Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone reaching park and looking for Madhav. Vividha says why can’t we see him. Ravish and Atharv look around. She sees a boy and shouts Madhav. She runs and hugs him, saying don’t leave me again. She sees some other boy. They get shocked. She says Atharv… and cries. Atharv asks how did you get this bag. The boy says it was here, so I picked it. Atharv says tracker is in bag, where are your parents. The boy shows there. Ravish says where is Madhav. Vividha asks them to find him. Atharv says where to find him. Sujata says where will Madhav be. Vividha says I don’t know anything, find him. Ravish says calm down. The boy says Madhav is from my school, an aunty took him along and I took this bag, that aunty took him that way. Ravish says that’s ring road


Kangana brings Madhav to her home and asks him to wait for big surprise. Vividha says what shall we do now. Atharv says maybe aunty said something to Madhav, did you hear anything. The boy says Madhav was asking about picnic, aunty said we can’t go home, as we are going somewhere else, she took Madhav. Ravish says we can find a cliff towards that ring road. Atharv asks boy to go to his parents. Madhav asks whose house is this. Kangana says our house. Madhav says I want to stay with my mum and dad. She says this is your house, there are many toys, see its better. He says I don’t want to stay. She says I will get angry. He says I will also get angry.

Madhav argues with her. She says you won’t go anywhere. She asks him to shout. Atharv and everyone are on the way. Vividha says where will we find him, if he does anything to Madhav. Ravish says we won’t find solution this way, that mountain way is close. Kangana talks to Madhav. She says I knew you will agree to me, everything will be amazing, see this toy, its cute, all this is for you, play with this. He looks at her.

Vividha says we won’t get Madhav this way. Atharv asks her to calm down. Ravish says we need to focus now. Kangana says there are many good stories for you, just listen to me, I feel bad when you don’t listen to me, we promised to stay as one team. He sees her phone. He says I will agree to you, promise. She gets glad. She says you don’t know you gave me big happiness. He says I m feeling hungry, can I get a milkshake. She says I have cold drink at home. He says I want milkshake. She says fine, I will make something. She goes. Atharv and everyone is on the way. Madhav calls Vividha and gets number unreachable. Kangana says I will make noodles tonight, I m very happy. He calls Atharv and can’t connect. She says I wanted us to have a small world, see we will be happy, will you have something with milkshake. He says no, just milkshake. He calls Ravish.

Ravish gets the call. Vividha answers call. Madhav talks to them. She asks Madhav is he fine, where is he. Madhav says I m with Kangana aunty. She says talk loud, I can’t hear you. He says I can’t talk loud, Kangana will hear me, she brought me to some house. Atharv asks are you fine. Madhav says yes, I m fine, Kangana is getting angry sometimes, we are in big bungalow, she got me much far from park. Kangana says milk shake is ready. Madhav keeps the phone. Atharv says I have put phone on mute, she can’t hear us, we can hear her. Madhav drinks milkshake and asks Kangana what’s this place, are we very far from them. She says yes, we are much away, we are on mountain, we can see everyone, but none can see us. Madhav smiles. Everyone hear him. Ravish says he is trying to show us the way. They hear Madhav.

Madhav guides them by repeating the landmarks. Kangana says I will tell you a nice story, come. She sees her phone. She checks on the ongoing call to Ravish and gets shocked. She disconnects the call and gets angry. Everyone reach there. Atharv says we have to be careful, maybe Kangana has laid some trap, Ravish and I will enter the house first. They look for Madhav everywhere. They see Kangana. Atharv asks where is Madhav. Kangana shows Madhav. Madhav cries. He asks Atharv to save him. Kangana says don’t worry Madhav, now none can make you away from me. She smiles.

Kangana asks them not to come close, else she will jump down along with Madhav. Ravish says we don’t want to hurt you, just give Madhav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode was stolen by madhav such a cute and intelligent expressions he gave.very clever.by this v can say that he is our vitharv son but what about kangana why she is doing this?who is that man behind her?will come out soon I think.

    Guys i know this is out of our topic but want to ask…do anyone know why kattappa killed bahubali.feeling very curious to know it.pls say me if anyone knows..

    1. Yaaa ..bhallaldev gave katappa 2 option either to save bahubali’s son and wife or save bahubali so to ensure that the prince of maheshmati is safe and will become future king kattapa killed bahubali!

