Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha asking Atharv what did he feel when he knew of his dad’s death, so much bad happened with them and Sujata. He hears Kailash and asks did you hear that voice. She asks him to answer, how did he control his emotions and anger. Atharv says I felt very bad, why are we talking this, I want to give you a good news, Kangana…. Kailash says everyone leave, I m the king. Atharv asks her what’s this voice. Kailash walks to them. Atharv gets angry and recalls Kailash. Kailash says I m a tiger, alone. Atharv gets angry and sees Vividha.

Vividha says I got him in this state on road and got him. He says you got him here. She asks what could I do, he is my dad. Kailash says freedom light is in front of me, I want freedom from all of them. Kailash acts mad. Vividha

asks Atharv not to get annoyed, look at his state, I got him from back door so that no one sees him. Kailash says I m the king, you are Praja, serve me, wash my feet. Atharv angrily shouts Kailash Kashyap and kicks him. Vividha comes in between and says please don’t beat him, he is not in his senses, he is ill. He says he was in senses when he ruined our lives. She stops him.

Kailash asks Vividha not to cry and dances. Kailash asks Atharv will he marry. Atharv gets angry and holds his hand. Vividha asks Atharv to leave him. Atharv says these hands snatched my life and gave my death, where did your anger go Vividha, this is same man whose pic you burnt and made his pyre, did your anger disappear. He throws things. Kailash says break this also.

Atharv says this is same Kailash who snatched our life, love and daughter. He tells Kailash that he will not delay in becoming Atharv Sujata. Kailash says no need to love daughter. Vividha says see his state, he is my dad, I just thought to take revenge from him, but now I m not able to do this, when I was getting drawn to crowd, I just thought this man is no one to me, I saw him, I could not leave him on road. Atharv shouts what do you want, since Khushi came, your behavior changed, I have tolerated it, I don’t accept this man to stay here, no. Kailash says I m the king. Atharv says I will break his throne. Vividha asks him to stop.

He holds Kailash. Kailash asks did you forget old friendship. Atharv recalls Khushi. He says I have old friendship with you, come. He lifts Kailash and takes him. Sujata says we have to tell Vividha that everything got fine, we got peace at home. Atharv gets Kailash there and throws in front of everyone. They all get shocked seeing him.

Atharv says this man ruined our lives, and played with everyone’s life. Sujata asks is Kailash alive. Kailash says you all came to meet king. He talks mad. Vividha says he is not in his senses, what could I do, could I leave him in this state, I got him here. Kailash says you started crying again, you are emotional.

Atharv says I don’t care where he stays, he is alive because you stopped me, he won’t stay in this house. Vividha says please. Kailash says we will go, call my chariot. Vividha says I will not abandon my dad in this state. Atharv asks do you know what are you saying. She says yes, I can’t leave him, I know he did wrong, he forgot I m his daughter, but seeing him in this state, I can’t forget he is my dad, if he was in senses, maybe I would have not forgiven him.

Atharv asks Kailash does he not know him. He makes Kailash beat him. Kailash says Atharv Sujata…… He gets a knife and stabs Atharv. They all get shocked. Atharv imagines this. Kailash asks why are you pushing me. Vividha asks Atharv to stop. Atharv says Kailash made Khushi an animal, do you want to keep him. Vividha says maybe he got hurt in car accident. Atharv says Kailash is alive, whose body was found in the car, he kept that body in his place, he is acting, why don’t you understand. Jaana na dil se door…..plays…. Everyone look on.

Sujata says we should send him to a hospital. Ravish says yes, he will be treated. Vividha says he won’t go. Kangana says how can you keep him here. Vividha asks would you do this with your dad. Atharv says our life got happiness again, this man will ruin our happiness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Usha

