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The Episode starts with Atharv shouting and moving Chintu away. Vividha stops Atharv and asks what are you doing. Atharv asks what is Chintu doing, I won’t leave him. Atharv beats Chintu a lot. Vividha asks Atharv to leave him and makes him away from Chintu. She asks Atharv how dare you raise hand on Chintu. Atharv asks is he your brother, he is eyeing you evil way. She asks him to have shame, he is my brother. He asks what is you to him, how can you be so senseless. She says I understand everything, I m not senseless now, you had problem with Ankit and Kailash too. She recalls how she fell down and Chintu too slipped. They both fell down the slippery ground and Chintu was just saving her. Atharv asks Vividha not to be foolish, Chintu is lying. She says enough is enough Atharv, come Chintu.

Chintu smiles.

They leave. Guddi tells Atharv that Vividha was not lying, I was also there and saw them falling. Atharv says I m also not lying, ask your sister to be careful and you also keep an eye on her. Guddi goes. Chintu drives angrily. Vividha apologizes to him. He says its okay, what was that guy fighting, do you have an affair with him. She says no, he is mad, don’t take tension. Chintu says I have to see him, I will get few men and get him beaten. She says he does not trouble much, just ignore him, don’t tell this to Papa please. Guddi asks are you saying this. Vividha says its better to ignore that fool, I can’t trouble Papa. Chintu stares at Vividha in the mirror.

Atharv recalls Vividha’s words, and pours water on himself. He thinks Vividha is right, I can’t bear any man coming close to Vividha, I have a problem if anyone touches her, I fear that you could have been harmed, I was dying with every breath while I was finding you, why can’t you realize and understand this. He breaks the pot angrily.

Kailash asks servants to finish work soon. Chintu, Vividha and Guddi come home. Uma, Kailash and Badri get shocked seeing Vividha and Chintu’s dirty clothes. Uma asks Vividha about it. Vividha says we slipped in the muddy water. Kailash says I taught you to carefully walk, I m seeing you are slipping a lot these days, the more will be the stains, this time you got Chintu get dirt too. Atharv comes home. Sujata asks him is he fine, why is he drenched. Vividha asks Kailash about the Shamiyana/tent. Kailash says I forgot to tell you about the big party, big people of this city will be coming, this is not a small thing, they should know Kailash did Grahpravesh in city’s biggest haveli, and I will be opening a grand hotel with my friend. Guddi asks will we party at home. Kailash says yes, its big house, its my helplessness that that stable is infront of the haveli, its good to cover it up, if anyone eyes badly, the effect is also bad. He taunts Sujata and Atharv.

Atharv says those who see the far away dirt, their close sight is weak, they can’t see the dirt infront of them. He stares at Chintu. Kailash says I don’t want to spoil my mood. He asks Uma to make Vividha ready well, after this party, there will be proposals line for Vividha, I will choose best husband for her. Uma smiles.

Chintu eyes Guddi and Vividha badly again, and gives an evil grin to Atharv. Badri asks Kailash why is this guy saying this strange thing, who is he. Kailash says he is dairy farm guy, he is ill mannered, he went on his mum. He asks Uma to make laddoos for the party today, atleast some bitterness will get less. Atharv tells Sujata that Vividha is not understanding and scolded me, we have to keep an eye on Chintu. She nods.

Uma makes laddoos by her hurt hands. Sujata recalls Kailash’s words and goes to help Uma. Uma worries and says if Kailash knows then…. Sujata says I will make laddoos and get the plate back here. Uma says if anyone knows, it will be big issues. Sujata says your hand is hurt, how did you get hurt. Uma recalls Kailash hurting hurt. She lies and says I got hurt while cooking. Sujata says I m also cooking since many years, I did not see such mark, see the difference between our wounds, I have come to help you, let me help. Uma says Kailash will…..

Sujata asks what will he do to you. Uma says he will scold me, you know his anger. Sujata says I won’t tell anyone and you are expert in hiding things. Uma goes and says mum and son are equally stubborn. Atharv also helps in making laddoos. Abdul uncle says its good to hear Kailash’s scolding and convincing Uma. Sujata says yes. Abdul says they made this big tent, and there is no air passing. Vividha comes there and moves the tent cloth partitions to corners. She ties the cloths to the pole. The servant asks what are you doing. Sujata hides the laddoos. Vividha says the tent was stopping air flow, the cows will get uneasy, don’t worry, I will talk to Papa, he does Gau puja. Atharv smiles. Sujata says Vividha takes care of everyone. Atharv says she takes care of everyone, except me.

Atharv smiles seeing Vividha. Jaana na dil se door………………plays…………………. Vividha sits making the rangoli. She turns and sees Atharv looking at her.

Atharv collides with Vividha and applies black dot to her. She asks what are you doing, you did not believe in this before. He says I can’t take risk about you. He smiles. Chintu sees them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow sweet and spicy epi as some time vitharv r fighting some time too close…precap was awesome bt i gets hurt wn viv scolds athrv….ths isn’t fair y dont viv understand the cruel intentions of all the mens who stay close to her except atharv …instead she is scolding atharv tht he has problems with all mens close to her….here we need a epi whr it show viv supporting atharv fr her near and dear ones like she did while rescuing atharv frm jail

  2. Meghana

    Soooooo sorrryyyyy ardra diiii i hv xam tmrw so i could come here now only read ur os its just awesome di pls do cntinue sry fr late cmnt

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