    2. Sivagami will send baahubali and devasena out of the house Becoz they ll make contempt of court and thn they ll live a normal life with common ppl thn bhala will make a plan of attempt to murder on himself and he tells sivagami that bahu tried to kill him so sivagami with much amgry tell katapa to kill bahu.
      kill bahu, bhal can’t kill Becoz he is d king of mahismati

      1. Guys dont leak the spoilers…a lot of ppl read them and its not fair for ppl who like suspense!!!

    3. Bhalla became king becos bahu baby has to choose bw his love and king so he choose love and bhalla became king, watch movie u ll get clarity. Listening movie won’t give u kick enjoy baahubali

    4. Thank u priya or priyal 4r ur explanation.I am going to watch it after exams ????…

      1. *Sry it is priya and priyal

  2. Still Madhav – Kangana relation not revealed. Don’t know what Kangana is upto. But Sara Khan is really a good actor. Her expressions always have some or the other negative shade vibes. Today everyone were brilliant in their acting. Think there will again be a leap of 6 months after this track. I have seen some pictures in twitter the other day, the script copies of Shivani. After leap the original track may come up.
    Link for leak source :

    1. Thank u sooo much veer.I also don’t know how many times i saw that video on shivis ig story to see what was there in that paper and today because of u I saw it.thank u soo much….

  3. Oh my god u kagana.. ?????But nice idea by cute madav?

    1. of cousrse!!!!

  4. Any delhite here????
    Pleaseee koi batao delhi mein kaun sa mountain hai bhyii?
    I’ve been staying here for more than a decade haven’t yet discovered a mountain in delhi!??
    Btw..I think now madhav is the one jiske liye shown ka naam rkha hai “Jaana na dil se door”
    Hadd hogyiii pata nhi kaha se kaha chli gyi itni cute love story!

    1. Chill Priyal, it’s only a fiction. Actually they are not even shooting in Delhi.
      On story thing yes it’s somewhat off track but still its related to Madhav who is son of Vitharv. Every day can’t be Sunday right. Generally beauty of love stories ends with marriage(In most of the daily SOAP’S). CV’S really have a task cut out in their hands to really bring back the essence, magic of Vitharv love. This is really a test to their creativity. This kind of story line (beautiful love story leading to marriage after hell lot of struggles and the same intense/passionate love after marriage and after having child.) is never touched before so they can’t get any references of how the story should be crafted. The phases till Atharv getting hit on head and Vividha marrying Ravish to save Atharv is one of its kind and I don’t think it will ever be seen on TV in future. I can definitely say that it cannot be recreated.
      I hope the next track atleast gives some glimpses of what we have seen in phase 1,2,3. I’m really being optimistic in this regard.

      Hope I did convince you with my explanation. If I didn’t convince you I’m sorry. Just Chill.

      1. Yes Veer I’m quite convinced but still can’t stop laughing ???
        I’m why are cv’s who were once so logical..those scenes when atharv aksed vividha not to cover her face while on a ride with him..are now showing scenes of acid poured on ground..snake poison kept inside bangle (first I thought it was cyanide and believed that yes it could be possible but snake poison Bwhahaahaha xD)..you said Vitharv marriage was the ultimate goal of the show but remember how did they ruin the most awaited moment of the show from day one by showing everything in a single episode!
        Vikram Singh Chauhan ..Shashank Vyas and Shivani surve have definitely got a lot of fan following but the show has lost a fan (Me).
        They continued stupid tracks for more than 9-10 months instead of this they would have shown more struggles of vitharv that would actually be the right test!
        Well,you’ve asked me to chill and yes it’s just a show so thankyou so much 🙂

      2. No no Priyal I didn’t mean that Vitharv marriage was the ultimate goal of the show. I only meant that mostly love stories ends with marriage. But JNDSD is the story of AtharVividha, their love, their struggles, their happiness, their dreams, their goals and their life. JNDSD is incomplete without showing all these.

        Yes, I agree there were stupid tracks in the story line but these tracks also had the Vitharv struggles. I can definitely say that the only track that made people loose intrest in the show is the post 4year leap track and the episode before the leap. Others were ok. I don’t think CV’S wanted to end Suman’s character with black magic track. I read somewhere that she wanted to quit the show so CV’S had to put an end to her character.
        I can’t even guess what’s the problem with CV’S y they have fallen so low in their creativity. Maybe they were over burdened because it’s a 7days show but I can’t think so because they were brilliant in the first 3 months.
        I think had they stuck to the true story they would have got many ideas. They lost their creativity after Vashists introduction and they couldn’t balance Shashank and Vikram.
        The marriage episode was hurried. They should have shown the love journey of Vitharv, their vachans during phere’s.

