Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish getting angry on the man for pushing Madhav. Vividha holds Madhav. Dadi hits the man. The man falls down. Dadi scolds the man. Madhav asks them to beat them. Uma also beats the men. Madhav throws chilli on the men. The ladies and everyone beat the men. The man holds Ravish. Madhav asks him to leave Ravish. Sujata comes and beats the man. The man warns Ravish and leaves. Madhav dances and says we have won. Vividha scolds him.

Ravish asks Madhav not to raise hand on anyone, why did you beat him. Madhav says he was going to beat you. Ravish says I know, I can protect myself. Madhav says I m also brave. Ravish says I know, if you got hurt, your Papa…… He stops saying and asks him to say sorry to Vividha. He asks Madhav to promise, he won’t

go to the man’s stable and create fights. Madhav promises.

Guddi makes Atharv leave. Suman asks Guddi to shut the door. She looks at her allergic hands. Guddi asks what’s this. Suman says Atharv gave me prasad and flowers in temple, so that happened. Guddi asks why did you take it. Suman says its good I just took it, and not eaten it. Guddi taunts her for paying a price in life to get something. Suman asks her what price will she pay. She counts favors on Guddi for planning her death drama and giving her this life.

FB shows Vividha asking Guddi to come down. Guddi falls on the table. FB ends. Guddi says I know, your planning was so good, you made doctor say I died, the medications were amazing, which stopped my breath for some time, I got death certificate in hospital. Suman reminds how she got her out of the burning pyre. Guddi says how can I forget that. FB shows Suman using a remote. She thinks why is the remote not working. She presses the button and makes Guddi’s body down the woods. Doctor takes Guddi. Suman asks is Guddi fine. Doctor says yes, she is alive, her nerve started running, she is unconscious now, but trolley took time to get down, so her face got burnt. Suman gets shocked seeing Guddi’s burnt face. FB ends.

Suman says your real face got burnt, but I contacted best cosmetic surgeon, see you got new face and life. Guddi says such fool proof planning can’t happen even in films, like you planned to separate Atharv and Vividha. Suman says that was important to do, I paid the doctor to tell Atharv that he is going to die. FB shows doctor lying to Atharv. Suman says Atharv left Vividha, I did not know Vividha is so adamant, I hired a professional shooter to get Atharv killed, but Vividha came in between, shooter got exposed by Ravish and Atharv, Atharv went but he met a foolish doctor, who told him he is not dying, I had plan B ready.

FB shows Atharv saying Vividha I m coming. He calls Sujata to stop marriage. Someone hits on his head. Atharv asks who are you. Kailash attacks again. Atharv tries to defend. Kailash gives him some injection. Atharv faints. FB ends. Guddi says if Atharv recalls his old life and everyone, what will happen. Suman says don’t worry, nothing will happen, I did all arrangements, he will always love you, he will be in my control, I gave him new name Raghav, because he liked this name. Guddi says you gave him new name and life, and separated him from Vividha, but why. Suman says a mother has to do a lot for son’s love. Guddi asks but so much? Suman asks why are you worrying, let it be, I m there to think of all this.

She gives some tablets and says you know what to do, go to Raghav and tell him I m fine. She asks did you tell him about my trip. Guddi says I told him. She leaves. Suman says why did I do so much…. Guddi can never realize the true reason. Its morning, Suman is leaving. Atharv says you should have stayed back for one more day, you were unwell yesterday. Guddi says Maa is going for charitable event. Suman says some responsibilities are such, to which we can’t turn away, I will come back soon. She hugs Guddi and Atharv. Suman leaves.

Atharv says there is a surprise for Maa once she comes back. Guddi asks what is it. He asks her to wait for some time.

Vividha tells Uma about the order delivery. Ravish brings the milk man. Suman comes there dressed as a helpless widow. Everyone get surprised. Ravish asks her to come. Ravish and Vividha take her blessings. Suman meets everyone. Uma asks her to take some rest. Ravish says this time your trip was much long, did you not miss us. Suman says no, I miss you and will always do. Sujata asks how was your yatra. Suman says like always, it was good. Ravish asks about her health. Suman says I m fine, I went Haridwar this time. She lies to them and talks like a Sanyasi/jogan. She says I will spend my life in praying for my children. Suman smiles.

Madhav comes running and talks to Vividha. Suman asks him to come to her. Madhav looks on annoyed and does not go to her. Suman thinks his behavior is spoiling with time, I have to handle him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good evening xyz 143 Aaliya nazneen Suman di nidha karan bhaiya nikh eswaria Mia and the rest of vitharve fans

    1. Gud eveng

  2. Nikh don’t believe xyz, aliya and nidha.
    They have no sense. Don’t see the film what aliya suggested you. I know you are not interested to watch that crap film.
    Ask them to watch Telugu films. Don’t listen to malayalam songs.

    1. Get lost u idiot carbon copy of anju.

  3. This serial ruined..
    I never watch this serial in hotstar ever…
    My time wasted..
    What a bore story…I can’t digest it…

  4. gud dei all vitharvians, todays comments are just hilarious l can’t help myself from smiling this serial will be nothing without u guys. ur participation in comments section has made this crazy serial bearable. luv u all and I will not quit this serial even if that witch Suman decides to hex even viewers..

  5. @sumanji ravish loved vividha a lot.so he cant leave vividha alone like atharv r8.vividha told to ravish ki we will try to change our friendship to love.she also told him that she will not give him pain like before.so that’s not the mistake of ravish.it’s totally vividha’s mistake if she again goes back to atharv leaving ravish.But I don’t blame atharv he also suffered a lot.No one knows actually wat happened before leap.so we can’t blame either ravish or atharv.

  6. Well said @ragini

  7. Thanku @dimpurose11234 i felt relaxed after reading ur comment.

  8. Hello Amena. where are you. i am waiting for update from 1 and half hour. plz fast update yarr..

  9. :( Sachin - (plz vitharva)

    Hi guys! i saw all episode frm leap….it totally a bullshit! i never expected the leap to be like ths! how cn viv go fr ravish? cnt she stay alone ? again thr will be drama….and also ths guddi,chintu,suman specially and KK,OMG wt kind of people are they?or rather animals?even animals are betr thn ths…sorry dont want to disrespect animals by telling these all thing abt thm!

    idk wt point they will make fr vitharv re-union? last time even though she got married she has feelings fr atharva…bt nw??? and also is ths child of 4 or < years???it seems 7+! god knows…

    guddi's face was burnt right? thn y her tone changed?? hahaha

    jndsd will only rock if soon atharva and viv come face to face! god knows,wn ths soon will come!

    never expected ths frm guddi! how low she cn fall,chi! chintu is he nt try to molest her/revenge?

    writers plz plz plz stop playing ths all and unite atharva soon! all time atharva looses his memory! dont know y always to him!

    and yea viv never loved atharva ,becz if she would have thn she might have at least searched frm him or waited fr few days! viv character is not suiting our vividha atharva sujatha!

    really ths is the worst leap of any daily soap i have ever seeN!

    any way how are u my telly frnds?

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