Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi coming and calling out Vividha. Atharv hides Vividha in the dry grass and asks her to be quiet. Dadi asks how did this tent fall, did he do this. Atharv says there was a big cat here, I made her quiet. She asks what are you doing here. He says I m staring at you, can I see you when you are infront of me. She asks him not to flirt with her, its not good. He flirts more. Vividha pinches him.

Dadi asks what happened. He says cat went, and bugs came, you have a special thing which your granddaughters don’t have, sometimes meet me, I get peace. Dadi says you are becoming very much ‘’Wo’’ these days, move now. She throws her hair pleats back. He holds her hair and asks her to be careful, as his heart is lying under her feet, step slowly. Ankhon ki gustakhiyaan…………plays…………..

Vividha looks on. He asks Dadi can he call her Indumati if she permits, you don’t look Dadi to my eyes and hearts. She laughs and says Haye Besharam…. She runs being shy.

Vividha comes out and asks Atharv do you want to become my Dada now. He asks are you jealous of your Dadi now. She says I will see you. He says I know. Chintu comes there and asks the man to put the tent right. He holds Vividha and takes her. Atharv gets angry. Chintu asks everyone to come on dance floor. Kailash asks whats this. Badri says relax Kailash, let children enjoy.

Dadi, Guddi, Vividha and Chintu dance along with everyone. Ladki beautiful………….plays………… Chintu holds Vividha close and dances. Atharv looks on via the tent gap and gets angry. Vividha gets away feeling uncomfortable and goes. Chintu eyes her. Atharv tries to see them. Chintu asks Vividha what happened. She says I will just come. She goes to her room. Chintu follows her, while everyone is busy in party dance. Atharv looks on.

Atharv tries to go inside and says its imp for me to go there. The servants stop him. Atharv goes the other way by the ladder, and sees Vividha fine in her room. He gets relieved. Sujata comes running and tells Atharv that she has seen Chintu taking Guddi at the backside of the house. She tells him everything. Atharv says Guddi was inside house. Sujata says he was taking her holding her hand, I think he was taking her to his car. Atharv recalls Chintu’s words, and realizes Chintu was eyeing Guddi. He says Chintu’s eye was on Guddi, not Vividha.

Chintu and Guddi are in the car. He compliments her and calls her name Shweta. She says everyone calls me Guddi, though Shweta is my name. He says Guddi is a child’s name, you look gorgeous, calling you Guddi will be like making fun of your beauty. He kisses her hand, and she smiles foolishly. Atharv and Sujata run to find Guddi. Chintu tells Guddi that he has not seen a girl like her, I don’t know what I find in your eyes, and kisses on her cheek. He says your shivering lips and gets ahead to kiss her. She closes her eyes.

Atharv shouts Guddi. She gets worried. Chintu asks her to run from backside and don’t tell anyone that we were together. Guddi runs. Atharv beats Chintu and asks how dare you ruin Guddi’s respect, tell me where is she. Chintu says I don’t know, she maybe in party. Atharv looks inside the car. Chintu beats him. Atharv and Chintu fight. Sujata comes and asks Atharv to leave Chintu. She goes and shouts to Vividha and Uma. She enters the party. Atharv scolds Chintu for not respecting relations. Chintu asks why are we fighting, take elder one, I want the younger girl. Atharv beats him angrily. Sujata stops the music and tells Vividha that Atharv and Chintu….. Atharv drags Chintu there and pushes him.

Everyone get shocked. Kailash starts insulting Atharv and says you did not have any status, but you got courage now to beat my guest. Atharv says if you saw what I saw, you would have not questioned me and done same thing, this guy’s eye is on your daughter. Kailash says he is my friend’s son, he is raised in rich family, you are blaming him for such a cheap thing, you mum and son can’t see our happiness.

