Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv getting rushed to the hospital. He gets treated by the doctors. Ravish also gets treated. The family prays for both of them. The doctor removes bullet from Ravish’s arm. The nails from Atharv’s head are removed. Vividha worries and consoles Suman and Sujata. She says nothing will happen to them. Ravish comes to Suman. He says I m fine, how is Atharv.

Suman says you both are Ramakant’s sons, you had to be champions. Vividha asks Ravish to take rest, Atharv is in OT, operation is going on. The people come and ask Ravish did he fight with terrorists alone. Ravish says I was not alone in the fight, we have won because of our house women, they faced enemy with bravery, if other women have this courage, enemy can’t see our family, they risked lives

for country. They people salute them. Ravish recalls Atharv and says there is one more person who has helped me, my brother Atharv.

He says he has fought with much courage, like an army man’s son, he did tandav on enemy’s head like Shiv. Vividha recalls Atharv. Ravish says I don’t want anything else, just my brother should get fine. He gets sad.

Vividha, Suman, Sujata and Ravish recall Atharv and the moments with him. Everyone recall the time spent with Atharv. Ravish cries. Vividha sees him and goes. Ravish says Atharv got hit on head’s behind, he was hit at same place before, he used to say it hurts a lot, they have beaten him again. Atharv has to get fine, he will get fine, else I will not leave the one who did this with him.

Doctor comes. Ravish asks how is Atharv. Doctor says the nails entered the head, unfortunately, he has hit on same place, we removed the nails, one nail is still there in sensitive area, we need surgeon, we called best surgeon. Ravish says Atharv will get fine after surgery. Doctor says I m sorry, there is less chance of recovery, there is no guarantee as its brain operation. Sujata asks what do you mean. Doctor says we can know when Atharv gets conscious, we can just try, you pray, you all be positive. Ravish asks family not to worry.

Adaa feels bad and runs. Vividha and everyone go and see her praying for Atharv. Adaa says my mum did bad thing, she has beaten everyone, she has done all this, I feel bad seeing Atharv like this, if you make him fine, I will be thankful. Vividha cries and hugs her.

Dadi Bua says kids’ prayers get answered. Ravish gets a call. He tells the family that terrorists did not just target our family, but planted bomb at many places in city, I gave my name, I have to go, its our duty to catch the terrorists and send them in coffins, we will not let them shed blood, terrorists attack by using innocent people, I m feeling helpless seeing Atharv today, many people would have seen family in bad state, I have to go on duty.

Suman says its tough for me to see Ravish leaving, if its his duty, our duty is to send him with courage, I know Ravish is worried, but family is not imp than duty, he will choose country over family. She blesses Ravish. The army man asks Ravish to come. Ravish asks Vividha to come with him. He asks Vividha not to worry, Atharv will get fine. She says I will be worried for you too. He says Atharv is fighting with death, take care of him, he will get fine. She asks how are you saying with belief. He says your love strength is with him, if anything happens to me then you….. She says nothing will happen to you. He asks how can you say this with belief…..

Atharv’s surgery goes in. The bomb blast happens in the hospital and power goes. Atharv gets serious. Doctor gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Anam

    Atharve will be okay because I have the trust.friends don’t worry and I think 💭 everything will get fine and think vividah is getting feelings about ravish.i think 💭 i pray my heroes will be okay 👌 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Ravidah would be okay so have trust

  2. Shani

    I don’t think that vividha still loves Atharv . She is more worried for Ravish. and everyday Ravish is becoming mahaan he has become hero of JNDSD . Pls unite Vitharv otherwise show vl be totally bakwaas

  3. Amalina


    |Registered Member

    I think atharv will wake up and regain his memory. Then the real drama of who vividha belongs to will start!

    Wow 😳 saathiya casts in Jana na dil se door! Kinjal, baa, vidya…… happy to see choti vidya again.😊

  4. Sruthi

    Omg omg ….this vividha….such a crap i dnt have words to scold her … In last scene she says thumko kuch nahi hoga mathlab she is loving ravish ….she fell in love easily.now atharv health is nt gud …so she fall for ravish..if any case ravish ko atharav ka situation agaya tho ..then again she fall for atharv…iam sure she is lk item piece….plz ravish u also leave vividha…she didn’t deserve for both brothers

  5. jessy

    How could one girl feel for both at a time in bakwas serial mey ne kabi nai deki .its a waste useless message for viewers . I just liked the serial nust because of true love ❤.frm the seperation of two true love birds I just stopped to watch the serial and reading only the written updates. But from now onwards its just waste of time to read the written updates also . Iam not a vitharv fan nor ravish.. No message to viewers and to society I think star plus should end this show now because it is purely a waste serial……

