Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv falling down the balcony. Vividha gets shocked and worried. She calls out Atharv. Vividha calls out Vividha and walks to her home. She gets tensed and cries. Atharv holds the railing and comes up, saying hi, were you finding me, were you scared to make me fall by a push, strange, you can’t lie to Papa and can’t see me in trouble. He also hears Kailash’s call. She asks him to go please. Atharv asks her to kiss the file please. She says please go…. Atharv also insists and asks her to give just one kiss. She kisses the file and asks him to go now. She shuts the balcony door.

Atharv smiles and kisses on her kiss mark on the file. Vividha opens the door. Kailash says you did not sleep till now, I knew you would be awake, did Guddi sleep. She says yes.

He says you work a lot, you also need rest, you looked so pretty today, I thought how did time pass so soon, you grew up and I will do your marriage and bidaai, my house will get lonely. She hugs him and says she won’t go leaving him. He says few things are time demands, you have to marry me, sleep now. Guddi sees Kailash in room and hides. Kailash asks Vividha to shut window and doors, take care of Guddi, she is growing up, how Atharv was saying nonsense about Guddi. He shuts the door and goes. Vividha goes to balcony and looks for Atharv. Guddi enters the room and goes to sleep. Atharv whistles and signs Vividha. He kisses on the file and smiles. She goes to her room and sees Guddi. She asks where were you. Guddi says I was hungry and went to kitchen to have something, why what happened.

Vividha asks why did you keep pillows here. Guddi says use specs, you are getting old before time. Guddi sees Chintu from the window and gives him a flying kiss. Vividha shuts the window.

Its morning, Dadi sees Atharv taking bath and just goes Haye, haye…. She says why did he not meet me some years ago. Guddi comes and takes comb. Dadi thinks how did Guddi not ask for binoculars, whats the problem. She asks Guddi will she not stare at Atharv today. Guddi says no, I m in hurry. Dadi asks what hurry, there is something fishy, I will go and see. She keeps binoculars there and goes. Vividha comes there and wonders what Dadi and Guddi see with binoculars. She sees Atharv bathing and gets shocked. She says OMG, so they both see this like shameless people, they don’t think anything, he does not look like hero, he is just okay, he is just slim trim. She smiles seeing him again. Atharv pours water over his head. She starts liking the view. Atharv turns to that side and sees her. He throws water towards her and signs what. She keeps the binoculars, and leaves while limiting her smile. Atharv smiles.

Dadi asks Guddi where is she going. Guddi says I m going to friend’s house to study. Dadi asks her to sit at home and study. Guddi says I always go there and study. Dadi says not today, as something is fishy, you did not stare Atharv. Uma looks on. Chintu waits for Guddi. Dadi asks Uma to come fast. She asks Uma to see Guddi, does girls like this study, see her face and attitude. Vividha sees Guddi and says she applied kajal, so she looks different, nothing else. Guddi says yes, see you. Dadi asks her to go to room and study. Chintu says all the family is mad. Uma packs some laddoos and gives to Sujata. Uma says I know you did not even taste it, you gave all to us, taste it and say how is it. Sujata says I know its good, I want to talk about Chintu.

Uma says Chintu is a nice guy, explain Atharv too, I know he is worried, but there is no need, thanks for laddoo, the lep you gave me is good relieve, see my wounds healed, special thanks for that. Sujata says no need to say sorry or thanks, its big thing to see you smiling after long time, keep smiling. Uma says there is no one of my age at home, so I get less chance to smile, I was forgetting to smile. She smiles. Uma asks her to be habitual of their friendship, we will fill this gap between two families, we will unite them. Uma asks why are you dreaming this, don’t do mistake to regard impossible thing as possible, I m thinking of you as friend, and you are thinking to make relation, this won’t happen. Sujata says its not in our hands, its all fate, if nothing is guaranteed, whats harm to think good. Sujata smiles. Uma leaves.

Sujata shouts to Atharv, asking him to eat the laddoo which came from his inlaws. Uma turns hearing this and goes inside her house. Kailash asks Dubey about Atharv’s project. Dubey says I tried hard to know about him, I think he is doing this secretly. Kailash threatens to fire him if he turns useless for him. Dubey says no, I will try my best. He goes. Badri looks on.