Kailash says you always enter sweets as the bee. Chintu says uncle, this guy was fighting with me at the lake garden, I got Vividha and Guddi home, he was talking bad things about me and Vividha, today he is saying about Guddi, tomorrow he will say I m after Ajmer’s every girl. Kailash holds Atharv back and asks who are you to blame us, did you see the blame list on you, I understand you are trying to defame my daughters, you can’t even meet Chintu’s eyes, Chintu is raised in rich house and good values, you are a rowdy, who doesn’t understand any language than fighting.

Atharv asks him what record are you saying, my land has no court stay, and that drugs were a minimum thing, there is no case registered on my name, and if you have to know anyone well, do good research, if you understood Narcotics law before planning, maybe you could have won, I m worried for Guddi, not your guests. Kailash scolds him and says first Vividha and now Guddi, do you have anything else than spoiling their name. He shouts Guddi. She comes from upstairs. He asks where were you Guddi. Guddi says I went to bathroom. Atharv and Sujata get shocked. Vividha looks at Atharv. Chintu smiles. Kailash asks Atharv did he hear it, she was not with Chintu, your sight is so bad that if you go to temple, idol will get dirty, Ajmer city knows your bad sight is on Vividha. Atharv says you people stay unknown to the situation at home. Kailash calls him an orphan and asks him to stop his nonsense. Vividha folds hands and requests Atharv. He sees her and stays calm, after even hearing all that.

Kailash asks Atharv are you not ashamed, your blood is bad, whose blood do you have, you don’t even know that, what do you have to say, your mum could not teach any manners, and father was never there. Atharv counts down to control his anger. Vividha asks Kailash to please stop it now and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. aysha

    i ll kill that chintu shaah…i feel to to give him one…yu stupid id8 oaf kailash dont yu kn to care yua daughters….i ll kill both kailadh and chintu..uff…i dont wanna badmouth sinc its ramzan ufff….but hehhe atharv flirtn vd dadi hahha….naughty atharv jelsy vividha…cho cute……amena dhidhi..thank yu foh the spot update…..

  2. Snehal


    |Registered Member

    heelloooo everyone i m not new to TU i write one new ff based on frndship..will love damage our frndship but i m new to JNDSD page…hope you all welcome me in this club…and i m a big fan of shivani surve…her acting is fab..u know guyz that shivani has worked in 4marathi super serials nd her all serials were different and awesome….i liked the todays first part of dadi and atharv…it was soo funny yaar…

    • happy fan :)

      welcome dear to vitharv fan club…hey I used to read ur ff yaaar its too good…but I nvr commented…I’m a silent reader of ur ff…
      I only used to comment on JNDSD…sorry
      next tym I will try to comment…

      • Snehal


        |Registered Member

        ohh…wow i never knew that there are some silent readers also ..hehe lolzz….btw thanx for welcoming me

  3. Sunanda

    The starting episode is gud. Dadi expressions while atharv priding her is beautiful.
    Nd atharv is soo handsome.
    That chintu is bad guy he was crazy about girls.
    He will ruin the respect of vivida nd guddi
    That guddi is bad that she said lie to cover herself. While gets scoulded by kailash.

  4. sachin

    Wtf y always atharv has to resist all bad thing…and tht cruel Kailash ??? he only waits fr a chance to insult atharva and separate vividha frm him..bt today I knew hw cheap is guddi,she just want to hv such works,nthing else nw as she told lie,viv will also start hating atharv more as she trust guddi much mr…guys ne one of u know wn will some good epi will come…after every 5 min of good scene 15 min bad scene is show…hope the writter allow some good epi between ths and also makes viv trust on atharv soon….

  5. sachin

    Guys fr the note according to wtfmeans-wht the fool is ths…just made it clarify as some things it in some another way

  6. Swapna

    Super fantabulous episode after a long time. Finally Vividha knew atleast a small thing about her father

    And what a moo thod question by Atharv about Kailash filing a wrong case on him.

