Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv smiling seeing Vividha. Sujata and Abdul uncle tease him about love. Sujata asks him not to worry about Vividha, Kailash is very protective about his daughters, nothing will happen to her. Atharv says when book is held too close to eyes, it can’t be read, that’s the problem with Kailash, he is blind in his friendship. Vividha, Uma, Dadi and everyone get ready for the party.

Chintu sees Uma and looks for Vividha. Dadi dresses up and recalls Atharv’s words. She gets shy. Chintu hears Dadi’s dreamy words and goes ahead. He sees Vividha getting ready and eyes her. Guddi comes and asks Vividha how is she looking. Vividha says great and turns. Chintu hides. Vividha asks Guddi to shut the door. Guddi sees Chintu and shuts the door. She asks Chintu how

is she looking. Chintu keeps his finger on her lips and asks her not to call him Bhaiya. He flirts with her indirectly and goes with her. Atharv is on video meet with his boss. His attention gets diverted on seeing Vividha. He murmurs was this Vividha. The man asks what Vividha. Atharv says nothing, there is network issue, I will talk to you later. He goes to Sujata and says he is going to see Ram leela today.

Ankit flaunts his style to Chintu. Vividha comes downstairs. Kailash calls her and introduces her to the guests. He praises her a lot. Atharv tries to look across the other side of the tent. Badri asks Uma about the special laddoo. Mrs. Dubey tells Uma that she will get laddoo. Uma says no, why will you bother, I will just get it. Chintu goes after Vividha, while Guddi calls him out as Chintu and gives him icecream. Kailash looks on as Guddi did not address him as Chintu Bhaiya.

Guddi asks Chintu will he have another icecream. He says no thanks, my quota is over. Vividha sees Atharv peeking in and goes to see. Ankit stops Chintu and introduces his friends. Uma waits for Sujata. Kailash asks Uma about laddoo. Uma says its in kitchen. Kailash asks her why did she get it till now. Uma waits in kitchen. Vividha comes and asks Uma what is she waiting for, there are the laddoos. Uma smiles seeing Sujata there and takes laddoos.

Sujata teases Atharv about looking for Vividha. Vividha gives laddoos to everyone. She sees Atharv, while Chintu is eyeing her. Chintu sees Atharv outside. Guddi calls out Chintu. Kailash gets irked again and introduces her to the guests. He slowly asks Guddi whats this Chintu, Chintu…. He is elder to you, you know what to call him. She says sorry and goes. Chintu stops her and asks her not to take tension, I like when you can me just Chintu. She smiles.

Dadi comes in the party and the guests laugh seeing her. Dadi looks too flashy, and asks about photographer. Mrs. Dubey asks Dadi where is she doing outside, party is here inside. Dadi says you won’t understand, so leave it. She goes out to show her style and look to Atharv. Kailash sends Vividha to check about food arrangements. She sees Vividha and pulls the tent cloth. Atharv still keeps seeing her. She falls down and gets wrapped in the tent. Atharv stops her and falls over her. They have an eyelock. Jaana na dil se door……………plays………..

They have a sweet moment. She asks him to move and not touch her. He says fine, keep lying here. She is unable to move, and asks someone to help. He looks around and asks are you saying me, I can’t touch you. She says stop nonsense and help me, anyone will see. He removes the tent cloth and looks at her. She gets freed. He looks at her and smiles. She says my dress got spoiled because of you. He asks her to wait. He holds her close and applies the black dot behind her ear. She asks whats happening. He says I m applying black dot so that you should not catch bad sight. She pushes him and says you did not have such belief. He says yes, but I have such belief now after seeing you. They smile seeing each other.

Kailash scolds Atharv for slapping his guest. Atharv says your guest was…. Kailash insults him a lot calling him orphan and having bad blood in his veins. Vividha cries and asks Kailash to stop it. Atharv gets angry hearing Kailash.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What a romantic episode.

