Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kangana leaving. Atharv says I don’t know what is she saying, look at me Vividha, nothing will happen to us, we have seen more worse time, I won’t let anything happen to you, just do as I say. Atharv tries to hold the pole and passes to the end. His phone falls down. He drops on a barrel. Vividha shouts. He signs her to be quiet and walks on barrels. He says don’t move, I will do something. She gets dizzy. Kangana reaches Madhav’s school and sees him. A teacher goes towards Kangana’s side. Kangana hides. Atharv throws the barrels. Teacher goes back.

Kangana smiles seeing Madhav. Two men dressed as clowns meet the kids. Atharv keeps a wooden platform on the barrels. He walks on the barrels and asks Vividha to open the ropes by her mouth, rope will get

loose and you will slip down, I will hold you, be careful. He walks to her and holds her feet. She tries to open the ropes. Kangana sees Madhav with the clowns. Atharv helps Vividha in opening the ropes, by holding her weight on his shoulders. She opens the ropes and says I have opened ropes. He asks her to slide down. He asks her not to look down, and holds her.

Sujata goes to take Madhav. She sees the clowns. They come in between and hide Madhav. He tries finding Madhav. Atharv asks Vividha to walk slowly, hold look down, just see the door and walk that side, be careful. Vividha says if we fall down then… He says focus and walk, I won’t let anything happen to you. They walk.

Kangana takes Madhav from school. Sujata misses to see him. Atharv and Vividha reach the end. They get down the wooden platform. Kangana talks to Madhav and takes him in car. Atharv and Vividha are on the way. He asks her not to worry. She worries for Madhav and prays for him. Kangana asks Madhav to have his fav icecream. She says I will buy new toys for you, everything will be new there. Madhav asks are we not going on picnic. Kangana says promise me you will listen to me, you will call me mumma from today. He says but my mumma is at home. She says yes, now we will be together, you call me mumma. He says no.

She says you like me right, I get gifts for you, I m saying that’s why, you can get habitual. He asks why. She says just call me mumma, don’t worry, have icecream. She smiles. Atharv and Vividha reach school and see Sujata crying. Atharv asks for Madhav. Sujata says I reached before time, kids were here, but Madhav was not here, what would I do, forgive me. He asks why are you apologizing, I should have said about Kangana. She says I was calling you. He says my phone fell down. She asks where. He says I will tell later. Vividha asks him to do something. Ravish calls them. Atharv says Kangana took Madhav somewhere. Ravish says Kangana took him to park, I had keep a tracker in his bag, reach park soon, I will give you directions. They all leave. Ravish gives them directions. Ravish says I don’t know where they are going, Kangana is going towards old fort. Atharv says fine, we are coming there. Vividha says do anything Atharv, save my Madhav from that Kangana. Kangana smiles. Madhav shows the park and says we will do picnic there. Kangana asks him to call her mumma. She stops the car and shouts on him, asking him to call her mumma. He looks at her. Ravish says she stopped near the temple. Madhav says no, I want to go home. Kangana calms down and says sorry Madhav, don’t get worried, its fine, you can call me mumma later. He agrees. She gives him chocolate and asks him to smile. She drives. Ravish says she is driving to the park near old fort, I m reaching there Atharv. Vividha worries.

Ravish says Madhav is close. Vividha says why can’t we see him. They see a boy with Madhav’s bag. Vividha runs to him and says Madhav, don’t leave me again.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Linah

    Thank goodness i can comment now.This physcho really i feel like strangling her, now where has she taken our cute little madhav…. hope they find him soon.

    Thanks Amena.