    And oh Vividha..she can slap Atharv for holding her dad..but can’t utter even a single word when her father degradingly speaks abiut atharv and Sujathas Character

  7. happy fan :)

    vitharv scene was quite good…. very tym I used to wait for vitharv scenes but now a days I eagerly waits for Dadi-Atharv scenes….
    oohh their chemistry is mind blowing… I never laughed like this before….

    Guddi was one of my fav character in this serial but her today’s performance made me to slap her……..idiot…..

    This kailash always tells abt atharv’s father… I should say one thing its better to not have father other than getting one like u kailash….. even in father’s absence Atharv born up to be a good human being….. Vividha will bcom bad by learning ur values….
    and this chintu….u cruel guy how can u do this…

    More than as a good son…. lover Atharv showed how a perfect brother must be…(guddi’s incident)
    Guyz do u saw his anger on chintu… it was guddi..
    just think if it was Vividha ….then I’m damn sure next year this day would be chintu’s first death anniversary……

  8. happy fan :)

    guyzz its time to celebrate….. Jana na dil she door completed 50 episodes successfully…..

    Thanks a lot Star plus for telecasting such a different nd unique serial….. Thanku to telly updates n especially Amena didi for updating epiz…..
    Hatts off to the whole cast n crew of JNDSD
    Wishing u all de best for upcoming episodes… and a small but really big request plz don’t separate vitharv as we all have accepted their pair….. if its needed for serial then plzz give more n more vitharv scenes… n vividha’s marriage should be after a long tym…till then show their romance…plzzzzz plzzzzz
    Vikaram n Shivani u always rockzzz and do continue that….

    • Vishaka

      Yeah Jndsd completed 50 EPISODES …too happy ???
      Jndsd has got really excellent cast …Vikram and Shivani we can call them ShiVik also ?? makes a really good pair… love their chemistry on screen as well as off screen also ???

  9. akaashi

    Idiot guddi.. Soo foolish of her. Poor atharv. Hez bearing soo much for vividha.. Hope this chintu’s drama ends soon…

  10. Taj

    I jst hope vividha undrstnds evrythng soon……. n ths idiot chintu i feel lyk killing ths bastard.;>;> Atharv flirtng wit dadi ws awsm vividha being jealous ws sooo cute :):):)

    • happy fan :)

      Hai Abhimanyu…welcome to vitharv fan club. I’m not boy. but u will get boy frndz here…..’lm Ardra from Kerala in +1 science…. may I know ur place and grade..

  11. Shubham

    Thanks Amena you are so good I respect you It is my favourite serial Thank a lot for upload it in written

  12. Vishaka

    Guys I have one confusion in the precap it was shown that when kailash was saying bad to Atharv…Atharv was folding his hands at the back and counting his fingers …what was he counting???

    • Arshdeep


      |Registered Member

      His anger was ready to burst out actually.
      He was patient for vividha and was trying hard to stop his anger by closing his fist. But when kailash wont stop he is slowly counting 5 to blast?? but i think again vividha is gonna stop him

  13. Tina

    Plzzz we lk to watch more vivtharv romantic scene.they r perfect pair…Pl don’t separate them so early try to show more scene btwn them…

  14. aysha

    Ume aisha from kasragod..kerala…..+1…am great fan of jndsd and krshnadasi ……hope yu all ll accept me…and ll get along fo gud????….superb jodi atharv and vivu??

  15. Mary

    Happy fan..u r right..
    Even I liked guddi ND I didn’t expect her to be like this.I thought she’ll b in atharv’s team n vl help him ND her sis vividha.But today her part was really dissapointing.Atharv is a very very good character here ND vikram is playing it very well..hatsoff.
    Hope they change guddi’s character.
    Want to see some vividha’s concern for atharv.

  16. Swathi

    Hey,happy fan i also love this pair a lot and also have the same request to the director “plz don’t seperate them”.
    Idiot guddy,she was enjoying when that creepy chintu kissed her.
    Hope vivs believe in athu.
    Yeh, he is a gud bro too.

