Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish asking Vividha not to worry, Atharv will get fine. She says I will be worried for you too. He says Atharv is fighting with death, take care of him, he will get fine. She asks how are you saying with belief. He says your love strength is with him, if anything happens to me then you….. She says nothing will happen to you. He asks how can you say this with belief. Vividha says the country is praying for you, the family is your shield, I m sure you will come back. He asks her to take care of herself. They go to Suman. Suman gives the aarti plate to Vividha. Vividha does the tilak to Ravish and cries. Suman asks Ravish to win and come. He takes Suman’s blessings and hugs her. Dadi Bua asks them not to cry, as one or two bullets will not harm Ravish. Sujata says

you are going on war again, and its a mother’s test, I want both my sons to win. Atharv is in ICU.

She blesses Ravish. He says nothing will happen to Atharv, he will get fine, he has to get fine. They cry. Chutki talks to him and agrees that Atharv will get fine. Ravish says I will go. Vividha says no, don’t say that, say you will come. Ravish says I will come. He gets tearful eyes and goes.

The doctor treats Atharv and says surviving chances are very less, its complicated case. Everyone talk to doctor and surgeon. Sujata asks will my Atharv get fine after operation. Surgeon says I will do my best, surgery is long, you all can go home, any one member can stay back. Sujata asks Suman to go, I will stay. Vividha and Suman say we will stay. Sujata says no, Suman is needed at home. Suman says keep me informed at home. Suman, Chutki, Daddy ji and Dadi Bua leave. Vividha asks Sujata to have food, I will get something. Sujata says no. Vividha says atleast for Atharv’s sake, have something. She goes to get food. Suman says I forgot my car keys there, I will just get it. Sujata sees the keys and goes to give Suman.

The surgery starts in OT. There is a blast in the hospital. Everyone get a shock as the hospital shakes up by the blast sound and affect. The power goes. The doctors fall down. Atharv is left untreated. The doctors get up and think to relocate the patient, but its risky for him. The people vacate the hospital and run around. Sujata looks for Suman. The doctors leave Atharv and go. The cupboard is going to fall on Atharv.

Suman comes in nick of the time and holds the cupboard. The cupboard falls on her back. She tries to secure Atharv and shouts for help. Sujata and Vividha come there and push the cupboard back. They ask Suman is she fine. Suman says yes, this cupboard was falling on Atharv. Doctors come back to check Atharv, and send them out. Doctor says respirator is not working, other respirators got damaged by the blast near storeroom. Sujata sees Suman’s head bleeding and worries.

She calls the doctor to do Suman’s aid. Doctors treat Atharv. They say we are losing him, Atharv is not able to breath without respirator. Vividha cries and asks Atharv to breathe. Atharv’s pulse goes down. They give him cardio shocks. The doctor says he is no more. Sujata, Suman and Vividha cry. Vividha says why is heartbeat line coming flat, do something, he is not reacting. Doctor says I m really sorry. They get shocked.

Vividha sees Atharv and cries. She recalls his words. She says no, his death time did not come yet. Doctor says we tried the best, we are sorry. Sujata asks where are you going doctor, make Atharv fine. Sujata and Suman cry. Sujata runs after doctor. Suman cries and looks for Sujata. Suman gets dizzy and holds her head. Kyu duri…….Alvida…… plays…… Vividha looks at Atharv and thinks of his words.

Vividha asks Atharv to come back for her love, he can’t decide to leave her alone. She says you have to come back for me and our love, I can’t live and die without you, please get up. She moves Atharv and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. 143

    Let me start with my dear (Over-Reaction) Frnd, u r a such a sweet REACTER on our comments, do comments as a view abt serial not like pointing fingure to others Over reacting..,,over reacting..,,, for ur kind information we do over-reaction…but wats ur problem…don’t think like ur r smart, As per ur view, if u r reacting on our comments..,, means u r more over reacting on us…not even on serial,,,, we r overreacted towards serial and respective roles,But u r the one who is overreacting on our comments.
    Plz Stopppppppp your over-reaction us…..and start comments on Episode abt ur views…and stop blo*dy laugh…ha hah hahaha ha aheh heheh e

    • 143

      Sorry i forgot to mention ur name in my (Over-Reaction).So dear [email protected].,,