  6. aisha

    again she was caring for ravish what does she want somebody tell chalo its ok that when ravish was going for bomb diffusion task she was caring for him but what is this nothing will happen to you and when atharva was in ot than also sje was asking ravish ru fine and when ravish was saying not to care about him and care for atharva that guy has always sacrificed his life for vividha but why she is not understanding this plsssssssszzzzzzzz god unite them I am losing faith on makers but for this serial the god is majers plsssssssszzz go on the actual track of vividha atharva maybe atharva gets ok and ravish dies now
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    and everyone think always vividha name is beforw atharva like vividaathara so respect for vividha not in ra….vida

  7. sudheer

    I am eagerly waiting tmrw epi for vividha’s answer. I think vividha’s answer is my love always with u ravish.

    • Pinky

      I also feel same. Sab vividha ko gali derahe pata nehi kyun,????? Wo chahate hai vividha ravish ke ware main sochche hi na…. Yaar aaj agar atharv uski paas hai sirf ravish ke lia.

      Actually aaj ravish dialogue mujhe itna imotion banadia 😭😭😭
      Baas writter ji vitharv ko milado par ravish ko mat maro.
      Aaj ki episode se lagraha hai ravish ke saath kahin kuch galat na hojae……

  8. amol

    lets bycott this serial guys. reddiculus . the love which changes by time is not real. & just beacause atharv is gone mad. & ravish is good person .so vividha will love ravish !!!!!!. atharv had too big injury & vividha caring ravish small hand injury. Reallly ……. this is too much

    • mishty

      Dude if it was not for ravish atharva wudnot even be alive. Thr is only one person who is silently supporting everyone and that is ravish even when he knows his love loves someone else. And if vividha falls in love with ravish, it is only but natural. He has done so much for her expecting nothing in return.

    • Navz


      |Registered Member

      Hii amol. Y shld we leave d show. Iam watching this only for atharv . let dat paagal vividha go to hell or let her be settled wid anyone she like our atharv shld get a better girl than vividha. And if I wanna suggest I also want ravish to get a better girl for his good nature.

  9. divya

    Now i feel like its ravish who cares more for atharv than that vividha..hope he gets fine soon. I wonder if ravish had been in place of atharv, then she would have been
    more concerned.

  10. Aash

    Vividha ne feelings naku artham kavadam ledu , nv ravish ni like chestunava I can’t understand yar , nv ravish gurinchi ekkuva care tesukuntunav kani atharv gurinchi Thakuva anipistundi . Plz director ji audience ki oka clarity ivandi ravidha or vi tharv . Inka enni rojulu wait cheyali audience . Meru oka clarity iste nachina valu chustaru remaining chudaru anthe kani enni rojulu ee musugulo gudhulaata …? My choice is vitharv vitharv vitharv. …

  11. Joe

    I think vivida fall in lve with ravish.. She worried abt ravish mkre than atharv.. She have felng fr two people at the same time.. I dont undèrstand wat will happen in this show..

  12. jessy

    From now onwards I just stop to read written updates also chi no how can vivdha fall for ravish ..ho no hw can she have same feelings for atharv and ravish I don’t know what writers wants to give message for fans … Chi this type of meassage was unrealistic nd bakwas …se times vitharv and some times Ravidha .how can these writers make a girl character as useless ha. It’s just disgusting shame on star plus by encouraging these type of serials .its better to stop reading written updates also chi

  13. nidha

    Vividha..u…r a crap
    Don’t know why,I have a strong feeling that she started loving ravish,that’s why at the end when ravish told that if something happens to him ,vividha was staring at him and told “nothing will happen to you”…..she has feelings for ravish
    Hate u..
    I am loosing my confidence in vitharve
    Githna confidence ravish KO he atharve ke survival ke baare me uthna bhi vividha ko nahi he
    Usko nahi lagtha Ki atharve survive kar paayegi but here too,ravish reminded her that vividha’s love is atharve ‘s strength
    Ravish is too good
    Vividha go to hell
    Plss atharve must no die, he has to live for his mother not for that simple pendulum vividha who is oscillating towards both ravish and atharve👊

  14. amol

    i love atharv character only. not vividha. she is mail lead but total selfish. If this was going to happen why they showed a great love story before. vividha prooving kailash right by loving ravish. no one better than Atharv. His selfless Character & Greatness too good. .. How can vividha forgot atharvs 7 vows. He said he will come back for her . when vividha was living in her dream world. atharv saved her … now atharv needs her she is not there for her. atharv was there for her in his madness also . he saved her.

