Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha asking Atharv to open eyes. Nurse says its captain Ravish’s call for you. Ravish talks to Vividha and says I got to know about blast at hospital, how is Atharv. Vividha recalls Suman’s words not to give tension to Ravish, when the army man is at the border, he should not be given tension to lose focus on the fields. Vividha says I m fine, Atharv is also fine. Ravish says I knew your love will always keep Atharv fine, I m also okay here, I know you will make Atharv fight with death, take care of yourself and Atharv.

Vividha ends call and asks Atharv to listen what Ravish said, I m with you, we promised each other that we will never leave each other, please get up, for my sake, open your eyes, you pulled me in your life, you followed me, and explained

me how much I love you, you taught me living, I fought with my dad and society, we always supported each other, you said you will come back when we got separated, you came back, not to go back like this, you have to come back for me and our love, you can’t decide alone to go, you can’t leave me, you have to live, please take a breath for my sake, I can’t even die without you, please get up, think of Ravish and Sujata. She shakes up Atharv, get up and take a breath, you don’t need any machine to get breathing. Atharv takes a breath. Vividha shouts Atharv and asks him to get up.

She holds him and sees the machine beep sounding. She says I knew you will come back and keep your promise. She calls out doctor. She sees Suman standing out and hearing her. She gets shocked. Suman holds head and gets dizzy. She faints. Vividha runs to Suman and asks what happened to you, what’s this bleeding. She calls out nurse to see Suman, Nurse takes Suman.

Sujata asks doctor why is she not understanding. Doctor says we tried our best. Sujata says how can you leave my son alone, treat him, save his life, you are doctor. Vividha comes and says Atharv is fine. They get shocked. Vividha says Atharv is breathing on his own. Doctors rush to see. Vividha says I know Atharv, he does the impossible, come. Doctor says he is stable, his pulse is getting normal, I have heard of this miracle before and saw today, we will check his blood clot.

Sujata cries happily that Atharv came back to life. Nurse says your mum in law got stitches, she is calling you. Vividha recalls what she told to Suman, and thinks did Suman know about me and Atharv. She worries.

Vividha asks Suman how is she. Suman says this pain is less than the pain I m bearing till now, I felt my fate is bad about marriage, I thought my son’s life is perfect, you are the ideal bahu like I dreamt for my son, the one who loves my son and respects the family, and manages everyone in every way, but today I got to know a truth. Vividha cries. Sujata comes there. Suman says you knew Vividha before me, I agree wrong happened between us, but we are staying under one roof, atleast Sujata should have told me that Vividha’s heart is big, I m valuing her less, when we felt we have lost Atharv, then I have seen Vividha trying to give life to Atharv and not losing in any way, I have seen her reminding Atharv about you and Ravish, it needs courage, I had seen heart rate stopping on monitor, doctors left hope, but Vividha has refused what she has seen, and showed great courage, Vividha has given new life to Atharv, I m sorry Vividha.

Vividha says no, don’t say this.

Suman says I had wrong opinion in my heart that you don’t care for Ravish and you are irresponsible, I think I have to learn from you about army man’s wife, I m proud of you, you returned a son to a mother, you gave Atharv a life by your soul power when Atharv has no relation with you, he is just a friend and neighbor, you kept relation so well. I m proud of you, you have great humanity, Ramakant could not get a better bahu for me. Vividha cries.

Sujata thanks Suman for saving Atharv’s life. Suman says I m also a mother, no need to thank, you and Vividha go to temple and pray for Ravish and Atharv. Suman asks Sujata to pray that Atharv also gets a wife like Vividha. Vividha looks on and leaves.