  2. Anam

    Atharve won’t die by the way ravish cares more for atharve dan vividah it looks like.nonsense this is not love ❤️ she’s getting feelings for ravish more

    Please unite vitharve!!!!!!!!
    Notangi Mary ha vividah I think 💭 she’s starting to like ravush

  3. shivani

    Im sure that atharv will come back….just like ravish said ..vividha’s love for him will bring atharv back..hope nothing happens to ravish now.
    Atleast the precap gives us hope that it will be vitharv in the end…

  4. Suman

    Yeh we won d game. Chalo celebration time. See I told na vividha never fall for any one because vitharv r not separate. One soul in two bodies. All my predictions came true na. Wt vividha showing ravish is gratitude n respect. It won’t change n vitharv love also won’t change. Loving is different from caring. Plz stop ra…… Vidha. Only Vitharv. Vividha atharv ka hi Hai. Love won’t change with time. Some may fight for dat n some compromise n adjust with forced marriage. But no one never ever forget their true love. 😍😘. Those who told us to leave d show can leave now if u can’t see vitharv together. Who cares same dialogs some one used. Same to you

    • Saanvi

      Wow my sweet heart suman u r just awsm dearie….and yà all ravidha fans can leave the show bcoz now our hero our atharv our vikram and our vitharv vl be back…..SUMAN DI I read in spoilers that vivs luv vl save atharv…..is it true????
      Today I was very disappointed with the epi but after seeing ur cmnt and spoiler I got full confidence that my atharv vl b back soon……isnt it?????

      • Suman

        No way I already did comment yesterday in filmy style atharv heart start beating. But I think he lost some memory I think. N he is no more baby atharv. He lost in his world I think. One scene atharv took car keys from ravish, so if he is baby atharv he won’t dare to drive. Some twist is awaiting for us I think. He may other role as atharv lost in his thoughts.

  5. eekshitha

    guys i never commented but today icant stop my self from commenting coz it is all bakwaas that atharv is dead. if it really happens so i will say bye bye to show.and being atharv fans it is our duty to do so.is’int it? i hope i am right.

  6. aisha

    so sad and happy after seeing feelings of vividha about atharva hope for their immediate reunion and I think that the promos if new serial are coming of a small girl who was in zee tv bandhan serial ithink this show will over and the other one will start

  7. Joe

    Frds aftrn thiz terrorist attack i thought our atharv sujatha wil be back.. But atharv is still mentally unstable thiz iz too much.. How many dayz they shows thiz stupid track.. Whn we get our atharv sujatha 😔😔😔😔

  8. Shruti

    @devi…really chewing gum is better than this serial…drag drag dRag…..ishaqbaaz is very gud than dis ..atleast this much dragging is nt der

  9. Anam

    I’m happy 😊 but scared 😳 I hope atharve will be okay 👌 .that will happen because atharve had promised and I know he won’t break it….

    Today I know that ravish cares a Lot for atharve but at first it looked like he does .
    But ravish love ❤️ vividah secretly and now I think vividah too us starting to like him ooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwewwwwww but I want the best for vivida,ravish and atharve. Ravish was crying 😭 for atharve but vividah eye where dry as desert 🌵.so sometimes it looks like she’s acting and forgetting the love ❤️ of atharve but I’m sure but don’t break anyone’s heart in Jana il we door…………

    JOKE 1

    This drama should be called jaana vividah ka mohebet as dooor .😍😍😍😂😂😂😂

    JOk 2

    Why does sumans,emotions keep on changing for sujata.
    She is doing it to show ravish or
    Starting to like sujata/Suzy

    KAMEENA or kameeny in (JNDSD)
    Vipul trying to romance with vividah/disgusted so he’s the blo*dy kamchore kameena .
    Kalandi is kameeni because fluting romancing with 2 man disgusts

    The most lovely 😊 in jaana Nar dill sa door
    I’m going to choose atharve and ravish as man

    Girl:suman and Ada because Ada supported truth and suman is very strong 💪.

    • Suman

      Plz just be away from dis as u r just 16. How can a girl show feelings for both at a time. Pagal Hai kya😂. Just kidding. Wt vividha showing on ravish is gratitude, respect n care. For atharv is true love. Just understand difference. They may look similar but entirely different. Don’t mess up with daily soaps. It’s my request.