  2. Sunanda12345


    |Registered Member




    these are the voting results when i voted…

    Coming to todays epidode-atharv i just luv uu….u r luv 2 vivida never ends….u r presence of mind awesome😊😊👌👌👌👌

    By todays episode it was clear that kangana is mother to madhav….and in precap maybe he is the real son of vitharv…

    Have a nyc day guys………..😊😊


      i don’t have twitter id now i’m sad i can’t vote for them plz….. tell me a way out di.
      n i’m glad that u r back

  3. Viz Pinky

    Not able to express my feelings.I am soooooooooo happy.our vitharv phase 1 look is back.he is with old phase 1 dress rudhraksh and they r inside ajmeer house.

    This really gave me big relief from my studies and tense.love u vitharv.they r back with bang.

    • Vismaya

      Don’t know ho can’t control ma happience our atharv is back happy happy and happy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • Veer

      Yes AtharvSujatha with his kurta, jeans, shoes n rudraksh is a treat to watch. Can’t wait for the next track to begin soon. Hope innocent, bold and lovely Vividha will also be back. Patnayak’s gave this gift for their anniversary I think.
      Waiting for intense, microwave AtharvSujatha performances.

    • usha

      Hi Suman di , happy to see u back. We really missed ur cmnts. Plz, don’t leave this page again even if the track is boring.How is ur beautiful dolls di?

  4. Linah

    This is really wonderful news @sunanda am definitely going to vote for our vitharv.

    @pinky even i saw this in jndsd fb fan page am really excited waiting for this.

    • usha

      Hi Sweety sis, how r u dear? I couldn’t watch last two day’s episode also missed this cmnting section. I saw the 2 episodes now and just start reading cmnts . I don’t have a twitter acc. dear. Any way so happy to hear this news. Defntly i ‘ll open an acc soon fr our vidharv.


    awsome epi . but felt angry on vivi . atharv untied him then reached to her after all this vivi said if we die? girl’s are not so that weak even vivi cz she went among terrorist to save ravi but now what happend to her.

    but anyway i liked sara n vikram acting today.

    oh i forgot hi everyone

  6. xyz

    Hiiii my dear friends. How r u all? Sorry dears I couldn’t comment for a week bcz m stucked with my tests and also my test r going on now .so actually I didn’t ready for comment today also but after watching today’s epsd I can’t controle me from commenting. Bcz I had been very disappointing for many days due to this worst current track.
    But today my atharv omggggg. I got my old atharv sujatha halfly. What a performance 👌👌👌👏👏👏 .just a big round of applause for atharv 👏👏👏👏. This is the most perfect husband for any wife.The way he empowered,supported, gave confidence, saved vividha. Awsome. Atharv always empowered vividha in each & every situation. Today vitharvs immortal love saved their lives. Once again they proved that nothing is impossible for sacred love ie vitharvs love 💑. Really vitharv is the symbol of empowerment through love. I don’t care the remaining illogical scns and even that witch kangana also.Today I nly saw the empowerment through love.

    I know everybody knew that our vitharv is selected for SPA. Congrats to all vitharv fans!!.👏👏👏👏.Let’s vote for our dear love birds.
    I m sooooooooooooo happyyyyyyyyyyy that our old vitharv &ajmer r back. Our old atharv sujatha with his rudraksh. Can’t wait .
    And I know most of the vitharv fans r missing in this page . May be due to the current track or due to any other reasons. Anyway pls come back dears .l also busy with my tests but I m back nly for our vitharv &ajmer.
    @aailya dear; where r u? Ur exams r nt over ? I know u will never care any viruses or bacterias which existed bfr in this page. So if ur xms r over then pls come back dear nt for us atleast for our vitharv ,Madhav &ajmer .
    Eagerly waiting for our vitharv with Madhav (i never believe Madhav is kangana’s son)&ajmer as well as our all old vitharvians.💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    • Diya

      xyz dear how r u???? exam OK read & do well.all the best. miss u dear.💓
      yes our atharv…..just beyond words.
      obviously vitharv will win.
      come back soon…… dear.

