Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman trying to hypnotize Madhav. Vividha wakes up and tells Ravish that Madhav is not there. They all look for Madhav. Suman says Madhav is here and gets him in sleeping state. She lies to them and says Madhav came out in sleep and I saw him roaming in corridor. Vividha thanks Suman. Ravish asks Suman to sleep. Suman thinks this work did not happen today because of Vividha. Vividha and Ravish take Madhav.

Guddi calls Suman. Suman asks why did you call me. Guddi says Raghav got same dream again. Suman asks how can you say this. Guddi says he told me it was same dream, he is asking me the meaning and many other things. Sujata prays for Atharv. She says I know wherever he is, he is fine, protect my son, be with him. Suman says this is not good sign that he is

recalling his past, Madhav doubting on me. Guddi asks how is this connected, Atharv’s dream and Madhav’s doubt. Suman says Madhav, Atharv, Vividha and Ravish’s fate is connected, I m trying to write their fate as I want, else we will lose everything, you double the powder dose in Atharv’s food.

Suman goes to Ankit to wake him up. Vividha comes there. Suman covers up Ankit. She says I was not feeling sleepy and thought to make tea, I saw Ankit and covered him with blanket so that he does not catch cold. Vividha says I will make tea.

Its morning, Guddi goes to add some medicine in Atharv’s food. She calls everyone for breakfast. Atharv and everyone come for breakfast. Atharv says Chole in breakfast, I will have some fruits. Guddi insists him to have Chole Bhature. Vipul says we are here to eat grass. Chintu asks Atharv to have Chole and then workout in gym. Atharv takes some Chole. He tells them that gym reduces person’s weight by 30% and the rest 70% is just by diet. He eats Chole and stops. Guddi asks what happened, is it not good. Atharv says no, its best.

Atharv gets dizzy. He sees something in kitchen and gets back. Guddi asks what happened, are you fine. Atharv says I m fine and sits back.

Madhav asks Vividha to see, he can drive cycle faster than a airplane. Sujata tells everyone that she has met Ramanand ji, he said he will come our home and give us Darshan, he will be coming any moment. Ramanand comes there. Ravish and everyone see him.

Sujata tells Ramanand that Suman heard your pravachan in Haridwar, she praises you a lot, come sit. He looks at the house. Suman comes there. Sujata asks Suman to meet Ramanand ji. Suman greets him. She says I used to stand far, he would have not seen me among thousands of devotees. Ramanand stops Suman and asks her not to touch him. He asks who are you…. They all get shocked. Suman worries and says Suman. He says I did not ask for name, tell me who are you in reality. Suman thinks did he understand everything.

Atharv is on work call. He sees Guddi watching some show. He hears a lady taking promises from her lover. He recalls Vividha in flashes. He holds his head. Guddi asks what happened, are you fine. He says no…… and gets away. Jaana na dil se door….plays…….

Ramanand says you are not the one you appear, and its not possible for them to see your reality. Ravish says she is my mum, she believes in Dharm and Karm, what do you mean to say. Sujata stops Ravish. She says Suman ji is one among us, she is part of our family, is anything troubling you.

Dadi says we all are devotees, Suman has dedicated herself in Lord’s devotion, I request you to bless all of us. He says I have to leave now. He leaves. Dadi says it sometimes happens Suman, forget this. Sujata says he is Gyaani, don’t know why he behaved such. Vividha runs and stops Ramanand, asking what happened, did we do any mistake. Ramanand says I can see black shadow clearly in that woman, be careful. He leaves. Vividha looks at Suman.

Guddi says Raghav’s behavior got strange, I m tensed, maybe he will recall his past, Suman will not let this happen, we have to wait till Amavasya night, where our life and fate will change. Guddi and Chintu hold hands. Atharv looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please awns my question does anyone know were the evil kk is

    1. Don’t know Anam dear. Let us wait and see.

      Good evening dear

  2. Good night xyz aaliya suman di Kanan bhayya Mia ragini nazneen nidha and the rest of vitharve fans

    1. Good morning anam

    2. Good morning Anam dear

    3. Good afternoon Anam.

  3. lf atharv and ravish are twin brothers what do we call their rlnsp with vividha. One brother is already married to her twice and she has a child with the other one and they are yet to marry… this is the cheapest rlnsp I’ve ever come across.. CVS what are you teaching us aah. Sometimes I wonder why vividha had to marry ravish of all the people, the brother of her son’s father and her lover for that matter… this is an abomination. jndsd rlnsps are just out of this world.

