Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Uma recalling Atharv and the happenings. Ravish gets Sujata and Atharv to other room, and says my wife has seen that room, you will stay here in this room, you are safe here. He gives Rudraksh. Sujata shows Atharv. Atharv asks Ravish to play. Ravish says yes, I will first explain medicines, and then play. Atharv plays. Ravish explains medicine doses to Sujata. Dadi and Uma cry. Dadi says don’t know where are Sujata and Atharv, we are sitting here. Uma says yes, don’t know where is Sujata and maybe Atharv is not in this world.

Atharv gets a stole and says hide and seek. He ties blindfold and goes out of the room. Ravish and Sujata do not see. Sujata says I understood, I don’t want any problem in his medicines. Ravish asks where did Atharv go, and sees

the door open.

Sujata says maybe he went out. Ravish says I will see. Uma asks what shall we do. Dadi says we should report in police. Ankit begs them not to go police. Dadi scolds him and says you did this heinous crime and you will get punished. She gets angry. Inspector comes and asks Uma does she identify this shirt. She recalls Kailash and says its my husband’s shirt why…. She gets tensed seeing blood stains on it. Dadi asks inspector where did you get this shirt.

Atharv goes out and Vividha comes the other way. He enters Suman’s room. She calls Ravish and wonders where is he. Atharv is blindfolded and does not see Suman, and pics there. Inspector says we got this shirt from mountain cliff, some men tried to help this wounded man and he has pushed everyone away. He calls a man and says this man runs small dhaba at the mountain area, show your husband’s pic. Uma says yes, how can you be sure that its Kailash. The man sees Kailash’s pic and says yes, we have seen him. Dadi asks where is he. Inspector says no one has seen him again, we are afraid he would hurt himself

Atharv touches Vividha and Ravish’s pic. He then touches Ramakant’s pic and holds the blindfold. He says no, soldier will not cheat, I will find everyone. He goes out. Inspector asks Uma to check hospital or graveyard. Uma says no, he is fine, just find him, did anyone see him jumping from mountain cliff, did you get his body, I m sure he is alive and fine, I m not in shock, file his missing report. Inspector says fine, I will inform you if we find anything. Uma says I m sure he is alive. Ankit says you are in shock, Papa committed suicide, its because of you, you insulted Papa.

Atharv goes to Bhoomi’s pic and hits bed. He falls down. She asks who is it and does not see him. She hears sound from bathroom and says Vipul should have switched on lights. She goes to sleep. Vividha says something is wrong, if entire family is involved in this along with Ravish then… why is Atharv hidden like this. She goes to her room and asks who is there. She switches on lights and sees Atharv standing with a candle in his hand.

She gets glad seeing him. Jaana na dil se door…….plays………….. She says Atharv and says I have tried finding you everywhere. She hugs him and says now I m with you, there is no problem. She holds his face. Atharv holds her the same way as she did, and hugs her tightly. She says leave me, I need to talk to you, what are you doing, listen to me. He holds her face. She looks at his weird behaviour. Ankit says Papa died because of Uma. Guddi and Dadi say we believe Kailash is alive. Ankit asks are they mad and raises hand on Guddi. Uma stops him and says Kailash is alive, he can hurt anyone coming in his way, but can’t hurt himself, he is very clever.

Vividha asks Atharv what are you doing, leave me and pushes him away. Lights go. She asks him not to go anywhere, she needs to talk. Ravish gets Atharv and tells Sujata that he got Atharv in corridor. Suman asks Vividha what are you doing here. Vividha says lights went suddenly. Vipul says maybe fuse blew. Suman asks Vipul and Bhoomi to go and sleep. She asks Vividha what happened. Vividha asks do you know where is Ravish. Suman says don’t worry, maybe he went for some work, what is the matter. Vividha says I can’t tell you anything, where is Situram. Suman says you can share it with me. Vividha thinks how to tell you, you believe your son and I doubt on Ravish.

Ravish asks whats your problem, you talk well and then rude. She says you are my problem and shuts door. Atharv comes to her with a bat. He gets close to her, and she feels odd.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally there is another secret room.
    There r many questions rotating in my mind-
    1.Writers r u turning atharv character as negative that in after some episodes of atharv odd behaviour she hates atharv nd closes 2 ravish??????
    2. R u turning romantic atharv 2 cruel romantic atharv? ????
    3.If atharv got odd feelings 2 vivida when she hugs him in mandir????
    4. Is atharv forgot vivida nd treating like her nrml girl? ??? Every one knows that atharv never hurt vivida.
    By seeing today’s episode nd in precap I got that atharv forgot vivida it means he remember just vivida’s name but not vivida
    5.he is jokingly playing with vivida? ???????
    Plsssss writers nd directors make the serial be interesting. Don’t turn it as illusion or negative twists serial plsssssss .bcoz my favourite serial is jndsd. Don’t spoil it

  2. Hiiii aswini

    1. Hiii.. Sunanda , Nithya , Meghana , and Aswini… How r u friends ?

  3. No words to say.. Simply hide and seek ???????

  4. Oh god save us from this hide and seek game.
    Stupid idiot director. Atharv rude behavior towards Vividha.. Wats nonsense..
    Just stop playing games and..let vividha learn abt Atharv mental condition..

  5. What is going on why atharv is being so close to vividha in his mental problem I am not liking this cause I don’t like the Jodi vitharv I am the biggest fan of atharv aka v ikram Singh chauhan

  6. I think Editor problem or director may have short term memory loss.. How can Atharv disappear in short span when vividha pushed him away then power gone.. Next scene was ravish took Atharv to secret room… This shows directors memory loss..

