Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sujata getting toy gun and thinks did Atharv go, what if Ravish finds him. Situram informs Ravish that Sujata and Atharv got bus tickets. Ravish says no, they were here at temple, I have seen them, we should find them. Ravish wonders why did Sujata and Atharv run away. Sujata hides her face seeing Ravish. Vividha comes there. Sujata collides with her and goes. Vividha sees Ravish and goes to him. He says you are still here, you did not go home with everyone. She says no, Maa told me to stay here and come home with you. He asks her to wait in temple.

She gets dizzy. Ravish holds her and asks her will she have water or anything. She recalls Atharv. She thinks why everything reminds me of you Atharv. Ravish asks are you okay Vividha. She says yes, I will wait

for you in temple.

The men keep the box outside the temple. Atharv says he does not like this being trapped. Vividha prays and feels guilty. She thinks to tell truth to Ravish today as she is feeling bad to lie to him, Ravish is alone with her today and she has to get courage to say all the truth to Ravish. She goes downstairs. Vividha comes there near the box and gets dizzy. She holds the box. Music plays…… Tere khayalon se…….plays………. She stands holding the box. Atharv feels her and touches the box’s top. She goes. He starts hitting the box and gets silent.

Ravish recalls Sujata and Atharv running away. Sujata is still there and trying to find Atharv. She sees Ravish and hides. He thinks it can be a problem. Suman says its good, we did shopping. Kalindi says yes, we got discounts on Karwachauth even if we did not keep fast. Cook calls Suman and asks what food to make for everyone and fast. Suman says who asked you to make food for fast. He says Vividha may have kept the fast, she did not had breakfast.

Suman asks him to make normal food. Kalindi asks what happened, did Vividha ask cook to make fasting food. Suman says no, she did not have breakfast and lunch. Kalindi says I told you she will ask you. Suman says I m sure Vividha can’t do this. Kalindi says Vividha would be in temple, we will go temple and see. Suman says fine, we will see did Vividha keep fast or not. They leave.

Atharv cries and says open…. Sujata hides from Ravish. Ravish thinks of Vividha and goes towards temple. The ladies wait for moon to break their fast. They see the moon and rush. Vividha looks on. Ravish comes to temple and does not find Vividha there. He says where did Vividha go. Suman, Kalindi, Bhoomi and Aditi too look for Vividha. Bhoomi says if Vividha kept fast, she will be doing puja. A lady asks Vividha to hold her puja plate. Vividha cries and sees the moon. She recalls Atharv.

The box starts moving. Vividha sees the box and thinks some animal is locked in it. She goes and opens the box. Atharv comes out and she gets a jerk. She screams and the puja plate falls off. Vividha falls on the ground. The Kumkum falls over both of them. Channi falls over her face. She opens eyes and sees Atharv through the Channi. She gets shocked. He looks at her. Jaana na dil se door…..plays…………..

Vividha and Atharv see each other. She smiles and says Atharv. He says Vividha. She can’t believe her eyes. She recalls how she has seen him before at her inlaws house. She checks if he is really there by touching his face. She says Atharv….. its you, you are really infront of me. She happily hugs him. Maine jo chaha mujhko wo milgaya……plays……. She says I can’t believe you are infront of me, are you fine Atharv, where did you go. She hugs him and cries. Atharv gets angry and recalls how he got beaten up. She asks him to say something. He stares at her.

Sujata runs after Atharv to stop it. A speeding car goes towards him. Sujata shouts Atharv.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • navz

      Yaa Saari characters hide n seek khel raha hein .I want to see atharv vividha united.i didn’t see d episode.

  1. Sunanda

    Omg!finally vitharv met😍😍😍
    Towards precap when vivida meet atharv she fells dizzy nd again falls.atharv goes.
    That’s why sujata finds atharv.
    I think maybe ravish in car???????
    Anyhave vivida fast is completed by seeing atharv.
    But when atharv recalls his past???????
    Iam still waiting for that situation.plsssss writers make it soon

  2. NABANITA626

    |Registered Member

    as you all know on 4th Nov our favourite show siya ke ram is ending.so if you are anyone skr fan too,plz comment in last day update page of skr.we have also decided to publish a final list of skr fans.if you are a skr fan too but anyday you have not comment in siya ke ram page ,so please tell us your name to us by replying here or to comment in skr page.so we can add you in the list.