    @Sweety sis, i read ur yesterday ‘s cmnt just bfr. So happy to hear that u r perfectly all right now. How is ur college days ? Can u manage to cover up the missing portions . Frnds enthu parayunnu ?
    KK- Atharv face off : OMG most awaited scene. It was awesome da. I missed last 2,3 days episodes . Bt today my sis told me abt this. How can i miss such an episode ? If i missed today’s episode too, it will be a big lose fr me. Sure.
    Enikku june il exam anneda. Atha ivide athikam kanathathu. Pakshe innu njan show end cheyyan pokuva ennu kettu. Athu kettathil pinne enikku pidichunilkkan pattiyilla. Njanum star India kku mail cheythittundu. Bt reply onnum kittiyilla. Enthenkilum conformation news kittuvanenkil ariyikanam ketto.
    Pinnetha , Ummakku sukham alle ? RAMADAN MUBARK TO U AND ALL UR FAMILY MEMBERS.
    Ithavana valare special annalle. Allah ude kripa kondu molkku apathonnum varathe raksha pettille. So dhaivathodu ennum thanks parayanam.
    Arinjo, vividha veendum pazhaya vividha ayi . Original kk ‘s daughter. Atharv ne viswasikkan koottakkunnill. Ithu theerchayayum prblm akum. KK vattanennu act cheyyukaya, Atharv nu ithu manasilayi kazhinju. Bt fool vividha ithu mansilakkunnilla.
    Pinne Raveesh character end cheyyukayanennu kettu. Santhoshamayi ketto.Ippozhanu sarikkum jndsd trio aayathu : kk & vitharv . Superb alle. Ee examinu varan kanda neram. Sarikkum sankadam varunneda.
    Time kittumbol njan varam. Thanum varille ? Ini oru masam mathrame ullu ,air off news true ayal. Enikku sankalpikkane vayya. Sari pinne kanam .
    Gud night mole .
    Srry , it’s 12 20 am.Gud mrning sis.

    1. Jenny123

      Hi Usha sis..njn ippo full okkyaa..Pinne checkup in ponm next week..naale muthl collegil pokm.notes onnm ezhuthi kazhinjatilla..One month nte notes Ind..Friends okke help cheyyunund…Enikum Kure divasayit jndsd kaanan pattitilla..Pinned ramzan aayond ini ee masom Kanan pattilla..I am little more religious..So kooduthl religious karyangalil sradhiknm…Sherikm Allah de anugraham katana njn rakshapete..Athinulla njn orupaad thanks parayanund..
      Pinne vividha de ee maatam enik ishtayi..Vere onnm Alla..Ini muthl atharvinte women empowerment theory Koodi nammuk kaanalo..Avare akattan vendiya kk ee drama kalikkunnad..I am really interested..Time kittumbo njn varaam..Off air news true aavandirikn prarthilka..

    2. Sweety10

      Hi Usha sis..I too got registered..I replied you from my cousin sister’s phone but it is not shown..My phone is complaint and it will take 5 days to repair it..Jenny who is writing FF is my cousin sister..She said me that you came here and I am like..??I am waiting for your return from past days..Really miss you..

      1. Sandy17

        Wow sweety u also got registered ??

  2. Happy Ramadan to you too dear.

  3. indera sanichara

    Vividha are you crazy to bring that killer dad into your home, writers what a let down for viewers. Even if he is faking his madness or it is real get him out of your life. I think this is Kalish n Kangana plan to finish what they started all those years ago. Ravish I glad you are quitting the show. Only misery and suffering you will see now. I quit from today because Vividha betray Artharv.

  4. sehri kr li roza bnd kr lia umeed hai kr hi lia hoga bs itna hi kehna tha k namaz prh k aur 1 spara trjume k sath prh kr sona waise mujhe pta hai k main nasihat krne wali hoti kon hon lakin dil ne kaha nasihat kr do shaid koi meri nasihat pr aml kr lr

    ate sehri kept the fast hope u have done this i just want to say that sleep after saying prayer and reciting 1 spara with translation i know who am i to give u advice but my heart said that give advice may be some one act upon my advice

  5. Such a stunnig episode kk is back with his cruelness now show will rock only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  6. @veer where r u from?and in which branch u completed ur graduation?

    1. Veer

      From Hyderabad.
      Electronics & communications(ECE).

      1. Sunanda12345

        Veer bhai r u from telugu….

      2. Veer

        Ha Pakka Telugu, kaccha Hyderabadi.

