Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sujata getting tea for Uma. Uma cries and says our Guddi is no more, she is gone. She hugs Sujata. Vividha looks on. She says we have to go out, police has come for investigation. They all go to hall and talk to inspector. Inspector says someone has thrown Guddi from upstairs, we are investigating, its not an accident, its a murder case. He asks Ravish and everyone if they have any small clue or someone’s name, they can catch the culprit.

Ravish says when I came back from headquarters, Guddi was already fallen here, everyone was here, I don’t think anyone knows of it, it was night and everyone was in their rooms. Inspector says Guddi was murdered, it means some family member has killed her.

Inspector asks about Guddi’s father. He says if none

was present here except families, then it means a family member has killed her. Vividha and Ravish see each other. Inspector says captain Ravish, you know no one is out of doubt circle in murder case, did anyone see someone. Atharv says yes, I have seen someone pushing Guddi from upstairs. Vividha asks whom did you see, tell me. Atharv says shall I show and points towards the family. He points to himself and says it was a black cat. Inspector says Ravish, if anyone knows anything, contact us, we will investigate the matter.

Atharv says it was a black cat. Vividha says we will find it. Suman cries and apologizes to Guddi as she could not take care of Guddi. Uma says it was not your mistake, what had to happen has happened, we did not think Guddi will die. Vividha cries and hugs Uma.

Uma says we have to do preparations for puja for Guddi. She goes with Dadi and Ankit. Vividha recalls Guddi and cries. Ravish holds her. Sujata stops Atharv. Jaana na dil se door……….plays……………. Atharv cries seeing Vividha crying. Its night, Vividha recalls Guddi and inspector’s words. She says I came out after getting note, Guddi fell infront of me, who can it be. She thinks there is no clue. She recalls Atharv’s words, the black cat, what was he saying, I wish I got some solid proof. She hears a sound and goes out.

She hears a cat’s sound and stops. Ravish sees Atharv and Vividha’s photos on a laptop. Vividha sees the cat and gets shocked. Ravish looks at the pendrive. He recalls how he has taken the pendrive. Vividha says I have not seen this black cat in this house before, how did it come suddenly, Atharv was saying about this cat, it means Atharv has really seen something when Guddi fell dwn. She goes to wake up Atharv. Sujata asks why are you waking him up, he slept by difficulty and cried a lot. Vividha says I know, I think maybe Atharv has the clue, we both have always become medicine of each other’s pain. Atharv asks how much will you cry, and cries seeing her tears. He says I don’t like to see you crying, don’t cry like this. Main tenu samjhawan…..plays…………….They hold hands. She asks him to think carefully and say, what did you see by this binoculars yesterday, who else was there, did you see anyone.

Sujata says don’t take his words seriously. Atharv says yes, I have seen. Vividha asks who was there with black cat. Atharv says there was a black cat, someone was there who has pushed Guddi down. She asks who, tell me. She cries and asks was it a woman or a man. He says how do I know it was man or woman. Vividha says none has black cat in this house. Suman feeds the black cat.

Vividha says my sister’s murderer is part of this family. He says this can be accident, its not proved. She asks if its someone of your family. He says its my responsibility to send that person to jail. She says then get ready.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sunanda

    The emotional scene of today when vivida cried atharv also cried.really hands off 2 their love.😍😍😍😍
    Omg! Is that suman who kills guddi or some one is helping 2 suman
    Yyyy suman killed guddi????
    I think she heared when guddi says she love ravish.2 save ravish from guddi nd suman also thinks if guddi loves ravish nd marries ravish then she thought that vivida will cry like her in all the life.i think thz is the reason she killed guddi.
    But why she used black cat??????
    I think she scared guddi by black cat
    Omg! Sooooo many questons r rolling in my mind

  2. nidha

    I think ravish is the one who killed guddy..or may be suman …plss atharv u are the only one who can help vividha ..u have to get well soon

  3. Sachin

    Thx fr the update di!😊

    guys are u NT missing a litteral reason behind guddi’s death???😐

    I read all coments of yesterday’s nd found out mnt pointing out Suman,kalindi,ravish,etc…bt nine got the name of one man!!!

    I have a strong feeling tht the one who killed guddi may be accidentaly or knowingly is none othr thn captain abhinas bf of aditi….

    yes becz he is the one who read the message frm ravish’s mobile…
    he may hv gone to ravish’s house nd thought tht guddi is trying to expose his relationship so he killed her or pushed her…

    nd guys m well sured its NT ravish nd Suman,ravish just took the pen drive in order to see wts in tht, nd Suman may be just taking care of the car!…

    bt I hv a doubt y Suman did NT say abt cat,may be she gonna tell in 2moro’s episode…

    bt m sure my hero athrava gonna be the biggest wittness over here…nice to see some beautiful movements of vitharva….

    I just hope tht after ths track atharva rememberace track comes nd thn vitharva’s relationship track nd truth😊

    just wish writers,dont drag ths track so long!!!

    guys plz share ur opinions !!!

  4. Aswini jenny

    Ravish has taken pendrive that means we guess ravish is culprit in oneside . another side Suman feeds black cat that means we guess she is culprit.totally confused.suman nd ravish r involved in that murder I think so Atharv points ttowards ravish ndsuman

  5. shivani

    i think the Murderer is Ravish or Suman..It looks like Suman knows everything about atharav nd Vividha..she might have seen it when guddi was finding vitharav’s pics on laptop..She also has the reason to kill guddi…she dont want ravish and vividha to be seprated as she knows Ravish loves Vividha…And Ravish too has the reason to kill guddi(he removed the pendrive,because he dont want the truth to come out..coz if the truth comes before his family…..Vividha will leave Ravish..as there will be no reason for her to pretend to be living with ravish..Ravish has more chances to kill Guddi…Disgusting Track

  6. Ayesha issa

    Hu de hell is de killer….am an able to understand anything as far as ravish is concerned i dont think he can do this cheap act nd he de f**k is chintu

  7. Jyothi

    It’s suman but when guddi fall in down that time suman is in her room how she can kill guddi emo e writters story ni ekkada ninci ekkadaku tisukoccaru love story kasta crime story aiendi

  8. Pinky

    Hate this story,ye story to hame savdhan India or crime petrol jaisa lag raha hai,maja nehi araha hai,…But I m sure ravish is n’t a murderer.

