Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish seeing the R on Vividha’s hands. Pandit asks them to do rituals. Ravish covers the blood flowing from his hand, and recalls Suman’s words. Pandit tells about husband and wife respecting and supporting each other in every situation. Vividha recalls Atharv. Pandit asks family to come for ghatbandhan. Guddi does the ghatbandhan. Pandit asks groom and bride to stand for pheras. Vividha takes the rounds and recalls Atharv’s promises. Everyone shower flowers. Vividha thinks of her vows to Atharv. She stumbles and ghatbandhan was about to break. Suman holds it and ties the ghatbandhan back. Ravish looks at Vividha.

Kalindi taunts Vividha who is herself stumbling, what will she manage Ravish. Suman says Vividha and Ravish will support each other when

either of them stumble, this is called marriage. Vividha recalls Atharv’s words. The wedding rounds are completed. Pandit asks bride’s parents to come for kanyadaan. Kailash and Uma do the kanyadaan. Vividha takes her hand back. Uma gives her hand in Ravish’s hands. Ravish looks at her.

Ravish takes the sindoor. Suman lifts the veil. Ravish sees her and gets mesmerized seeing her. Ravish smiles seeing her. Ravish feels sindoor in Vividha’s maang. She thinks of Atharv, who touched her hairline with his bleeding hand, thus applying blood as sindoor to her hairline. Pandit asks groom to make the bride wear the mangalsutra.

Ravish makes her wear the mangalsutra. Kailash gets relieved. Pandit says you are husband and wife from today, marriage is completed, take blessings from your elders. Everyone smile and clap. Suman smiles seeing Ravish. Ravish is lost and stares at Vividha.

Later, Ravish and Vividha sit for post marriage functions. Ravish’s sister gets the sweets. Kalindi asks Ravish not to be shy and feed sweets to Vividha. He feeds Vividha. Everyone clap. Vividha signs him its enough. Vividha then feeds sweets to Ravish and recalls how she once fed food to Atharv. Ravish takes blessings from Daddy ji. He sees Vividha and smiles. He goes to her and takes photos with her and Suman. Kailash says its all in your hands now. Suman says I promise Vividha will get happiness in this house.

Bhoomi asks why does the bride not appear happy. Kailash says I want to talk to Vividha if you all permit. Suman says sure, talk to her, whats there to take permission. Kailash goes with Vividha. He says I know…. You are not happy, I promise nothing will happen to Atharv, and asks her to promise to him to living life well. She asks shall I promise that I will tell everyone the truth, you will threaten me to kill Atharv again, don’t worry, I have paid the debt to be your father, I will do a last favour, but remember this was just a deal, this Atharv stays fine, my tongue will be shut, nothing matters to me more than Atharv’s life.

Vividha scolds Kailash. Ravish and Vividha touch Kailash’s feet and take blessings. Vividha hugs Uma and asks her to find Atharv, promise me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally Ravish-Vividha got married:-)waiting for Atharva scenes

  2. By reading this update itself brings tears. OMG I can’t watch the episode.

  3. chi chi ……

  4. Oh!!!
    SP always shows what we never wish for..
    What would happen to atharv now??
    Is he alive??
    Show doesnt shown him for some days..i think he is..oh god no..
    Well if atharv is no more…i think sujata will turn vilain..and will come for revenge..
    If atharv will survive..how could he bear this pain of seperation frm vividha..
    And when all comes to knw that ravish is atharvs brother(sautela hi sahi)then what will happen.
    What will be the reaction of kailash..uma..atharv and vividha…?
    When ravish comes to know dis sen waht will happen..
    And it is shown that ravish is falling for vividha..
    Oh god..am jst feeling irritated with all these thoughts… 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. I feel vry srry 4 atharv.?all his life,he gains only pain & sujata …what is happened to her??
    The kailash ??I want to kill him??how does he tell viv to be happy????
    As the spoiler,viv will show her tantrums ..but I know later she will fall in luv with ravish as per “hum dil de chuke sanam ”
    I feel really srry 4 atharv ??he looses his luv??

  6. Finally marriage over
    Where is atharv? ????

  7. O no, don’t make Ravish fall in love please , there will be another broken heart and by the way when Suman gets to know the truth I wonder if she turns negativ over she did not get love from Ramakant because he loved Sujata and now her son’s new bride loves Sujatas son . And then Ramakant father will be thorn between two families as Atharv is also his grandson. I read somewhere this was his character role .

  8. plz fr god sake donor copy the story line of dhadkan or hum dil de Chuke sanam…

  9. Oh What all these happening….This episode was against my wish…how she married Ravish…if it was me I can’t…..
    Where is Atharv ?? What she gonna be do ? They do ?
    Ravish / Vividha :@
    Atharv + vividha 😀 <3 @-}–

    Kailash is such a X( devil…

    We wanted to see Atharv and Vividha together…please don't drag this serial too much…

    I can't believe this…Marriage happens..:'(:'(:-(
    Ohh no …oo

  10. Vividha doesnt just scold kailash..She asks him not to raise his eyes or voice infront of her again..Even before precap she calls him Mr.kailash kashyap..

