Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ramanand alerting Vividha to be careful of Suman. He leaves. Vividha looks at Suman. Dadi says maybe Ramanand has seen Suman’s past birth deed and said that. Aditi comes there and hugs Vividha. Vividha asks how are you. Aditi says fine. Vividha asks her to come inside. Ankit sees Aditi. Aditi hugs Ravish and Suman. Uma asks Suman to smile now, Aditi has come. Aditi asks is everything fine. Ravish says yes, you did not say you are coming. Aditi says I came to give surprise. Dadi says you did good. Madhav runs to Aditi and hugs.

She gives him chocolates and asks him to promise he won’t have all at once. He promises and goes. Vividha and Ravish ask Aditi to rest. Ankit asks how are you, you don’t reply sms. Aditi says I stay busy. He eyes her.


gets headache. Guddi worries. He says what happens to me, what faces do I see. She asks him to listen. He leaves. Chintu comes downstairs and asks what happened now. She says Raghav got blank, I think film scene made him recall promises to Vividha, if he recalls his past then, he is behaving strange. Chintu holds her hand and says he won’t know anything, we will take our share and leave. She says we have to wait, its one month time for Amavasya night, our life and fate will change forever. Chintu and Guddi smile.

Vividha feeds Aditi and says you got so lean, have food. Ravish says Vividha is expert to feed forcibly, she got this training from Madhav. Aditi tells about her college. Ankit eyes her. Dadi says times changed, girls are qualified like boys. She taunts Ankit.

Ravish thanks Ankit for depositing cheque in bank. He asks Aditi to come and see her room. Ankit says have breakfast. I will drop Aditi to room. Ravish says no problem, go Aditi. Aditi goes. Guddi pushes Chintu away. Chintu says till when will we away. Atharv comes back and sees them holding hands. Chintu says come here, see the swelling in her hands. Atharv checks her hands and says there is no swelling, if you have pain, we will show to doctor, I will call doctor, she will come. Chintu and Guddi smile.

Ravish takes Gulab jamun for Madhav. Vividha asks him why did you add Ankit to go with Aditi, he is my brother, he does not want to do job, don’t take his side. He says everyone makes mistakes, everyone has right to get second chance, as Madhav has rights on this sweets. She says so much sweets are not good for Madhav.

Ankit asks Aditi did she like the room, he chose the wall colors. He asks about her hostel life, I thought hostel life is boring, do you do party, don’t you have any friend, you can tell me. She says I m much tired, I think I should rest. He says we will go for a long drive. She says fine. He goes. She removes her jacket. He comes back to her room and eyes her. She wears jacket back. He says I was saying, I m here for you if you need anything. She thanks him and gets bad vibes. He smiles and leaves.

Doctor checks Guddi. She says everything is fine, signs are positive, have the multivitamins. Atharv asks does she not need any test. Doctor says no, Guddi needs rest. He gets a call and goes. Doctor asks Guddi how long will you hide this, 9 months will complete in a month. Guddi says I just need a month time, you do drama as I said, you are getting good price for this, I know to play and end this game. Atharv comes and sits with Guddi. He says babies start kicking in this stage, why do I not feel anything. Guddi says baby does not kick when you are around, don’t disturb baby, let him sleep. Doctor leaves.

Atharv says I can’t wait more for baby, when will one month pass. She says very soon and hugs him. She thinks you don’t know the game played, you will never guess it. Suman, Ravish, Vividha and Madhav are in market. Madhav stares at something. Ravish signs him. Madhav nods. Ravish says I will get icecream for Madhav.

Goons come there and argue with Ravish for asking women for beating his men. Suman asks Vividha what is he saying. Vividha says I will tell later. Ravish says my house women taught those men some manners, they did right. The man argues and says I think Ravish will get beaten up today. Madhav scolds the men. Ravish stops him. The men joke on Madhav. Madhav throws stone at the man. The man pushes him.

Madhav gets hurt. Vividha and Ravish get shocked. Ravish beats the men. Suman and Vividha ask Ravish to leave them. The goons leave. Madhav shouts do you want to get more beaten up. Ravish hugs Madhav.