  15. Anam

    Guys vividah is in a dilemma and that’s all I can say give her what she deserves please make it more interesting 😙Love you from 1st fan

  16. aisha

    has vividha no feelings for atharva is she starting hating him plllllsssssss nooooooooo onl and only vividha atharva vividha atharva vividha atharva

  17. Karan

    Hi guys, today’s episode was good, but like many noticed Vividha’s behaviour in yest and today’s episode has been very depressing.

    True, Atharva is battling death and miss goodie two shoes is so concerned abt Ravish?? Like Dia mentioned in her comment yest….Vividha seems to have absolutely no passion in her eyes when she talks abt Atharva.

    Don’t like this feeling…maybe she is now in favour of Ravish instead of Atharva. Bolti kuch aur and Karti kuch aur…..

    Atharva, today I feel I deserve much more than this Vividha….some who is strong like u in facing the world and living up to promises. She is really not worth your life and your blood!!

  18. Karan

    When she is talks abt Atharva her eyes are as dry as a desert and suddenly even as Ravish talks abt going to do his duty her eyes r filled with tears???

  19. anand

    how can everyone say this show is good this show is the slowest show, its keep going in circle. it took so many episode to kick terrorist out of the house. Atharv got hit again? come on. I think i will give try to couple of episode if it does not improve i have to stop watching. not interested at all.

  20. Divya

    I hate u vividha……aaj ka episode dekh kar mujhe bas ithna kehna hai…….lagtha hai isko donon se pyaar hai……..par mujhe aaj ka episode mai atharv keliye pyar tho kya concern bi nahi dikayi diya vividha ki aankon mai……yeh serial bakwas hotha jaa raha hai……i hate the current track……i really hate u vividha……without atharv u r nothing

    • Tia

      Vividha is the most diplomatic character in this story…
      iske face pr atharv k liye koi expression ni tha…aur atharv jb faint ho gya tha..tb bhi vividha ka naam le rha tha…
      she don’t deserves his love

  21. Kavya

    What the hell!!! Vividha had feelings to ravishh….ridiculous ….this vividha doesn’t deserve any one of them…..she was such a foolll….

  22. divya

    Omg, now i feel like its ravish who cares more for atharv than that vividha. Im sure if ravish had been in place of atharv hurt, then she would have been more concerned. Now she will start developing feelings for ravish as well and then she will be forced to choose one of them.
    I wonder if the director of this show has amnesia or something…because he seems to have forgotten the past. I guess he forgot kailash who is waiting to get revenge on atharv . I guess he also forgot guddi’s murder. Now all the show is focused on doing is praising ravish and transfering a beautiful love story into a terrorist drama. They might as well change the title of the show.’ Jana na dil se door’ indeed! I want atharv and vividha to fight together against kailash.i want them to overcome all obstacles in life together with their love for each other…..

  23. Suman

    Yak. Ravish one side says I love my brother n shows his concerns for him. On other side he asks vividha about wt she feels about him even after knowing the importance of vividha in his brothers life. Making her feel guilty. Really disgusting. By showing too much mahanta irritating people here. I hope vividha answers your family is with u. Makers intentionally making us bakras. Day by day making ravish character crap. One side he says he will unite vitharv other side he flirts with vividha. If u want to show him as hero, just show him open minded. I mean make him stick to one thing n approach any issue directly.

    • Vamshi

      As u said vividha says ur family is with u..i dont think she says anything abt family instead she says the whole country is with u…

  24. Ramya

    Vividha neku emaina piccha asalu doctors chances levu ani chepina nv adavaledu.adhe ravish ki bullet tagilina sound vastene gukka petti adchesav.aina amai lu chala twaraga situations ki stick aipotaru ani nv prove chestunav.reallyreally you so disappointing us.atharv loved,loving u unconditionally.u don’t deserve his love

  25. rosy

    I thik ravida jodi best bcz after marriage seat fero ka kuch to hoga chahie ravish best husband and vivida best wife

  26. nidha

    Vividha isn’t in a dilemma..she is staring that ravish all the time even if he doesn’t look at her ….
    She is totally disappointing
    Why the directors are giving heroic background music to ravish..it is totally nonsense,he is not the lead
    My atharve is the lead
    All Hindi serial love stories are same,love one but marry another and as time passes heroine starts loving the person whom she married unwillingly..
    And that adaa who came to atharv’s life few days ago, is praying hardly for his recovery but that vividha she is still have no facial expression,….