      3. Actually if they want to add twists in the story line they should bring some new characters who would bring new hurdles in their life. New characters can help freshen up things and CV’S will have some space to mould the story. JNDSD CV’S are too hurried they want the twists every other day. Instead, after every track there should be some transition episodes where they show happy moments of the leads. This will make viewers and fans happy.
        Priyal, be optimistic soon u will get to see real Vitharv love story back from the next track.

    2. i think they have gone outside of delhi or may be u r right they have lost it

  5. think kangana is bad so bad so bad mind I hate her god plsss save madhav only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  6. Madhav………. U proved it u r vitharv son….. Such a smart boy…… Today i cant see episode but only read updates…. SPA#hope vitharv win……

  7. Madhav………. U proved it u r vitharv son….. Such a smart boy…… Today i cant see episode but only read updates…. SPA#hope vitharv win……

  8. Plzzzzzz vote for vitharv starparivar award idont hav Twitter ac

  9. Waah Madhav atharv sujata very smart move boy!!!

  10. Veer sorry for asking aapko e kaisa mil gye u know 1 month back someone leaked the script in ishqbaaz then gul mam banned the media I know these are only 2,3 lines but still

    1. Don’t know someone posted it on twitter. I have given the source link in my previous comment. I guess it was taken from video of shivik but not sure about it.

      1. I am sure it was from shivanis ig story. it was just 1 day back one.actually it was on shivanis lap.she was talking video of scrap book given to her by one of her fan down of that this script paper was there.I saw that video manyyyyy times to see what is written on that but can’t.some one had zoomed it and kept in twitter now u have shared with us.thank u 4r that.

        Helly I think ur doubt is cleared ???

  11. Hi guys I am new here. My name is Naina. I am also interested to know why Kanagawa is doing this. Also I guess that K in kangana’s phone represent Kailash Kashyap. We can wait and watch.

    1. u r welcome naina

  12. hi everyone.episode was good.

    does anyone know spa link cz tomorrow voting will get started

  13. Today was Madhav’s day. He was awesome . Today again he proved that he is none other than our vidharv’s son. No one can say that he is not their son , aftr seeing today’s episode. May be kangana reveal the truth tomorrow and hope the man behind her will also come in frnt of everyone soon. Just waiting fr that : end of this track and come back of our old jndsd. Guyz, i saw in twitter that our vidharv is in second position. What is this frnds? Shivay and anikha is in the first position. How is this possible frnds? I heard that public voting will start frm may 1 . Then what is this voting ? Who is deciding this voting status? Gud night vitharvians.

    1. Hai udha chechi happy to c u back studies busy arikumala….good night chechi

      1. Sry its usha chechi sry…..???

      2. Hi Vismaya, busy annu. Bt time kittumbol cmnt cheyyarundu. 2 divasam ayyi current off ayirunnu. So phn sarikku charge cheyyan pattiyilla. Episodes um kandilla. Cmnts um vayikkan kazhinjilla. Atha karanam. Allenkil bus il ayal polum njan cmnt cheyyan nokkarundu.Gud night dear.

    2. Shivaay and Anika? WHAT! That’s an average couple. They’re too on and off. Infact, it took a while for Shivaay to even publicly announce Anika as his wife. If they win that award, it will be injustice. That show sucks! DBO is better. Much more action and drama.

      1. I don’t know dear. When i saw it in twitter i could n’t understand that. Bcz among the 4 nominations, Vidharv is the only one who deserve to be the best pair award. Even me too didn’t understand abt that status , that’s why i discuss abt it with u all . Plz any one tell me : Is this the real status of voting?

      2. Ishqbaaz being a prime time show has good fan following. It’s even one of the highest watched show on HOTSTAR and Online. Fandoms are always biased, so there’s NO chance that they would vote the deserved. Out of 4 the most deserved in the order would be
        1) Vitharv – bcoz they’re eternal.
        2) KaiRa – they care 4 each other.
        3) Shivika – they started trusting eachother recently
        4) IshRa – They have lost the spark between them.

