Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sujata provoking the terrorist to slap her. The terrorist slaps her. Atharv gets angry seeing Sujata’s forehead bleeding. He opens the arm lock of the terrorist and throws him away. Bol har har …..plays…… Atharv beats the men angrily. Everyone smile seeing Atharv. Atharv beats all the mean single handedly. Bhoomi asks Atharv to beat them more. The man gets the hammer to beat Atharv. Sujata shouts Atharv. Suman also shouts.

Ravish shoots the man. Everyone get relieved seeing Ravish. Atharv looks on. The terrorists leave the family, seeing Ravish. Ravish shoots all the terrorists. Zeenat thinks to do something, the game spoiled. Ravish shoots the men and beats them. Bol har har……plays……………. Atharv

and Ravish fight with the terrorists.

Ravish aims the gun at Zeenat. Zeenat says great captain, why did you stop, shoot me, you indian army men are taught to shoot innocent women and children, you have worn this uniform for this. She shoots and asks him to shoot. The man kicks Ravish. Ravish shoots and the man holds him. Ravish fights with him and shoots the man.

A man goes to Atharv to hit on his head. The man hits on his head. Vividha, Sujata, Ravish and everyone get shocked. Atharv holds his head and gets dizzy. Atharv beats in air and falls down backwards. They all look on shocked. Sujata and Vividha run to Atharv. Suman and everyone look on. Ravish angrily throws the gun and beats the men.

Chutki asks Atharv to get up. Atharv wakes up and says Vividha. He faints again. Sujata and Vividha ask him to open the eyes. They all hear sound and get shocked. Zeenat shoots Ravish. Ravish gets shot at his hand. They all get shocked. Zeenat shoots again. The bullets get over. Suman goes to Ravish. Ravish asks her to call doctor for Atharv first, I m fine. Vividha angrily slaps Zeenat. Kalindi, Bhoomi and Vividha beat Zeenat and catch her neck.

The army officer ask the team to get ready. Reporter tells about the army mission stopping before the beginning. She says we can’t say the current state of the family, but we will inform you about the injured or dead state of any member or terrorists soon. Army and medical team enter the house. Ravish is taken by army men, while medical team takes Atharv.

Reporter asks Suman to say something about Zeenat and other terrorists. Suman asks them to see themselves and get the answer. Zeenat and the terrorists are brought there. Atharv is laid inside the ambulance. Ravish sits in the ambulance for his treatment. Vividha sees Atharv and Ravish in two ambulances and gets in dilemma, thinking to whom should she know. The man tells her that captain is fine. Suman tells reporter that they did not lose, as they did not lose courage, we are enough to make terrorists lose, our strength is our family, we like to save lives than taking lives, enemy can come inside our house as we give chance to every guest, but if anyone comes with bad intention, he will not be given chance to repent, and about out children Ravish and Atharv, nothing will happen to them, they have saved the country today, not just family, they have blessings of millions of people. Sujata looks on.

Zeenat asks Adaa to come with her. Adaa refuses to go with her. Zeenat says I m your mum. Adaa says you are not good, you have hurt Atharv and Ravish, I will not go with you. She runs and gets Indian flag. She says Jai Hind. Vande mataram…..plays……

The army takes awat Zeenat. Adaa waves the flag and shouts Jai Hind. Media tells about Indian victory, this is our enemy’s failure. Vividha goes to Ravish. Ravish asks how is Atharv, I think you should be with him, go to him, please for my and my family’s sake. She runs to Atharv and sits in his ambulance. They leave. She says Atharv, you will get fine, we have won, we made all bad people lose. She asks doctor about the bleeding, do something. Doctor says its head injury, he is serious, we don’t think he can survive. Vividha cries and says Atharv, you know the country is happy today, just because of you. Zeenat got arrested, we are reaching hospital, you remember our home, Payal, gungun are there, you forgot your bike Julia, we have to run dairy again. She holds his hand and cries.

Atharv is rished to hospital. He is treated. The nails from his head are removed. The doctor says I m really sorry. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Asritha

    Superb fighting by atharv and ravish.and what’s that precap what happened to my atharv at precap

    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  2. Kavya

    Good episode….but what the hell in precapp….doctor says IAM SORRY…..OMG !! That was really worsttt….

  3. Shruti

    U dirty vividha..u r really characrerless..first u have to see the atharav ..but u ll go to ravish ..Chiii really i hate dis serial and vividha… is she herione or vamp..