      • xyz

        Hi diya dear. I m fine and u?
        Yes thanku so much dear.
        Ya our old iron man ATHARV SUJATHA is on the way. I m eagerly waiting for vitharv, tabela, ajmer, gungun, payal, 😢☺😊 can’t wait.
        Definitely nly our vitharv in starplus deserves the most favourite pair award. I really wish to they win.
        But I have no twitter account 😭.😭😭
        So I can’t vote. But I hope all vitharv fandom will fight together for our
        success. S truely vitharv deserves it as they r the nly couple which following tagline of starplus “nayi soch “

    • Linah

      xyz dear how r u??? how is your exams…. am glad that you are back dear how much i missed ur comments.
      All the best in your remaining exams dear.

    • Sandy

      Hey xyz how r u dear and all d best for ur exams.
      There a re many happy news …vitharv’s insta videos, spa 2017,and the return of our real and old atharv sujata 🤗

      • xyz

        Hi dear sandy. Thanku so much. I m fine dear & u?
        Ya .I know many happy news for us.spa,shivik vdos,boomerang,selfies and our old atharv sujatha with Kurtha, rudraksh.
        Let’s wait for our old vitharv days for again.
        Good morning dear

    • Viz Pinky

      Hii di.how r u?we missed u & ur comments a lot these many days.happy u r back.gud after noon diii 😊😊😊😊😊

      • xyz

        Hi pinky .m fine dear and what about u?
        I got stucked with my tests that’s y I couldn’t joined with u all.
        Now I m back .
        Good afternoon dear


    i’m getting mad just want to vote for vitharv n want them to win plz……… someone help me or i’ll cry all yr long

  8. Sakib

    Atharva u just rocked.After a long time, I feel that its our old atharva,I can’t express my feelings.U saved vivi like a spider-man.U proved that u can do anything 4 vivi,u ricked ur life and save her.Thats why I like u sooooooooooo much.


    oh vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv i just love u more than any other jodi. if it was a ekta’s show then surely she would have turned that force marriage in real n atharv villian but i’m glad it’s patnaik show . vivi divorced ravi n united with atharv. it’s a example in whole indian serial industry.

    just want them to win jodi in spa 2017

  10. Diya

    oh god at last. actually I couldn’t find comment box.
    guys vote…….
    I already did it. obviously our vitharv will win 100%

  11. Sammy

    Hi guys does any1 know who is geeta ravish has a tatoo at the back of his neck I saw it his insta?

  12. 🅱#🅰🆚

    I hope truth will get revealed by tmrw..But I want madhav to be Vitharv son..
    Guys anyone from Hyderabad here..

  13. Lakshmi

    JNDSD CVs – looks like doing enough work to get the story back to JNDSD phase1 story line. Hope this time they will not disappoint viewers who are looking for content and concept in JNDSD story.

    Today Vikram’s performance 👏👏👌👌👍. Hope Atharva Sujata will be there in Ajmer going forward rather than in Vashisht house.

  14. Linah

    xyz dear how r u??? how is your exams… am really glad that you are back how much i missed ur comments.
    All the best in your remaining exams dear.

    • xyz

      Hi Linah dear. My exams were good. But that was just mock actual is coming to this week &another.
      Thanku so much dear for ur wishes. I m also glad to see my dear friends and their comments.
      Anyway Let’s wait for our old vitharv &ajmer.
      Now I feel so happy &relief after watching our atharv in old Kurtha, rudraksh.
      OK dear .I m fine & what about u?
      Good morning.

      • Linah

        Gud afternoon xyz!!!! sorry dear couldn’t reply to you earlier, anyways am fine… really waiting for ajmer scenes as well…. hope it will be just as fantastic as phase 1.

  15. Viz Pinky

    Let us rock vikkus live chat tomorrow at 2 pm.waiting 4r that from sooooo many days. One side full of tension one side full of happiness.my exam will be over at 1pm after that I will rush to my house for my vikku 😄😄😄😄😄😍😍😍😍…..