  27. Shani

    I had u vividha . If Ravidha unite than shw vl b bakwaas . Vividha is stupid. Atharv ko thik karke serial end kardo pls . I cnt see Ravidha unite ………….. abhi bhi usko Ravish ki fikar hai aur Atharv jo zindagi or maut se lad raha hai she dnt care at all . I dnt like u vividha hate u …….. Sujata chachi thik kehti hai sirf tumari vajah se Atharv ka haal hai .Ravish is becoming mahaan everyday . Pls stop all these nonsense . our real hero is Atharv and only Atharv .

  28. Devesh Gupta

    guys vividha ravish ki fikr isliye krti h kyoki ravish achcha insan hai aur achcha bhai bhi wo janti hai ki ravish hi vitharv k pyar ko smjhta h aur i think ravish hi in dono ko ek karega Jo ki usne vividha se wada kiya tha.

  29. nasir

    Writer has not any story now only time wasting and boring side serial is going on.writer is also double minded.terrorism drama is only created to lengthening the serial.pls if u have nt more story pls end the show.wivda kanjri a puri kbi idher udher

  30. amruta

    If vividha wants ravish then unite ravidha .plz clear this confusion as soon as possible.from yesterday and today’s episode it is clear that vividha fell for ravish.i don’t think she is dng wrong.making athrav normal and giving him peaceful life is vividha s responsibility as becz of her only he had to be in this cndtn.i think vividha is not lucky for athrav.plz get back atharv memory and introduce a new girl for atharv who loves him to the core who can choose death without athrav in her life .I could not understand that how could vividha think that her father can stand on his promise .

  31. Sneha

    Vividha doesn’t deserve Atharva.Ravish loves Atharva more than vividha does.
    Please change the title of this serial..saadi se pehle vividha ne athrva se kaha tha mai tumhe apna pati maan chuki hun.kaha gaya woh beyhad pyar,woh Zunun,woh 7 promises?…ye toh vividha apne father ki galti ko badhava de rahi hai..

  32. jyothi

    disgusting e vividha atharv kantey ravish ne yekkuva care tesukuntundi ….. adarv bratike chance ledani doctorlu chepina tanu adavaledhu ….she is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy selfish girl……………and i like ravish bcoz vividhakanna tane adarv ni ekkuva care teesukuntunadu ……..i hate u vividha ……… and writers plzzzzzz give clarity o addians
    vitherv or ravidha …………..

  33. Sachin

    Very emotional scene wn ravish was telling abt atharva’s head injury …

    Bt guys i m nt going to support vitharv any more! cz Viv is a cheap girl! M nt saying ths cz she said”ravish apko kuch nhi hoga” Bt becz atharva is in ths condition and she didn’t even seemed to worried about him…he is fight fr his,life nd she instead of being with him,just taking care of ravish!so Viv doesn’t deserve a guy like atharva who fought his life ,almost became childish nd even saved thm frm terrorist just cz of Viv nd vashist family!

    Viv plz stay with ravish,no need of showing fake love fr atharva….u hv already broken ur promise tht u wont get any feelings fr ne one except atharva,as u r seemed to,be liking ravish more thn atharva!

    guys i cnt see our atharva being ditched by Viv anymore…he should leave Viv as i don’t think Viv has anymore love feeling fr atharva!!!

    and writers haven’t left any importance fr atharva ,every where ravish is mahan! Guys the story was based on vitharva i hope😞 who taught Viv hw to live independently,nd empowered her…bt see wt Viv doing!!!

    according to me atharva is still following his 7 vachans Bt i hvent seen a single frm Viv after her marriage!

    nw she should hv been sitting near atharva becoming his strength Bt nt a bit of care she is taking!!!

    guys no more comments frm me…i was a regular at comments bt nw days dosent feel to comment….

    just commented 2day as i could nt control my anger on Viv…

    sry if i hurt anyone’s feelings Bt believe i never said abt Viv ths bad Bt 2day’s rpi made my feelings broken so i said all ths…


  34. Sanven

    In serials I don’t understand why directors shows brothers/ sisters marry /love same girl/boy. What they want to say by this in our culture it’s should be wrong please don’t give wrong messages to viewers I saw same thing in so many serials like saahiya, suhani se ek ladiki, jnndsd,tapki.kaala tekka

  35. Shani

    Pls writers pls dnt unite Ravidha . Pls unite Vitharv. Vividha shuld nt frgt Atharvs luv and nt fall fr Ravish . Pls introduce new girl for Ravish pls pls

  36. Suman

    @vamshi well said. Definitely she going to say whole whole country is waiting for him.plz don’t bash vividha yar. Makers just confusing us. Vividha can’t imagine other person in place of atharv. Hope they won’t break trust. N how ravish accepts her after knowing vividha is life of atharv n vice versa. Just to glorify ravish they r degrading vividha n playing with our emotions. Dats it

