Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman asking Madhav to come to her. Madhav does not move. Atharv takes care of Guddi. She says you have to take care of me so much. He says if you are so sensitive, I have to take care of you, your name is like a doll Guddi. She says you gave me this name. He says I don’t remember when and how I gave you this name. She says you saw me in mall and called me Guddi, as I looked like a doll.

Vividha asks Madhav to go to Suman and take blessings. Ravish says Dadi is calling, come. Sujata says Madhav behaves like strangers with Suman, don’t know why. Suman says its fine, he is a kid, you all stay here and I keep coming and leaving, I have to make friendship with him always. She asks Madhav to come, I got a good thing for you, see this toy, come and have it. Madhav

does not go. Dadi says see how is staring at Suman. Suman says fine, I will come to you, have this toy, take it. Everyone smile. Madhav does not take.

Atharv says you told me about giving health seminar in school, I saw you in school and named you Guddi. Guddi worries and says yes, but next time in mall, the name was final. Madhav runs away. Vividha and Ravish ask him to stop. Uma says Madhav is a kid, he has nothing in heart. Suman says yes, we raised our children, you are raising for the first time. They all smile. Vividha says I will prepare your room and goes. Suman thinks Madhav’s behavior is getting bad, I have to handle him.

Atharv says I forgot my life’s 25 years, all gone. I think how can I forget happiness and sorrow. Guddi asks him not to think anything about past, we had just sorrows and problems, Lord blessed you and you forgot the past, you should think of our present, which will become our future. He says yes, but I have many questions, I want to know many things about my life. She says sleep now, you have to workout in morning, I will make your protein.

Suman goes to kitchen to get water. Vividha makes milk for Madhav. Suman says now he would drink milk easily. Vividha says no, that’s why I m mixing chocolate in his milk. Suman asks Vividha to get her medicines from hall. Vividha goes. Suman adds something in Madhav’s milk. Guddi adds medicine in Atharv’s protein shake.

Vividha gets Madhav there. She gives medicines to Suman. Madhav sees Suman and stares at her. Vividha asks why are you staring at her like this. Suman says its fine, I m going to sleep. Suman goes. Guddi gives protein shake to Atharv. Vividha gives the milk to Madhav. Atharv drinks the protein shake. Guddi smiles. Madhav drinks the milk. Suman looks on.

Its night, Guddi sees Atharv sleeping and goes. Chintu pulls her hand. She asks are you mad, I got scared, you call me in darkness always, if Raghav sees then… He says there is no love without risk, I want night darkness to come in front of you, we are living a lie in the day light, but our truth is seen in night darkness. She smiles and hugs him.

Atharv gets some memory flashes and shouts no. He wakes up. Guddi hears him and comes to room. He asks what happened. He says same dream again. She says relax, I m with you. He says no, I want to know why this happens, who are they. She says you think of all this and see that in dream, your mind is playing games, sleep now, I m there for you, relax. She makes him sleep.

Madhav wakes up. Suman recalls everyone’s words and smiles, saying he will come to me now. Madhav comes to her. Suman says from today, you will listen to me whatever I say. Vividha wakes up and sees Madhav gone. She wakes up Ravish. She says Madhav is not here, where did he go. Ravish says I will look outside. Suman says you will not get scared of me, you will not run away, you will trust and love me, will you? Say yes, say it. Madhav looks at her. Vividha and Ravish shout out Madhav and everyone wake up. Suman worries. Madhav closes eyes. Suman holds Madhav.

Guddi tells Suman that Atharv got same dream again. Suman says Atharv getting that dream, and Madhav getting away from me will not be right, their fate is linked, I want to write their fate, you increase the powder dose in Atharv’s food.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. xyz , oru karyam chodhikkan marannu , keralathil evideya ? I knew that U & Aailya are malayalees.

    1. Hi Usha. I m frm tvm (attingal).
      Gud eveng. Njnm promo kandappo thanne shivik ne love chythu thudangytha.

  2. @hanshika …untill suman planned means now atharav will play the game bcoz atharav told he will give the surprise to guddi ..atharav come on yaar u should punish that kk ,suman chintu guddi ..and writers plz atharav is main lead so give importance to atharav’s character not that tall and bended raveesh yaaak he is tall but not smart than atharav ….atharav u r the main hero and u ll be

  3. RAOne

    WHAT I THINK THE HIDDEN OR BIG TWIST IS I WILL INFORM you ABOUT THIS Tomarrow…….from my point of you…….

  4. What’s this nonsense now about Arthav and Ravish being a twin?

    So Sujata did not know she gave birth to to a twin?

    Story makes no sense, because Suman said when she found out about Sujata and Arthav she lost her first child. So if she did not know about them before meeting Ramakhant how did she get Sujata’s other “son”?

    Look CVs need to stop playing with viewers intelligence!

  5. Amena
    Fast update yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr plzzzzzzzzzz

  6. the panditji came to vividha where he saw suman but he is shocked to meet suman and vice versa he ask suman who are you from where are you coming from she gets scared and said she is coming from haridwar he said i am also coming from there and i did not see you she said there were many people there maybe that is why you did no see me the panditji says he is seeing her black heart and black face from inside and they have to be alert with her you guys just watch today’s episode suman is a wicked woman and she needs to be put away as early as possible

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