Sujata and Vividha go to temple and pray. Sujata thanks Lord for returning Atharv. Vividha prays for Atharv and family. She says like you have always supported me and Atharv, make things easy for Ravish, make Ravish return home safely. She asks Sujata is she worried. Sujata says Suman said right, you did not break belief and filled life in Atharv, you got him back from death, Suman does not know the truth, your love gave new life to Atharv, Suman does not know anything about your and Atharv’s relation, how much you love Atharv, till when will you be quiet and cheat Suman, till when will you act and hide your love, what will happen when Suman knows Atharv is the reason why you don’t love Ravish. Vividha thinks.

Sujata asks how is Atharv. Doctor says if he does not get conscious, he can go coma. Suman tells Ravish is missing. Vividha prays for Ravish and Atharv.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. aisha

    god get atharva ok and ravish also but plsssssssssssssssssssss
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  2. Anam

    Omg 😲 that was a phew 😅 escape from suman but I don’t want her to be betrayed.i knew nothing will happen to vitharve Jodi.😅😅😮😮😮☝️Love ❤️ is the most important for vitharve precape;please nothing happens to atharve vividah is being a good army wife WHAT’!!!!!!’nn

  3. M

    Same thing is going on and on
    I use to love this serial with vitharv scene but now its not worth watching
    Since many days this drama is going on
    Bring some new scenes in the serial
    There is love story less and drama more in it
    Please make it a better one
    This serial will go further
    Change the track

  4. Sunanda

    Kya batt hey vivida tum atharv ko nayi jindagi diya tha
    I know u can only save atharv by u r luv.
    In ramayana 2 save ram nd lakshaman sita prays 2 lord
    Like that in jndsd 2 save our ram(atharv) nd lakshman(ravish) our lovely sita(vivida) is praying for them.
    Hope atharv nd ravish will get fine

    • Ganga

      Ramayan me Sita sirf ar sirf Sree Ram ka patni….. Lakshman ki Bhabi (in our Hindu culture babhi ko Maa jaise samaj te hei)………. Yaha ravish ko bi vividha pe feelings hei…. So don’t think in dat way…… It’s my humble request……… Sorry to say dis…. But I can’t…..

      Plssssssss 🙏 don’t compare dis story to d Ramayan……..

      • Sweety

        I agree, chche kuch bhi ho saadi to hui hai ravish se wo kya hua vale hi dhoke se kyun na ho par hui to …….
        so ye bhabi debar wala baat nehi jachta hai…..

  5. Ramya

    Vividha enduku tana love gurinchi Suman ki telisipotundi ani antha LA bayapadutundi.nijam teliste tanake manchidi.writers and directors please reveal the truth to vasist family.and then go ahead.don’t confuse audience in b/w ra…..vidha and vitharv.pls for audience shake u have to show what showing from ep1 that is all about vitharv.

  6. sudheer

    Vividha ravish tho move on ayyinantha varaku suman oppukonettu ledu. Fully bakwass already doctors said adharv is dead. But vividha touches d adharv heart he gains his breath. Then doctors said its miracle like 70’s films. Director ji dis is 21st centuary you know.
    Next one why vividha asks adharv, you pulled me in your life, you followed me. etc…. That means vidharv love was forced by adharv. Vividha does not love adharv heartfully.
    And one more thing why vividha said dat her love story to suman.
    These are d hope of vidharv doesn’t unite.

    • Vamshi

      dude u must be kiddin…watch d episode once again she said u pulled me,u followed me N she also said u thought me how to love n live..whats ur last sentence??

    • Suman

      Plz include next dialog also. She said u r d one who made me realize my love for u. U made me to invent my self. How can u leave me like dis alone. I can neither live without u nor die. Too much 😂. Even u r in delusions like Suman. Just come out. Vitharv is forced love. Lol . even ravish accepted they r strength for each other n understood can’t live without each other. I want to know As a human being how ravish accepts vividha after knowing about atharvs importance in her life

    • Ramya

      Hello Sudheer garu meru fst nundi serial chusinatu aite atharv vividha ni epudu force cheyaledu.tana decision ke vadilesadu.tanu tanani love chestundi ane visayanni telise LA chesadu.aina atharv ladies ki respect estadu.ardam chesukuntadu.alanti abai ni evaru love cheyaru.even ravish kuda alanti vaade.but atarv is her fst love.adhe atharva place lo fst nundi ravish unte memu sure ga ravish ne support chesevalam.we r not supporting vikram or shanky just we r supporting fst love& which is true love I hope u understand.

