Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha saying you broke our heart by filing case, you will bear the result, I will see how you get Madhav. They all go. Kangana cries and says what shall I do, I m wrong for everyone. Ravish hears her and says your thinking is wrong, my thinking has taught me difference between wrong and right. She says I have a right on Madhav. He says lie is lie for me, I just want Vividha to win this case, she will keep Madhav forever, I love Madhav a lot, I don’t his responsibility to come to a person who can’t be trusted. He goes. She cries.

Vividha asks Khushi what does she want. Khushi says Kha. Vividha asks her to say Maa. Khushi keeps on saying Kha. Madhav plays outside. He thinks who has kept this box. Atharv comes and sees Khushi. Khushi takes glasses and jumps

on bed. Atharv recalls Vividha’s word. Khushi wears it. Atharv says she wanted the glasses among toys, with which you played in childhood, this is her way to link with her mum. Vividha says she does not know its my old glasses. He says we just have hope. She says I m going to Madhav, Kangana will go to him finding him alone, you see Khushi. He recalls Vividha’s words.

Vividha calls out Madhav. She does not find him and worries. She hears Sujata. They all find Madhav locked inside the chest. Atharv says I can open this box. Vividha asks Atharv to hurry. Kangana comes and gets shocked. Kangana asks Madhav not to worry, they will get him out. Atharv and Vividha try to open the box. Sujata goes to get machine oil. Madhav shouts for help. Sujata gets oil. Atharv says this won’t open by us, we have to call someone. Atharv and Sujata go. Madhav asks them to save him. Vividha asks Atharv to do something fast. They hear some sound and get shocked seeing the chandelier falling down over the box. Vividha and Kangana run to save Madhav and lie on the box. The chandelier stops reaching close to them. Sujata and Atharv look on.

Sujata says see when Madhav’s life fell in risk, you both did not care for your life, you both love him, mum’s love is equal, why this fight then, you both love Madhav. Vividha asks are you all mad to do this. Dadi Bua says we are not mad, we are trying to end your madness. Dadi says yes, we knew about this, I have loosen the chandelier rope, this was Atharv’s plan. Vividha asks Atharv what kind of father is he, he risked Madhav’s life to prove his point. Atharv says I know what kind of father I m, I can’t risk his life, Madhav is safe. They ask where is Madhav. Atharv shows the tape recorder inside the box. Madhav comes there. They get relieved seeing him.

Vividha hugs him. Sujata says whatever happened, you both were worried, this was necessary, tension is increasing at home, you both should sit and solve this matter. Vividha says Atharv would also say this. Atharv says Kangana did wrong, but talks can solve matter, then why to break house. Sujata asks them to decide now. Kangana says I m ready to take case back, if Vividha…. She holds Vividha. Vividha moves her hand away and says you all got blind, I know Kangana’s planning. Atharv says doubting won’t do good to anyone. Vividha says we can’t trust her, I will file this case and get Madhav’s custody, then I will not let Kangana see Madhav.

Sujata says Kangana is Madhav’s mum. Vividha says I don’t care, she tried to steal my son, I can never forget this, just I have right on Madhav. Kangana says you are saying wrong. Vividha says time will show who is wrong. Kangana says you can’t keep me away from my son. Vividha says you know what I know, you have shown me court way, Atharv don’t talk to me about this, you are asking me to do this, leave me alone. She goes. Sujata says why is Vividha behaving such. He says she is scared, its better to leave her alone, she will be fine.

Vividha cries and prays in temple. She says I don’t want Madhav to get hurt, Kangana is wrong, I can’t make Madhav away from me, support me, protect me and my son, he is just my son. Someone throws banana peel at her. She turns to see. She sees some crowd gathered outside.

Kailash says I m a king. Atharv gets angry hearing him. He shouts Kailash Kashyap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sandy17

    It was nice to see vivi and kangana saving madhav leaving their life at risk…gud plan atharv.
    Khushi -vitharv scene was also gud… khushi playing with glasses and atharv giving her hope?
    And the ….precap….so so much excited ??…kk- atharv face off. …no patience all

  2. Asana321

    Oh ! Very fast update thank you amena di

  3. Vigneswari

    precap was awesome….

  4. O today there is no scenes with kk eagerly for Atharv kk clash ?????????????

  5. Asana321

    Hai dears , how are you al???
    I can’t comment here in privicious days

    Good episode . I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode to seeing kailash kashyp
    Love you guys ,good night

    1. Sunanda12345

      Hii asana iam fyn…how r u dear? ??

