Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv saying we can’t trust Kailash. Sujata says we should be proud of Vividha, she is not turning away from a daughter’s duty. She says Vividha, we should send him to hospital for his better treatment. Ravish says yes, he will be taken care of and treated. Vividha says he won’t go anywhere, he will stay here with me. Kailash tells Dadi that he has seen her somewhere, does he know her. Dadi cries. Vividha says whatever wrong he did, I can’t forget he is my dad.

Kangana says Vividha he did wrong with me also, I have tolerated this for many years, he has snatched my son from me, how can you keep him here, did you forget what he did. Vividha asks what would you do if this happened with your dad, you fought for your child, would you not fight for your dad.

Kangana says he is not my dad, he is not suitable to stay here. Vividha says I don’t care, if you all have problem, I will take him and go Ajmer. Atharv asks will you leave me, Madhav and Khushi for this man, who kept our daughter like an animal. Vividha says I don’t know, but I want to do this, I feel this is right.

Atharv says he is breaking our family, I will not leave him. Vividha asks him to stop it. Atharv asks what are you doing, after much difficulty, we got our life, this man will ruin everything. She asks what do you want me to do, tell me. Sujata says we should send him to hospital. Dadi says yes, Sujata is saying right, Kailash is my son before being your dad, after seeing his tortures, its impossible for him to stay here. Vividha says this can’t happen. Ravish says I don’t trust this man, I m concerned for you all. Atharv says we can’t trust him, he will repeat history, when we got happiness, he ruined our happiness, now we got happiness again, Kangana is giving us our child back, she decided to take case back, if this man comes back, everything will be ruined. Vividha asks are you saying true, is Madhav mine forever. He says yes.

Kangana says no, if this man stays here, I will not withdraw my case. They all get shocked. Kangana says it was tough for me to take this decision, I thought its okay if Vividha raises Madhav, I will stay in this family, if Kailash stays here, I don’t want Vividha to raise Madhav, Vividha you decide what do you want, Madhav or this man.

Atharv asks Vividha why does she not understand. Kailash can’t stay here. Vividha says he can’t harm us, he is not in senses. He says Kangana took case back, you heard what she said, if Kailash stays here, she won’t give Madhav to us, Kailash has ruined Kangana’s life too, she can prove in court that this mad man is dangerous for kids, if he is acting, he is dangerous for us, I will ask Ravish to put him in any good mental asylum. She cries.

Madhav and Khushi see Kailash. Madhav laughs. Sujata asks them to go to their room, she will get icecream. She goes to Kailash. Kailash acts mad. She recalls Kailash’s words. Dadi comes. Sujata says I don’t believe he is same Kailash, he has lost senses but ego is still same. Dadi says person has to bear for his doings in life. Sujata says we should inform Uma. Dadi says no, Uma is not well, she will get worried if we tell her, you know this man has hurt Uma a lot, now we won’t bear him, I spoke to Ravish and Atharv, they said we will tell Uma about him on right time.

Ravish comes there. Kailash shouts I m a king. Ravish says people from rehab came to take him. He asks Kailash to come. Kailash asks him to walk behind. Vividha says we just spoke, why did they come so soon. Atharv says we did arrangements. Atharv asks the rehab men to take Kailash. Kailash stops them, acting mad. They catch Kailash. Kailash shouts that they have made this plan to send. Vividha asks the men to leave him. Ravish says relax, you can visit him. They take Kailash in the van. Vividha cries. She recalls Kailash.

Kailash opens the van door and jumps down. Vividha shouts Papa and runs to him. She says Kailash won’t go anywhere. Ravish asks her to let them do their work, he can’t stay here. Vividha says I will decide what’s right and what’s wrong for him. Ravish, Atharv and Kangana get irritated.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Usha

    Guyz , what to say ? Actually i checked previous cmnting section just bfr and reach here to say thanks to the news that u all shared yesterday ( not air off news ).
    Bt here i ‘ve welcomed with sad news only . OK WE EXPECTED THIS. Bt on 30 th june : This is really un expected .
    I came here to say thanks , bt now don’t know what to say.
    Why Vitharvians always ? We have never get a chance to be happy except phase 1 .

    @Nikh , we can never expect SHIVIK pair in another show as veer said.
    So only can expect Shivani &Vikram ‘s new projects .That may be in another channel also.
    One thing I ‘m sure : I watch star plus only for JNDSD and i will stop watching star plus with the end of JNDSD.
    Actually ,this is a bad evening for us , bt have to say as formality.
    Gud evening Guyz.

  2. Hi Sachin welcome back,, how can we forget u?? we never forget our friends anyways nice to hear from you again. keep commenting we have only a month.

  3. Guyzzz.so sunjivpuri sir cunfrmed abt the jndsd going off air on 30 June…..
    Feeling very very dipressed,sad….and angry too……v will be seeing the show only for this NXT month.
    .I hv no words to say..instead I miss u all yaar….Aaliya,xyz,Usha,..and all vitharv fans.i enjoyed Ur comments though I hvnt replied to every cmnts,I hv been reading them all.
    I will miss our shivik bonding,their chemistry , frndship and all.and am waiting for their last interview vn the show end.
    Am sure they will cry at tat tym????

    1. Usha

      Mubi , I’m here da. I have no mind to leave this page aftr hearing this news. Actually njan vannathu thanks parayana ,innale ellavarum paranju ,air off news kallam annennu. Njan pakshe inna vayichathu. Bt ivide ethiyappizho,omg ,enikku viswasikkan pattunnilla da. Enthu cheyyana ,ithanu nammude vidhi ennu karuthi samadhanikkam.

    2. Usha

      They r literally awesome pair in the whole TV industry.
      We can never expect to see them together as leads in any show in any channel. That is a heart breaking thing.
      I haven’t see this type of chemistry in any other pair bfr ,both on screen & off screen. So sad to hear that we can feel that intense chemistry just for one month only ,means only for 33 days from today , means only for 990 minutes ( 16.5 hours ) .
      OMG ,what is wrong with me ? Why behave like this ?
      Don’t know Guyz, I lost my control completely.

    3. Usha

      OMG , I cann’t watch today’s episode too due to heavy rain & lack of electricity.

      @ XYZ & Aailya, where r u guyz ? Here we,vitharvians r in a bad situation and waiting for ur kind words to make our selves strong to face the situation.
      Our show is going to end on 30 th june. Guyz, plz come back with us .
      PLZ ,PLZ,PLZ Come back .

  4. Oh no? but y will it end, I was so happy to see phase 1 ?
    Will miss my frds all the best all of u feeling very sad .
    This star plus always does like this I hate u

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