Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Daddy ji saying we can cancel this marriage if you have any fear. Kailash gets shocked. Suman tells Daddy ji that this was Ramakant’s last wish and Ravish will really come to fulfill his father’s last wish, you all have courage, there is time for mahurat. Kailash apologizes and says I m just worried, I m also a father. Daddy ji says you don’t worry, courage is soldier’s rigidness, not a need, and our family is based on this courage, everything will be fine. Suman tells Vividha that you are marrying a soldier, they know to live as they are not afraid of death, Ravish promised me he will come, your fate will bring him here, I m a soldier’s daughter, bahu, wife and mother, so I know very well, the men who wear uniform, they are very different, their family

has to become their strength, not weakness.

Kalindi says I told you Suman, you can understand this as you are from army background, but Vividha is a civilian. Suman says look at Vividha’s face, she has no complains or worry, I don’t know her well, but I can surely say that she has much courage.

Vividha recalls Atharv’s words and cries. Suman sees her tear and says person has right on courage and Lord has right on decision, have belief, Ravish will surely come. She recalls Atharv’s words and says yes, he will come back. Uma looks at Kailash. Suman hugs Vividha and cries, saying Ramakant’s decision was not wrong, there can’t be anyone better for Ravish. She says I just came to say that Ravish will get late. Suman and her family leave.

Kailash says whats happening this suddenly. Vividha tells Kailash that Lord’s stick does not have sound, but it hurts a lot, you got scared before the stick hit you, you have made my love away from me, you made my would be husband away, think once, for one whom you cheated us and did all this, if he did not return, what will you do. Kailash gets shocked.

Scene shifts to Ravish. Ravish and his team get inside the house and shoot down the enemies. The fight and shoot out continues. Ravish sees a man and shoots at that side. He runs towards him.

Vividha says you wanted to write my fate by snatching from Lord, now tell me whats in my fate. Uma asks Vividha do you know what are you saying, Ravish is someone’s son, and his mum is waiting for him, you can’t….. Vividha says I m not cursing anyone, I did not see that guy till now, but you would know this that children has to bear the punishment for parents’ deeds. Kailash says get this madness out of your mind, you should have peace only then things will be fine, you are saying all this for your would be husband, don’t forget your promise you will do whatever I tell you, Atharv will be alive till Ravish and Vividha’s relation stays fine. He threatens her and goes.

Uma asks Vividha whats going on in your heart, do you want that guy not to come back, we can’t think what is his family going through, Suman lost her husband, that guy lost her father…. Vividha says even I lost my father, when Atharv was beaten up and left to die, there was no one there, did you think what would have happened of Sujata, Atharv is life’s support for Sujata, I m not against this family, I m not cursing them, the guy is fighting for the country and risking his life, he would be brave but he is not my Atharv.

Ravish shoots at terrorist. He sees the terrorist holding a boy captive. Terrorist asks him to put gun down, else he will shoot this boy. Ravish puts his gun down and asks him to talk to him, let the boy go. The man says you killed my brothers, see whom I shoot you. Ravish shoots at his head. The boy gets scared. Ravish wipes his tears and hugs him. His team comes there and say mission is completed and all our commandos are safe. Ravish says good, we have to control situation here and inform base, count the dead bodies and seal this place, give food to this boy. He goes.

Vividha says I madly love Atharv and this love was his strength, I did not know this love can take his life, don’t know in which state he is and where, who would be handling him. Uma says refuse for this marriage, don’t prepare to weave an incomplete relation, if you want to marry, then do this heartily and with honesty, else come back. Vividha says no, I can’t do neither of these, I want to see what does my fate has. Ravish salutes the flag. A terrorist aims and shoots at him. Ravish gets shot at his shoulder. The team hears the gunshot. Ravish shoots at the terrorist and falls down. He bleeds and lies on the ground. His team reaches there. Ravish recalls his words to Suman.

Vividha sits in the mandap. Ravish comes. She sees the blood and recalls Atharv. She says Atharv and cries….. Kailash gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. in this whole epi truly i just loved only the scene where vividha was remebering her atharv loved the scene and wen she was saying my would be husband…. loved it plzzz unite vitharvzzz plz bring atharv back…
    ravish part was sooo boring….
    i wish atharv come back and vitharv unit…… till heero cmes little break for jndsd
    love u vitharvz missing sooo ba

  2. love u vitharvzzz missing them soo badly…

  3. and precap……. dont know….

  4. W’s gng on I am confused

  5. HE WOULD BE BRAVE BUT NOT MY ATHARV…. rightly said vividha those lines wer fab…

  6. Worst episode atharav ko kyu nahi dikha rahe hai serial may ye kya ho raha hai kuch tho karke story ko prolong karo par vividha aur ravish ka shadi math karvao ek bar shadi hogaya atharav aur vividha ka lovestory ka the end hojayaga pls

  7. So they have time to show unnecessary stories very detailed like how and exactly under what circumstances Ravish is shot but not even a clue of Atharv statement and if not Vividha at least her sister or mother … Indumati ji could of called Sujata and for God’s sake ask ,but no… Its unbelievable

  8. Dragging…..dragging…dragging…..

  9. Oh what an powerful words today and heart touching words
    Thanks amema sister for the update

  10. Exactly, if they can show all that then why not show atharv. Nobody bothered calling sujata and they don’t know that ankit was also involved in hurting atharv. What are the the writers trying to show the audience? What’s going to happen when suman realises that kailash lied to them and vividha loves someone else ravish’s stepbrother?

  11. Why no atharv scenes from the past 3 days..this is disgusting… The show is going toooooooooooo slow…

  12. Why didn’t vividha ask for proof that atharv is still alive, why believe kailash’s words? Does that mean kailash has kidnapped atharv going by what he said that he’s only alive till vividha and ravish are together. At least show something to the audience regarding atharv.

  13. I think ravish will b there
    I hate this show now?

  14. missing atharv badly….plz unite atharv n vividha….n for god sake plz remove dis ravish duty track soo boringgg yaar

  15. What is Vividhas destiny? What fate Hav the writers given her? From the mountains of spoilers it’s Ravish who arrives at the mandap, bleeding from his wounds in his uniform, thereafter he changes into the groom outfit for the marraige…. Still no Atharva, still no news how he or Sujata chachi are. Even a glimpse of his face would satisfy the viewers, but it seems the writers want to prolong as much as possible. Just hope the viewers aren’t lost before they bring him bk n the enjoyment ppl had for this show. We know real love doesn’t Hav a smooth path but cum on, just a little to keep viewers hopes alive….. Or Hav the writers filmed two scenes one wit Ravish n one wit Atharva at the door…. Think it’s wishful thinking ?

  16. Ravish is so boring. The chemistry / love is all gone. Loved the way atharva treated vividha – as a genuine person. Hate this new track.

  17. Guys i will watch jndsd if vitharv r not untie.but i will never watch jndsd if there is no atharv.bcoz iam watching only jndsd for atharv.
    If there is no atharv there is no jndsd

  18. If the marriage is going to happen I not going to see the serial just going to stop watching the story what a cruel and ego ful dad.hate the show now

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