Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Uma saying Vividha the relation of marriage is strong and unbreakable, it is pure, you will be sitting with Ravish today in mandap. She asks Vividha to refuse for marriage, I promise I will not get weak, I will take you home and no one can stop you. Suman says its time for mahurat, Vividha has to wait, is she ready. Uma thinks why is Vividha doing this.

Suman says Ravish promised me and has to keep his promise, he has to come. She waits for Ravish. Everyone go out. Vividha sits in mandap. They all look towards the entrance. Pandit says its just 5 mins left for mahurat, if groom does not come, we have to find any other mahurat.

Suman says we will wait. Kalindi says its impossible, this marriage can;t happen today. Bhoomi agrees. Vividha recalls her

promise to Atharv and their moments. Kailash says everything got ruined, now nothing can happen. Suman thinks I will wait till the last second. Dadi says Atharv should have been standing here at this time, where are you Atharv.

The temple bell rings. The cow munmun gets restless and tries to break the rope. Ravish comes home. The blood drops fall. Vividha recalls Atharv seeing the blood and thinks of his promise. She says Atharv. Saware…..plays…….. Suman and everyone turn to see. Suman smiles and says Ravish. Kailash gets too glad. Ravish walks in. Ravish’s family smiles.

Suman goes to Ravish. He takes her blessings by touching her feet. He says I told you I will come back, I have come back. Suman smiles and hugs him. Everyone smile. He says I have raised the flag and come. She says I knew you will surely come, your Papa will be proud of you. She cries telling of Ramakant’s demise and hugs him.

She says your would be bride Vividha is waiting for you since long, she has come to tie the long life relation with you. Kalindi and everyone hug Ravish. Ravish reports to Daddy ji. Daddy ji says I m not any senior retired officer, I m just your Dada, hug me. Ravish hugs him and touches his feet. Daddy ji blesses him and says you have won the war there, and now be ready to lose this war. Suman asks Ravish to come and meet Vividha’s family. She introduces Ravish to Uma. Uma recalls Atharv. Ravish greets Uma and Dadi. Dadi too recalls Atharv.

Ravish greets Guddi and Ankit. Guddi recalls Atharv and gets sad. Ravish greets Kailash. Kailash says I m your Papa ji and hugs him. Ravish’s sister tells Ravish that he has to share his room and life with Vividha, and now he has to take commands. Ravish says everyone do marriage, its not a big deal. Suman says yes, Vividha is a nice girl, she has written her life to your name, when you spend life in knowing each other, love will increase, problems will not come close and happiness will not get away, your dad has chosen a right life partner for you, you are thinking how can anyone love you without knowing you, Vividha is such. Ravish looks at Vividha. Suman says very soon, you will also believe this, go and get ready, how much will you make us and bahu wait. He goes.

After some time, Ravish gets ready and comes. He sits in the mandap and sees Vividha. Pandit starts the mantras. He asks groom and bride to stand for varmala. Ravish takes the garland in hand and looks at Vividha. Vividha also takes the garland. Pandit asks her to make the groom wear varmala. She recalls Atharv. She thinks of Kailash’s threatening words and her promise to Kailash.

Kailash says Vividha, pandit ji is saying, make Ravish wear the garlands. Vividha puts Varmala around Ravish’s neck. Kailash gets relieved. Uma and Dadi cry. Ravish makes Vividha wear garlands. They sit back in the mandap. Pandit starts the rituals. Vividha recalls Atharv and smiles. Ravish sees R in her mehendi. She looks at Ravish and her smile vanishes.

Vividha asks Kailash not to worry, I have paid the debt of being a daughter, I will do a last favor, but remember this was just a deal, my tongue will be shut till Atharv is alive, nothing matters to me more than Atharv’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. All this is nonsense

  2. So stupid. I got more hair fall because of this serial. So so stupid.

  3. Maybe now atharv and sujata will be shown. Is this serial really based on Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam?

    1. Atharav is in pagalkhaana???

  4. Thank You Amena for the fast update

  5. Nishriya shah

    Thnk u….amena…

  6. Omg!where is my prince chaming.my atharv.i cant see the episode without him.saddd episode.i read in twitter that atharv is cmg soon in jndsd.iam happy for that tweet

    1. He will be shown in pagalkhaana ???☹

  7. Shivani looks gorgeous…i hope vividha sticks to her words at least this time

  8. Can anyone confirm if this is true, apparently Vikram Singh Chauhan has quit JNDSD?? ? Noooooooooo this can’t b the end of Atharva n Vividha n the start of Ravish n Vividha……

  9. Dumb dumb vividha. After all that greeting the 5 minutes wasn’t up??

  10. Very unfair. Atharv suffered so much and this is what he got in return? Digusting.
    Now Ravish and Vivi love story? No way for me to watch.