Atharv gets flashes and wakes up. He says who is she, why do I get these dreams again and again. He sits and makes Vividha’s sketch. He sees her sketch and says what’s my relation with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good evening aaliya xyz suman di Karan Bhayya nazneen nidha Aisha zainab 143. And the rest of vitharve fans

  2. Ankit is and always has been a pervert. But I don’t understand what ins stopping Aditi from giving him a stern warning. She agreed to go for a walk with him? Huh?? Is he threatening her??

    I am confused on whether I want Atharva aka Raghav to remember Vividha. The reason is the pain he is bound to face when he faces facts that she asked Ravish to remarry her and has accepted to change the their relationship from friendship to love.

    In the earlier phases he fought death to return to her but today he is fighting his very identity, struggling with a flash back memory to return. But is his return WORTH IT?

    Ravish, Vividha and Madhav have made a cosy nook for themselves on his sacrifice without their knowledge but I want Atharva Sujata to return only for his mother and to take his identity back. That’s it.

    Vividha made her choice she has to live with it. Pity her. ( don’t get me wrong guys)
    It pains me to think of how her guilt of taking that hasty decision will kill her slowly. She never be able to do justice to her relationship with Ravish after that.

    Hopefully the CVS team has a strong storyline lined up for us for the future.

    1. I think I can guess how they will justify Vividha’s actions!!!

      Vividha must have found out about her pregnancy due to the ( hypothermia ) episode. She must have decided to tell Atharva about it after their wedding on their actual suhagrat night. Unfortunately Atharva ran away from the mandap. Vividha must have then only told Ravish about her pregnancy and that if every1 came to know about it they would force her to get rid of the child (abortion) She must have told Ravish that she wanted this child and if he would help her.
      If you realise Vividha asks him to marry her and says let’s try to change friendship into love in front of everyone, I think she did this to make everyone believe that the child is Ravish’s (so she could hold onto Atharva’s child and his love)

      This is the only logical explanation they can give I guess to keep Vividha’s character clean and justifiable.
      Ravish will also be adored for his sacrifice and live for his brother.
      Atharva can happily come back and unite with his love who actually did not cheat him

      While the rest of the evil conspiring people will lose the game.

      1. Sorry, *love for his brother.

        This way they also justify why Ravish accepted Vividha’s marriage proposal.

      2. Karan, u are funny, u are giving ‘logical explanation’ but there is nothing logical In this serial anymore. Also, the hypothermia episode, ummmm she was unconscious so does that translate to Artharv taking advantage of her? (Rape) did not want to say that!
        What is also scary is the impression that doctors can be paid to say anything.
        The perfect couple is Suman and Kailash : match made in hell…..

      3. @ Sharmaine, what to do only by laughing at myself can we tolerate this serial.

        But then don’t u agree wih me that this seems the only logical way these crazy CVS team can go Scott free!!

        And at the same time keep all Vitharva and Ravish fans happy

      4. Sharmaine I don’t remember CVs showing and all night vigil when Vividha was suffering from hypothermia!
        I’m quite sure she was not out could all night, so why the mention of rape?
        Not everything was shown.
        Arthav and advantage? Really
        A guy who was willing to let Vividha marry Ravish because he thought he was dying?

        @karan they can never justify Vividha’s decision to marry Ravish.
        The girl was willing to be Arthav’s widow is suddenly ashamed of being a single parent? Ashamed of what Sujata did?
        If she truly loved she would decide she marries Arthav or no one else!
        She’s always taken the easy way out!

      5. Sharmaine, y u thinking vividha is unconscious n she don’t know anything. I am sure she knows everything wt happened dat night. They r not showing us dats it. Plz don’t use term rape. Vividha never hesitated to devote her self to atharv in all senses.

      6. Naveen u r right. But if vividha stays single how can ravish get screen space in between vitharv. Just to satisfy ravish they used vividha as scap goat. I don’t no y CVS not understanding, continuously interfering ravish character in vitharv is not character of hero. Looking just cheap. N coming to ravish character they just trying to show ravish in place of atharv (except character) working in tabela, jeans, thank God they didn’t give kurta type shirts (which atharv used to wear), beard look similar to atharv. Y don’t know y they don’t want to give separate story line for him.

