Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Atharv recalling Ramakant. He makes Vividha away and gets angry. He thinks of Sujata and Ramakant. He hits and throws the things around. He gets hurt. She cleans the blood on his forehead. Vividha stops him and cries. She kisses him and holds him against the tree. Saware………plays………… Vividha kisses Atharv holding him. He hugs her close in his arms. Ang laga de re…………..plays………… He holds her close and she closes her eyes. He opens the backstring. They get intimate and spend romantic time. The song goes on… She holds his shirt tight and gets tensed.

He asks what happened. She says I feel I m not ready for all this. He says we won’t do anything for which you are not ready, no problem. She apologizes to him, if he felt bad. He says

don’t say sorry, you did not do anything wrong, we won’t do which does not have your yes, this won’t happen if you don’t want. She says its not like I don’t want this, I feel I m not ready. He says its good you did not say like 70s heroines, we can’t do this without marriage. She says our relation does not need marriage certificate, I regard you as husband by heart, I don’t need marriage to take this relation from heart to body, I m just not prepared, even if we got married today, I would have said the same.

He says I m proud of you, you know what you want and what you don’t, I promise what you don’t want won’t happen, and what you want even Lord can’t stop it. They smile. He hugs her and ties her dress back string, saying all the time goes in untying and tying the strings. She smiles and asks him is he still angry.

He says I m sorry, I know you are worried for me, you just wanted to help, don’t know my anger and hatred became a volcano, it bursted on you. She says if wound gets poison, it has to be removed, you can’t hate someone like this, forgive your life. She asks do you know marriage 5th promise. He says this is your department, you tell me. She tells the 5th promise, wife tells husband that you will take my advice when you spend money, if you agree to me, I m ready to become your wife, but our promise will not stop at advice, we have to become each other’s mirror and truth, we will not hide any truth, even if its hard to say. He holds her hand and promises. She hugs him.

Its morning, Kailash is angry as Vividha did not come home till now. He scolds the family members for not caring for Vividha, she is out since night, where did she go with that characterless guy, do you want her to ruin our respect, do you know meaning of young girl being out with young guy at night. Uma says its nothing like that.

Kailash scolds Uma and says whom should I trust now, cheat proves out to be costly when trust breaks, Uma won’t be worried, as she always used to stay normal. Dadi says enough, you said a lot, Vividha has gone with Atharv, whats your problem. Kailash says I don’t have problem, if my daughter is outside with a guy all night, do you think this is right.

Vividha hugs Atharv and tells him that she loves him a lot. He says I know, I have seen love sparkling in your eyes, you can’t see your own eyes. She says but, I did not see love in your eyes for me. He asks why. She says you did not say I love you to me. He says I won’t say. She says how mean, come on tell me I love you, why so much drama, if you have problem to say you love me, how much problem will you have to do love. She holds him. She asks him to see time, its late. She realizes and says I did not say anyone, Papa would be worried, I m feeling guilty. She coughs. He gets water for her.

Dadi says that guy’s name is Atharv. Kailash says milkman. Dadi says so what, he is not a cheap guy, he is not stranger, I agree they did not get married, so what, they are not the reason, you are the reason, they love each other a lot and can marry even today, you just agree for their relation. Kailash says that guy is young.. She asks him to use mind as much as Lord has given him. She says you may not trust Vividha, but I trust her, and Atharv has saved Guddi from Chintu, and when Ankit left Vividha in jungle, Atharv saved her.

Kailash shouts on Dadi and says I don’t know why don’t you see that guy is taking advantage of this situation, Maa should worry more than me, Vividha is not at home since night, and you are praising that guy. Dadi uses headphones and asks everyone to do their work, Kailash puraan CD will keep playing, I will hear FM radio. They all leave.

Atharv gives water to Vividha. She drinks. She asks him what happened. He says we just promised to become each other’s mirror and not hide anything, even if truth is bitter, I want to show your Papa’s truth. She gets shocked.

Atharv says you will face truth today, look there. She sees Kailash coming and hides. Atharv gives proposal to Kailash and asks him to think and say. Kailash smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amrutha

    Vividha is really such a nice ,who knows her limits in everything and Everytime.even under the guidance of such father.of course her goodness credit definitely goes to Her father only. Who knows that what problems may come because of that new hero.but vitharv is always best.can anyone tell me when will be the entry of shasank?

  2. wow today I came to know Vividha is way more romantic than Atharv 😉

  3. Awesome episode

  4. Mmmmmmh (just clearing my throat)
    Awasome ??????

  5. Lovely episode.

  6. Oo wat an episode…

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