Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv and Kailash have an argument. Kailash shouts you orphan, stop your nonsense. Atharv sees Vividha folding hands and requesting him. He moves back from Kailash and holds his hands back. Kailash scolds Atharv. Sujata goes ahead, but Atharv stops her too. Atharv counts down and controls his anger. Kailash calls him shameless, and says your blood is bad, you don’t know whose blood you have, what happened, why are you silent, did snake bite your tongue, what do you have to say, mum could not teach you manners, and father was not there to teach anything. Atharv holds his anger. Vividha asks Kailash to please stop it now and cries. Kailash pushes Atharv away, and asks him to get lost. Sujata and Atharv leave. He apologizes to Badri and everyone. He says being with

cheap people make our tongue and thinking bad.

Sujata asks Atharv why did you not say anything. He says Vividha asked me not to say anything. Vividha looks on. Sujata cries and takes him.

Its night, Kailash talks to Badri and says I can’t believe a milk vendor can attack Chintu. Badri asks why are you bearing him, why don’t you do his permanent cure, I know some people who can do his cure, tell me if you want to do this, just say and I will manage. Kailash says Badri you don’t know me, even I wish to …… Vividha comes there. Kailash sees her and starts acting saying I wish to explain that guy. Vividha looks at the door. Badri realizes why Kailash changed words. Vividha asks them to come, dinner is ready. Kailash sends her. Badri says you change colors infront of daughter, even chameleon can’t do this. Kailash says its my helplessness, if respect goes, then house will get humiliation.

Atharv stops Guddi and says you should not do anything that shames you. She asks what. He says I have seen you with Chintu. She denies it and says no, I was upstairs, I was not there. He says your fear is showing your fear, Chintu is not a good guy. She says its nothing like that, he behaves sweet. He asks why, you should ask him the reason of such behavior, you are Vividha’s sister, so I m explaining you, I care for you Guddi like I care for Vividha, think of this as my advice or warning, stay away from Chintu, else you will fall in big problem. Uma calls her and she goes. He says she has sworn to be immature, lets see how to protect her.

Vividha recalls Atharv and Kailash’s words. She says Atharv will be caught in big problem some day. Atharv comes by balcony and asks is there anything left now. She asks what are you doing here. He says I came to see you. She says go, Guddi will wake up, why do you trouble my Papa. Atharv says if I could, you would have hugged him, made me sit by my side and spoke about politics etc, but I think he is not interested. She says go, else I will call Papa seriously. He says fine, I know you won’t do this, as you like to meet and talk to me, else you would have shouted. She says no, I don’t want to trouble my Papa. He says your thoughts for Papa and would be husband are good. She asks him to please go and requests him. Atharv says I came here for three things, first your forgiveness. She asks why is it imp. He says I can’t bear seeing you upset.

He asks her to forgive him. She says fine, I have forgiven you, go now. He says great, its so soon. She says you held Papa’s collar, so I got angry, and then today you kept quiet for my sake, that’s why I have forgiven you. He asks really. She smiles. She asks the second thing. He tells about Chintu’s eye being really bad and he is after Guddi. Chintu and Guddi hide and meet. Guddi says we could have been caught today. Chintu says I m not afraid, I wanted to spend time with you. He holds her and kisses her forehead. He says I love you. Guddi smiles and says I love you too. They hug. Chintu smiles and thinks he trapped her.

Vividha says trust increases trust, try to trust Chintu Bhaiya, he is part of our family, he will not do any wrong thing with us, and never with Guddi, he has fed Guddi and lifted her in lap when she was young. Atharv asks her to trust with open eyes, not blindly. She says I trust my sister. There are pillows in Guddi’s place.

Guddi says I felt something. Chintu acts sweet and flirts with her. She says Papa will never agree for our marriage. He thinks she is a fool to think about marriage. He kisses her hand and asks her not to worry, he will manage. They hug. Atharv says there is difference between trusting Guddi and Chintu. Vividha says Papa trusts his best friend. He says your Papa does not know people. She asks him to say third thing. He asks her for a kiss. She asks what do you mean and gets shocked. He holds her close and asks what meaning, its clear meaning, I want a kiss. Jaana na dil se door…………..plays……………

He asks her to kiss the file. She asks what. He says what did you think, kissing me, its not easy to kiss me. She asks why should I kiss this file. He says its my interview, if you kiss this, I will succeed, you are my lucky mascot. She says no, when I stepped on your land, your machines got damaged, then you lost house. He says you don’t know what you are for me, you are very lucky for me, you will know this soon. She thanks him and says I can’t do this, I can’t become a big part of your life. He says you are saying from mind, not heart, mind just thinks and heart feels, kiss on file soon, I m being nervous. She asks him to go, and pushes him. He falls down the railing, and she gets worried. She calls out Atharv and cries.

Kailash comes calling out Vividha. She cries and hears Kailash coming. She slowly calls out Atharv and looks down balcony.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Shraddha

    Superb episode …. Really liked vitharv scenes. Wht is guddi upto y dont she understand anything???
    Hi to all vitharv fans… I was a silent reader… But now would like to join u all….

    And namaskaram 2 all malayali friends.. I am from TVPM… Hope u guyzz will introduce urself..

  2. Renu

    Lovely scene between atharv and vivitha….nothing is happened to atharv.,he just hides there to make vivitha realize her love for him…..

