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The Episode starts with Vividha threatening Kailash for breaking the truth out. Kailash asks her to go. Kalindi taunts Vividha that she is one such bride who is not crying. Kailash says Vividha is very sad and holding her pain and tears, she is not expressing. Suman says she is soldier’s wife, and is strong. Daddy ji asks Vividha to take blessings from everyone. Vividha hugs her family and cries. She stares at Kailash, and takes his blessings alongwith Ravish. Vividha hugs Uma and says Maa, you have to find Atharv.

Vividha says this marriage does not mean to me, I did this marriage to save Atharv’s life, this devil has beaten up Atharv so badly, if I left mandap, he would have killed Atharv, kill you do this, promise me you will find Atharv, please save him. Uma nods. Suman

and family greet Kailash and others. Suman says I know Vividha, its tough to leave our family and enter other family, I promise you will not find love less here, this house is yours too, as its mine.

Vividha goes upstairs, and everyone get surprised. Suman asks Bhoomi to show room to Vividha. Suman sees Ravish hurt and asks him did he get hurt. Ravish says nothing serious, I promised you I will come and I came. Daddy ji asks him about wound. Ravish says I have handled the wound, its not much, I m fit. Suman says wound handling is taught here since childhood. Ravish smiles.

Kalindi, Bhoomi and Ravish’s sister takes Vividha to the room. Kalindi taunts Vividha that this room is much bigger than yours, we will send the groom, take rest. Bhoomi comments on Vividha’s attitude. Kailindi says she is so LS, and goes.

Suman does the aid to Ravish’s wound and says I know you were not ready for this, Vividha is a nice girl, you can’t get anyone better than her, she loves you a lot, even Vividha did not get chance to see you and know you, but she has accepted you as her life, you have to accept her completely, you are her happiness, you are in her heart and mind. He recalls Vividha seeing his wound bleeding and crying, and smiles.

Vividha sees the room decorations. She holds the rose petals and recalls Atharv’s words. She sits crying and thinks of their love moments. Suman says Vividha will give you so much love so that you will have to work hard to miss your mum. He holds her hand and asks are you happy. She smiles and says what do you want. He says I think you are happy but.. She says but you want to hear it from me, I m very happy, really, I m happy because I know Vividha will not just give you status of husband and respect, she will love you by heart, you both did not see each other, but she would be thinking of you while sitting in the room, go.

Vividha says where are you Atharv, and cries. Uma and everyone come home back. Uma sees Atharv’s house locked. Guddi checks the stable and sees the lock. Dadi looks for Atharv. Uma asks Guddi to give the phone. Kailash says don’t call. Uma does not listen to him and calls Atharv.

She gets the number off and cries. She says Atharv and Sujata’s phones are off, where is Atharv. Kailash says don’t know. Uma asks where is Atharv. Kailash asks her to keep tone low. Uma says I have learnt raising hand too along with voice, you will be hurt seeing that, where is Atharv. He says don’t know. Uma says I will find out, I have to find out, I promised Vividha.

Daddy ji comes and asks Ravish all well, what thing do you find less between wine and medicine. Ravish says I m fine. Daddy ji says medicine by mum’s hand heals well, you know what happened in this house, I want you to give much love to your wife that she does not miss her family, this will be your new mission. Ravish says yes.

Ankit asks Kailash why are they asking for Atharv, he is gone from our life. Uma says I have to know where did he go, he is true son who respects mum, not a useless and ill mannered son like you, get lost from here. Ankit goes.

Uma asks Kailash to answer her. She says I have to tell Vividha where is Atharv and how is he. Kailash says Vividha is married and she does not need to know about Atharv. Uma says Vividha can’t change by marriage or suhaagraat, her soul and body are part of Atharv, I know bad happened with Atharv, tell me where is he. Kailash says don’t know, I don’t care. Uma asks him to start caring, Vividha did this deal to save Atharv’s life, if she knows Atharv is not fine, she will break this marriage and come back, and you won’t be able to show your face in your so called respectable society, so pray that Atharv is fine, I know my daughter, she won’t let anyone’s shadow touch her, it may happen that Vividha comes back to her Maayka on her Suhaagraat. He gets shocked. Uma leaves.