  10. Anam

    Feelings for 2 man isn’t called love ❤️ at all but the interesting thing is will it be ravidah or vitharve??????
    Love ❤️ atharve and ravish the same

  11. jessy

    I don’t what writers wants to show they shows sometimes feeling for ravish nd sometimes for atharv .Really these writers are making vivida’s role as characterless . How can they show like this for the sake of their trp ratings its just disgusting yar. What writers are thinking about a girl ha stupid idiot writers…..

  12. sudheer

    Still I strongly believe ravidha unite. Adharv is not dead. Suman is dead. That is d one of d main twists in this show. I know vividha said d word I will not live without you. But situations does not unite vidharv. May be the situation is suman’s dead.

    • Aarti

      I agree with u.i have seen love in her eyes for ravish. Ot mein Jo Bhi hua… that’s only fear,momentum reaction.ravidha is for sure….how it will happen,lets see how story twists.suman will also not die.
      Otherwise very wrong msg to society.without parents consent stand in front of any temple take vows,marry another guy and return to old guy disrespect IMG marriage rituals.p people are talking about Truelove and empowerment.this is not empowerment at all.empowerment hoti if she didnt marry anyone,stick to her own words.ruining someone life is not empowerment.
      Makers are also making both fans happy To make their interest intact.reel life effects real so please whatever story u want to make and move it must have morality.

      • nidha

        How can u say that Ki u have seen love for ravish in vividha’s eyes….ravidha can’t unite ,coz if it happens ..it will be full injustice to atharve ..the show started on 9th may 2016 and from that date to 21st September 2016 (ravidha marriage day) CVs only showed vitharve ‘s love story and still they are showing vitharve moments..so how can ravidha unite ….4 month isn’t small …by valuing these 4 months vitharve has to unite ..its necessary

      • Anshika

        Whatevr be the end game..bt noone can be so sure of it…cuz the writers r taking the show nowhere nd showing vividha’s feelings for both the heroes..
        The way she reacted wen Ravish was shot cudnt be ignored..she almost pushed atharva off her lap wen he was hit on his head and went to fight with Aruna in so mch anger..(the anger which she dint show for Atharva een he was beaten)..

    • Suman

      Dear Sudheer u only told neither ravish nor atharv, only vividhas feelings r important. U will respect vividhas feelings. She is choosing atharv. In recent interview ravish mentioned I won’t have romantic angle with my wife. My character is so great without any one(pair) I am loved by people. N on other hand vikram said just for trps some tracks may be included but story line going to be same. It’s not going to change. Matter finished na. Story line is vitharv love journey I think u know.

      • Deepika

        Dear suman you are thinking shashank vyas is second lead no suman he is main lead when at jndsd launch yashpatnaik said shashank vyas is main lead what you are thinking about shashank vyas he signed the show to unite athrav vividha haha suman think logically
        😂😂😂😂you that right shashank is main lead in balika vadhu then how can he do supportive role in jndsd
        😂it is impossible he is main lead you know one thing shashank entry should happen after completion of one month but due to some reasons shashank entry delayed he almost quit the show the producer and starplus begged when he is gng to sign dil sent dil tak show upcoming show in colors and he said OK he missed the dil se dil tak because of jndsd now that role is dng sidhrath so plzzzzz stop insulting shashank ravidha is gng to happen and cmng to vikram is second lead take qubool hai he did small role next ek hassin thi again he did a small role next million dollar a flop show then jndsd phase-1flop

    • shivani

      @deepika….whatever you say its still gonna be vitharv at the end and nothing else. Its very hard to accept for ra…vidha fans but its still the truth. Accept that and see or just leave the show….because jaana na dil se door isn’t one of those serials, where girl loves someone, marries someone else and then eventually falls for the husband…this show is different. You can understand that looking at the meaning of
      the title itself……(sorry no offence meant)

      • Nikh...

        yes yu r right
        if shashank vyas played a lead role in a serial it doesn’t mean he will play all lead roles if atharv play a small role in another serial it doesn’t mean he will play all side roles..
        for this show atharv only the main lead…
        jaana na dil se door=====atharv
        vivida ravish all are just a part of serial but there is no jaana na dil se door with out atharv..
        finally the main leads will unite so vitharv union is cnfrm…