    2. Pooja94

      Hey u r all from hyderabad.. U r telugu people.. Wow so many telugu people here.. im also from hyderabad

  7. Asana321

    Good morning friends . Have a sweet day to all

    Our old angry man sujatha is come back???
    Why this vividha always like this ?
    She is the real daughter of KK
    Now she forgot her revenging
    Actually this is the problem of CVS ,This CVS changing actors attitudes day by day
    One day kangana become a killer and another she is become a typical Indian serial bahu
    One day ankith become a selfish next day he is become Behan’s pyara bhai

    1. Sandy17

      Gud mng asana ?

    2. Sunanda12345

      Hiii asana

  8. Sunanda12345

    Guys guys gud news 2 all…
    Jndsd is not ending at June….sunjivpuri confirmed it….??????

    1. Sandy17

      That’s a very very happy news ??
      Thank u so much dear ?

  9. Usha

    @ Sunanda , I ‘m good. Have a little pressure of exam.Bt it ‘s ok. I feel really happy to the intense dramma of kk – Atharv face off.
    How r u dear ?
    I heard abt the air off news of jndsd. Is this true ? Any official confirmation ? Plz tell if u get any information .
    Gud mrning & have a nice day.
    Happy Ramadan to u dear.

    1. Sandy17

      Chechi , sukhano ?
      Ente cousinum net exam ezhutunnundu…chechi ee pravashyam ezhutiyirunno exam ?

      Jndsd is not going off air ??

    2. Veer

      @ Usha, don’t worry JNDSD will certainly not end in June. As of now this is the only thing that we can be assured of. After June, can’t say.
      U concentrate on your exam and don’t worry about Off-air rumours. You have already mailed, so you did your part. If you get any free time comment here.
      All the best.
      Good Morning.

    3. Sunanda12345

      Iam fyn dear….happy Ramadan…
      No jndsd is not going off air…

  10. SrinivasN143

    (I am 143).,Hi friends good afternoon.
    Happy ramzan to all..Muslim friends.

    Finally kk is back and feeling like old JNDSD is back..

    Waiting for today’s episode..

    Have a great day..
    Happy Sunday!!??

  11. Sunanda12345

    Sweety u registered ??

    1. Sweety10

      Hi I am got registered?

  12. Sunjivpuri had said already tat..jndsd will not go off air till August…after tat it may be….

  13. Why stupid ppl are still watching this crap.this has no story. Most stupid character is viv. Just to prolong the show the moron writers are coming up with trash and you all are eating it.

  14. Lakshmi9

    ATHARV SUJATA intensity in today’s episode ???. OMG..after long time seeing Phase 1 ATHARV , Vineet Sir and Shivani fabulous performance???. Getting the feel of phase 1 story…..Coming to Direction part…
    1.. Atharv imagination..did u ever heard of day dreams(kk gets knife and stabs Atharv) in JNDSD story??since last couple of days I am observing this(guddi &ravish song,second time when ravish married kang came to house, another day dream sequence where in guddi goes to the main door.but actually she stands where she is).This day dreams concepts is Ekta Kapoor formula….don’t know whose idea(CVs/director) to copy this day dreams idea..?????
    2.now a days observing single shots and body doubles. I know this point mentioned couple of times…but no progress so far…

    Coming to Vividha characterisation..once again CVs proved that Viv is most hopeless character ever… especially Viv is supporting kk??today once again Viv betrayed atharv. As guddi rightly said Viv wanted to be mahan.. it is acceptable if she helps him bcos of kk health condition like joining in hospital etc…but what is the need of giving no.1 priority to him? As if Kk does not have wife,mother,son and daughter(guddi).??? When I heard Viv dialogue it gives me impression whether she loved anyone in life or she is just showing sympathy on others. for the sake of Khushi she wanted to fight with kk as mother, for ATHARV she wanted to fight with her dad…today it is proved she did lip service that’s all..today she became vividha kashyap and forgotten that she is Mrs ATHARV SUJATA. She did not have kind heart to understand Khushi feelings but she can feel kk pain..OMG? We can say phase 1 viv as innocent as she does not know true colors of his father and there is no chance that she can think of repercussions of supporting her father. But this time we can not accept her innocence..bcos she had seen her father true colors. She should think and take decision which ensures every happiness.but as usual she fails to do so..any character will have some learning in the course of time. But in these 6 yrs of time, honestly speaking I did not see any maturity in viv. Still the same immature person. I would be happy if she is in learning stage but the fact she did not learn anything so far..just couple of days back her decision of letting kang to stay in house on humanity & compassion grounds proved her decision wrong..which Viv accepted​. But today,again the same situation arises(kk mental condition), no change in her decision making.