  3. Ganga

    Atharv carring about vividha nd guddi is really good….. Vividha is blind in trusting chintu…. It’s bad

  4. sachin

    Wow,Mind blowing episode I had NT seen the episode bt only read the comment,its once again vitharv day….atharv is just playing to test hw,much viv care fr her…nd by the way is guddi getting traped or vhinti?????.hope its chinti…at least viv forgave atharv….mind blowing epi today……:)

  5. Arshdeep


    |Registered Member

    Thank you for the update?
    Love youuu Atharv?? The way he closed his fist again to control his anger just because vividha had asked him not to say anything. He even stopped sujata. You are great man..your love is great❤

    Well said Badri.. Kailash changes colour more quickly than a chameleon in front of vividha  ?????

    Loved the way atharv was helping guddi to know difference between good and the bad?? He is such a gentleman?? But guddi is so stupid?? She will fall over her head and then she will realise how wrong she was?? He is just using you for his lust..he is not going to maary you girl??

    Awww atharv coming to vividha’s room???
    Both shivani and vikram were fab????
    And the third thing…Aww ek kiss kardo na???..And how vividha was shocked??
    Then the music plays…..??

    Did he really fell down or just acting? Anyways very excited for tomorrow??

  6. happy fan :)

    thanks amena di for updates…….ooh mmyy ggodd…. what happen to my Athu…..really can’t wait for tomorrow… I’m tensed… God plz don’t make anything happen to Atharv….

    This cheap guddi …….ur sister is blindly trusting u…..u r becoming worse day by day…..
    I wana kill this kailash n chintu

    Vitharv scene was good….those three things… was really nyc n KISS…
    oh Atharv was looking cho chweet while asking kiss….
    But wat happen to him..waiting for tomorrow…

  7. happy fan :)

    A big hai n welcome to all the new comers to vitharv fan club…..those who joined last day ….guyz I couldn’t reply u all as I had class….
    Alia nd Sulthana welcome n keep commenting…
    Hai Fathima & Shradha….sughalle…im also a mallu… Ardra from palakkad studying in +1 science….ningalokke eth classila….
    nd here we hav many mallu frndz….its really an awesome thing……

  8. Sunanda

    Hi everyone. Tq amena for the update. Lovely scenes of vitharv.
    I have 2 slap guddi once.
    That chintu is a bad guy. He started romance nd love with guddi. Id8.
    Nd where atharv fell down. I am really tensed.
    Egarly waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  9. Snehal


    |Registered Member

    omg what a epi was loved atharv and vividha’s scene of kissing…first i thought that he is aking for a kiss on his cheeks but then i uderstood that he wants her kiss on file and a bad part is that i missed dadi and atharv’s part…it make me so happy yaar…..nd i can’t tolerate this chinki now…how can she say directly i love you and think abt marriage……..i m getting fear that bcoz of chinki rift will create b/t vividha and atharv…hope so it dont happen…..
    nd precap is quite shocking……what will hapen to atharv now….hope so kailash again didn’t bash on atharv…fingers crossed…..love this serial yaar….
    i just want atharv and vividha to be together

  10. zaina

    Superb episode…I am new to this group. Can I join to VITHARV fan club. I am from Kerala….

  11. Taj

    Awww vitharv scenes were really so swt………vividha lucky charm of atharv…….!!!! Hw cute!!!

  12. Swapna

    Woooow superb episode. After a long time seeing Vitharv scene for a long time.

    Vikram u just rock with ur Performance.

    I think Chintu does something wrong with Guddi and may be Atharv will be blamed for it

    Coz these days I find more n more scenes against Atharv.

  13. happy fan :)

    hallooo my mallu frndzzz….sugham alle ellarkkum…..
    welcome zaina shas and asha I’m proud to be a part of this fan club as l have got lots n lots of mallu frndz

  14. Arshdeep


    |Registered Member

    Also liked the way Vividha calmly explained Atharv as why she trusts chintu. She knows he is not wrong but probably thinks that he has misunderstood chintu. She wasnt rude to him at all. ?

  15. sachin

    ne one knows whn will the new time will be applicable on the show or it will remain the same…

  16. Admin

    Awesome episode……..
    The scene when vikram asked for kiss and shivani went on shock.
    And welcome to all new members..
    AND I want to know is anybody from north???

  17. Admin

    Arshdeep I am ankita from up. I am also 12 passed so wanted to know ur 12 (%, stream,board) and the course u are doing now.
    If u don’t mind!!!!
    And I am the huge fan of harayanvi tashan.
    And this craziness is going extremely higher after watching sultan.
    Hope u will give answer.

    • Arshdeep


      |Registered Member

      Hey ankita
      I passed 12th from cbse board by 92.6% in medical stream
      Right now preparing for Neet 2 exam to get admission in Mbbs

      You tell??

  18. happy fan :)

    live simply…. dream big….be grateful…. give love…laugh lots……GUD MORNING MY FRNDZ…
    have a nice day n keep watching JNDSD

  19. Aysha Zerin

    Hii everyone . Em a new cmr i just started watching this serial wen ma frndz recmntd . But nw on i ll b watching every bit of it . Luv It.

  20. Admin

    I had 89.3 %.lower than u.I’m a maths student. preparing for jee counselling….
    Well may I call u arsh ???
    And I won’t mind if u will call me akki my nickname. my school friends used to call me by this name..

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