    Regarding episode..i hate this guy…
    He is no where near my atharv…
    Atharva was dashing..
    Vitharv was awesome…
    The guy’s look when filling sindhoor and while tying mangalsutra was like he’s lusting like dog..
    I want to see my atharv..
    Vividha is strong..
    Wondering what will happen to Vitharv..
    Like Saraswatichandra ,i want vitharv back..Someone kill that lame dog kailsh and his son(he looks and acts like he is not a man)

  11. Oh god …whats this…I too didnt like the way he looked at vividha while marrying her..
    Such a love story of Vitharv…Oh my..I hate Ravish between by vitharv…
    What happened to atharv and sujata…

    Ramakant – When alive he destroyed life of Sujata and Atharv..
    Even at dying time that stupid major spoiled life of vividha and atharv…
    Disgusting man- He very well know he will die soon,then why the wuck did he talked to suman about bahu and to kailash about his son without clearing anything…
    He should have left letter atleast…
    Wucking man came inbetween and spoiled life of Atharv…

    1. You are right dear prads….
      Ramakant spoiled life of Sujata and Atharva while alive and while dying too…
      Feeling bad for Vivdha..
      I want Ankit to die for hitting my Atharv with hammer…
      Waiting to see atharv and new guy is not looking good..that too with vividha he looks yuck

  12. Have stopped watching this rubbish for the past one week I request all the viewers not to watch this rubbish and let the trip and fall to the extreme that they don’t even dare to spoil a story like this have the writers gone mad to spoil the plot which had a gud rating f atharva came back may be i will read the update and pls don’t spoil it more by bringing a love bud between vividha and ravish it would be really awkward to see dat kind of stuff
    Really really hate u dumb writers for spoiling such a nice serial by introducing your stupid imaginations

  13. sorry I think we can express our feelings better in our mother toungue soo ONNU NIRTI POVUO#jndsd team

  14. I’m a malayali we watching dis serial for entertainment bt you people are spoiling it , bcoz of this tragic scenes we stop watching did show from today onwardzz 🙁
    enna perfect jodi aayirunne aa atharvum vividhayum tammilulla jodi ningalkkendinte vatta directoree:(

  15. I’m a malayali we watching dis serial for entertainment bt you people are spoiling it , bcoz of this tragic scenes we stop watching did show from today onwardzz 🙁
    enna perfect jodi aayirunne aa atharvum vividhayum tammilulla jodi ningalkkendinte vatta directoree:( feeling sas

  16. But guys its true that all love stories do not reach their destiny…………and secondly it would not be interesting if vividha wud nt take atharv’s advice and moved forward it wud have been the same old story like other serials….so lets not lose hope

  17. This show is going just like other totally out of track this show is early off air

  18. I luv dis new jodi

  19. The Colonel didn’t do rite by Sujata n Atharv when he was alive n now it seems in death it’s the same. Each time Sujata n Atharv lose out, n their happiness goes. Vividha may fall for Ravish if the directors do go down the other film route, but then again like Saraswatichandra things cud still change. Or is that wishful thinking??!!! Hopefully first things first, Uma find Atharva. She regarded him her son, so find him first. Get him bk to health before saying anything about Vividha, then I think watch the explosions happen! Kailash Wil rue the day he ever hurt him, n if he thinks Atharv Wil let him get away Scott free, that won’t happen. He’s nothing to lose after losing Vividha, she was everything to him, without her, like he’s said before, he feels like nothing. She was his support, his foundation, the person who gave him wings to fly n gave him a reason for living!….
    We need to find him n see him first! So Uma get ur skates on, find him. It’s already too late, but we need to find Atharv alive first then everything else can be handled!

  20. I does not like this serial

  21. Kailash doesn’t atharv to his son in law so he athrv could marry guddi to break the ego of kailash

  22. I don’t suprise wen they show vividha fall in love with ravish this is such a f**king serial

  23. A very sad episode.

  24. i guess this story will go like hum dil de chuke sanam
    o god but i like vividha atharv pair

  25. I do agree everyone’s love will be successful…atleast they could not have shown us so much of chemistry between vitharv

  26. I hope vividha stays true to her words and is honest in her marriage. She should forget about adhrav once she knows that his health is good . She has chosen to mary Ravish herself and is deceiving the grooms family. Please do not make a mockery of the marriage institute. Adhrav should move on and just go after KK.

  27. bekar story. har serials mein do char shadi jaruri hya kya. kuch real story nehi ata kaya.

  28. Serial s gng in a right track. But a small suggestion, if vividha had taken a decision to marry Ravish, then I think she should change herself to live happily with Ravish by understanding him slowly.Instead she took a decision of not being happy with him. She should have not married for Kailash’s order. Vividha s not just destroying her own life but exploiting Ravish’s entire families dream. Just think from Ravish’s end. If this is the case, then should not have married Ravish at all.

  29. Like father like daughter. What a brutal act both of them done. b*t*h Vividha, played with atharv love game and spoiled ravish’s life. And her family after the atharv incident whole the wedding time they didn’t even give a Phn call to inquire how is his condition! Jerk family. And madam vividha cud go straight front side of tample but no she made him come backside of temple thrash into pulp to dead. Wicked b*t*h selfish vividha jio a lavish soldier s wife life

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