  2. Wwoooww… I liked today’s episode ….DADI ROCKZZZ these days….. romance btw vivi nd adharv was awesome……..

  3. Wowwwe the last part is just amazing.vitharv rockzzzz… Today vividha’s last section was really good

  4. Meghana

    Hmmm after a week i got chance to watch epi was superb but hated dat chintu
    ARDRA DI PLS visit strdy epi page

  5. I couldn’t watch the epi….only last part I saw it was awesome…. atharv is so handsome….how cute na
    This kailash… idiot. Why he always taunts Atharv. vividha can’t u hear wat ur papa is telling… y can’t u understand his evil face….
    Love ViThArV…

  6. Thanku Meghu for commenting…
    its OK yaar ….concentrate on ur studies…
    and good luck for ur exam..

  7. vitharv scenes was toooo gud.jz loved it.atharv z wonderful. vividha was looking gorgeous. vitharv r adorable
    Hey happy fan ua os was nice.cudnt comment ysdy. hoping fo such lovely scene in the serial

  8. Wow u made my day vivtharv..
    Wat a romantic scene it was…njoyed 2days episode…

  9. Tdy epi wndrfl..

  10. Atharv is so handsome vivida looking soo cute

  11. Thanku akaashi… no prblm yaar any way u commented…. I’m happy that u liked it.
    yeah I too wana see super duper romance btwn vitharv…..

  12. rizwana fahim

    T’days episode was awesome. Luv scene Btw adharv &vividha was mind blowing

  13. Why today less comments… Today is our 50 the episode… Comment guyzzzz

    1. No it was 49th today 50 will be tomorrow l calculated it

  14. rizwana fahim

    2dayz epi.. wazz awesom . Luv scene btw vividha adharv waz mind blowing

  15. rizwana fahim

    Sorry guys.text 2ice Accidently happened

  16. Awww wt a lovely episode vividha ws luking sooo cute n atharv tooooo………

  17. Lovely episode

  18. Wow, great romance btwn vitharv.
    Loved it, so cute
    When they come close to eachother,both look awsome.
    Mindblowing couple.

  19. Awesome episode…
    Hope this stupid vividha will get to know about her father’s evil nature as soon as possible…

    1. Wishes the same

  20. Haven’t seen today’s epi bcz of guests 🙁 gonna see on hotstar tomorrow..

  21. Vitharv scene was just awesome but this chintu bhaiya is so irritating
    Precap is bad but what vividha did is a hopeful thing please vividha open your eyes and mind

  22. Hi everyone…
    I want to know 1thing from all south Indian followers of this show that are u guys watch this show in hindi or in your own language like talagu,tamil,malayalm.
    Pls comment….

    1. hey..admin…. Im from Kerala….but I used to watch this show in Hindi only….
      many Hindi serials are being dubbed to malayalam but I never watched it as I feel very irritated…bcoz both north and South Indian cultures n traditions r different…… so when I see Hindi serials with Malayalam dialogue I can’t digest it.
      Hindi serials should be watched in Hindi only….

    2. Hindi of course…..hahhaha intrstn Q admin dheedhi

  23. Specially If living in south India….

  24. Arshdeep

    Indeed a good episode..?

    Vividha looked beautiful? and atharv so desperate to see her..aww..?
    Guddi was looking sweet too.?
    Did not noticed the chintu as dont like to spoil my mood.???
    Dadi was so over dressed..??

    The last scene was so wonderful with atharv falling over vivdha..and then teasing her if she is calling him only..?? The way he pulled her close and put that black dot behind her ears..??? Loved the scene❤
    Also loved the way sujata helped uma and then their smiles said everything??

    Precap seems awful as again atharv has to bear kailash taunts.???? But why was vividha joining hands in front of atharv. Did she come to know that atharv was right????

  25. Arshdeep

    Thank you amena di for the update?

  26. Safreena KhameeZ

    nyz epsd…. 🙂
    atharv u lookng soo cute nd vivitha also…. 🙂

  27. thanks Amena for the update

  28. ASSALAM O ALAIKUM and good morning to all members of vitharv family wish u all a very good day may ALLAH keep you under the shadow of HIS blessings and and guide us all to the right path and a new advise STAY CALM means don’t be angry weather anyone misbehaves or fights with u or in any condition

  29. Meghana

    No di i dont think so, i think she folds her hands and requests him nt to raise hand on kailash infront of all ( i mean she vl just say dat with her eyes)

  30. U r right meghana

  31. Hi.happy fan
    Thanks for giving answer of my question..
    So may I think that u guys know hindi????
    I only want to know that ……
    thanks once again…

  32. M new hea!!!!….m a great fan of vitharv…..due to ramzan series…no watchn tv..so readn written updates…wish to watch it lively??…anyway i imagn those thngs in ma mind….and M from kasragod…kerala

  33. Are yaar what matters in any language…..the contents matters….

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