  37. Kk

    Yaar jo sab vividha ko gali de rahe ho unsabko main kehe na chahata hun…
    Tum sab dunia ke sab se BADE BADE SELFISH HO. Kasam se tum sab fir se OVER REACT karrahe ho.
    Yaar thoda insaniyat bhi dikhao… Jo ravish vividha or atharv ke khatir itna kuch kiya uske baadle main vividha thoda care karlia uska tum sab ko
    kyun mirchi lagrahi hai… 😀😀😀
    Ab se itna jalte ho to agar vividha ravish ko chunega to tum sab ka reaction kya hoga??????
    Ha ha ha 😀😀😀😀

    • Suman

      Every time don’t blame us with ur over reacting dialogs . We express our concern Just because we r true fans of jndsd not to a single actor alone. We are attached to vitharv character as their story is heart felting. N y u r soo concerned about our feelings. Y u r reacting on us. If u love show express ur feelings on show not the other way. Aur ek baat agar vividha ravish ko chunetho kya Hogan(ye tho hone vali bath hi nahi hai) , just we will leave d show dats it. After all its a daily show.

      • Kk

        Thanks for reply… Yaar apni opinion rakhne ka tarika ye hai????
        Kitna ganda galian dete ho sab.
        Or listen meri comment ka matlab ye bilkul mat sochchna ki “I support ravidha” I just react on all of ur over reaction. “I always supported vitharv & still supporting”
        I m also a viewer of jndsd from 1st episod….. Just react don’t over react….yaar or bhi fans comment karte hai par galian nehi dete….
        I will say again & again

  38. RithVik

    What the hell yaar kya h yeh Vividha
    Is she mad o what
    Jo ladka uski wajhse maarte maarte bacha h ussi ko choad rahi h so cheap.😡😡😡😡

  39. Aash

    Atharv ki memory vachaka vividha ravish ni ista padutundi ani teliste chala feel avutadu tarvata iddarini kaluputhadu le , plz vividha nv ila cheyaku atharv vishayam lo thanu ipati varaku mad lo vunadu and ipudu ni valana mali baadha padali

  40. Hate you vividha

    Up untill today i was positive about vitharv reunion but after todays episode i seriously doubt it. I think there is a chance that atharv himself might reject vividha for ravish and his familys sake. Maybe sujatha will convince atharv to sacrifice his love for his brothers happiness who took care of them when they needed it. And if vividha’s behaviour is same as that of today, then i guess she will happily accept ravish.
    Now vividha doesnt even have a reason to hate kailash. She should actually run back to him, thank him for giving such a wonderful family and retie her relation with him and leave atharv alone.
    I cant believe vividha’s attitude towards atharv. Even before becoming unconscious he said her name (not even his mothers name) and look how she behaves now! He was always there for her and now when he is fighting with death , she is there professing her love for ravish! Really disgusting! Please dont degrade vividha’s character further…

  41. Priya

    I hate this blo*dy Vividha? What the he’ll she thinks about love? She shows more concern for ravish than Atharv. I really hate her. Hate her to the core.

  42. Arrasukman

    I think writer have to make decision as soon as posible, who gonna be vividha, ravish or atrav. And give the new entry for the person who dosn’t with vividha. I think the writer also confuse where she want bring the story.
    I love ravidha but if it has to be vitrav, I’m still oke as long as there is new entry for Ravish and end the one side love. This girl will be the one who love ravish more than ravish love vividha. So she can chance Ravish heart with her love.
    This option will be the best for resolve the love triangle between them and also make ravidha vs vitrav end.
    I’m as ravidha fans really want them to unite because writer give me hope. But if writer want vitrav happend, please stop to make my hope higher for ravidha.

  43. Anam

    Is the only thing going on but she cares for atharve because no one cann forget their first love ❤️ please do the best for the character

  44. Anam

    I only want true love and after atharve recovery the fun part will begin 😛😛🤡😛😛😛😛🤡🤡😛😛😛😛😛😛😯😯😯😯😵😵😵😵 bas ab vitharve ho jye it’s a kind request love ❤️ from fam

  45. Janu

    Such a blody idiot writers…just give the clarity to serial and dnt make herione ko vamp…i hateeeee uuuuuuuuuu vividha …u r really cheap girl…just stop dis fake love on atharv…i ll slap u dirty women…

  46. Anam

    Guys I’ve a quest will vividah and family look after Adaa/chutki ???!!!!!!???????????????ivthink they find a daughter but who ravidah or vitharve??????????😮😮😮😮😨😨😨😨😨😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  47. jessy

    It’s just digusting now ho writers we have seen these type of serials and films again don’t make same sentiments’ ..fed up with these sentiments girl love deeply someone and marry someone nd again fall in love with married person .this is not a true love . Nd plz change ur title track its meaning less jana Na dil se door not ..keep it as shadi set pehele shadi ke badh…no doubt now this serial goes utter flop …gud starting but utter flop ending by making ravidha .iam a fan of jndsd nt a fan of ravidha nor vitharv. I love to watch nly true love nt these type of disgusting love story. ..