    • Trishita

      But shruti I think they did right coz ravish and his family members do not anything abt vitharv. …….so atleast for show viv wud have to go to ravish as she is his wife in frnt of the world. …… Its good they didn’t create any confusion amidst this attack.

    • Anonymous

      Vividha went to Ravish because some Army guy comes and says Ma’am Ravish sir is here and in front of the world she is Ravish’s wife.
      Hope she doesn’t start developing feelings for Ravish and Atharva gets back his memory and eventually gets back with Vividha.

  4. nidha

    I missed one part…i can’t understand..why did vividha went to ravish first instead of going to atharve
    I am totally confused
    Why did vividha went to ravish who is having minor wound..why did not she went to atharve first who is very critical 😢
    Is atharve is really going to die…
    Hate u vividhaaaaa
    My atharve should not die
    Ra….vidha must not die
    Is directors are really confusing all fans
    Am fed up
    I will stop watching this show..if atharve really dies
    I will kill that vividha If she move on with ravish

    • Suman

      Atharva not going to die. He may loose memory or something. But not dying for sure. Vitharv truth is going to out.

  5. Sowmya

    I just hate u vividha…..In this position of ATHARV you chose to be with ravish!!!Just hate u to the peaks..Now u don’t deserve ATHARV anymore…Get lost …..from today’s episode it seems that ra….Vidha is the endgame….So finally quitting ur show…

  6. Sunanda

    I really njoyed the eoisode of first 5 mins
    Very egerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode
    Vivida’s love sujata blessings nd ravish brother love will save atharv

  7. Vikram kalyan die heart fan

    Tnq suman sudheer Sachin and Joe but now I really want this day to become my death day….what nonsense they r showing I want my atharv alive…..Plz anyone tell me vl atharv really die…..if so I vl die

  8. Ramya

    Instead of atharva vividha went for ravish.why she is doing all these things.ravish is conscious but atharva is not in conscious even she didn’t think such a logic.really vividha disappointing atharva fans.

  9. aisha

    w I am so angry on vividha why was she thinking to whom she should by knowing that ravish was finevrathwr than dhe went to him knowing about atharva pain does her love for atharva has lessened and when ravish said her to go to atharva then also she denied by saying but you I am very angry and that time I wanted to slap her but it is not good bcoz she is also nice but dhe dhould have not done that and what happened to atharva god plsssssssssssss save him is he be ok and plssssssssssss ladt wish union if vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva onlyyyyyyyyyy

  10. Suman

    No words. Sooper. But still makers making vividha pendulum. But vividhas dialogs in ambulance are not heart touching but heart wrenching 😨😱. Doctors said sorry means may atharv heart stopped. But may restart with vividhas touch. Too filmy 😂. I think Vividhas reaction towards atharv will disclose about vitharv to Suman n family. Waiting.

  11. Trishita

    What will happen to atharv? Fingers crossed for him.. …….I want his memory to come back by the blow.. ……seriously k bolo har har

  12. Gautmi

    kl ke episode ka intjar hai jb vividha ko uska atherva milega jiske thik hone ka intjar mahino se kr rhi hai

    • Joe

      Frds today onwards i hte vividha so muchh i can she goes to ravish.. Vividha don’t deserves atharv lovee..

  13. priya

    Vivitha doesn’t deserve atharv luv… atharv closed hz eyes by telling vividha nme.. bt dz grl vnt 2 ravish y because he s hr husband dn y u repeated badi badi dialogue dat hr soul s atharv… fst kailash ws villan bt actual villan character s vividha becos always c s confused dnt fix wht actually c wants n hr mnd.. plz gve a new grl who only luv atharv lyk hw atharv loved vividha… becoz mny watching only fr atharv.. a new luv tale jana na dil se dur plz revolve around atharv

  14. sudheer

    I think Adharv will get fine. I am waiting for future episodes. Seriously I like this epi👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 I am big relief for adharv didn’t attack on ravish. I think every scene in last few episodes told that ravidha unit and adharv’s peaceful life.

  15. Bhavik

    Stop all this nonsense…. This a love story yaar…plz bring my atharv back…don’t think of ravish nd vivdha unite….don’t test our patients… And in today’s epi I hate u vivdha…

  16. halishka

    I hope atharva will be fine nd he will gain his memory back coz really I can’t enjoy de series without atharv

  17. Shani

    Stupid vividha went first to ravish . did she really luv atharv ?? Nothing vl happen to my hero atharv . He vl b fine in tmrws episode and he vl get his memory back. Luv u atharv sujata 😘😘

  18. RithVik

    Chiiii Vivdha such a characterless girl

    Seriously cheap one

    Ravish toh theek tha
    Athrava k pass jane k jagh she perfer Ravish huhhh

    Aesi Ladkio k vajhse hi Pyar Badnaam h
    nahi waha koi Ravish ka family tha jo usse show karne k liye Jaana padfa hoga haad h yaar

    writers .

