Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Atharv doing the Janmashtami puja. Atharv does aarti. Kailash looks on angrily. Atharv goes to Kailash and says I have done puja, what will you do now, sending me to jail and getting me beaten up, or anything else, you do drama every day, won’t you digest food if you don’t shout for a day. Kailash gets angry. Vividha asks Atharv not to go without talking to her. She says I know you are angry, but non talking is not a solution. She stops him and his shirt sleeve tears. Atharv tears his shirt completely. He goes back to his house.

Vividha asks him to listen and goes after him. Kailash shouts Vividha, what are you doing. She goes. He says she has no shame in her eyes, father is infront of her and she is not caring for anything. He angrily leaves.


shuts the door. Vividha knocks the door and says is this your love, its fine, if you don’t talk to me before 12, I will think I loved a wrong person. Sujata comes there. Vividha says I will think our love does not have such strength which I thought, I will believe I can’t understand you ever. Sujata says its not Vividha’s mistake, she has tried to make you meet your father. Atharv says she has made herself away from me by making me meet my so called father. Sujata gets her husband’s call. Vividha says I can understand, you go, I will try. Sujata leaves.

Sujata meets Ramakant at the hotel. She says don’t know what to say, I can just apologize if Atharv said anything. He says no, its not your and Atharv’s mistake, it happened what I felt, I knew my son will not hug me and love me, he has a valid reason, he loves Vividha a lot, he had anger in his eyes, he did not misbehave, he stopped himself as I have helped him in saving Vividha, Vividha’s love stopped him, I m proud of their love. She says Atharv is annoyed with Vividha, their love is strong and their love story is tough. Ramakant asks why, whats the matter.

Vividha sees Atharv via window and asks him not to be angry on food, I got food made for you especially for fasts, Maa made this, you can have this, shall I keep food here, will you have it. He shuts the window.

Sujata says because Vividha’s father Kailash Kashyap does not want this relation to happen, he will not let them unite. He asks why, what bad thing does Kailash see in our son, he is educated, good mannered, handsome and loves Vividha, why will anyone not like to get their daughter married to our son. She says because Atharv is a milk vendor’s son and his…. Ramakant says because no one knows of his father’s name. He holds Sujata and says you both have lived bad fate, not life, but I will not let Atharv and Vividha get separated, I m still alive, I promise their love will get fulfilled.

Dadi goes to Atharv and says your anger is getting high, I can’t bear this, you look beautiful in anger, but Vividha is upset, I m also in tension, don’t be angry for me and Vividha’s sake, come out please. Atharv says I respect you a lot, but please not today. Dadi goes and tells Vividha that Atharv is not coming.

Guddi goes to Atharv and knocks door. he opens the door. She asks him to forgive Vividha and come out. He shuts the door. Guddi signs no to Vividha. Vividha goes to Atharv and says I know you are angry, why are you not having food, come out to have food, then you can go back, we will not talk to you. Sujata comes and looks on. Vividha asks Atharv not to be angry on food. Sujata says I know he won’t agree. She tells Atharv that there is difference between annoyance and being stone hearted. She scolds Atharv and asks Vividha to leave him, no need to do anything for him, he will not understand us. He opens the window and sees them.

He then shuts the window. Sujata says what shall I do of him. Vividha says he has to talk to me, lets see till when he does not come out. Kailash has headache and says women are not listening to me. Ramakant calls Kailash and says this is Colonel Ramakant Vaishist. Kailash asks who Colonel, you dialed wrong number. Ramakant asks am I speaking to Kailash Kashyap. Kailash says yes, speaking, who are you. Ramakant says I called you to talk about your daughter’ relation with my son, I came from Delhi, I m here for some days, I had to purchase some land. Kailash asks where do you want land, tell me if you want help from me. Ramakant says I want 200-300 acres for industrial purpose. Kailash gets shocked and says yes, I will help you.

Ramakant smiles and says good, when do we meet. Kailash says whenever you say. Ramakant asks when shall I come to your house. Kailash thinks Atharv will do something, and tells Ramakant that you can come home, but I have work at shop, you can meet me. Ramakant asks are you shopkeeper. Kailash says shop means office, I have big catering business, you can meet at my office. Ramakant asks him to message address. Kailash gets glad and says now see milkman, Vividha will get married in big house, with rich man’s son. Ramakant says Kailash will get Atharv and Vividha married now, just see. He smiles.

Atharv says I attended puja, but can’t forgive you. Vividha forcefully takes him in the car. Sujata says Krishna used to take Radha ji, but its kalyug now and Radha ji is taking Krishna ji away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. poor kailash he doesn’t know ramkant is atharv’s father i think a big tragedy is waiting

  2. poor kailash he doesn’t know ramkant is atharv’s father i think a big tragedy is waiting

  3. Nice episode
    To amena di for update
    Wt viv will do with atharv in precap

  4. Am sooo much tenshnd wht wl hppn ? Wl they sprtd frevr? oh no agar aisa kuch ho gaya thooooo i cant imgn

  5. Nice epi…feeling bad for vitharv…

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