      1. Asana321

        I am fine di.Good after noon

    2. Iam fine dear..happy to c u back..how r u????

  6. Veer

    Precap: Can’t wait for Atharv and KK face off. Super excited.

    Episode was good. It all boils down to one thing that is TRUST. When Vividha starts to trust Kangana this custody drama will end. Vividha’s fear of loosing Madhav is stopping her from accepting the things before her eyes, even though she’s aware of what’s happening. Vividha is unable to understand her daughter with this fear in her mind.

    Shivani is doing fabulous as a mother who fears loosing her son.

    This is becoming annoying only to watch Madhav centric episodes. If they lighten the things up with one or two funny or emotional scenes in an episode it would be better. This has become monotonous. Only showing Kangana-Vividha-Madhav and fighting doesn’t look that good.

    Nothing special to mention about this episode except the raw emotions of mothers. I’m waiting for this custody track to end soon so that we can have more of KK and Vitharv-Kushi-Madhav scenes come up.

    So, tomorrow Vividha will see KK and bring him home seeing his pitiful condition. Eagerly waiting for how KK’s track gets intertwined with Madhav custody track.

  7. anay bangalore

    i am fed up of vividha, she is only the biggest problem. she wants every one to agree to her. when she feels kangana is good all should accept when kangana is bad for then all should agree to her.

  8. Wowwww atharv n kk fave tu face..

  9. Hi guys i am also a jndsd viewer since day 1 but this is the first time i am commenting …today i didnt like the behaviour of vividha ..i felt bad wen she shouted at atharv .wat atharv and sujata said is y crt but vivi is not in the mood to accept any of tat i am frm tamilnadu..does anybody frm TN is watching this serial..now only i thought of commenting….

    1. Pooja12

      Hi swana
      i am also Tamil only

    2. Sunanda12345

      Hi swana welcome 2 jndsd family

  10. super dupper precap….
    vivi acts as a over possessive mother… but mother is mother.she loves madhav a lot.she’s right they can’t believe in kangana again…
    but our atharv is also right,matter can sort out with talk… hey I’m confusing now…athavr’s plan was nice
    what ever we just need a happy family vitharv madhav n khushi….?

  11. but feeling disappointed today’s epi without kk…anyway atharv shouts kailash kashyap…. we’re going to mad….this is our atharv sujata…. kk-atharv ⏳

  12. There is nthng to comment.. Atharv idea was awesome… That shows they love madav a lot??i am totally waiting for tomorrow… Just wants 5:30???

  13. Shivani.. You nailed today’s episode… No words to say
    She acted so..naturally

    Also the current track is filled with natural emotions
    Great applaud to jndsd crew….

    JNDSD is very badly deserving recognition for their struggle to come out of the box..

    Why this channel can’t understand their effort.. Why they all time promoting stupid family dramas..fed up with that

    Precap!!! Most awaiting… !!! Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  14. i am hating vividha character,she is not even looking at khushi and always cares for madhav….kangana has her ri8…and wat if someone asks her to stay away from khushi will she accept it…..she is behaving madly….writers please she is the lead dont spoil her character

  15. Diya30

    for just ignoring another Diya
    I just registered

    1. Sunanda12345

      Diya dear u registered ??that’s gud…virus can’t do anything…..

    2. VizPinky

      Ohooooo dear..????….u also got registered

  16. Cvs when will u guys end this track…its overstreching. lets see how kailash ends up at delhi house. atharv sujatha plan was good but it flop becoz situation is out of hands. Also Iam waiting to find..is kangana character positive or negative.

    Atharv take vivi,madhav and khushi to holiday. Ur family need it one, mostly vivi. By this, vivi can come back to her senses.

    My khushi looks lovely with those glasses. Her smile is most adorable.

  17. wow both mother love was unbeatable but I now also don’t like kangana only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  18. @bhavya

    Hi. stating my opinion. When vivi was determined to find her daughter by using clues,on gift box, she ignored (not purposely) madhav. It does not mean she has no love on madhav. Also madhav has everyone in house to take care. Its mostly becoz of vivi, now khushi is with her family. Even atharv gave up his hope at the middle.

    But kangana came up with custody papers directly. From that onwards, her fear of loosing madhav gradually imcreased. With kangana ravish marriage it get strenghtned. She wants to spend time with her daughter, but madhav thinking wont left her to play peacefully with her daughter.