        It’s not real voting but a poll. I guess they wanted to check the enthusiasm among the fandoms before the actual voting which starts from 1st May.

      3. Really veer, Is this not a real voting ? I don’t know how to express my happiness by hearing this. Thank u dear. And yes veer, u r right. Vidharv is the only pair who deserve this award. Shivay didn’t accept anikha frm the beginning since she was not in his range , not even tried to respect her as a woman. He forced her to marry him ,bt not ready to accept her as a wife . Like this other two r also not deserve to be the best pair. Our vidharv should defntly win this ,bcz they only defines the definition of love , care , affection and mutual respect between the soul mates. Gud mrning veer and once again thank u fr ur news.

  14. just loved madhav’s acting. frankly telling his eyes are soo big n beautiful that i felt like kiss his cheeks and adore him. he is soooooo cute

    1. Mee tooooo ????

  15. good night vithar fans try to vote them as much as u can more than shivika. all of u who don’t have twitter plz… open an account n vote unlimited till last date

  16. *vitharv

  17. @XYZ, u know dear I had send 3 cmnts fr u in the mrning .Bt they didn’t publish yet since it was in malayalam. I couldn’t watch last two day’s episode and also couldn’t read cmnts bcz there was no current in our region due to rain ( in last 2 nights) and kseb works ( in day time) . Anyway happy to see u back dear. which exam did u say abt yesterday. Is there any bank exam or ssc exam now? Did u apply to LDC exam? How is ur studies? Aailya is also missing frm here now a days? What happend to her? Do her exams over now? Srry dear there will be more grammar mistake in my cmnts. Bcz i ‘m so weak in English. I know only maths well , and in other subjects , i ‘m a big zero. That’s why I missed ibps exam in 2014. I had scored well in all papers including english. Bt it was too low , so that I couldn’t get the overall cut off marks. Then my father told me that i should only concentrate on maths. So I left bank coaching . I really miss u here. Nammal mallus nodu sarikku samsarichittu ethra nalayenno. Sweety yeyum kanane illa. Sweety ivide varumbo njan undakilla. Atha karanam.Aailya yeyum kanunnilla. Sarikkum sankadam thonni. Ningalokke ullathu konda njan ividunnu pokathathu. Pakshe last week ellavareyum miss cheythu. Any way ini divasathil oru neramenkilum varane plz. One more question: Than ethu college la degree cheythathu? Veruthe chodhichatha.Just ariyuvan vendi. Srry this cmnt is too long. Bt saramilla, ethra nalayi kandittu. Atha. Gud night dear.

    1. Hi Usha dear.No pblm .sometimes they never publish our comments. some of my cmmnts also didn’t publish yesrdy.
      I had some model tests in my center as my LD xms r coming and also I had MTS (ssc) xm on this Sunday. Next Sunday also mail guard xm.so I was too busy.
      Didn’t u applied these tests?
      And I also left bank coaching now as I was fed up with bank tests and losing cutt off marks by .001 difference.
      Aailya had her semester xms.Don’t know it was over r nt.
      Njanum aailya ye wait cheykaya. Pinne grammar onnum nokkanda namukku chatan. Njnm busy ayi type chymbl grammar palappozhum nokkarilla.
      So no pblm.
      Eppozhathe track nalla bore aya kondu Ippo regular ayi cmnt cheyyane thonnunilla. Etrem pettennu old vitharv thirike vannal matyarnnu.
      Pinne njn degree cheythathu MMNSS college, kottiyam. Usha evideya degree cheythe?
      Ok dear.
      good n8

      1. Hi , All the best fr ur exams. I will defntly pray fr u. Njan psc ku apply cheyyunnilla.Only concentrating on net exam now . njan bsc in NSS Nilamel and msc in SN kollam. Gud night dear.

    2. Helloooo usha chechi!
      Exam ayirunno any ways happy that u r back ..now there is not much to comment about the episode .
      I’m waiting for their return back to ajmer

      1. Me too waiting fr that Sandy. Exam allayirunnu. nammude region il 2 days aayi current illayirunnu ( mazha & kseb works) .class ullathinal phn charge cheyyanum kazhinjilla. So both episods & cmnting section miss cheythu. Gud aftr noon dear.

  18. Sunanda12345

    Hiii guys….
    Wt is this kanagana doing…is she really mother 2 madhav? ??then who is vitharv child???