  19. Nazneen Syed

    Chi Vividha paagal kahin Ki sharam nai aayi tujhe.😈😠.Ravish ke paas jaane Ki kya zarurat thi.Atharv ke paas jaane ke bajaay Ravish ke paas chali gayi tere dimaag Mein chal kya raha hai.
    Kal ke episode Mein toh kaha tha Ki jiyenge saath Mein aur marenge bhi saath Mein.Ab kahan Gaya voh saath.
    Stupid Vividha crossed all her limits today.

  20. Janeth

    I want atharv & ravish love to continue. . Plz dont change it brothers love) even if vividha choose one of them .. make thrm positive always

  21. nidha

    If anything happens in tomorrow ‘s episode ,against vitharve reunion…then I will say bye bye to the show 😵
    Sometimes,when I see vividha’s behaviour,I feel that she doesn’t like atharve …she doesn’t deserves him
    And in today’s episode,ravish reminded vividha that,atharve needs her &she is atharve ‘s support,vividha didn’t felt herself that atharve needs her

  22. Shani

    Arey vividhaji kya hogaya aapko 😨🙆 . atharv is in critical condition and still she went to ravish who’s injury is minor thn atharv . Ravish is true brother as he told her to go to Atharv . Shame on u vividha I hate u in today’s episode .

  23. Shani

    Vividha frgt everythng she forgt tht she married to ravish jst to save Atharv . Aaj ke episode me vividha ne prove kar diya ki usme kailash ka khun hai . Bechara Atharv before fainting also he says vividha and get fainted bt still vividha dnt understand . Atharv luvs vividha a lot . dnt knw whts going in Vividhas mind .

  24. Sunanda

    Guys some one r scoulding vivida
    She is in very confusing state at that time i think she decide 2 check ravish is fn5 or not.
    Then she can peacefully sit beside atharv
    Thats yy director sent 2 vivida in both directions.
    Even she is a sis 2 ravish nd a best frnd 2

  25. Suman

    Stop bashing vividha guys. @Anonymous well explained vividhas condition. If ra….. Vidha unite y vividha is talking about ajmer, payal, gungun, Juliea, we together reopen dairy etc. Is it possible for her to be with ravish in Delhi at same time with atharva in tabela. Sub Pagal Hai kya 😂. Just kidding yar. Miss you baby atharv. Think positive. Chill. Vividha going to react emotionally for atharv tomorrow. By dat I think vitharv secret going to come out. Already many of us watched segments where in one vividha hugging atharv n the other she is feeling guilty for Suman with sujatha. Let us wait n watch. Or just to show ravishs mahanta they may created dis scene as he requested her to go to atharv. Plz don’t bash our vividha. Vividha atharv ka hi Hai. Still I have trust in her words. How can ravish accept her after knowing his brothers proximity with her. No way. It’s going to be vitharv

    • sudheer

      Sry to say suman ji, I think Vidharv secret doesn’t come to suman up to end of d show. Coz if vidharv secret reveal in the vasist family whole family hurt expecelly suman hurts. And one more thing director doesn’t reveal d suman and ravish life in vasist family in past 27 years.
      I have one more doubt also from d ravish entry in d serial. That is ravish is really ramakanth son r not?

      • Suman

        Sudheer r u writer of dis show. Dialog writer of jndsd confirmed Suman going to learn about vitharv truth. Den doubting about ravish. Suman clearly mentioned when he announced about family balidan to media. Re-watch dat episode. I don’t remember dat dialog but she was proud of her son

  26. Atharv always

    After seeing today’s episode I hate u vividha, it’s not for u meeting ravish first but it’s because when ravish asked u to goto atharv, u said no ravishhh and after that ravish convinced u lot saying I’m fine,u go to him for my sake and family sake, u went as if like compulsion. U don’t deserve atharv. Ur place is just @home of rakshas kailash. When ravish removed ur mangalsutra u stood quiet. Also u said, u can’t love or think of anyone other than atharv. Cheee. Get lost.

    Now I want my atharv to get well, remove bad name on sujata, prove to be the heir of ramakant and get away. Get well soon my atharv darling.