      • Sachin

        @deepika di if u don’t know to get proper information thn don’t say all ths nonsense!!!

        in ths show we never said earlier atharva or ravish is the main lead,here both are equally imp…

        and fr ur kind information even though the writers waited fr ravish nd told him to stay with jndsd its cz he frst signed the contract!!!so they didn’t wanted to hurt ravish’s feelings…

        and if u don’t know hw nice is our vikram singh chauhan thn stop saying him a flop man!!!…and fr ur kind info.jbdsd frst track be4 marriage was the best track md tht time the show got much more impo.thn ths track after marriage…i would,rather say tht after the marriage ths show is only dragging dragging…bt still i wont say ravish flop as i know these actors are grt nd we don’t have any write to question about thr carries!!!

        so plz stop saying rubbish 😒😒😒

      • Sachin

        @anshika di u too don’t make a fuss of the situation tht Viv went md slapped zeenat after she shoot at ravish! Its becz :

        1)tht evil women’s gulams frst smashed on atharva head and again she herself shot at ravish…ths both situation mad he angry nt a single one…note it!

        2) othr reason was tht zeenat was nt having any support or weapons tht time and was having a gun without bullet so she went het nd slapped!

        so plz plz plz i beg all ravidha fans even though u don’t like vitharav don’t speak all those stupid thing abt the tracks…

      • Joe

        Shanky also second lead in balika vadhu aftr siddanth entry so its abt jndsd show alot of ppl lve vikram so dont compare shanky with vikram..

  13. nidha

    Now am 10000000%
    Atharve 💖 vividha
    Atharve 💖 vividha
    Atharve 💖 vividha
    Vividha 💖 atharve
    Vividha 💖 atharve
    Vividha 💖 atharve
    Vitharve’s reunion is assured
    Now am sooo happy…
    Sry vividha…sry for the accusation of yesterday’s behaviour

  14. Sachin

    Sry Viv!

    guys don’t worry atharva hasn’t died he said in one of his report tht he is going fr break fr 2days…thts y writers have added ths way!!!

    atharva will be back soon,hope he gets awake saying Viv..viv…viv…

    i just hope tht wt ever Viv said to atharva ,suman listen all tht!!! Thn everything will be done!!!

    thx Viv and once more sry!!!

  15. Shani

    Yes u r right nidha only Vitharv ❤❤❤❤ . I thought that Vividha is falling for Ravish by watching last 2 episodes .bt nw i thnk tht Vividha luves only Atharv. Thanku writerji thanks a lot . and pls dnt separate our favourite Jodi Vitharv . Nothing vl happen to our hero Atharv .

  16. Sunanda

    Yesterday many of them scoulded vivida now we got vivida’s lovable character .she is just for atharv for not no more ……………….

  17. indera sanichara

    Writers Vividha had once said, Artharv we will live together and die together, so true. Please wake up Artharv your true love is waiting for you.

  18. Dia

    Apart from the Vitharv and Ravidha confusion, there are many other defects or inefficiency in jndsd these days… In today’s episodes I could see so many flaws..Some r below..

    1. Vividha has no expressions, fine. But even Sujatha was not showing any sad expressions..Her son is in life or death condition. I think might be jndsd cast is not happy with director and the storyline, that’s why no one is giving their best acting skills.

    2. The lady doctor didn’t look like any surgeon or doctor at all. And the surgeon who comes later he also doesn’t look like an experienced brain surgeon. Even fresher doctors or duty docs look much experienced. How can they select inefficient or inappropriate people for doctors role.

    3. The Operation Room set up cannot be like that in any hospital. They should show realistic operation room. Where in Operation room anyone keeps a big cupboard behind patient’s head and in fact attach the decide to cupboard!!?? And then which doctors perform brain surgery with sitting position and with hair still on head. First step is to shave hair from the wounded area. And later we see whole hospital is bakwaas with short circuits..No respiratory device..And bla bla..

    Shoemakers should show audience realistic and quality things because we are trusting them and spending our quality time watching their shows.