      7. @ NaveenS agree they can’t justify Vividha’s decision but like I said the only twist they can use is that she was trying to protect Atharva’s unborn child from danger.

        In Sujata’s case she was married secretly to Ramakanth and Atharva was conceived out of wedlock and his family knew about the child.

        Here in Vividha’s case, she has landed up conceiving out of the act of hypothermia which of couRs she would have to justify to the whole Vaishth clan and of course her family.
        This is something that only Atharva and she knew and so she must have decided that it was best to ask Ravish for support as friend to bring this child into the world since Atharva was’nt around to share this.

        Meanwhile about the rape, I too think Vividha was’nt unconcious the whole night and was aware of the intimacy they shared.

  3. By seeing todays stupid dramma , I can’t understand that how cv’s becom so contrary to phase 1, 2 & 3. There they show how pure is Love ( VITHARV ) , instead now , how filthy is Love ( chinthu & guddy ). Ankith’ s face , when he saw Adhithi , how cheap ! Inever see such a crap look anywhere before. I hope that picture may be vivitha’s & wish that will never be seen by that devils ( guddy & suman ).

  4. শায়লা তৃপ্তি

    The lead hero is atharve, it’s confirm…………
    so anything happens atharve will be raise ahead……

  5. @ Karan , U are absolutely right. How could Vivitha do that ? Shame on her. But onething , they ‘ve never reveal the truth abt ravitha till now. There should be a strong reason for her to do so , otherwise vitharv ‘s reunion will lost charming that they already had.

  6. Hi there. I never commented but today couldn’t resist myself. I watch this show from the beginning as I thought it’s gonna be a cute love story of vitharv. now it has become a complete shit! I really loved the character ravish.but what the hell is happening? Atharva will get back his memory back. Vividha will realize it’s not Atharva’s fault, she will go back to Atharva with madhav.and like always ravish will left alone like a used tissue paper. Why always ravish has to bear all the pain doing nothing? Lovers should be together. But is it fair to unite them trashing someone’s else’s heart who is a very humble person and has no fault?!director has gone mad.he is also making fun of marriage.I’m disgusted -_-

    1. Sorry namrata. No offense. It is ravishs decision to marry her after knowing facts. He can simply deny. Hope they give justice to vividha n ravish characters by giving strong reason for marriage. Who accepts to marry his brothers fiancee. (even though his brother left her in mandap).

  7. @ eswari
    I M good….. Well said dear. & thank-you for sharing your experience about your seminar I also learn something new……
    & yes I can definitely understand you bcoz we share same thought…… & we like our captain very much….. Now come to the today episode…… Today our captain is back how much he care & love madhav & madhav is also love him. He is very protective towards his son & he can’t tolerate that anyone abuse or harm madhav…… BUT I FEEL SAD WHEN I THINK ABOUT FUTURE IF VITHARV UNITE I DON’T HAVE ANY PROBLEM & EVEN MADHAV UNITE WITH HIS FATHER SO I AM VERY HAPPY….. BCOZ ATHARV DESERVE HIS HAPPINESS…….. BUT I FEEL VERY SAD WHEN I THINK ABOUT RAVISH’S PAIN WHEN HE SPERATE FROM MADHAV….. IN FUTURE ONE OF MY HERO IS DEFINITELY HEARTBREAKING & BARE SO MUCH PAIN..& THEY BOTH DOESN’T DESERVE THIS…… BOTH DESERVE ONLY HAPPINESS IN THERE LIFE…..& ESWARI U R RIGHT ABOUT RAVISH CHARACTER CVS USE HIM AS A BRIDGE WHO HAS NO COMPLAIN TO ANYONE……TAKE CARE FRIENDS BYE …..ESWARI, JYOTI & PINKY

  8. Please CVS please not again…… We have no interest to watch again molestation drama….. I mean every time CVS make joke of relationship …
    1stly they make joke about VIVDHA & vipul relationship (I mean brother in law & Bhabhi’s relationship) after that seturam & VIVDHA ….. Than after guddi & RAVISH (jejaji & sister in law relationship) than aditi & avinaah after that buaji & her 2 boyfriend’s…..now Ankit & aditi…..how much they SPOIL every relationship……
    Why they don’t show a simple love story of Ankit or aditi (if they want) instead of molestation or spoiled relationship……

