Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman asking Vividha to have food. Vividha recalls Atharv. FB shows Atharv asking Vividha to have pakodas. She says she has kept Kawarchauth fast for his long life. He says life should not be long, but big, fine if you stay hungry, I will also not eat food. They both hug and smile. FB ends. Vividha thinks I want to keep this fast for Atharv’s health and life, I can’t tell them I m keeping fast for Ravish, I know I m wrong, I can’t love anyone else. Jaana na dil se door….plays….. She thinks to tell Suman that she has to keep fast. She gets a call and goes.

Kalindi says Vividha will ask reason for not keeping fast, what will you say. Suman says she can’t understand as she does not know our past, what will she think if I tell her. Vividha talks to

Guddi and says yes, I have the kept. She sees the cupboard room door open and goes to see.

Vividha looks inside the cupboard and sees a secret room. She gets shocked and recalls how she checked the cupboard before. She goes inside the secret room and sees someone on the bed, covered in blanket. She sees the food plate and medicines. She checks and sees pillows instead any person. She steps on the laptop, which has Atharv’s pic on the screen. She turns it to wards and the pic goes. She turns and his pic appears on screen again. She hears some sound and goes to see. She hears officer trying to contact Ravish. She runs from there. Ravish and Situram look on. Situram says I have scared madam and she has run. Ravish says she has seen empty room. Situram says they left everything, but took Krishna idol, what will you answer madam if she asks. Ravish says she won’t ask, we have to find Sujata and Atharv at any cost.

Sujata and Atharv go to the temple. Atharv goes to take something and man pats on his hand. Sujata buys that and gives to Atharv. Sujata calls Abdul uncle and says its me Sujata. He gets glad and asks how are you and Atharv. She says we are fine. He says I did not get Kailash, I will beat him. Sujata says my son has bear a lot, I will fight alone, I should have not trusted Ravish. He asks what happened. She tells everything and says I will say rest of the things later, I want a lawyer now.

Vividha says why did they make hidden room, who stays there, I should ask Ravish about this. Suman comes to Vividha. She apologizes to Vividha for not allowing her to keep Karwachauth, but there is some reason, else why would I stop my bahu from keeping fast for my son’s long life. Vividha thinks I should tell them I have kept the fast. Suman says there is a surprise for you. Abdul uncle asks Sujata to meet lawyer at the temple. Sujata says no one should know about us. He says don’t worry, I will talk to lawyer.

Ravish comes and sees Vividha. He says I have urgent work, I have to leave. Suman says wait, we need you, I m not letting Vividha keep fast, so we decided to go temple. Kalindi names the same temple where Sujata and Atharv are going. Ravish looks on.

Vividha and her inlaws family reach the temple. Kalindi says its good you got Vividha together, we can see she keeps fast or not. Suman argues with Kalindi and says Vividha respects me, I know she won’t keep fast, I trust her. Kalindi says trust is weak. Suman says you never trust anyone and none trusts you, you don’t know relation is made on trust. She goes to do puja. Kalindi makes a face. Vividha thinks I should say I kept fast, how to say I kept fast for Atharv, not Ravish, their traditions won’t break. Suman tells pandit about the traditions for not keeping fast, but Vividha wanted to keep. I asked her to do puja instead fast. She asks Ravish to come and sit in puja.

Ravish and Vividha do puja. Vividha recalls her words to Uma and Suman’s words. She thinks I don’t like lying to good people, who love me a lot, I can pray for Ravish’s happiness and long life, but I can just keep fasts for Atharv, I wish Atharv gets long life and happiness. Atharv plays with the bubbles. Vividha opens eyes and sees the bubbles. Jaana na dil se door……………plays…………. She recalls playing with bubbles alongwith Atharv. She turns to see. Atharv blows the bubbles.

Sujata tries to stop Atharv. He runs and collides with Suman. Sujata sees Suman and stops.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hey sab kya horae? ????when will atharv aur vivida will meet? ???

  2. Will atharv and vividha meet tomorrow or will ravish hide him again? Why does sujata want a lawyer?

  3. Yes sunanda same feeling

  4. till I was big fan of Vitharv but after seeing Ravish personality &chemistry between Vividha and Ravish .. I really like to see them together but also want justice to Atharv. it is dragging a lot now.. hide & seek.. now atleast Ravish should know about Vitharv and Vividha should know about what Ravish is hiding.. uff but now worrying that first of all, Sujata should know that Ravish is innocent , purely fulfilling his father last wish..

    1. Totally agree with you

  5. Dnt u think they are dragging the serial…. Its just utter rubbish track going on right nw… I just felt ki in this case dehleez was the best series…. Nvr gt bored to see that serial… It ws a Short and Sweet serial

    1. Hii angel….. Sss Dahleez was really sweet ND nice serial….. I ? Dahleez sooo much……

  6. Ohh.. writers plz.. reunite Atharv…

  7. Sujata wants lawyer cause she want to claim rights in all property for atharva.

  8. I think they will meet day after tomorrow

  9. Where do sujatha and atharv will go now. If atharv is not there in ravish house how they will meet. And when their love begins again

  10. Yes it is dragging, no spoilers have come true yet, vividha doesn’t know about atharv being in their house or sujata for that matter and sujata is thinking wrong of ravish’s intentions. Please take this story forward and stop dragging writers. Still no news of kailash either.

  11. i missed 2dy epi…so many vitharv moment 2dy but wil watch surely at repeat telecast…sujata plz dont b mistaken ravish is innocent…vitharv rockss luv jndsd..best serial everrr

  12. They are just playing hide nd seek…how idiotic that scene was when vividha was looking at the laptop atharav’s pic disappeared nd when she was looking some where else the pic appears,just stop fooling us…nd what this ravish was doing there with situram…his character is so confusing i don’t know what he wants…what type of husband he is…at least he should try to find out why his wife is not interested in him…he just keep saying its my duty and does nothing at the end…his only mission is to hide Atharva and Sujata thats it..

  13. Wonder if the precap comes true tomorrow and sujata and suman see each other.

  14. Where the hell is kailaash Kashyap???? writers did you forget him…while writing this hide nd seek stories…

  15. indera sanichara

    We want justice writers, we want Artharv and Vivadha to meet face to face, we want Vividha to know she was not crazy that Arthatv was being kept a prisoner in her husband home, so stop draging the story and show us something good.

  16. Pandu.. Where are you from.. I think you know Telugu ?

    1. Hey havilah do u know telugu?

  17. I want to see atharva and vividha together

  18. Dehleez was one of the best TV serials as it was short and interesting and meant for viewers who want a story with some substance. Jaana na dil se door started off so well with a bright ambitious Atharva with his charming mother and vulnerable Vividha. Exposing Kailash’s true colors and the ladies of the family coming to their own . Even Vividhas marriage to a decent guy and good family was ok. But now the hide and seek business is getting boring and the story line seems to be floundering in search of a way out of the mess ! I hope Kailash and his brutal son get their just rewards because otherwise what was the point of Athrva trying to make Vividha think for herself if finally she does what her father wanted her to do

    1. Yeah amita u r right….wats the point of showing atharv trying to make vividha independent if she s stuck for her father’s deeds? ?

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