Vividha waters the plants. Atharv comes there. She slips and falls in his arms. He smiles. They have an eyelock. He says this likes of falling and slipping before has become your habit now. She asks him about raoming shirtless before, which was his habit and now became his likes. He says great, when you and your Dadi were seeing me bathing semi naked, you didn’t have any complain then. She says I did not see you. He says your Dadi is better than you to speak her heart out, you are not able to say. She says I did not see you. He says your Papa thinks you are very innocent and Devi type, he should know you like to see a special guy having bath with binoculars. She says stop nonsense and goes. He smiles.

Atharv says we will fix engagement date, my work will start on 1st July, I will get engaged with your daughter. Kailash fumes, while Vividha and Uma get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Best,lovely,cute,amazing episode of jaana na dil se door.,ever..love u atharv…

  2. Woooow again superb episode. It was such a fun watching it.

    Atharv kissing on th file where Vividha kisses.

    Again whistling and showing her kissing on the file where Vividha has kissed

    Dadi watching Atarv with binoculars and saying..”Haaayee kuch saal pehle kyun nahi mila”

    Then Vividha wonderng what Dadi n Guddi see with it and then watching Atarv bathing and not stopping herself from watching it.

    Atarv noticing Vividha watching him with binoculars and throwing water on her

    And ofcouse their eyelock finally.

    Then Precap of Atharvs confidence.

    Totally totallu njoyed todays episode

  3. Nice….

  4. vividha atharv rockssssss!!!!!!!

  5. Love the episode ❤️❤️
    Arthrav is so handsome I just wish vividah and arthrav get married ??
    Love story ??????

  6. Today’s episode is awesome. Atharv looking sooooooooooò handsome nd hottttttttt.
    Such aaa lovely scenes of vitharv.
    Precap is superb.
    I just luved ittttt.

  7. Episode is amazing

  8. Tq’s amena for the update

  9. episode is good. But pls dont let anyone 2 come in between them.

  10. Thanku for this…Why vividha z not accepting her feelings???I wonder..seriously stupid ladki..She should know about her dad’s real face..Cvs r dragging….??..Only reason to see This bcz of Vitharv..Guddi z sooo dumb n tht chintu..chhhikii bahut ghatiya character h uska..cheapster

  11. Arshdeep

    Amazing episode???
    Aww Vividha scared for Atharv??
    Loved it when Atharv kissed back on the file❤

    Vividha’s starts of doubt on Guddi??
    And when Atharv winked at Vividha..ahhh?? I just fainted…..??

    Vividhaaa you nailed it.. Besharam?? Yessss he is sooo hot?????
    Atharv kabse paani hi daal rha tha???
    He is soo close that he can throw water on her but cant he be seen without binoculars.??
    Lovely lovely episode actually???
    Vitharv scenes were soo beautiful. Their chemistry is amazing❤ Loved it?

    Loved sujata and uma’s bond too. Yayy take uma on your side han..??
    And guddi now she dont want to see Atharv coz she is having that chintu.?? He is nothing infront of our smarty Atharv?
    Anyways i dont hell care about her until and unless Vividha stares him??
    Superb precap.??

    Guys did you watch the new promo??

    1. Nivika

      hello arshdeep…how r u..nd whats the new promo is abt

    2. No Arsh didi I didn’t saw the new promo…can u plz tell wat’s in it…plzz plzz

    3. Yeah I hav seen wherein kailash asks her if she suuports her dadin every decision. She speaks abt some injustice.

      Vividha gets to know her fathers evil attitude on her mother n gets shattered. Shee keeps the secret with herself. May be the ad is about that only

  12. Arshdeep

    Thanks amena di for the update?

  13. Hi…frndzzzz how r u ????

  14. Nivika

    thanx amena di for the update…
    and and anadddd i m verrrrryyyy happppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyy for this todays epi
    it waws minblowing
    it was superb….
    bathing scene was soo sunny+romantic..
    i love the dialouge used by dadi..why did he not meet me some years ago..it sound so funny yaar…..n kiss part was just fab yaar…..precap superbbbbb

  15. Wow superb episode…really really njoyed it…vivtharv chemistry brings life in d episode…lovely scene of vivtharv…
    Wat a fire in there romance…everyday waiting for d serial…

  16. superb episode full of ViThArV scenes….. I was blushing all the tym when vivi n athu came together…….. This dadi is too funny yaar….
    wat is this chintu up to…. will u go n marry that cheap chintu…….
    Awesome precap…loved Atharv’s bold character…
    LoVe U ViThArV….. u r amazing….