  9. Nazneen Syed

    I think Suman killed Guddi.As she was feeding the cat.Ghar Mein Kisi Ko bhi nahi pata Ki ghar Mein kaali billi hai except Suman ko.Suspense ….suspense.Pata nahi each jab saamne aayega???

  10. Nazneen Syed

    Ravish ne voh pen drive nikaala kyonki voh dekhna chahata Tha Ki uss pendriveMein kya hai???
    I think Captain Avinash ne Guddi ka murder kiya hai.Jab Aditi usse call karke bolti hai agar hamara sach saamne aa gaya toh gadbad ho jayegi to shayad Avinash ne Guddi ko dhakka diya ho taaki sach saamne naa aaye.

  11. Sweety

    I think it may be guddis xlover or guddis father….because their is no sign of his father and his father dont like anyone interfering in his lovable dauther vividha…he can go to any extent to kill anyone even his own family…

  12. Wizra

    The upcoming episode of Jaana Na Dil Se Door will bring new twist where Guddi is dead, Vividha and whole family is in shock.

    Guddi’s sudden death brings new twist in the story, Ravish and Vividha doubt’s Chintu behind this as he had earlier attacked on Guddi.

    Vividha is tensed and couldn’t imagine that who can kill her sister brutally, Atharva says he had seen the murderer.

    Vividha asks him to tell whom has he seen with Guddi last, Atharva says that person was very bad and killed Guddi.

    Vividha shattered with Guddi’s death

    Vividha asks him to tell who it was, Atharva points his finger at Vividha and says that he has seen Vividha with Guddi.

    Ravish stops Atharva from saying all this, while Atharva shouts and says that Vivida had murdered Guddi.

  13. priyasha

    Guys.. These metromasti, latestgossip and all give fake spoilers.. They write down anything based on the precap..

    Culprit isn’t Ravish and Atharv.. Sunjiv Puri himself confirmed this to me on twitter coz I had asked him if they are turning Ravish or Atharv negative.. To which he replied saying they both cannot be negative..

    Suman stroking that black cat is just fr us to mislead..
    This is definitely Chintu or Cpt. Avinash..

  14. Karan

    The men in this story have created all the hassles….to start with.
    1 Daddaji Vashith- did not accept his son Ramakanth marriage to Sujata ( even though they had a son – Atharva )
    2 Ramakanth Vashith – also chicken hearted left his wife & son and married Suman to please his father. He also had 2 more children from Suman ( How?? He did not love her but had children – CHEAT)
    3 Kailash Kashap – another useless man….ruined his family.
    4 Ankit Kashap – he is roaming Scotland free even though he is the cause of Atharva’s current state.
    5 Vipul – Looks at all the women except his wife with lust
    6 Ravish….sorry to say this and disappoint all his fans….He is so artificial. In real life there couldn’t be anyone so nice. He loves his mother but in the same breadth his addresses Sujata by her name?….He has also forgotten his love for country. I haven’t seen him do anything for Atharva.

    Now for Vividha ……she is still running to Ravish instead of Atharva. What wrong was Guddi doing if she had developed feeling for Ravish? Does Ms Vividha assume she is right by holding on to two men?

    I don’t think Guddi’s killer is Ravish or Suman, the makers r using this just to confuse us…..Yes it could b Sujata chachi as she had a motive – she didn’t want Atharva and Vividha’s secret out and revenge to the Kashap family for what they did to her son. (It is just a thought but then they can bring anyone into the screen after this Kali billi crap.

  15. Suman

    No yar it can’t be sujatha. She can’t do dat. She is angry on kailash n family. But she treats kashyap women as her family. Mostly kailash or chintu. Chintu also doubt. Because ravish warned him, till ravish is der he can’t harm her. As he is a lead, CVS may not show chintu as murderer, because it effects main leads role. Mostly kailash kashyap or accidentally by avinash.any how Let us wait for upcoming episodes

  16. imaginer

    Its not Ravish or Suman, they nvr do like this. Ravish took pen drive bcoz if family saw the pic of vitharv it will create another problem, so he took pen drive only to avoid problem. But the black cat was already shown when Uma guddi Dadi heard sound from sujatha house , guddi seen same black cat there , someone watched uma’s family.may be that person will be chintu and also an kit. But kailash were there. He will be behind the guddi death with someone.

  17. hanan

    I don’t think is ravish but it will be sujata or atharv cos he saw Guddi burning vividas pic so he took that advantage and go’s his revenge for vivvdah

  18. hanan

    I don’t think they should waste their tym in asking insane person about evidence or proof they should just investigate luv u ravish

  19. devi

    feel bad for guddi….we will miss u….who kill guddi??i think its suman or kalindi…..ravish you are too good,at first i even dont want to see your part but now im going crazy if i dont see you a day…..ravish you are soooo cute yaar….im confused between atharv n ravish as atharv is also awesome,big eyes his smile everything about him i love it….but vitharv is best jodi and i hope ravish also find a good girl lyk vividha….jndsd rockss

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