  48. Sowmya

    Guys!! It’s directors wicked trick that’s making us stick to the show.They know that if one step goes in favour of one fandom the other would definitely leave the show ..So they are just making vividha character a pendulum blw ATHARV and ravish just to balance their trps losing their ethics….Let’s hope for the best and believe ATHARV and his love vividha would never part their ways…🤗

  49. Shani

    I vl stop watching JNDSD if Ravidha unites . Atharv Vividha ko kabhi bhul nahi paaya . woh apni maa ko bhi bhul gayaa lekin Vividha use hamesha yaad rahi . He said that ” even if v r separated i vl be back ” and he is back for Vividhas luv . writers pls dnt make it Hum dil de chuke sanam part 2 .

  50. Anam

    I’d heard this story is about vividah and atharve and it hopefully be but what a about captain ravish💭👌👌👌👌👌💭💭💭💭💭💭💭👌👌what will happen

  51. sohini

    it seems as if ravish has made a mind that no matter what vividha loves only atharv but this confused vividha gives wrong signs to ravish that he gets doubtful on vividha’s intention.
    what i think is ravish’s lov for atharv is far better n pleasing than the pendalum lov of vivi.it would be better if we throw vivi n make this show on ravish n atharv bromance.
    everybody knows that ravish loves vividha secretly and he gets surprised when she shows extra care towards h.whatever ravish thinks it doesn’t matter but woh apni feelings always control karne ke koshish karta hi hai but vivi why r u so confused?speak yaar 2 grps are waiting for ur answer

  52. Anam

    Vividah and vashisht family are kind hearted because they accepted a terrorist daughter wwwwwwoooooooowwwwwwww so pleased 😁

  53. Nisa

    In my opinion, Vividah is realizing the value of her husband Ravish. Where in this world will she ever find someone like Ravish, sacrificing his love so that she can secretly still love Atharv.

    Please tell me where in this whole wide world will you find a husband like Ravish?

    • sachin

      Ohk i agree Bt be4 tht tell me whr n which corner of the world u gonna fond a son,lover,sacrificer and a gud IQ man like atharva???

      so stop considering ravish mahan

  54. Anam

    Don’t mind but I have ‘to say this it’s not vivdahs fault that she is in a dilemma between ravish and atharve.i wonder when the truth vitharve will come in front of vashisht family.i don’t blame anyone but vividah father and the circumstances.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂❤️Abb dakana ya hai director knows s ki ko vividah ka like binata hai????!?!?!.but I’m sure what ever will happen would leave a terrible blast.going back to the precast I have faith that atharve will be okay and if something happens to atharve I might stop watching JNNDSD . Director Saab app please Torah sa mircheey dal da.do add more fun to it

  55. Anam

    Don’t mind but I have ‘to say this it’s not vivdahs fault that she is in a dilemma between ravish and atharve.i wonder when the truth vitharve will come in front of vashisht family.i don’t blame anyone but vividah father and the circumstances.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂❤️Abb dakana ya hai director knows s ki ko vividah ka like binata hai????!?!?!.but I’m sure what ever will happen would leave a terrible blast.going back to the precast I have faith that atharve will be okay and if something happens to atharve I might stop watching JNNDSD . Director Saab app please Torah sa mircheey dal da.do add more fun to it

    JOKE time ⏱
    This drama should be called Janana ravish hot atharve ka dip we door

    Or janana vashisht parivar sa door 🚪


    How come ravish survived????

    Awns :because he drinks protein juice and goes to the gym😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😍😍😍😍😍😍😋

  56. Usha

    Vividha is doing what she supposed to do it ……. husband first that her duty. Relationships made from God so one can change

  57. Kabita

    Vitharva fan pls don’t bug so much no one can change what makes want to put in up coming track so pls let us enjoy the show we want ravidha only atarva go to coma pls

  58. Nazneen Syed

    Hahaha Anam good joke.
    I hate you Vividha from bottom of my heart now.Chi thu.Ravish uska saga bhai na hoke bhi uski chinta kar raha hai tu toh uska pehla pyaar hai .
    You are crap,shameless.Meine aaj tak tum jaisi ghatiya ladki nahi dekhi.Hate you.Ravish is far better than you.
    Aur char ladko ko introduce karne se she will start developing love for them also.Useless kahin Ki shame on you.Mujhe bahut gussa aa raha hai us pe.Atharv ko uski zaroorat hai par phir bhi usne Ravish Ko Chuna.Kal k episode Mein saabit Ho Gaya Ki uski rago Mein Kailash ka khoon daud raha hai.