    1. ooppss a mistake….
      wat is this guddi up to….will u go n that cheap chintu

  17. Engage???…..wow???…….bbbooooootipul epichod???….loved vitharv scenes………clas strts tommo??????……scared…new colg new teachrs..nw surroundn…new stud…oly me old…..??…..and yeah ardra am science

    1. best of luck aysha for ur new school actually college life……don’t worry yaar u will get gud frndz…may u have success n Allah blesses u….

      Hey don’t forget to share ur first day experience at new class on tomorrow’s comments….

  18. A big hai to the new members of vitharv fan club…n plzz keep watching n keep commenting..

  19. What an funny episode

  20. Wt a lovely episode…….tq amena
    vitharv scenes were so swt………. Atharv kissing the file whr she kissed!!!! Hye tht ws so cute…………

    Wt is the new promo abt???? Guys plz tel…….i dint watch

  21. waow…so interesting

  22. ya I also watched the new promo now vividha will start looking her father’s real face

  23. Very cute lovestory. Refreshing and very entertaining. Amazing stars – Shivani and Vikram

  24. shivani n vikram rock

  25. Sad news
    Very sion shashank vyas wud b entering jndsd as ravish viv childhood frnd. Viv is excited abt her frnds arrival unaware if fact dat her father wud fix her marriage proposal wit him.

    Ravish n vivs bonding wil make atharv jealous.

  26. Devga

    Enjoyed the precap …. hope it becomes true ….
    Swapna really sad yar wer u got this news….

    1. Just googled online for Jndsd latest gossip or update

  27. Gooodddd moorrnnniiinnngggg my frndz…..stay strong….n be happy…may god bless u all….
    Ella ente priyapetta mallu frndzinum oru big hai…
    best of luck to those +1 students joing today to new school…..

  28. ohhh is it correct that shashank’s entry is near…oh no I want this only 50 epi completed…. there is still tym na

  29. Hey arsh I am from up so wanted to take admission in up first.
    And what’s the new promo??

  30. Hi Frnds…….very funny episode…..

    Atharv and vividha scenes are awsome……

    Dadi u did a gr8 job u have saved you grnd daughtr……. stupid guddi….

    Uma-Sujata scenes are also nice…….

    Simple………………..awesome …wonderful episode………….

    waiting for todays episode…..

    1. Richa

      hy ns4

      1. Hey hai…. Richa….u also here….nice to see ur comment

  31. Guys….here is the up-comming episode(on location) link…………………Guddi and Chintu missing


    stupid kailash and caring vividha……………

  32. very nice precap hope this becomes true

  33. Omg why shashank entry so early…Pl fr few days keep him away from vivtharv…There love story has just begun recently…let them spend time with each other first..We don’t want shashank entry nw…

  34. Guys I think new promo starts with kailash giving icecream 2 small vivida. That means vivida child hood time. I don’t know you guys see that. Tina I was very shock of u r words that when shashanank entry in jndsd

  35. Latest promo link…..guys who didn’t seen ……see and enjoyyyy


  36. Maryam reshma

    Awesome episode ever just loved it..sooo cute pair..nd atharv z too hot..cutie pie..nd vivs just adorable..vitharv rocks(am new to da gruop..z any1 ther to welcome me?))???

  37. Maryam reshma

    Awesome episode ever nic…vitharv rocks atharv too hot

  38. Maryam reshma

    Hello guys am reshma frm srilanka n am a die hard fan of jana na dilse door..z any1 ther to welcome me to da group?))???

  39. I really hope that guddi don’t spoiler her life coz of that jerk chintu…she’s jst a teenager & at this age this kind of feelings r vry comon …but how can all the elders turn blind.. Can’t they see chintu’s intentions…how can a mother nt understand her daughter’s heart??… Only dadi is a bit sensible here… Please sm1 save her b4 itzz 2 late…

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