    • shivani

      @sudheer There is no point in still hoping for ra…vidha. even ravish accepted vitharv and their love but still fans cant seem to…how much more proof is required to prove this…directors do everything they can to maintain their trp but in the end it will be vitharv only. Vitharv will unite and together they will fight with the society and kailash kashyap..and hopefully ravish will support them in this…

    • Pinky

      @sudheer u r right. Or dekho vividha ko ravish ka phone call ne kitna strong bana dia, jiske wajese wo maut se bhi ladhgai… Kya baat hai isse kehete ek selfless ove.
      Vividha ka wo last one dialogue…… “mere lia nehi to sehi sujata chchi ke iia hi sehi or wo bhai ke lia jo tum par jaan chedkta hai”wow! ye saab se main to sure hun ki ravidha will unite by makers.
      Sorry fans aisa mujhe lagta hai baas…

    • sudheer

      Yes pinky ur right. I agree with u.
      I strongly belief dis show main content ravidha unite & adharva’s peace full life. Let us see what about feature episodes ?

  7. Sona

    Atharv will be fine but his mental health will be the same means he won’t get better.
    I hv seen a video in youtube were Vividha is scolding Ravish for letting his car keys to Atharv nd Ravish is convincing her that he didn’t.

  8. Shani

    Omg nw im getting confused . wht vl be vividhas decision ? she shuld tld Suman abt her and Atharvs relation . pls unite our Vitharv .

  9. Vamshi

    Dear writer Get atharv back to his senses n then lets see who plays an important role in vividhas life…y to compare a mentally il person to a strong character…

  10. Ramya

    Vividha why so tensed when ur past comes in front of Suman????? It will be better for her na.pls Mr director for audience shake don’t create confusion b/w ra…..vidha and vitharv.pls show what are u showing from ep1.that is all about atharv

  11. nandini

    i hope that vividha should choose atharv only . director ji plz unite our vitharv we want them back in full form

  12. nandini

    i hope that vividha should choose atharv only.director ji plz unite vitharv . we want them back.

    • Suman

      Wt choosing yar already she choosen atharv long back. No question of choosing now. She made clear she only loves atharv.

  13. Naina 15

    unnecessarily dragging this story .. just waiting for vitharv official unite <3.. I've a doubt on suman mataji if she really didn't listen whole words of viv .. don't know..

  14. xyz

    I want only vitharv not ravidha.pls unite vitharv.becz vitharv has the true love.their love based on trust of each other.even a forced marrig can never break it.vivi u pls choose yr atharv.u are only of atharv.nt ravishs.got it

    • Natalya

      I agree. Because of her one is injured and suffering. It would be better if they get a new girl for arthav. It’s weird that no one told Ravish about Vid family injustice to his brother. Both should let her go. The story is too messed up now for Arthav Vid story to continue.

  15. jayeda

    i am just confused. Both Atharv and Ravish, are good persons and both of them deserves vividha. if we think vividha’s first love then Atharv gets the priority but what about the marriage of vividha and Ravish? isn’t Marriage an important ties of our life? Don’t know what Mr/Mrs. director wants.