  9. Kalindi,Vipul everyone staying vd athrv….
    And vivida,ravish and family’s didn’t know abt it??
    Wat yaar…..

  10. JNDSD doctors are really cheap…. they can be bought at any given time to give false reports, diagnoses…. along with Suman they are also culprits in destroying the lives of innocent people… these type of doctors should not be allowed to practice medicine,it’s so unethical of them and to think that we trust them with our lives gosh. Cvs my humble request if one day Suman is imprisoned pliz take those doctors along with her.

  11. @Namrata this time ravish himself made the choice of marrying vividha even after knowing all the circumstances… so if vividha decides to leave him one day and goes back to atharv he’ll have no one else to blame for his pain but himself… he had the option of refusing vividha’s proposal bt we all heard his answer right…. i think that he willingly made himself vividha’s tissue paper… so no need to feel sorry for him if he falls in the pit that he himself dug.

    1. No need explain yaar,it’s ravish fans wish,we loves him,we will felt bad for him.still cvs didn’t showed what happened there.no need to point on good man or on mahaan nature..if juliet vividha left her husband again for Romeo, we don’t care ..we loves only Ravish,we will care him.

  12. It was a beautiful love story… dislike Vividha for having married Ravish… and same with Ravish – he knew his father chose Vividha for Atharv, was aware of all that Atharv suffered through.. and then ends up marrying her again! Hope somewhere along the line they bring back the purity of love and unite Vitharv

  13. RAOne

    Hey I have doubt if have suman is fertile as informed by someone and ravish and Atharv are twins then who is Aditi ? from she came, what is the story behind aditi hmm…. then how can she be sister of Ravish and atharv……? can any one answer… think buddies….?
    OPINION: we if see Ramakant left Sujata when she was pregnant so how can Ravish be his twin son…..this the again conlusion which we derive from first phase before ramakant death.
    NOW I’m confused Inthis IS their any one who can solve this mystery or can gave probale opnion not false rumour……

  14. Gud mngg suman di, xyz , 143, aailya, karan, nazneen, neeth, neemu, nidha, eswari, Mia, and all genuine fans of jndsd. …
    Have a nice day ..
    Why are you wasting your time for this stupid crap…
    It becomes really sasural simar ka 2..

    1. Good [email protected] And all my friends
      Have a nice day..

      Where there is a hope.. it won’t be time waste.. that to i watch only show JNDSD..how can i leave.i too feel irritated but not time waste.

      1. do you have hope still??
        they are in the way to ruin this more and more day by day..

  15. Sachin y didn’t u comment may be there’s nothing to comment or u r busy but take care urself always wishing best for u YOUR Di

  16. Hlooo….ushaa…..i am here?

  17. @nikh…
    Good afternoon dear
    Seriously this is sasural simar ka 2….
    But I am watching this show only for my both heroes….RAVISH & ATHARV ……especially for my captain RAVISH…..
    Take care guys….. Bye bye …..eswari jyoti pinky & all JNDSD friends. . 🙂 🙂

    1. Mia still captain ravish. ?

    2. do you feel any where in this serial existence of both heroes??
      but i’m not feeling the existence of atharv sujata especially..
      too much disappointing really…

  18. Comment deleted.

    Msg from Team: English / Hindi only please.

  19. ??? i think i am younger than you…i am studying medicine ( homeo) 1st year..so i am your sis…i love the language hindi…after ipkknd i like jndsd…their cute love…charming looks….each and every dialogues..gungun…payal…tabela…noughty shivani…atharv flirting with dadi…old guddi….i miss those episodes…..shivani and vikram had so much talents…but writers used them for showing these crap things…they are trying to make viewers…. fools!!!
    Ippozhum viswasikkn pattanilla ith pazhaya jndsd aanonn….mounam sammadam edak kanarund….hotstaril jndsd ads kandu…appo bayankara ishtatyii anganeya thodangiye…

  20. Usha. ??????

  21. By guys take care

  22. Hello

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