  7. What is the new drama which Kailash decided to play.
    The precap is good , but why they dragging the serial with unwanted scene

  8. What is the new drama which Kailash decided to play.
    The precap is good , but why they dragging the serial with unwanted scenes

  9. I think it s not atharv..atharv wl nvr behv like this..it is someone else .is he situram??.feeling sad abt this serial..bcz day by day writer makes the story more complicate..

  10. guys..one thing i cnt understand wn atharva is getting close to viv ,y viv avoiding???

    be4 also they were much more closer thn ths,tht time viv wasent reacting…thn y nw?

    is it becz viv is married and viv dont want those closeness frm atharva ne more??

    ths mean viv wants to carry on in her life…

    plz someone tell the exact reason if m wrong!

  11. This show has become an absolute bore. The producers want to Make as much money as possible. I should stop reading the update. Waste of time

  12. Tell me anyone.. Now..
    1.how Vividha thinking about Atharv’s odd behaviour ?
    2.Isn’t Atharv or any other ?
    3. Would Vividha misunderstand to Atharv ?
    4.If Vividha thinks that Atharv never behav Odd.. So would she thinks that he was not Atharv.. Ravish did misbehave with her as a Atharv ?
    5. At last.. When Vitharv reunite ?
    Wolud Atharv & Vividh reunite or not ?

  13. I think Vividha thinks it’s Atharv but it’s not, in reality it’s Vipul! Atharv cud never hurt Vividha nor Wud he behave rudely wit her. If the directors r trying to change Atharvs character then a lot of viewers Wil avoid watching. They can try building Ravish n Vividhas characters but not at the expense of making Atharva evil. N Kailash, that rakshas monster is defo alive, he won’t hurt himself! Wonder wots going to happen next

  14. Kya bakwas ye hai…..atharv ko negative banadiya….such me writer ko pagal hoga ya hai…..ithni achi srl ko bakwas banaadiya….ye writer actually kya chaatha hai…..

  15. Only vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv…..

  16. Stupid serial, i stoped seeing it. mental writers and mental directors, i think they mentally ill and came directly from mental hospital to direct this serial, stupids. guys stop seeing this serial, otherwise you will get mental

    1. Well said Kiran… they are making lead actor as negative,if atharv turns negative..there will be no reason to watch this crap serial… they are just directing without using any logics..how a person can disappear in 1sec without making any noise…yes he can disappear until he is a ghost(vipul disappeared after touching vividha when she was making coffee,and atharv disappeared as light went off)…how ravish got to know in dark that atharv is on the bed without seeing vivdha has pushed him..if ravish could see atharv nd took him silently from there..then why not vividha saw ravish taking atharv…does ravish has some extra ordinary power to see a person through…plzzzz writers use some brain we are not fools here

    2. I think director sir need some treatment from psychiatrist,. Get well soon

      1. Hahahahaha..Yes exactly…well said…appreciated your braveness

  17. hi to all my telugu friends.i am fine. Tq..how r u friends

    1. I am fine Aswini..

  18. I agree with kiran ji

  19. Shocking news,….
    Atharv has put down his papers and January is his last month on this serial….
    Bottom line is January

    1. Wat are you saying???
      Where did you get this news????
      Plz answer…

    2. yaa wat r u saying noo its should not happen from where u got this info …. without atharv the story is nthing

  20. Hi havilah .
    Wt r u saying ansari? ??????

  21. What

  22. Happy diwali guys

    1. Hai deepavail subakankshalu…have a nice day.

  23. Thank you so much frineds for supporting my opinion. wish a very happy diwali to you and you family. Actually i don’t like to see serials because it’s waste of time. We can’t find any important thing from the serials, but i thought it is well romantic serial bcoz i saw kuch rung prar me aisa be, it was good and i thought the same way about this serial and i decided to see this serial for some relaxation. I am studying in PhD in Stanford University and i don’t get much time, even though i am seeing this serial to get good feel. Now instead of good feeling i am getting bore and nonsense. So i stopped to see serials again. Thank you so much friends and bye to every one

  24. I don’t understand.. Are these ravish family members are duff they can’t hear sounds which vividha can hear from secret room…

    Why always Atharv goes to ravish room .. not to any of ravish family

    Atharv always comes out at night…like a ghost… Y not day time and not seen by any..

    1. That stupid vipul always make an eye on vividha… Vipul also not seen Atharv

  25. There is no connection and logic in the story, They are mesmerizing the people with the story bcoz they want money. if they will continue like this, everybody will stop seeing it.. I don’t like to become a fan to any actor/actress because they are doing their job, thats it..Just love the characters not actors,I really appreciate the good people and good things in the world.

  26. Why they are showing In negative angle. I am also from telugu.

    Happy diwali guys.

  27. Finally i like to say one thing to you friends. Don’t waste your time by concentrating on all these nonsense things. They are doing to earn more money and to enjoy without any limits. So concentrate on your careers well and become a hero, great person in the society. In this world so many great people are there, salute them. for example Army people, they are losing their lives for protecting us…!!! appreciate them and give importance to them, they are the real heroes.

  28. I really like this serial I just hope vithrav re unite and get happy married life honestly this ravish and his family are boring me out ?

  29. Happy Diwali to all my friends.Yes kiran ji u r correct.

  30. Previous spoilers haven’t come true yet, I mean vividha still doesn’t know atharv and ravish are stepbrothers, she hasn’t seen ramakants photo. Read in spoiler that vividha stops ravish from hitting atharv but yet when that’s going to be shown don’t know.

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