    • sohini

      exactlyyyyyy!! yhis is such a hypothetical situation if we try to keep our sentiments aside before reaching a conclusion then we’ll realise that its impossible to keep both the parties happy.since our childhood only we dream of a perfect lyf partner our lovestory our dreams n trust n when we talk abt this we would always say never to break trust of our loved ones but when we reach to this institution calles as marriage then its like an assurance a sacred relationship where u hav n hav to believe ur partner no matter what.either we choose this one or later then also voices r gonna be raised up.i myself want vitharv but practically thinking (just don’t imagine ravish but a person as good as him in ur lyf)thn what do u think does that person deserve all this?
      i kno u will say that its about freedom my choice n all that but how can somebody live happily after ditching him?this serial is giving me goosebumbs i just don’t kno what our society is turning into ?complexe situation no? i lik atharv but feel bad for ravish

  16. Nikhat

    Hi guys….tired of dis drama….let dem unite yaar….wat are dey wanted to show…..I want VITHARV union….dying to see dem together…..jst want VITHARVA….VVITHARVA…VITHARVA…AND ONLY VITHARVA…..

  17. Basu priya

    Everyone r fighting abt whom does vividha choose….its directordirectors wish he|she can go wid either of them…he|she can make vivida fall fr ravish frgeting old love or else go wd atharv….I m fed up of dis….i dont like iff the priority change by sircumstances….i had seen in many serials like swaragini,udan,kaala Tika…

  18. Riya Sahu

    I think Atharva will be shifted into coma and Ravish will be safe. Vividha please show your concern for Atharva not for Ravish. This is becoming a very injustice 2 Atharva he is the one who loved Vividha. And this Ravish came two days before and became God for Vividha. We want justice for Atharva and Vitharva back or else all the lovers of Vitharva JNDSD will quit watching this show.

  19. Anam

    Hello nazneen suman and friends Amazing 😉 EpI loved it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 epi was rocking but now put a new dilemma about Guudis murder

  20. saranjit

    vividha needs to make decision. sujata is absolutely right…how long will she stay quiet. Suman praises vividha too much . first of all she should have walked away from the that house long time ago. Ravish could have still provide care for his bro.

  21. Suji

    Hi all…..am new here…..all of u fighting for vitharv and ravish…..is that the only reason the serial built upon….?come on guyzzzz….now story repeats here that atharv will get fine now bu ravish get injured I think……for ravish(it may be frndship,love,responsibility) vividha Wil stuck here…….let’s hope for the best..don’t fight guyzz

  22. Karan

    Hello guys, well we all know who Vividha loves and wants to be with so there is no point of arguments. The question here i how is Vividha going to break her silence and will the circumstances help. She has to show the same guts and tell them the truth. If Atharva gets well there r chances he might sacrifice his love for Ravish and that could lead to further mess.

    Vividha, the bravery u should is all becoz of Atharva, now own up and tell them abt who and what Atharva really means 2 u. You will save every1 from pain.

  23. shivani

    I have no idea why some people are still hoping for ra…vidha. As someone else here said, what vividha is showing towards ravish is just gratitude and respect. Obviously she will feel guilty and thats the only reason. There is no need to intrepret it as love. True love only happens once and that has already happened for vividha and atharv. And anyway ravish can never love vividha to the extend that atharv loved her….
    All the people who supports ra….vidha thinks about ravish only. Why dont you all think from atharv’s side as well? For ravish his first priorty is his nation. But for atharv its not like that. He has only two priorties in life..sujatha and vividha. Ravish had a father and a family to take care of him in his childhood but atharv didnt get any of those. All his life he had to hear accusations on his paternity. He already lost a father’s love and care to ravish( not that its his fault) but is it fair if atharv loses his love to ravish as well? Afterall atharv has to get justice somewhere.
    And anyway even ramakanth wanted vitharv union. He had witnessed their love for himself and wanted to unite them. And now they have sujatha’s suppoet as well.
    So its gonna be vitharv only.