  59. atharv fans

    Plz make atharv fine that s it .unite ravidha as we don’t want a girl like vividha in athravs life.plz bring a new girl who looks more beautiful than vividha and she should be an orphan if she has family wt will happen to atharv again don’t know.plz show newlove story of our atharv .we don’t want to see vithrav anymore if she has feelings for ravish let her be with ravish by that most of issues get solution and everyone have peaceful life.but atharv should make kailash life worse than death like how he has done with atharv and vividha should not oppose it though she is with ravish the one who has chosen by her Papa.

  60. vimal

    I don’t think so that vividha is dng wrong having feelings for ravish .but she should be clear .this kind of concern of vividha towards ravish will lead him to get strong feelings over vividha.y vividha gvng fake signals to ravish and makes him more confused.but she should be crystal clear everything about ravish or atharv .ravidha or vithrav we don’t have any compliant we still continue to watch the show but plz bring new girl to atharv and show their story that’s it .

  61. Suman

    K let us wait n watch. If ravidha is end game they might have shown more intense ravish in last fight. But I felt atharv fight high lighted n compared with shiv ji. U know before vividha asked her father for shiv ji jaisa husband. Kk says shiv ji was not having great rapport with sasur ji. U know relationship between atharv n kk. It is similar to daksh n shiv ji. I think again to show intense ravish they continuing terrorist track to prove him great fouji for country . Vividha cleared dat because of u we won fight. Still vividha feels ajmer as her own house as she was telling atharv about dat. I feel she is concerned about ravish as he is a duty n she is having great respect for ravish. Dats it. N she is not showing more intense emotions for atharv because she is having faith in atharv, as he promised her he will come back for her love. Emotions shown towards adaas prayer (more than sujatha) shows her love towards atharv. Still I have hope on vitharv. Don’t loose hope. Let us wait for some more time. As some saying if u don’t like u can leave d show. It proves they didn’t watch from episode 1.Definitely we won’t watch. No need of ur advice. Hope for best guys.

    • Kk

      Gd mrng @suman. Plz try to understand my feelings , trust me
      Yaar main sooru se dekhti hun yaar beech main jab ravish ka entry hua maine show dekhna chod di this.
      For jab atharv aya tabhi suru kiya dekhna.
      Or rahi baat vividha ko kailash ka puchchne par bata na ki mujhe shivji jaisa pati chhia tabhi kailash ne ye kaha that ki shivji ka aapne sasur ke saath nehi banta tha.!
      Mujhe vitharv itni pasand hai ki in dono ka har recording scene meri phone pe abhi bhi hai….
      Plz tum bhi bolo na zyada se zyada support kare vitharv ko par itne bure bure gali mat de… Plz plz plz

  62. Suman

    She cleared ravish before also atharv is her soulmate, they can feel each others pain even wn they r far away in asylum track.

  63. Nazneen Syed

    Yeh paagal directors pata nahi kya soch ke serial ko bana rahe hai.

    Vividha should die today in bomb blast.She don’t deserve Atharv &Ravish she should be thrown out of the Vashisht house.Introduce new leads for Atharv &Ravish.

  64. Nikh...

    what a serial what a serial…
    fst vivida love atharv then she has feelings fr ravish now..
    next fr whom??
    if something happened to ravish then does she love another guy??
    come on introduce another guy fr vivida
    hats off to writers and directors of this show..
    it is better if you change the serial name from jndsd to vivida’s love stories..
    and after all this crop some people are happy fr ravida
    ha ha ha these people are so grtt..

  65. Manirul

    Being a Vitharvian I request all the Vitharvians please do not bash on Vividha. She did not do nothing like that. She should show concern for Ravish. That is what she is doing.She will never fall for Ravish.

    And one thing I want to know from all our Vitharvians. Give me proper answer.

    If Vividha falls for Ravish can we Vitharvian tolerate this??? No. Right??Can we Vitharvian accept Vividha for Atharv?? No. Right??The reason we Vitharvian know. The etarnal love that has been shown in phase one.

    But Ravidha fans can accept Vividha and Ravish easily after seeing or not seeing but atleast knowing that Vividha had all physical intemecy with Atahva.

    As per as Ravidha is concerned if CVs dare to show atleast a simple hug scene with vividha comfortable and pleased with proper feelings and acceptance, I will quit the serial.

