s sooooo lovely and romantic ????
      1 and half hour to goooooo

  14. half an hour

  15. xyz chechi,usha chechi ,mubi chechi and
    Sweety . Atharv sopana lokatha. Enik vaya.
    Enik kurach nimishagal elle baki ullu. Ethu
    vare ready ayit illya. Avan namude aduth
    Povan paruva. Avan vannola ennu. Onnu
    Paranju manaslsikane. Kutti Kali mariyitillya chekkanu.
    Nigal elavarum ready ayi elle. Namuk vegam porapidam.

    1. Hi dear aailya. .Anoo? Angane paranjo athu? Engil avane angane vittal pattillallo. Evide atharv? Enikkonnu karanam kalyana chekkane. Chekkan Ippo evidengumilla. Vivi ye swapnam kandum kond nadakkaya. Hm .njn chellate avante aduth.2 adi kodukkam ennittu thayarakkam athune.
      Aailya, Usha, mubi ningal 3 perum purathu car m ayi wait cheyyu .njn chekkane thayarakki kondu varam.
      Pinne nere pennine aduthekku. Pinne vividha atharv mangalyam.
      So hurry up muhoorthathinu minutukal baki.
      Aailya, Usha, mubi,dears get ready .me and atharv also ready .Let’s go and rock??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  16. Only few minutes left. Enjoy the shaadi dear vitharv fans. After a long wait we are getting this moment. ????????

  17. At last vitharv rocked .,vivi and vikku are really awesome in bridal costume..i don’t know how to express my glad..feeling very happppppyyyyyyy..

  18. Srivani Maloth

    Plzzzzz atarvata and vivid ha should meet plzzzz

  19. What a crab it’s called disgusting just mess and precap what to say about it

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