    CVS has butchered vividha’s character to a point of no salvation.

    1. Yeah innit. That’s disgusting when you think about it closely. It’s going to look even stranger when the elders eventually find out who is the real father of Madhav. Stupid Vividha! She always wants what’s best for her. One minute it’s Atharva and the next it’s his step brother Ravish. Chi chi chi!

  4. Nice episode.

  5. If ravish and atharv are twin brothers what do we call their rlnsp with vividha. she is already married to one brother twice and she has a child with the other one and are yet to marry…Cvs what are you trying to teach us aaaaah that it’s right to form this sort of rlnsps poooh… sometimes I wonder why vividha had to marry ravish of all the people, the brother of his son’s father and her lover for that matter.. this is an abomination oooh!!!

    Cvs has butchered vividha’s character to a point of no salvation.

  6. Yesterday’s episode was bakwaas ?.
    @xyz di. Suman will dance on the song MERE DHOLNA SUN with ghosts.

    1. Nazneen ???

  7. Gud mrng VITHARVIANS. XYZ & Aailya , Malayalikal aarokkeyundu evide ? Veruthe ariyan vendi chothichatha………….. Anyway all vitharvians are frnds , right ? then bolo ” VITHARV KI JAY ” .

    1. Gud mrng Usha dear.
      Mallus evide iniyum und .nidha ,mubi, 143k…..

    2. Good morning usha dear

    3. Hello Usha.

  8. Nothing to comment. Still showing vividha ping-pong ball. Mujhe bahoot achha nahi lag raha Hai. They sticking to soulmates connection n ravish n vividha as couple. Atharv still koya koya, vividha still hating atharv as much as her love, n ravish settled in atharvs place. Suman is herself ghost or some ghost is inside her. Confusion. Suman black magic vs sujatha murari ?. N waiting for no moon night. Uffff. Wt they want to show. Instead of messing ravish with vividha, they would have sent him to border as soldier. We would have enjoyed. Nothing left except kichdi.

    1. On Amavasya day, our evil suman will try to kill Atharv/Madhav to get new powers….oh hell ?????????
      Have a break and….
      Its d time to refresh our mind…parallel movie for this track is…””Pathala Bhairavi””. Movies r better than this stupid track.

      1. Ha ha 143. But true

      2. Haha pathala bairavi much better 143

  9. If they make Ravish a villain then it’s because they want to unite Atharv and Vividha which is not fair, this character deserves much better.

    1. Yes.. agreed. uniting Vitharv doesn’t need to make Ravish as a villain. it would be wrong with his role.. he should be like as he is.. no need of negative shades for both male leads.both are good in their role.

    2. Hi 143!! Have a good day too

  10. Good morning friends.. Suman,Nikh,xyz,Aailya,Karna,nazneen,NaveenS,sunanda,neeth.neemu,Aisha,dimporose and all vitharvians.
    Have nice day.

    1. Good morning 143.
      Have a nice a day.

    2. Good morning dear 143

    3. Hello 143 di ?. Good afternoon.

    4. Hey 143!
      Ravish character should not be butchered at all! If he is truly Sujata’s son she should have both her children back!

      Vividha is the real witch here!
      There was not reason for her to get married to Ravish!
      Just the fact he’s Arthav brother should’ve stopped her!

      Was he the only man in India at the time.
      Then again she wanted to remove shame from her eyes because she knew of her pregnancy.

      There is no scope for redemption where Vividha is concerned.

  11. Suman di , I agree with u. I can’t understand that how they will justify RAVITHA relationship (after showing vivitha & raveesh in same bed ) .For MADHAV ? That will never be the right explanation. If vivitha forgot Adharv , then it is better that she should move on with Raveesh & not come back to Adharv life. I know Madhav is vitharv’s son , but if she has no feelings towards adharv now , how can she become old vivitha ( adharv’s vivitha ) . I hope all the truth will be revealed before Amavasi but still confuse abt vitharv reunion.