    And I think that will happen to every vitharvian.

    So that is the difference between the fans of Vitharv and Ravidha.

    Please do reply me.

    • Suman

      Thanks yar at least some one is with me to support. Even I am requesting all don’t bash vividha, if they show vividha falling for ravish we can leave d show. But it is not going to happen I know. Plz guys chill. Vividha not going to fall for ravish. One side atharv is in front of her eyes. N his condition is just because he loved vividha dats it. No girl will forget such intense, intimate love, n such a painful separation. Wt vividha showing is just gratitude for ravish ,dats all.

      • sachin

        Suman di i never said any wrong words except yesterday’s epi i said Viv”cheap”….plz,understand i never said ths bcz of the way the epi ended of yesterday its cz atharva is in ths condition and Viv is focusing on only ravish!…

        if she still loves atharva whr dose thr 7 vachans go??which includes ‘musibat ke samaye ham ek susre ke takkat banenge’…

        Viv should asked the doctor to allows her to go and meet him once Bt no she didn’t i waited whole epi to find just 1 thing tht shows me Viv cares atharva nw Bt sry didn’t found a single one!!!

        tht nad me angry…

        Bt nw m calm and understand ur Point of views so m too waiting fr +ve vitharva scenes ahead…
        m also having hope!!! Sry to be violent fr a while!😞


  66. Nazneen Syed

    @Manirul and @Suman.ठीक है।तुम दोनों कह रहे हो तो।मैं कुछ नहीं बोलूगी।
    अगर विविधा को रवीश pyaar हो गया तो ?

    • Suman

      Hum kya kar sakte Hai. 😱. Let us boycott d show. I can’t watch ra……. Vidha together. Hope it won’t happen. 2days back also we reached 100 mile stone. 100th comment is mine 😂. I commented after 1 or 2 days seeing 99 comments

  67. Fan of fans👼

    As a viewer from very beginning of this show, anyone can safely say that already this show has lost its own charm .. At now after 150 episodes or something, if makers try to show ravish&vividha unite , then how can it be “NAYI SOCH” ???😕

  68. Nazneen Syed

    Mein bas Atharv aur Ravish ka bhai wala pyaar dekhna chahti hoon.Jaise Ishkbaaz Mein Shivaay,Omkara&Rudr ke beech hai vaise.Voh log sage bhai nahi hai par phir bhi unke beech Mein sage bhaiyon se bhi zyaada pyaar hai.
    Ravish toh Atharv ko apne bhai ke roop Mein apna chuka hai lekin pata nahi Atharv apnayega ya nahi.Usse thoda aur samay Jana hoga.

  69. Suman

    New olv came out. Most of us may know. In dat vividha blaming ravish for giving car keys to atharva. She is tensed about him. Don’t know wt is going on. Just dragging 😨

  70. Manirul

    Cvs are only trying to make happy one fandom.so chill.even sujata’s emotion also had been shown very less for atharva.intensity will come this week in Vividha’s emotion.dnt worry.

  71. Anam

    I agree nazneen because thease people are showing ravidah so why not the bai walk pyaaae

    JOKE time
    This drama should be caklled:jaanana notangbazio sa doooor
    Why is vipul a blo*dy kaneena

    Because his momm is👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑blo*dy vipul and flirty mom


    Why is Bhoomi called Bhooomi.

    Because her fave doesn’t match with her language 😊😊😊😊😉😉😉🙃😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉☺️😍😍😝😙😗😝😜☺️😊🙃🙃😍😍😌😗😗😙☺️😊🙃😍😝😜😝☺️😌😋🙂😊😌😙😚😚😙😝😛😛😝😎

  72. Anam

    Stop ✋ blaming vividah because she has to worry about ravish because he’s her husband.

    @ Vimeo your right

  73. Vividha Idiot

    Hate her really a cheap girl she iss yak thuuuu

    Ghatiya ladki muhh kalla kar aesi ladki ko ghumana chaiye charecterless khi ki
    Maan toh karta h Goobar me muhh ghusaed du.

  74. Anam

    Thanks nazneen I like vividah but she’s in a dilemma
    Joke 1😯😯😯😯

    Why is dadi ji so fat ??????? Because he eats 20 chapaties a day


    Why is Adda so nice 👍🏻

    Because she is a little love ❤️ kid


    Viplul kameena should be his name????
    Yes because he is one ☝️


    i want atharva vividha back wid their love n chemistry..i lovr atharva only atharva..plz plz plz gv us back our favourite jodi of d year..n ravish uh deserves bttr grl..uh r also a vei nice guy..bt no one can beat vitharva..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.