    1. As a lover, Viv betrayed Atharv. She failed him couple of times… 1st marriage,phase3, 4ys leap-2nd marriage.
    2. In the name of becoming good daughter to her father-she failed to be loyal/good daughter of the family. Uma and co advised her so many times to elope with Atharva but she did not heed. Uma told her not to marry Ravish -1st time and she did not consider her advice. Second time marriage-uma &co warned her not to take decisions in angry. Did not reveal guddi love story(ravish) to family.She did not reveal Madhav Atharv Sujata identity to the family and maintened secrecy. Knowing that kang may create problems in guddi-Ravish,Viv let knag to stay in vashisht house.she did not even take the responsibility to sort out problem if any arises.she behaved as if it did not bother her.
    3. Viv never trusted​ Atharv opinion untill she sees with her eyes. So she will trust her eyes more than Atharv(kang,kk). Atharv gave her clue abt dead body in the accident spot. She believes what she sees..according to her sense is all abt what she sees with her eyes not that practical judgement..she failed to understand that it is senseless..just going with kk behavior,she is believing him. No medical check up – kk health condition, how abt dead body in accident spot,who helped to get Khushi to Delhi house… definitely it is not her innocence/compassion..it is senseless and hopeless behavior. Always engages herself with whatever she feels like to do not the things which needs to be done.(initially Ravish marriage with kang,saving kang from goons, detective Viv to findout killer bride,again fighting with goons to save kang, searching for khushi,obessed with madhav,now kk)..(guddi-Ravish marriage, indifferent to Madhav and Khushi feelings etc..)…Viv need proof to believe what she is thinking is wrong. But to believe something she does not need any proof. She just believes her eyes ??? Viv characterisation is like kid behavior.
    4. Viv could never balance her role as mother of Madhav and Khushi. She is impatient while dealing with Khushi. And atmost patience to accept his father and to forget/forgive his mistakes. Don’t say becos of Viv only Khushi came to house. See my dear, kk wanted to let Khushi back to her parents(KK’s new plan)..Viv just reached the spot.thats all.if kk decided to let Vitharv wait for some more time then Khushi will not be there in Delhi house today…

    Vividhs takes revolutionary decisions but hardly implement/follow them. At times she decides to fight as a mother and lover. But on sympathy,respect and compassionate​ grounds, she will not implement her decision. As a result,she always be looser. She is thinking that She bear lot of pain than others. But actually it is not. That’s why she failed to be inspirational character.

    1. Sandy17

      ?lakshmi , what an explanation yaar???
      Excellent observation …vivi is a good daughter for kk but never realised atharv’s emotions…situation has made her this way but then also she is not trying to view from other’s angles .
      When she invites some or the other person to their house she only sees how to solve their problem irrespective of its consequences.

    2. Nikh

      you are absolutely correct lakshmi…
      after so many episodes also we didn’t get any clarity about vivi character i think cvs themselves have no clarity about vivi character i think…
      at least kk and kalindi have some clarity…
      really such a stupid i’m really getting too much anger…

    3. Lakshmi9

      Thank u Sandy & Nikh for expressing ur opinion.

  15. Lakshmi9

    Hi All, Ramadan wishes to u

  16. Nikh

    hey ramadan wishes to all…
    xyz, aailya, suman sis, 143 where are you all???

    1. Asana321

      143 got registered as srinivasN 143

  17. VizPinky

    Omg!!!!how can i be with out appearing here even for for one time..How r u all my frnds…Our phase one atharv is back.again viv is doing the same thing.kk was really osm.face off was super ???…

    I am in my badi ma’s home and there was lot of net problem here so only not able to spend time here ????….missing u all sooo much ???. Love u all sooo much guys ???….

    1. Sandy17

      Hloo pinky ??
      Yes atharv sujata is back with a bang ?

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