    1. No usha. Vividha she can’t give atharvs place to any one. But to continue triangle they showing disgusting crap

    2. @usha.
      when vividha loved Atharv. she loved him from heart..now also she hates him from heart only.. so there relation is from heart..which is unbreakable.. let d truth come out.. then we will see old Atharv’s vividha..till den we have to consider..her hate is love symbol for Atharv..

      1. Absolutely right 143.

  12. Dear xyz ,aliya,usha and all vitharvians.

    My brother told that shivani is truly in love with vikku. Vikku is just considering as friend only. Shivani will be very moody when vikku is not around her. She only forcedly called vikku to sets. When in the sets she grabs vikku and spends more time with him during the intervals. My brother told shashank also know that.
    During that one comedy happened. Vikku simply told that I don’t want any interview with shivani because we are gutharv now.
    He told that he want interview with priyanka. This made shivani very upset and sad. Now major comedy is that wherever vikku is there there is priyanka. Shivani is now not getting privacy with vikku. Because of that shivani is moody and she hates priyanka.

    1. Thanks for the info dear,
      Let them do there job..on screen and let it be there personal life.. y to gossip them. if they like/love each other or hate each other..or it may be oneside..what we do with it..
      just want on screen love story. personal is always personal.so don’t worry abt there life..

    2. I don’t think vikram will say he don’t want any interview with shivani. For what he will say that?.we all know that shivani &vikram are very close friends. And what gutharv????? I hate that word and pair.
      There is only one pair ie vitharv. So priyanka can never take the place of shivani in any condition. I don’t think vikram want nly invw with priyanka by avoiding his intimate friend shivani. Also shivani surve is much beautiful girl than priyanka. Also priyanka is dfntly not looking good with vikram.If vikku gives some preferrence to priyanka nly bcz she is from his home town and is a new comer in the show. Sorry I don’t want to interfere thier personal life.But I can’t digest the news. Of course I dont like the present role of shivani as vividha in the show.But l like
      shivani surve very much.I don’t know but I don’t like guddi and priyanka. I like shivik pair too much.sorry it is nly my opinion. I have no intention to hurt anyone.

    3. y r u trying to fools us yar nd creating meaningless gossips

    4. Hanshika. Do u know Malayalam?
      Why did u give this news to us now?especially firstly u used 3 names ie xyz,aailya, usha.we 3 r malayalees. I asking to u this bcz yesterday me,aailya and Usha were discussed about shivik in mlylm language. So how did u understand that?
      Sorry I m not questioning u.But just I want to know.Don’t feel bad .

    5. xyz chechi avale mind cheiyan ponda . Aval Anju inte friend ayirikum karanam avalk malayalam arayam. Fraud case annu chechi. Nammuk vikku ne kurich arayillye.
      Aval manapoorvam vikku ene karivari thekan nookuva. Priyanka enne kandalum mathi shivani ude ezhu ayilvakath varayillya.. Ithnu thane manaslakam aval
      Shashank ude fan annu ennu.

      Good afternoon chechi

      1. Aailya dear.u r right .Enikkavale nerathe doubt undayrnnu.atha njn nerathe aval prnja story vishwSikathirunnath. Aval anjuvinte mattoru carbon copy thanne .Avalku mlylm aryam. Eppo vannirkkaya putiya gozipm ayttu. Pinne avlde bakyulla cmmnts sradcharnno ath il ellam aval anjuvinte athe shailyla cmmnt chythirikunne. Nasham.
        Kureyennam putya pair undakyrikkunu gud….tharv polum.kali varuva kettappo.enkku thonnune a nasham priyanka ye vitharv nte aunty akkan kollam enna. Pinne Ippo insgml avldem vikkuntm selfi kandppl avale kollana thonnye.
        But namukku nammude vikkune ayallo.
        Shiviyum vikkum thamml serl start chynne munpe strong frndshp undayrnnu. Appo pinne vikku gorgeous shivye marannittu ennale vanna a kuthara ye ishtappedum. Alle.

        Good afternoon dear.

      2. Aailya , sathyamano ? sarikkum aval shivik fan alle ? Ithariyathe njan avalude commentinu reply koduthu. Gud evening Aailya , XYZ , 143 , Joe , Suman , nikh , nidha , mubi , karan , Naveen all other VITHARVIANS.

      3. Sorry a kutharaye ishtapedumo enna chodiche. Not ishtappedum.

      4. Sheriya chechi.

        Good evening xyz chechi

      5. Good evening aailya dear

      6. @ Usha. Don’t believe hanshika anymore. She is only cooking up stories to fool vitharv fans and to destroy the peace in the comment section. She is fake.