  17. poornima

    I think may be guddi did this to expose chintu in front of vividha but it went wrong may be in the next 2 episodes guddi talk to vividha about this…..then she realise atharv is right and shows her feeling for him

  18. mahira sinha

    Omg……….. The episode was nice…..BT gettin irritated by chintus dirty play…..hope vivi will find adharvs innocence soon……….nd didn’t expect these thngs frm guddi ……

  19. Arshdeep


    |Registered Member

    Thank you amena di for the update?

    The starting was actually awesome?
    Ohoo atharv flirting with dadi??? And when he held her choti and pulled her back and the song played…..Superb scene❤??
    Vividha’s dialogue saying ab tumhe mere dada banna hai?? Jealous hmm??

    So this cheapo chintu was behind guddi.. I would have been upset with it if guddi had bluntly opposed him or slapped him hard when he was touching her.. But i was shocked. She was so happy and was really enjoying it??? Till now i really loved her.. but not now anymore? Wont like anyone because of whom our atharv would have to bear an insult???

    Still loved the way atharv fought with that cheapo..awww his punches?? You drive me crazy man❤

    And finally once again atharv-kailash face off?
    Loved that atharv respects and loves vividha dearly that he can control his anger for her. And hopefully vividha understands a bit of kailash’s true face as she looked very shockingly at her father when atharv spoke about the police cases.?

    The precap seems like kailash has spoken much exceeding all limits that i would like to hit my tv screen to beat him hard because i am not atharv who will control my anger for vividha??
    But still when water went above the heads his counting was over..still..still he stopped looking at Vividha? Love you ATHARV..❤

    Also vividha needs to atleast doubt on chintu as she was so uneasy with the way he was dancing with her in party. Lets Hope for the best? and enjoy the show?

    • Arshdeep


      |Registered Member

      Also vividha trusts atharv anyhow. She may decline that she dont love him but still she trusts him a lot. She supported him at the time of heroin case and so hopefully will try to get to the roots of the problem. Fingers crossed. Xxx

    • Vishaka

      Yeah Arshdeep I was also thinking the same…I guess she had a doubt on kailash a bit aftr Atharv spoke abt narcotics law n ol…

  20. Arshdeep


    |Registered Member

    And yeah congrats to the complete cast and crew for completing 50 episodes. Well done team??? Excellent work??
    And congratulations to the fans too??

    • haritha

      Hello everyone…..
      congrats to the entire team of jndsd….For completion of 50 episodes

  21. Vishaka

    In today’s episode I think Vividha got a hint abt her father when Atharv told kailash to learn narcotics law before planning anything…She aftr hearing starred kailash

  22. Admin

    Hi happyfan….
    I think u r the leader of this comment site.I mean everyone introduce herself or himself first to u.so I think I shud also do this..
    I am ankita.but not from kerala.I am science student 12th passed from cbse board..
    Well told u leader in friendly manner I hope u will not take it seriously.

    • happy fan :)

      Hai Ankitha di….I’m not the leader yaar..I wana be frndz with u all so I ask very new comers abt their name …..class…place….
      But ya thanku for giving such a title for me….

  23. Ad

    And to tanaya I want to say thanks to u for your answer.
    And tanaya I too believe in the same as u said.I also don’t like language as a barrier or as a partition.
    I have asked just for the information as I have never went to south India.
    I wish u will understand me..

  24. malavika nambiar

    I never expected such things from guddi, nice to see vividha s concern for atharv

  25. Meghana


    |Registered Member

    Hurrayyyy 50 episss woww this is first serial stolen my heart just fr 50 episs…
    Guys plz tell me is guddi’s name swetha in serial???

      • sachin

        arshdeep m sry if u dont like ths bt r u a boy or girl….sry fr the question just asking becz i get confuse actually m a new comr so dont know ne one here….hey all jndsd guys plz introduce urself if u all dont mind….i will be grtfull

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