    • usha

      Hi Pinky , srry dear i couldn’t come here frm last 2days since i’m busy in studies, that ‘s why i didn’t wish fr ur exam. I read yestrday’s cmnting page just now and knew abt ur exam. I think when u will read this , ur exam will be cmplete. I hope u ‘ve done ur exam well. Have a nice day and enjoy vikku’s live chat dear.

      • Viz Pinky

        Hiiii diii…no problem Di always ur wishes will be there with me.yes u r right di my exam is completed I think i did it well but still afraid of results my hands are shivering when i remember that.still one more exam is left on 7th May it was main entrance 4r medicine NEET exam.again into studies.all the best to ur studies di.😊😊😊😊.

    • usha

      Hi vimala , r u a malayali? I will tell u what i know abt bank exams . There r two categories in bank exams:PO and clerk. Nationalised banks except SBI selects the candidates through IBPS exam( separate fr po and clerks) . There r 3 main steps in PO exams : preliminary (Objective type) main ( descriptive type) and interview. In clerickal exam’s there is no interview, only prelims and main ( both r objective type) .Only prelim exam winners can attend the main . Generally clerickal exams will be conducted on Dec- Feb every year. PO exams will be bfr this. Online application may be start in Aug – sept. U can visit ibps’s official site fr more information. SBI conducts their exam in their own way. That will be bfr ibps’s exams. 19 nationalised banks select their candidates through ibps exam. U can join a good coaching centre aftr ur degree exam. Don’t wait fr ur result. Aftr cmplting a 6 months – 1 year course , u can defntly attend all bank exams ,ssc exams etc . All bank exams have the same syllabus. If u still have any dbt ,u can visit ibps and sbi site and can ask me too.

  16. Sweety

    Gud morning to everyone…..
    Usha sis,xyz,aailya,Sandy,viz pinky,sunanda,linah,veer,raone,Lakshmi,Diya,vismaya,aleya marzan,suman di,Nikh,mubi,…Etc..Etc..Vitharv fans and all jndsd fans..Have a nice day..
    Plzz guys make a Twitter account and convince all your frnds and relatives to vote for vitharv .Public voting starts on may 1.
    Don’t miss vikrams live chat @2pm

  17. aisha

    I will kill this kangana and hope madhav is safe and thank god that I can comment only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  18. Helly

    This time so should not be biased and they should consider shivika vitharv and kaira not balaji pH again just bcz of ekta asso with awards yes DT and kp are excellent performars but their spark is not there like earlier they use to have inyrkkh after the exit of the leads that to 3 main leads mohsin and shivangi did excellence performance and in jndsd Vikram and shivani did brilliant performance and as well as romantic scenes and shivika passionate chemistry so this time star should consider this three pairs

  19. vikkushivani

    Kaha chali gayi vitharv fans shivay-anika is in first place hurry up please vote for vitharv

  20. RAOne


    |Registered Member

    HEY!!!!!! ATTENTION!!!!!! ATEENTION!!!!!!!!!
    @SUNANDA12345 AND I(RAOne) we are going to take part in OS CHAMPNION SHIP……
    So……. Its request please support us so that we could win the title…… yes we will try to wil for U all….. for our Jndsd Family……… All the best Sunanda12345 dii….. try to win the competion for this page or for Vitharv because we have the least entry from this page i.e. Jndsd only we two….. try to keep it best….. go ..


    Interesting title -10
    Creative story – 40
    Understandable – 10
    Ability in gaining readers attention – 20
    Creative dialogues – 20

    this marks division for more details contact Priyaa…

    Get ready for the overload Love…..

    • Sunanda12345


      |Registered Member

      Tq raone….tq sooooo much for the news….I will try my level best….vitharv blessings for us

      Tomorrow’s onwards my final exams…..