        Good evening dear

    6. Hanshika.. Vikku himself visited the sets to meet shivi.. In instagram status it was written.. Nd I have noticed most of the things you said have turned out to be absolutely wrong.. The news your brother gets are wrong, I am sure you must have noticed

    7. Hanshika, you don’t need to bring us any crappy new to be accepted here.
      Just comment and interact with with us, that’s all.
      No need for gossip, I hate it!
      Why do you want to feel important?

      Anyway your spoilers are all crap and if you continue you will just be ignored and people will start disliking you.
      In future keep your stories to yourself.

      I’m tired reading your half-truths and lies

  13. Is this real suman ? I have a doubt. I think there is a ghost inside her body , may be Chinthu’ s Ma . ( she was commited suicide by hearing that chinthu ‘s arrest in Ajmeer before. so wanted to take revenge with vitharv & also wanted Guddy to be marry her son . At that time kk approches suman with the proposal of vivitha to raveesh. By that time she got into suman’s body for making vitharv’s life hell ) . Guyz , don’t get angree with me . I’m not supporting suman instead I hate her from my heart.

    1. ????????So finally Cv’s done a great job…..to lead us to a imaginative world of ghosts, evil powers,black magic, white magic…????
      Good imagination!!! @ usha?????

    2. usha so funny yar chintu’a ma in suman body ?????

  14. Hi guys iam a vitharv fan.read all the comments.i strongly agre thst thy ve spolied the storyline rotten.it was so nice to see vitharv love story. Could really relate to it. But nw its bull shit!!! Hope somebody puts some sense into these directors please!!!!!!

  15. Karan bhai and naveen what are you doing. Are you studying or doing job.

  16. RAOne

    this page is there to gave your opinion about saop, expected twist according to, not for just spreding any cooked story and if any how they are proved wrong there is excuess that sorry there was slight change in story line because it got leaked please give your opinion not false cliam and afterwards trying to justfy them…… really there are limits of spreading rumors…. i hope that this time there is no rumour, about your earlier story twins of sujata.
    sorry if you or any person related that is, hurt becuase of my words then I appolize to You….

  17. Less comments super vitharv separation effected on comments section.I love this change.
    No GU…….atharv.only vitharv

  18. @xyz di. Who is Priyanka. I hate that stupid Vividha ?

    1. Nazneen dear.priyanka is the original name of the new dirty guddi. I also don’t like current character vividha. But we know that vividha is unaware of truth.so when will she realise the fact definitely she will bcm our old atharvs vividha. So don’t hate our vividha forever dear.vitharv reln is unbreakable.
      And I hate the new cheap guddi. I also dont like priyanka .And when I see her with vikram I feel she is aunty of vikram.

      Good afternoon dear.

  19. Hanshika , are u a malayalee ? Anenkil keralathil evideya ? Pinne I do ‘nt like Priyanka. Shivani enthu cute aanu , sarikkum saleena sauntharyam . pakshe Priyanka enthinu kollam? vellarikandathile kanneru kolam pole. pazhaye guddy ye enikku othiri eshtamayirunnu. Pakshe aa guddy ye orikkalum epozhathe reethiyil sankalpikkane vayya , sathyam.

    1. Usha priyanka kurich parajath kalaki.??????????????????
      Pinne aval malayalathil style filmil act cheiyuthud undu.

  20. THANK U 143 & Joe .

  21. I think Vikram is closely attached to his family, specialy to his mother,
    U hv noticed in every intrw he praises his mom….
    I think he is not interested in Falling in a relationship or making gf …..
    And abt Shivani,it is natural tat girls falls for vikku,bcz apart from goodlooking he has god charectr ,may be she has some
    feelings for vikku,

    1. Mubi.u r correct. Vikram is more attached to his family. He always said about that in every interviews.Also shivani is more attached to his family especially with her mom and sister as she said in some invws.
      Shivani and vikram are very close frnds and they share even personal matters each other as both of them revealed in invws.
      So there is no place for unnecessary gossip as hanshika said.
      A hanshika ye vishwasikkaruth. Aval a dirty anjuvinte mattoru carbon copy anu Ketto. Ithu avalde planning anu fake gossip undakki nammle vishwasippkan. Nerathe aval paranja fake story pole.