  19. Sunanda12345

    @@@viz pinky yesterday u asked about my dp na…it’s was old one…vitharv mehandi function pic of ajmer…when I will change dp..you always give complement…tq sooooo much??

    Why can’t you register?????

    1. Really it was one of the best pic of vitharv akka.ya I will register after my exams recently i have joined in twitter only 4r vitharv only 4r them and to vote them after i settle in some bachelor corse i will join in all social medias and then i will keep beautiful dp of vitharv???

      1. Sunanda12345

        That’s gud pinky….even i also sign up to twitter for vitharv….

        Today onwards my finals exams..

      2. All the best 4r ur exams akka????can i know what u r studying and from which place u r???

      3. Hi Pinky,me too opened a twitter acc. only fr our vidharv .Since i ‘m busy in net coaching ,i’ll active in all social media only aftr my exam. It will be in june18. Gud aftr noon dear.

  20. Good morning Suman di, Joe di, Karan bhayya, Naveen bhayya,143 di,143K,Xyz di,
    Aailya di,Usha di,Sunanda di,Sweety di,
    Aleya Marzan di,Diya di,VizPinky di,Vimala di,Veer,Raone bhayya,Ooshi bhayya,Helly,
    Vismaya di,Linah di,Priyal and all Vitharvians.
    Yesterday I commented but those stupids didn’t published my comments. My internals are over yesterday all I wrote good but 2 I didn’t write good(civil &electrical).

    1. Sunanda12345

      Gm nazneen

      1. gud morning Nazneen,, have a nyc day.

      2. good after noon nazneen di

    2. Hi Nazneen , gud mrning dear. Have a nice day.

    3. Gud mrng nazneen dear have a nice day ????

    4. Good mrng nazneen

    5. Gud noon nazneen dear
      Happy that u wrote ur exams well?

  21. This time no ekta serials no way if so is not biased they have to give chance to other pH also please star parivaar awards consider non balaji pH also ?

  22. Guys today it’s madhavs birthday just now i saw it via priyankas ig story.so let sing 4r him happy birthday to u…. happy birthday to u.??????…happy birthday to u dear madhav happy birthday to uuuuu.??????????????
    Don’t know it is real life birthday or reel life but on cake name written is madhav…

    Jndsd family let’s wish madhav ????????

    1. Sunanda12345

      Happy birthday kabir…..have a blast brd ???????????

    2. Pinky , if it is reel ,then when will they show it on tv ? We should celebrate then dear. Anyway now we can give only advance happy birthday wishes to our cute beta.

  23. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTdacYrDWAj/
    After sooo many days viv in sari????but what is this sara was back to vashisht house???did they forgive her.without father(atharv)they r celebrating madhavs birthday.my vikku was looking hot in his frns mrg ???

    1. Ya nice pic and its madhav’s b’day
      Hbd madhav/kabir dear??????

    2. Now again a love triangle track between Guddi, Ravish, Kangana I think. Hope atleast now Vitharv will not have any drama for few episodes. Happy Vitharv Madhav moments and triangular love drama should be the track.

  24. Why mad and ath DNA not matching why she’s obsessed with madhav

  25. https://t.co/ZwcH3SVpXq
    Vote for vitharv.whoever couldn’t vote in twitter just vote this time for our vitharv .Everybody can vote(if this link will work )

    1. We can do multiple votes there by refreshing the page.Do it for our vitharv

  26. Aleya.marzan

    hi good after noon to all .i’m verry happy cz my sis approved me to have twitter,gmail and register telly update page. they never forbade to have this but as my xam was going on so they didn’t allow me but now i’m happy

  27. Aleya.marzan

    hey i’m that old aleya just got registered myself.

    Suman di, Joe di, Karan bhayya, Naveen bhayya,143 di,143K,Xyz di,
    Aailya di,Usha di,Sunanda di,Sweety di,
    nazneen di,Diya di,VizPinky di,Vimala di,Veer,Raone bhayya,Ooshi bhayya,Helly,
    Vismaya di,Linah di,Priyal and all Vitharvians just cheers ????????

    n a very happy birthday to kabir

  28. I think its not kabirs its madhav bday anyways that kiddo is a bliss for us and treat for us waiting for ravish how his track unfolds sometimes I’m liking guddi sometimes kangana and pls give a proper luv story for ravish also today I felt bad for her I think kk is behind all I mean kidnapping and all vineeth sir also started shooting I think

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