    Don’t fight over Ravidha or Vitharv.. I think it’s waste of your time fighting over this silly issue. When the director’s confusion is clear whether to unite Ravidha or Vitharv, then only all of us can understand the show. The quality of the serial is gone to zero. So stop watching this show. When trp will decrease either they will unite Vitharv or end the show soon.😀

    • Karan

      @Dia, grt observation. I too think they should/ can improve the quality of the show. Really that Dr felt like a quack. Vividha and Sujata needs to push in and little more into their acting to make it feel realistic. We want to see passion and and desparate want for Atharva from Vividha not and casual tear which will loo more convicting to d audience.

      It’s obvious d end is heading 4 an Vitharav union so they just need to make it look realistic for all of us ….theI faithful fans

      Ravish, Atharva and Suman good job on ur roles….

    • 143_Vitharv Only_JNDSD

      Yeah really good observation [email protected]. and all acctors should have maitained real emotions on there face..

  19. Usha

    Guys I m vividha has feelings for ravish and she might admit it but ravish won’t accept her coz he loves his brother and doesn’t want to hurt him….. pasa palatne wala hai… and vasist house women never get thier true love

  20. Nazneen Syed

    Good morning
    Suman,Anam,Sachin,Joe,143,Karan,Nidha,Sunanda and all jndsd viewers.

    Coming to the episode it was good 😊.
    Kal ke episode Mein saabit Ho Gaya Ki Vitharv union toh pakka hai..

    Guys Atharv aur Ravish ke liye naya naam ATHISH(Atharv Ravish).😉

    I hope Ravish ko kuch na Ho.Ravish deserves a better girl than Vividha.

  21. Suman

    Did I tell u shashank is not main lead. N as u Said shashank vyas entry was 1 month after show started. Ya serials r trp driven. So shivik were doing very well so they concentrated on dem. Sv entry postponed to august later you know September. N before balika vadhu shashank was nothing for every one luck is very important factor. As sv is lucky balika vadhu was hit. N one more joke in serials like bv male leads r just name sake. No much role given to dem. As u mentioned bv I am putting up these words, in bv jagya was married to anandi, n anandi was such a innocent. Y he gave divorce to her. Just because he didn’t love her. He couldn’t love his wife. Marriage is a such a sacred bond they make people close na y it didn’t happened. N next he will go to another girl, she is possessive about him. If he want he can change her way of thinking. Again came back for anandi. She is lucky enough she was in her marriage ceremony. N next he goes to one more girl ganga imagining her as anandi. Next again realizes as she makes him understand. Next he falls for her n marries her. Wt is d character of him. As he is male he can take as many marriages as he want. Here its case of a girl, she should not break a forced marriage. Mistakes r done by all. We are after all human beings. But we can rectify dem. Just because of guilt n gratitude I can’t ask a girl to compromise in forced marriage. S he is one of the main lead it doesn’t mean ruining already well established pair for a famous actor. As u Said patnaiks begged him to stay. We can understand their efforts to make people accept ravish character. He mentioned his character is very strong but no romantic angle.

    • Deepika

      OK suman let’s se what will happen if I hurted you sry as a fan ravish and ravidha I hurted the CVS are playing with both ravidha and vithrav why should we argue it is just a show I am hoping ravidha will happen you are hoping vithrav will happen they are dragging the serial up to end they will show like this only one day ravidha and one day vithrav

      • Suman

        No offense yar. S u r true u hope for ra…. Vidha. But don’t underestimate power of a common man😂. Vikram may not be a famous actor, but he is doing very well. Now also I am not a fan of vikram r sv. In general also I don’t have particular favorite hero heroine like dat. I watch movies or any thing just for subject. I loved promo of jndsd. I am watching n fell in love with vitharv, especially feminist atharv sujatha.

    • [email protected]!n

      completely agree!

  22. nidha

    What’s the big deal….shashank vyas is the main lead …mujhe koi bathao directors ne main lead ke entry keliye 4 month kyun wait kiya….to phir atharve second lead he kya he ?????
    Atharve is the main lead deepika …why would CVs show main lead after 4 months @deepika

  23. Fan of fans👼

    Eagerly waiting for today’s episode😍 after watching this serial from the very beginning , i can only support vitharv unite.. ❤ love to see them together..👍

  24. 143

    Finally…. Vividha confirmed only vitharv. No more ra……vidha.so from know we ignore who say ra….vidha.
    Some one saying, he/she has seen love in vividha eyes for ravish.
    After watching this episode also how can they say it…better stop dreaming and Wake up its morning.