    • Viz Pinky

      Hiiii raone…don’t worry dear always we will be there with u.we know that u will do it.all the best sunanda akka and raone bhaya👍👍👍👍👍

    • Sandy

      All the best to Both of u dears 👍👍
      I’m sure that u both will do a fantastic job
      A great opportunity to exhibit ur talent
      Rock it yaar😎

    • usha

      Hi Vimala, i asked abt ur state , bcz i think if u r a malayali, then i can tell abt best bank coaching centres in kerala. Now a days the bank exams r more tough to win. Bt don’t worry, a regular coaching of 6 months to 1 year will defntly help u to achieve ur goal. U should depend on a daily newspaper to improve skill in language. I prefer u ‘The Hindu’ . May i know ur degree main subject?

    • xyz

      Sorry dear vimala. I couldn’t reply u.bcz i didnt see ur comment early as i had class today. But I m so glad that Usha explained u very well. I hope u got much information about banking zone.
      @Usha thanku so much for ur help.

  21. Veer

    This guy Vikram is unreal. He’s too sweet, grounded, composed and very witty with lots of humour. There’s a lot to learn from this guy.He’s full of positive vibes. He still remembers his fans names. He will definitely have a great future with this attitude.

  22. Viz Pinky

    Guys i am back after vikkus live chat.I don’t know if anyone have joined chat but i am here to give updates who did not join in chat

    U all don’t know how I have forced my dad to drive car fast.at last i came to my home on time.ran like any thing from cellar to my flat did not stop any were up to my room.than opened ig there was no vikku.

    He was just less than 5 mins late than his live started with hiiiiii….He was going off to chhattisgard and was in airport of Mumbai for his frnd mrg.there was some what disturbance over there but it was ok.
    All hiiiis love u’s with some ques.

    1.His fav colours were blue and white.
    2.jndsd sets were there in CITY STUDIOS Mumbai.he still told exact place name where that studios are located but not able to remember.no problem we can search on ggl.if i get doctor seat the first wish i will ask my father is to take me to vikku 😍😍😍😍😍😍…..
    3.this was very interesting…….Our dearest cutie pie vikku will marry in couple of years.he told it with his mouth😭😭😭😳😳😳
    4.he had just ended his today’s shoot at 12 and was there in chat at 2:04:34 near to that.
    And many…..not that much interesting.

    He was in hurry to take his boarding pass and ended it soon.but he told that he will do it once again after his return.
    No disturbances or bad mouthing in chat…I am happy 4r that.

    And my exam…. it went well.still afraid about result.

    • Viz Pinky

      I forgot chat ended with 9,383 ppl.it’s a great thing right 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.

    • Veer

      Good to hear that your exam went well. Don’t worry about the results, just chill every thing will be OK.

      Adding to Pinky’s comment. He was going to Panchkula in Chandigarh. Black is also his favourite colour. He also said he likes all his co-actors but in particular took out names of Shivani and Shilpa ji.

      JNDSD SET LOCATION: Star Plus set, City Studio, Mohammed Ali compound, Malad, Mumbai.

      There were few comments like WHO ARE YOU? (very few). Which Vikram handled with his humour.

      • Veer

        Vikram also said that he/JNDSD team don’t have any info on SPA 2017 music video. They didn’t receive any call regarding this. On off-air question also he said, he isn’t informed of anything of that sorts.

      • Viz Pinky

        Thank u veer 4r extra information and also correcting me.place also I told wrong i think u corrected it i am Confused as i don’t know north places properly.and also thank u 4r greeting me😊😊😊

  23. 🅱#🅰🆚

    Hi all,I have asked my frnds also to vote for Vitharv..I m sure Vitharv wil only win..
    Thank u sravani for ur reply..I m also from hyd..😁😁.. Eagerly waiting for today’s episode..


    hi good afternoon to all. yesterday no body told me how to open id on twitter.plz……………………………. help me out i want to vote them

    • Sweety

      Dwnld Twitter app and enter ur email I’d or phone number and just fill it with wt they ask.like dob,name,etc..It’s so simple.Do it for our vitharv👍👍

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