Ravish’s sister tells him to check his initial on Vividha’s hand. Vividha says there is Atharv’s name of my mind and soul. Vividha burns her hand by the candle. Suman drops Ravish to room. Vividha shouts get lost and leaves him out of the room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Whose locked sujata’s house and stables? I think kailash has taken atharv somewhere. Why isn’t he shown today? Where are they? Wonder what will happen when ravish and family find out the truth. Please writers do something different and not copy films.

  2. nicoooo

  3. mast

  4. Very very sad episode

  5. i loved the scene .uma raising her voice infront evil “kailash kasyap “

  6. precap won’t be true.. it may be.. evil kailash OR vividha’s imagination

  7. indera sanichara

    If anyone has a heartless n criminal father like kailash in your country please pack your bags and walk out the backdoor and never ever think of coming in the front door again. Writers broke a million hearts to prove a killer wins shame on you guys.

  8. Suman is so enthusiastic about vividha, and when she is praising her it’s sounding ridiculous,

  9. Uma has finally got her voice, she needs to continue using it until Atharv n Sujata r located. Abdul chacha probably locked up the home or I hope he has n as far as where are they… Hopefully they got assistance from someone at the temple who is now looking after them, nursing Atharv back to health n making sure Sujata chachi r ok. Vividha can handle herself n I hope before long she says something to Ravish. He may fall for her but Vividha can’t think of anyone else as her life partner. Atharv loht kar ayegha… Is ka vachan hai… Aur Atharv ka vachan is keh pehchan hai…..Then watch out Kailash Kashyap n Ankit, he won’t spare you this time. He Wil b bk stronger than ever, n he Wil bring bk his family just wait n watch ?

  10. Suman was acting as though whatever she’s saying it s true and vividha really loves ravish and that she’s a soldiers wife and knows how to control her emotions. Wonder what’ll be her response tomorrow.

  11. feeling sad fr both atharva and ravis’s family….as both r innocent and r traped…

    ne way nice to see uma raising her voice,and according to me atharva is on treatment so he is nt shown,bt as soon as he gets well,he will hv to face another bitter truth”marriage of viv”

    hope god him strength and dont let him shatter and he should take revenge and get viv back….

    nw viv have a very strong weapon tht is telling the truth of kailash if he tries to harm him…

    and atharva will be back as it is pre-written may be the track may go little filmy bt it would end up in its own style as said by sujatha’s cast earlier….

    so we just hv to wait fr the ra8 time bt i think it will take a long time… 🙁

    1. in 4 th line him is fr atharva

  12. i am also missing atharv

  13. hey guys gud news!!!

    i just got hint abt atharva

    he will be on screen frm 2 nd oct ths sunday…

    bt it is bringing so much of emotional scenes…almost tears in our eyes

    fr further go onto twitter

    bt bad news too

    may be 2moro or day after tht viv will be seen helping ravish by bandaging his wound as she will feel sry fr him…. :/ hope viv just do manking nt love as true love never happens twice(said by atharva)….

    and hopefully atharva should nt get negative as he only said viv to move on if he is nt thr with him…bt viv dont even did tht and just did everything in order to save atharva….hope tracks goes well…bt one thing is sure if viv falls fr ravish thn guys plz dont watch it ne more becz thts the xtream stupidity some one cn hv …. 🙁

  14. last para sec line its her nt him

    1. after tht too nt “dont even did” its “didn’t even do”

      sry fr mistakes

  15. Sachin tq for the gud news
    The bad news that u said is that i watched video in you tube.vivida just helped 2 ravish.ntg happened between them

  16. phew! thx fr tht info.

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