    Yes,i agree she is out of control. But her love is equal on both madhav and khushi.

    Coming to kangana, I think vivi bought kangana back to home becoz she can stay with madhav not as mother but as family member. I think kangana did not help vitharv in khushi searching (correct me if iam wrong), so bringing back to home again means kangana can atleast see her madhav daily.

    Vitharv asked kangana to not reveal truth but she revealed. She demanded for her son. They denied. She bought custody papers. Here the battle begins. so kangana ignited the fire, now its burning.

    So here who did wrong….its depends on our perspective.

    1. Veer

      Vividha brought Kangana home initially only to find out who Mr. K was becoz she’s the only one who knows who he’s. she wanted to get to K and find Kushi through Kangana. Later she thought Kangana is Madhav’s mother and she can’t be totally seperated from Madhav. So she kept her in their house. Since Kangana revealed the truth to Madhav in Vitharv’s absence and also challenged them for custody through court, she’s doubting Kangana’s intentions. She doesn’t believe in Kangana now after all these.
      Vividha only concerned for Madhav because she knows Kushi is with her and will always be with her and the whole family is there to take care of her including her Atharv. But in Madhav’s case it’s not like that, she’s totally in the fear of loosing him to Kangana and very much concerned that Kangana will take away Madhav from them. So naturally Madhav becomes vulnerable because of this, so she’s more concerned of Madhav.

      Rest every thing you said were true.

    2. it depends on our perspective but the way vividha is behaving is very irritating….atleast she should allow kangana to meet madhav once

  19. I’m from Tamil Nadu

  20. A.S VS K.K.AS-KK are face 2 face,atharvas shouting ,his old anger.WOW! I can’t wait for 2mrs epi.

  21. Sandy17

    Is ankit going to kill ravish or kangana?
    I thought that it was ravish but in hotstar episode its written that ankit on mission kangana?

  22. Aleya.marzan

    i enjoyed much 2d

    when ath said aja madhav bahar aja
    i recalled ‘tu pagal hai kya’

    xcited for kk-ath face off

    soorrry but can anyone help me with links of jndsd online watching
    i asked many of twitter frnds they gave me sooo
    but i wanted mare.

    good night alll

  23. vitharv_jabra_fan

    Excited for precap .Now vivi and kangs drama is getting more dramatic.But I m feeling vivi should try to understand kngs after all she is Madhv’s biological mother .I think Ath and sujata just wanted that only Athv is understanding that this custody case is creating family conflict.and another thing I didnt like why vivi was talking rudely with athv he was just trying to help her.Vivi is now Mother she should take care of khushi also vivi should act more Mature

  24. vitharv_jabra_fan

    Ravish is going to die.but how? and why? Ravish married kangs but he is angry and ignoring her but then why he did this Is this kk plan?something is Fishy

  25. Eagerly waiting for KK and Atharv faceoff tom!!

  26. @Diya yes u r right I’m Anju and I came with fake name Diya.So u also registered like Veer.
    @Veer I again trapped you.You are a fool.You didn’t recognise me.
    @Pinky but you are intelligent.
    good night friends.

    1. Diya30

      hey Anju how dare u??? now u can’t do anything. go to hell.
      n u know what u r the greatest fool in this world… not Veer

  27. Sunanda12345

    Nyc episode…vivida and kangana saving madhav…gud….vivida angry on atharv ?????
    Egerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode….kailash and atharv face off….

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq for the link Lakshmi…

  28. @veer thanks for clarification. So it becoz of both khushi and madhav. what u said about khushi part,is true. But cvs need to wrap up this track with good judgement, as kk making his entry too.

    @bhavya keeping madhav away from kangana or vividha, wont work out now. Becoz both r now house daughter
    In law. They are gonna stay forever with madhav. If kangana is in vivi place, she will definetly do the same thing what vivi is doing now(keeping madhav away). So time will slove this pb. As situation is out of control. From yesterday epi, I think cvs will give madhav rights to both vivi and kangana.

  29. VizPinky

    Vineeth ji is back and his crazy romantic vitharv pic’s r also back ????????????

    1. Sandy17

      ?? pinky I saw it in Twitter and don’t know how much happy I ‘m..can’t express…Fantastic pic ??

    2. I to see I dear..very happy???????good afnon??

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