  27. Anam

    Today is the best day because it’s my 🎉 Birthday
    I’m 16 and today’s episode was the best live both heroes

  28. Anam

    Hope everything is okay please nothing happen to atharve jai hind I loved today’s epi.its the best one ever .i love both

  29. srii

    It’s shame who scold vividha unnecessaryly…she loves adharv but as a wife she went first ravish ,he is still her husband as per marriage rituals promises..it right thing..thanks to cvs ..they didn’t spoiled vividha character.otherwise vividha character will turns bad.y because both got hurt at a same time.i love vividha..i don’t care whoever pair will end at last.but don’t be blind to scold her.. u guys want her to pair up with ur favorite one.

  30. Anam

    I think she went to ravish because she had to and she was in such a dilemma so it’s okay.she could’ve gone to atharve first but she did at last and people who think ravish is the only her watch the serial from epi one and get lost

  31. Sona

    The CVs are willing confusing the viewers between Ravidha and Vitharv, so that viewer stick on to the show for their favorite jodi. They are using vividha’s character like a football.

  32. Sruthi

    I thk vividha’s love is nt true,she doesn’t deserve for atharv…and this ravish is nt suit for gud characters… Make him negative plzzz …dnt show ravish is a hero… I hate himmm….

  33. Mohan

    Arey stupid writer…just stop dis nonsense serial ,if I can see u I ll beat with my chappal..two brothers love one girl..and this herione is really shameless.. She has feelings for both ..and she is showing same emotions for both…u can do one thing ..give her 3more gents and make her panchali…useless writer.. And plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz go this show offair and starplus plzz stop dis show…
    Iam getting laugh when ravish shoot the terriost …isn’t it artificial…that fight is really very bad making …atharv fight is really nice …I lk u atharav

  34. riya

    just hate u vividha,its so good atharv isn’t with her now,she never deserved his love.she deserves to be behaved in the way sujata’s initial meet with her at vashisht mansion. luv the way ravish regarding atharv as his brother and concerned for him.why isn’t sujata going instead of this idiot vividha??????? initially wanted vitharv together, but now, NEVER, NEVER EVER,she rightly proved she has got kailash’s blood in her.hate you vividha,she doesn’t deserve to be with either of the brothers

  35. sudheer

    Before terrorist attack vidharv r ravidha matter is vasist family personal matter. After dat whole country knows vividha is ravish’s wife n adharv is that family member. How could excape vidharv from country? I don’t know what d conclusion director gives?

    • Suman

      Ya even world knows about ra….. Vidha. Atharv well said na, his words going to come true. He told sare duniya se ladenge hum ek hone ke liye. So u r saying now vitharv fight together with world. Wt a positive thinking. Their task is ready hope they will get ready soon for fighting together with duniya n society. 😂. Thank you you gave me new hope on vitharv union

    • Suman

      Y should vitharv escape from country. Pagal Hai kya. They didn’t do any crime. People in India who took divorce n did other marriage r not considered as citizens. 😂

  36. nidha

    I think, after doctor telling that atharve isn’t responding…vividha will go to Atharv and she will remind him their love,past events,special moments &everything that related to their love thus whole family will come to know the truth and along with that atharve will start responding

    • Suman

      Really hope d best. I love to hear from vividhas mouth about their love. Fingers crossed. At least dat gives clarity to all viewers. But as of now I am pretty sure about vitharv union.

  37. Dia

    This is my first comment for any TV show. I could not resist to mention that vividha’s acting and even her role are no more effective. Her expression s are very blank these days and it is not clear what she wants to express. I have stopped seeing this show…Mostly read written updates. I just lost interest in this show.

  38. jessy

    Frm now onwards I just hate to read written updates also .its just waste serial nd waste message also by this show . Y people encouraging in force marriage and how that vividha will fall in love with ravish how.. O god its jus a waste less nd iam nt a vitharv fan nor ravish fan I just watch their acting but this is nt a good serial to watch from onwards it is waste to watch the written episodes already the serial has been spoiled by making force marriage to a girl 👧…i hate this serial.

  39. sanju

    wrost serials i have never ever watch before yet.
    Vividha destroyed the life of Atharv and how she can falling in love with Ravish.
    don’t know why would people watch this serials.
    We don’t have problem that Vividha got married with Ravish but whats about Atharv life.
    He is not able to live his life in good ways. and now Vividha must stay with atharv.
    How can the director of this show makes Vividha role so cheap.

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