  25. 143

    In precap…. The way vividha scolding Atharv was….Awesomeeeeeeee😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😚😚😚how can you do this, you can’t decide alone leaving me,i can’t even die without u…..wowww too heart ♥ touching scene…. Request and scolding Atharv… He can’t leave her and can’t even decide his death alone…without her/vividha. Superb dialogue😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😚😚👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏

  26. Joe

    Hiii suman sachin karan nazneen 143 nd all jndsd frds.. Suman wel said yar.. Vikram nd shanky both are main leads how can some one says vikram as second male lead.. Vikram wins alot of hearts playing atharv sujatha character..

  27. Kk

    Atharv ko thik hona hi hoga…sujata ke lia, Ravish ke lia, vividha ke lia or kailash kasyap ko sawak sikhane ke lia…. Hope 4 the best

    • Kk

      Ok fans…. Aap sabka reaction thik hai… Dekho aap koi bhi actor ko character ko jitna gali dena hai do …
      Main hi pagal hun ki tum sabke reaction ke upar react karbetha..

      But main much galat nehi kaha that even main request kiya ttha… Baas

      Ok @143 u r right… Tum sabka opinion kaise bhi rakho mujhe kya…. Ok dear forget it… Gd luck

    • 143_Vitharv Only_JNDSD

      Thats Ok!!! my dear frnd.

      i like ur point and agree too, Atharv should get fine. not for vividha, not for his brother ravish,not even for his mom Sujatha.But he should get fine for d sake of gr8t Kailash Kashyap and his son(Ankit Kashyap).

  28. Suman

    @deepika I am very sure who r supporting a forced marriage of ra…. Vidha r not true fans of jndsd. U proved it again. As a true fan of jndsd never support ra…. Vidha. But I feel proud of shivik. As u Said, Even though they r not famous but they r doing really very good job . impressed as vitharv A true jndsd fan supports vitharv love. Because we r not biased with stardom of particular actor. We loved jndsd for vividha n atharv. Vitharv. Not d other way.

  29. 143_Vitharv Only_JNDSD

    whatever it is,Vitharv or ravidha. good to see many comments in our faviorte JNDSD page.Thanks to all for ur views.
    Advance Happy New Year-2017 Friends.
    waitingggg for today’s episode. Atharv gets fine.

  30. Suman

    Check link https://youtu.be/p40jXwHLTc. Vikram clearly mentioned actually after separation his entry was not dat soon. But because of fans as they demanded vitharv they started shooting flash back scenes n more vitharv scenes. Fans love jndsd just because of vitharv. For vitharv ravish character entry delayed literally not by 10 – 15 days almost by 4 months. It proves serials r trp driven n vitharv r on high demand 😂. Just to satisfy ravish fans they won’t even dare to separate vitharv. for matter of few days separation fans demanded vitharv n he brought back within a week. If they separate vitharv forever for ravish fans, the show will go off airing. I don’t want to hurt any ones feelings. I am sharing information which I came to know.

    • 143_Vitharv Only_JNDSD

      Yeah u r right @suman, ravish entry was made too late by CV’s because to show strong bonding b/w Atharv and Vividha…. cv’s clearly mentioned it before Ravish(Shasank vaysa entry….)

  31. 143_Vitharv Only_JNDSD

    @suman. yeah u r right…we will miss baby Atharv alot. And the best dialogues “pagal hey kaya”. “main bhee bahut Strong hu”

  32. Anam

    Loved today’s epi it was epic and it should be 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😏😏😏😏😏😏😛😛

  33. 143

    @suman…. yeah there is no re-telecast at 3.00 pm.
    but y this star plus people are crazy with “Ye Hai Mohabbatein”…,”Ishqbaaaz” are more than 4 to 5 times re-telecast every day.But JNDSD only twice a day..that too sleeping times.so sad.. how can v watch midnight and early morning if we miss any episode.duffer star plus hate uuuuuuu.

  34. leijio

    ravish and vividha are made for each other so they are a great and atharava should also get a main lead acteress and ravida be together for ever JNDSD

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