Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ramakant telling Atharv that Sujata knows about him. Atharv recalls Sujata’s words and asks did mum told me to free me and find Vividha. Ramakant says yes, she would have not told me if matter was not serious, she did not say anything for long time. Atharv recalls Sujata hiding everything. He asks why did you come back. Ramakant says for you and Sujata. Atharv asks now, after so many years. Ramakant says yes, I wanted to rectify my mistake.

Atharv says you recalled this after an age, you thought you will help me and Vividha, and everything will get fine. Ramakant says no, I know time has dug a cliff between us, but…. Atharv asks him to be away. He says I m thankful that you saved Vividha’s life, so I m not talking badly, but you don’t be mistaken, you

can’t come in our lives. Ramakant asks him to listen. Atharv says you left my mum. Ramakant says I was helpless. Atharv asks why did you come now, you ruined her life. Ramakant says you give me once chance to accept you. Atharv smiles and says ask me whether I want to accept you or not, you are forgetting soldiers are never late, you came 27 years late.

Ramakant asks will you go turning face away from your father. Atharv taunts him to know best way to leave, and reminds him that Atharv has no father. Ramakant cries. Atharv says when Sujata was dealing with labor pain for 10 hours to give birth to me, my father was not there, when I was born and was fighting with death in incubator, my father was not there, I said first word Maa, not Pita, my Maa supported me always, not my father, whenever I came first, just my Maa applauded me, not my father, when I got unwell, my mum used to take me to doctor, not my father, when I got my love in life, my mum valued it more, not my father, I did not see my father standing anywhere during these moments, so there is nothing shocking, you are standing here and I m not able to see you, I don’t know whats a father, just my mum gave me life and taught me living, my father did not, my every breath is indebted to my mother, not you.

Ramakant says your anger is justified, I accept this. Atharv says no, don’t think so, hatred, love, feelings are with one who matter to you, I m angry on my mum who still wears mangalsutra and sindoor of your name, I did not feel need for you ever, my mum was my shield always, and now I m her shield. Ramakant says I don’t doubt that Sujata made you feel short of me, but I just wanted to see you. Atharv says what did you want to see, that we are sad and helpless, no, my mum and I are happy, we don’t want you. Ramakant says I wanted you to know I m alive. Atharv asks how does that matter.

Ramakant says this matters to me, maybe we won’t meet again, I did not give you anything, not even name, I want to give something which my dad gave me. He gives his watch to Atharv and asks him to keep it safe, I will think my precious ancestral thing will tie my memories to your wrist.

Atharv angrily throws the watch in the bushes and says I don’t know you, my mum always told me not to take anything from stranger, I m not related to you, my name is Atharv Sujata, I did not ask even your name, whats your name, Vashisht, Ramakant or Shashikant, I don’t care, I don’t have any relation with you to break it, you go back to your family, why are you finding family in strangers, the relations which ended 27 years ago does not exist. He leaves from the temple. Ramakant cries. Vividha meets Atharv and asks what happened. Atharv recalls Vividha calling him to temple. She asks him to listen. He pushes her away and leaves on his bike. She calls him out….

Sujata waits at home and thinks how to tell Atharv. She talks to Lord and prays for courage. Uma asks Sujata why are you worried. Sujata says I have just one day to tell Atharv about his father, I don’t know how to make them meet, I m worried. Uma asks her not to think much, both father and son have met. Sujata gets shocked and asks what are you saying. Uma says I can understand, you are going through much worries and fears, I got Ramakant’s number by your phone and called him, I told Vividha about him, she took Atharv to make him meet Ramakant, they would have met. Sujata asks what, did Atharv got to know Ramakant is his father. She says I was waiting for this day and was scared too, who did this, Vividha….? Uma says yes, Vividha did it.

Sujata cries happily. Dadi and Guddi come there. Dadi asks Sujata why are you crying. Sujata says I m happily crying, the work I could not do since years, Vividha did it in a moment, she made this possible, I m just worried for Atharv now. Atharv is on the way. Dadi says yes, just Vividha can do this work. Vividha is also on the way and looks for Atharv. Dadi says I have raised Vividha with values. They see Atharv coming home.

Atharv angrily throws his helmet and looks at Sujata. He asks are you my mum or any doormat who anyone crushes my feet and gets inside house….

Atharv asks Sujata what did you tell him, did you thank him for coming after 27 years, I can’t forget how he saved Vividha’s life and made me indebted, but this relation’s fight will never end.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi guys…can someone list former series which were recaptured in here…

  2. Nice episode please atharv understand ur dad he is going to died so make him happy in his last days

    1. Soon mice episode

  3. Devga

    Crt questions Put up by atharv to His mom…. And heart touching situations wich atharv compared while the convo with his dad…. Nd poor vivi wil brk… And atharv is again angry on vivi as she made him meet His father whom HE dnt want to see evr…

  4. Lovely episode. Athava superp acting.

  5. Nice episode.when will atharv understand about his father.tq amena di for updates.gud mrg guys

  6. Nice epi

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