  11. It has lost its charm, it use to be refreshing and I liked the variety of songs they used before, its sad that the show became pale , so much for dragging …

    1. i agree with u @Eva.., i also loved the songs they used before.,
      i was just thinking…. till now they used JNDSD show theme song(jaana na dil se door…) b/w Atharv and Vividha… now i was wondering what song they b/w Vividha and Ravish..,

      if same its a big bullshitttttttttttttttttt

  12. Nonsense ……what the hell is happening here???loved one n marrying someone else…stupid story writer

  13. I stopped watching when my atharv was beaten harshly. After reading today’s update, I can’t even read it. Such a love story of atharv and vividha is completely ruined. They were an awesome made for each other pair. Why writers.

  14. Well they weren’t wrong saying the storyline is down the road of Hum dil deh chuke sanam, I hope it doesn’t completely mirror the film or we wil never see a Vividha/Atharv reunion ?

  15. I am terribly saddened by the turn of events…not sure if I want to watch further but this misunderstanding I believe, will come to light via Ravish. he will learn of his step brother Atharv and realize his father’s last wish was for Atharv and not him. He will then unite Vivdha with Atharv or maybe he will die in battle and Atharv will come for Vividha when he realizes. Who knows? Theonl way we can find out what happens is watching.
    God does not separate what he puts together…there must be a reason for this confusion…although maybe Atharv was preparing Vividha for this marriage to a soldier. Strength…courage…hmmm not sure.
    All I know for sure the jodi of Viividha and Atharv stole our hearts…..

  16. Whn viv remmbrs atharv ,my hrt crys bttrly???I feel srry 4 sujata & atharv….all their life thy alwys dprvd 4m evrythng ????
    I hate u cvs ???nw thy unite Viv wth the rubbish???

  17. I feel that the gross beating scenes were absolutely not required for family shows. There should be different ratings and parental views settings as many children also sit with their parents and watch these shows. The sledge hammer and beating scene shows that the writer is not sane and has mental issues. Shows that are watched by general audience should be portrayed with dignity.

  18. Atharv may come to this home as he is also a heir of the family

  19. These writers are retarded, they should learn from the other shows who have done this and the shows went down the drain. For example Saath nibhana they had to bring Ahemji back to pick up the trps, Suhani is going down the drain, Balika had to be gone when shiv left and they came up with stupid leaps. How an hey do this, it took Arthav ages to get Vividha”s love just for them to marry her to somebody else, why do they always do this, dont these writers believe in true love, is there anything positive left but to promote wife abuse, Kailash is free after all he did, why not show womenpower by them calling the police and getting this monster punished, noooooooooooooo the women have to sacrifice a usual in India, the men are their Gods, disgusting show, will never even read the precap. I hope all you guys walk away from this show and iit flops and costs the writers and producers money.

  20. indera sanichara

    Hey viewers the writers are dumb they don’t like to see true love only suffering and heartbreak. When they make Kilash wish come true they make a million viewers heart break. They kill this show and it is going straight to hell. Trust me.

  21. Just had to watch the eppy again, Ravish is bleeding, so he’s obviously not had medical attention, what happens if he can’t do the phere??? No phere no completed wedding….

  22. Such rubbish is rare in a tv serial. Kailash decides Atharv’s fate and Vividha agrees!!! Only Bividha’s superb accounting brings some credence to the utter nonsense that the writers are dishing out.

  23. Every serials are just like this…pehle hero heroine ke beech romantic scenes dikhaakke viewers KO khush kar deti he but at the end hero heroine ko separate karke heroine ke shaadi Kisi aur se karaaththa he….blah..blah…mene aaj thak ipkknd ke alaava esi koi serial nahi dekhi hi jisme do pyaar karne vaalom Ki shaadi hue ho

  24. Vividha,as an educated girl,why she is being afraid of her so-called dad…..can’t she write a police complain???????????

  25. With out atharav nd vividhas love story the serial janana dil se door is waste nd bakwas

  26. Shah_dhara

    RIP to JNDSD.. will miss you always..

  27. Shrinithi

    guyss sry fr commenting here…im an crazy dieing fan of siya ke ram….suddenly one day i mean on their haldi only i started watching janana dil se door…nd i watched some epi’s on hotstar….plsss dont lose ur hopes definetly the writers have some plan nd they will surely make us happy so pls dont talk lik dis..vividha nd atharv will be always a better pair n jndsd…dont lose hopes sry if i hurt anyone here…

  28. Shrinithi iam also a crazy fan of siya ke ram.but i luv jndsd moree

  29. Missing atharva a looooooooooot:-(

  30. omg, missing Atharv a lot. He is the soul of the show. Me and my whole college decided to quit watching the show. we miss atharv. what a fabulous actor he was..
    vividha and atharv makes a beautiful pair. Vitharv forever ❤??

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