  24. nidha

    Some people aren’t ready to accept the fact that”vitharve will unite”,although there is proofs for vitharve reunion and the present situation is also favourable for vitharve
    But some people still stick to ravidha
    We will waste our typing energy if we try to make understand ravidha fans,who don’t wanna understand the fact that “vitharve will unite”
    But am 102% sure that vitharve will unite…
    Vitharve 💖
    Vitharve 💖
    Vitharve 💖
    Vitharve 💖
    Vitharve 💖

    • 143

      Well [email protected]…. these Ravidha fans 😨😥😠😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😩😩😩😩😩

  25. nidha

    Guys am refreshing vitharve moments by watching Malayalam version of jndsd from beginning 😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Am glad that , again i got a chance to watch the sweet nok-jhok of vividha&Atharv ….they r too adorable….wow …am happy

  26. Apple

    Simple show going too worst day by day…. First cv’s made vitharv separation and Atharv mentally ill. Now they are doing same mistake again by put him like dead or coma in hospital bed. Till Atharv get back, story goes wrong ways…
    Let Atharv get fine Then do wat every do vitharv or ra…vidha ill.
    By Making Atharv ill. Show loss its strength. Even u show so much sacrifice of Ravish for country or for his family or for vitharv. It won’t get strength to your story. First thing u have make Atharv fine,he is strength for dis show.
    Atharv Atharv Atharv…. Has to come back at any cost…. Just do that
    .remaining all next…

  27. priya

    I know hre mny ppl saying vividha inclined towards ravish bt do u ppl thnk dat’s a gud fact… if atharv ws died during dat mrg tym means k vividha cn move on bt hre suitition s atharv suffering mental prob because of hz luv towards vividha. if c moved on knowing atharv condition it l b a blunder… hr luv l luk lyk fake

  28. 143

    Arey…yar Ravidha fans@(sudheer and pinky) I don’t understand u guys r so blind…. U guys can only hear and watch small things wat vividha say or do for Ravish.but u guys r blind in ur sense to know…wat was Atharv for vividha and what she did for him. Atharv is vividha’s life and her soul…. How many times vividha has to recall u guys,,,,that ….they r two bodies with one soul

  29. Nikh...

    please yaar please…
    for our sake please bring back atharv sujata at normal condition then only this ra……….vidha ra………….vidha comments will stop
    please writers and directors this is a request from all vitharv fans..

  30. Mr.White

    Oh god…what’s going on with dis show.
    Murder track to terrorist attacks.. Wat d hell connection with terrorist.
    Guddi murdered by ?????(Avinash) linked with terrorist….. Biggest foolish thought by director.. that an army man like Avinash having affair with ravish’s bua and he was helping Terrorist…. Is he a army man or a fool to help?????and the question is y Avinash helped terrorist???
    After vitharv separation… Not only Atharv lost his sense..but also director.
    A big question raising in mind

    Still how many hits on Atharv head remained?????
    Let me hit on ur head plzzzzzz director sir……..🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨💪💪💪💪👊👊👊👊👊🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨

  31. Anam

    Yar Sab Tina paglr hai director sab your making it bbbbooooooorrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg.
    …….. this is unblievable atharve went on a 2 days leave and when he’s back COMA!!!!!!!
    …,,…………………….what the hell is Happening here.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Yar sab log ka questions ma awnswer kar ma kee ty kar tee hoo…
    1)who will vividah choose😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Vividah will choose either ravish or atharve for sure…….
    But i think 💭 ravishe will handover her to atharve or maybe opposite 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Love ❤️ vitharve

    2)what will happen to ravish if vividah leaves 👋 him….

    I don’t think that migh happen maybe atharve. Ravish vividah will live together????

    That may happen because all of India 🇮🇳 knows about their marriage

  32. Suman

    Wow vividha confessed her love for atharv with Suman. Plz don’t ask ra…. Vidha at least from now. 💔

  33. Meethu Shivaraman

    Vivida should choose Raavish….he is the one who is supporting her and taking care of her. He was unaware about her past. So why he has to suffer.Thats not fair he shd get his share of love. Poor chap. After all he his married to her. Remember Hum dil de chuke sanam. Marriage never fails…pls dont prove ppl wrong with arrange marriafes.Ravish is a perfect husband for vivida.

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