      1. Mmm…But xyz….Avl parnathu fullum nonayanennu arayan patunillya….Avlde Aaro jndsd set il wrk chyndo thonunnu.
        Avlku just nthokeyo clue kititund…AA clues vech avl swayam oroo stories ubdakana eniku thonnunne

    2. No mubi .aval actually evidenno leap nte karym arinjirunnu athu vachu baki story aval undakkyatha. Allathonnumalla. But pottakkannan mavilerinjapole athil chilathu seriyay. But aval paranja mostm wrong ayille. Leap nte karym aval spoilers I ninnm arinjathyrkkm. Nammlum arinjarnnllo but aval parnja sheshma nammal spoilers check chythe. Athreyullu. Baki aval parnja jndsd l work chynna brother okke verum blunder.

  22. Guyz , are u notice that , now in the comnting section , no VITHARV vs RAVITHA match . ONLY SUMAN SUMAN SUMAN . R u really foget our VITHARV & RA……….VITHA now ?

    1. At the moment JNDSD has gain its lost memory and charm..after that we can fight about trio.. so pray for JNDSD old charm..and don’t think about any arguments again..fed up with arguments..plz its a request.

      1. @143, I don’t meant to hurt u dear . If I do so , SORRY. I’m also praying for getting back our old JNDSD with cute love VITHARV.

  23. @ Anam
    Good afternoon dear. 🙂
    Have fun & have a lovely day to all my friends …,…….eswari jyoti pinky xyz suman nidha Aailya naveenS karan RAGINI and all JNDSD FANS….. Bye

    1. Hi mia.good afternoon dear.

    2. Good evening mia dear

  24. Hey guys I felt few persons trying to play with vitharv fans emotions with fake matter.don’t how you guys trusting them..any way ur wish guys,enjoy it ..carry on..

  25. @ Anam
    Good afternoon dear…….

  26. Yeah Rishi.u r right. That hanshika had been playing with vitharvarians emotions for some time. And we don’t trust herself and her fake stories and gossips.

  27. XYZ , onnu shamikkedo . avar enthuvenamenkilum paranjotte athonnum kelkkan nikkanda. Enikkum oru abatham patti , Hanshika sarikkum vitharv fan annennu karuthi njan reply koduthu. Arokke enthu paranjalum nammal vitharv fans eniyorikkalum shivikkine kurich gozzip parayunnathu mind cheyyan pokanda.

    1. Sorry Usha. But enkku inganeyulla fakers nodu orkklm kshemikkan pattilla.Kure nala yttu aval e cmntscnl kidannu shalym chykya. Such a nuisance. Mm.njn avale ini mind chynulla. Avalude kallatharam enthylm polinjallo. Enkku athu mathi.

  28. what the hell

  29. Gud afternoon all my jndsd frnd! Hope u all remember me….

    now its all over…if u compare jndsd phase 1 and ths phase 4,thr is a difference of heaven and hell!

    nthing to comment as all things have gone to superstitions like things!

    if anything m waiting is the HUG OF VITHARV nd be4 that atharv’s true reason in front of viv….

    any way no more hoping as we have hoped a lot! just time to timepass till their union!

    m waiting fr that episode wn atharv will call suman as his mom in front of everyone and thn all will understand that how suman has trapped atharva and destroyed the life of 3 people in order to meet ones love!

    i think madhav is the adopted child and ravidha aren’t married …hope so

    hope in precap something big happens nt the same that guddi was hurt and chintu was aiding her!

    1. Hey Sachin…….u are back again. nice to see u..
      How are u??

    2. I think so too.. Madhav is neither vitharvs child nor ravidhas..

  30. Hai sachin. How are you ? Happy to see you back after long time.

    Good evening dear

  31. @ stupid go from here. You are mistaken. This is JNDSD comment section not matrimonial site. Go to eye specialist and check your eyes.

    1. ???aailya super ???.
      I think she is commenting about jndsd in matrimonial site and here in TU page she is searching for proposals for herself and her family. I think she is ubnormal ?????. Not only eyespecialist but also phsycatrist r necessary for her.???

  32. I don’t think ravish Is a villan coz he’s the main lead now n atharav is parallel main lead I like the story

    1. No vitharv are leads ravish Is central lead

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