    • Aarohi

      OmG….iam a gr8 fan of SKR….but never commented…..i rlly loved the show a lot…..one one the best!! Hats Off

  3. Meraj

    Interesting episode. Good to watch d serial going forward.continue d same but see that u don’t make it like a balaji serial… U may loose your audience.

  4. Nisa

    I really enjoy watching this program. Was a fan of Suhani si Ek Ladkhi and Saathiya but I think this program is really great.

    My opinion – that Vividah and Ravish sort out their relationship. Ratings will still increase if they remain married and Vividah’s yearning for Attharv’s love continues

    • Sneha

      He has already lost his memory….he can become normal….but writers will not make him normal so early…so ravish might have saved him from being hitting by that car

      • Sweety

        yeah , me too think like that.Ravish will save Atharv and got injured .just then suman and the rest arrives there. suman knows about vividha keep fast .she blames vividha for keeping fast because in the previous episode she already mentioned that keep fasting is not good for husbands in the vashist family and look ravish injured .its only my imaginations god knows what going to happen.

  5. Samantha

    Guys dnt u think it is the insult of relationship like marriage???sorry,though i like vividha and atharv more,but now i want vivida stay with ravish,and their relati8nship improove,

    • NS4

      Yeah agree.. But love and soul is also need for a pure marriage. But not only body. Right!!
      I loved this show becoz this show pointing towards true love… Vividha and Atharv struggled a lot… Marriage is also a test for them.
      Now we have to see wil a true win ???Or
      rituals which r made by human.. Not by god???

      its a great love itself happen to human

  6. Havilah

    Will Atharv and Vividha seperate again tomorrow ?
    I am soo happy for Vividha.. she loves Atharv even after getting married to Ravish..

  7. Angel

    Pls stop dragging episodes… It’s sure waste of episodes and time. Pls show something interesting like reunion of vitharv as well as kailash gets punished for his deeds.

  8. Za

    I have lost interest in this soap ever since atharva an vivida separated..pls guys jus reunite them!!!????

  9. Usha

    I want vivida stay with ravish and except him completely tan se Mann se …. if she go back with atarva than stories well be the end so if we want jnddsd continue we have to wait for that and u know army’s life anything can happen ……

    • NS4

      Sry.. But its funny u said.,Vividha should accept Don’t think that if vividha goes to atharv jndsd….will end

      Serials will never ends so easily..

      Now this show has high points..
      Will vitharv love win Or marriage with ravish.
      Serial’s has more negative energy than positive…
      So don’t feel show will end with single point vitharv reunion.

  10. Havilah

    Atharv and Vividha promised with each other that.. what will be happend.. and Total world will be coming againest them.. but They love only each other and they will obsolutly unite..
    They also promised marriage vachans.. so only vithrv will unite..

  11. nadiya

    I love ravish character …..he is too good.vividha should accept him as he is thousand times better than atharva

  12. Shah_dhara

    |Registered Member

    Yes I agree with @Sneha and @sweety.. Ravish may have saved Atharv from car hitting. So by then may be Sujata believe Ravish that he is a truly their well wisher and fulfilling his father’s last wish.. And yaa, Now everyday nail biting story they are showing.. but still reveal all to all who is Vividha & Atharv and Sujata to Suman.. 🙂

  13. Apple

    All are saying ravish will save Atharv from car accident.. But if u clearly observe the precap.. Car sound looks its stopped by driver.. I think it may ravish Or it may ravish family in that car…
    Vividha can also be in d car…maybe Atharv ran away (in his madness)from vividha.. vividha tracing him

  14. s unity rao

    Ky dimag khrab karre yr ye log
    Sidhe sidhe story dikhana chiye n
    Bs episodes nahane ka kaam krte
    Dehleez kitna accha tha short nd simple bore b nh hua
    Due to these reasons only India series will never be as good and famous as foreign series like game of thrones,friends,how under your mother etc.

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