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The Episode starts with Uma calling out Vividha. Atharv asks her to go. Sujata and Vividha joke that Atharv is scared of Uma, not Kailash. Vviidha asks him to admit. He says yes, I m afraid of Uma, now go. Vividha goes to Uma and asks are you annoyed with me. Uma asks her to go and serve food to Kailash. Uma prays that Vividha is getting a loving husband and mum in law, what else a mother wants for daughter, I just wish Kailash agrees for them and accepts Atharv.

Atharv tells Sujata that Vividha finally got the courage, she has forwarded her hand to wear the bangle. Sujata asks why do you always say about courage, you mean your father did not have courage that my love story did not complete, situation is also responsible, courage is not everything. He says I did not mean this. She says

but you always say this. She cries. He says I m sorry, I did not mean this way, don’t spoil your heart, sorry. He does situps. She smiles. He says you get angry soon, shall I go now. She asks him to go. She thinks of her husband’s words. He asks what happened, do you want to say anything. She says nothing, its raining, drive carefully. He says slippery days are over, now life is to get set. He leaves. She says how to tell Atharv about his father, how to take Atharv to him.

Vividha goes to serve food to Kailash. She asks Kailash to talk to her, till when will he stay annoyed. She says I m your daughter Vividha, don’t be silent, please. He gets up. She says I won’t say anything, just don’t leave breakfast. He looks at her, holding his hand and stopping him. He sees her wearing Sujata’s given bangles and gets shocked.

Kailash thinks of throwing bangles on Sujata’s face. He recalls Sujata and Atharv’s challenge, and past incidences. He leaves. Uma asks Vividha not to worry, I will send his breakfast to his office. Dadi praises the bangles and Sujata. She says I have seen such mum in law in Rajshri movies. Guddi says it means you will have less fights. Vividha says my and Sujata’s fight, no chance and smiles.

Sujata’s husband waits for her at the temple. He smiles seeing Sujata. He asks how are you, where is Atharv, he would be parking vehicle, what does he drive. She says motor cycle. He says I will go and meet him there. She holds his hand and stops him. He asks did Atharv not come. She cries and says I could not tell him, I tried a lot, but I did not have courage to tell him, its been many years now, you can understand, how he thinks of you, what will he do and act, I will tell him, I need some time. He cries.

He says its fine, we had a date. She asks date. He says children call such meetings as date, shall we go out. She smiles and goes with him. Vividha studies in the library and makes some notes. Atharv flashes light on her face by his watch glass. She turns and sees him. She signs him why did he come here. He signs he came to see her, and asks her to come out. She goes to him, and he pulls her to himself. He smiles seeing her.

She asks him why did he come here. Atharv says I was checking where you were studying or wasting time. She says I was studying till now, but you have come, so time will get waste. He reminds he was college’s guest lecturer too. She recalls and says oh yes, how can you forget, you threw chalk on me. He says you will get chalk hit if you don’t concentrate, get serious in studies. She says I serious, go. He says your exams are over. She says yes, but I don’t think I will get good marks, so I m doing this project to get grace marks.

He says Kailash said you study well, oh you both don’t get tired of praising each other. She says Papa says right, I m topper, but I was finding you before exam day and hugged you on street, that’s why this is happening. He smiles and says I need to talk something imp. She asks did Papa say anything, I felt this, he has seen my bangles. She worries. He stops her by shutting her mouth by his hand. O re piya………….plays…………They have an eyelock. He says relax, nothing such happened, I had to ask something, don’t talk in signs. She signs him to move his hand. He says oh and moves his hand. She asks what do you want to ask. He says you said we have to wait till Kailash agrees. She asks what, we have to wait.

He asks is there any deadline or plan. She says I did not think so. He asks will we wait till death. She asks why, can’t you wait. He holds her hand and says I can wait, but I will get hurt, you don’t know its hard for me to live without you, and wish to take you along. Library lady sees them behind the book shelf and asks who is it. Atharv tries to go, and Vividha holds his hand stopping him. A girl stops the lady to ask something. Vividha says then take me. He looks at her. Music plays……….. Vividha says then take me, who has stopped you. She walks to him and holds him against the wall. She makes him hold her close. Saware……plays………….. They look into each other’s eyes. She gets close and smiles.

Atharv holds her close and they have an eyelock. He caresses her hair. They get close to kiss.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank you soo much Ameena …such a fast update 🙂

  2. Arshdeep

    Hey everyone
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    Such a cute episode today.. these two are just so hott????❤
    They kill me with their romance
    Loved it when Vividha put Atharv’s hands around her❤

    Thank you amena di for the updates??

  3. Watching vitharav’s romance……. My heart is beating faster???….. They have sizzling chemistry…… ???
    Wish to have some1 like atharv in my life toooo…….

    1. Same here… Whenever I see him I just think of my “BADKISMAT”..

  4. Hi arshadeep how r u
    Tq amena di for update

    Such a lovely episode today
    Vitharv scene is superrrrrrrb today

    Luv u atharv

    1. Arshdeep

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  5. 2day I really died of there romance..vitharv u will kill evrybody with ur chemistry..I will gv 5 stars***** 2day.can’t wait till 2maro episode

  6. If there are any telugu fans here there is a good news
    JNNDSD IS COMING IN MAA TV from this Monday

    1. Oh k. in maatv.i do follow it .thank u

    2. Yeah, mee too waiting for JNDSD in telugu version…………….waiting waiting………..
      i was waiting to see from episode/Day-1..Thanks for the info.

    3. Honey ji tell me d show name JNNDSD in Maa (telugu)

      1. in telugu it is ye maya chesave

    4. Thanks honey for ur update. Most of telugu ppl watch it. ?

    5. Tq….Shradha…. R u telugu….????

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  9. Ade1111

    Watching this two just make me smile so much they are so good together

  10. Amena………..plz update today’s episode….

  11. where is todays episode
    what r the timings for telugu version

  12. hey honey ..whats the serial name of jndsd in yelugu
    what r the show timings on Maa tv

    1. Yem maya chesave….. Coming soon in telugu…..

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