Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kangana trying to help Ravish. He says I don’t want to talk to her. Kangana’s bracelet gets stuck to his watch. Music plays….. Ankit sees them. Ravish frees her bracelet. Kangana apologizes. Ankit goes. Ravish also leaves. Vividha drops Madhav to the school. She asks him not to worry, she will come to pick him. He holds her hand. Ladki kyu na jaana kyu…..plays…. He asks her why is she sad. He dances round and makes her smile. Vividha and everyone clap. Vividha says I will smile and not make sad face. He says I will miss school now, I love you. She says I love you too. He goes.

Ankit meets his friend. His friend gives him the gun and asks what are your intentions. Ankit recalls Kangana and says she has ruined my sister’s life, I will not

leave her. Atharv calls out Khushi. She hides from him. He says I know you are here, Madhav told me you break many things, he asked me to be careful, so I came prepared, where are you. He looks for her and finds her. He says I would have got fun playing with Madhav. He sits playing with toys. She sees him and goes to play with him. He smiles.

He takes the food and says wow, hot parathas. He eats parathas and praises it. She asks for food. He gives her plate and takes it back. She looks at him. He asks her to come and have food. She sits in his lap. He feeds her food. She shows Vividha’s pic. He says I know your mummy has much anger, even I m scared of her. He feeds her food. Jaana na dil se door….plays…. Kangana waits for Madhav and sees the gate. Lukkha chuppi….plays….. Vividha gets Madhav home. Kangana smiles. Madhav sits to have food and likes it. He misses Kangana. Kangana sees him and smiles. She walks to him. Vividha sees Kangana. She stops her from holding Madhav and takes her away. She scolds Kangana.

Kangana says I did not tell anything, what did I do. Vividha says stop acting innocent, why did you get Madhav to kitchen and serve him food, you are filling his ears against me and Atharv by feeding food made by me. Madhav says no, I took the food. Vividha asks Kangana to leave. Kangana says enough, I did not take him anywhere, I m his mum, can’t I see him. Vividha says you can fool anyone, but can’t fool me. Sujata comes and looks on. Kangana asks Vividha to stay in limits. Vividha says you don’t know meaning of limits. Sujata asks them not to fight in front of Madhav. Vividha says Kangana was feeding Madhav.

Madhav says no, Kangana did not come, I was hungry and could not wait, so I had food. Sujata asks Vividha to see Madhav came himself. Vividha says I told Kangana not to come close, she can’t impress him, I won’t let this happen. She takes Madhav with her.

Its night, Atharv asks Vividha to rest. She asks for Madhav. She says he was here. He says he was playing in corridor, he slept in room. She says if Kangana takes him then…. She runs. Kangana covers up Madhav and keeps his toys. Vividha comes and scolds her. Atharv asks her to calm down. Kangana asks what did I do, I was just covering him with sheet, can’t I see him. Vividha says if I did not had heart, you would have not been here at this time. Ravish looks on.

Vividha says none will talk to me. She prays in temple. She gets shocked hearing Kailash.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vigneswari

    atharv kushi scene was superb….
    poor kangana…
    precap kk is back!!!
    eagerly waiting for next episode….

  2. Veer

    Precap: KK returns tomorrow. Excited for tomorrow.

    Episode was ok. Vividha-Madhav scene was good but Atharv-Kushi scene was the best of today’s episode. Kushi was brilliant and her ? eyes were beautiful ?. Atharv-Kushi scene was the epitome of father-daughter relationship. It looked so natural and real. Had Vividha been there instead of showing her photo in that scene it would have been a perfect scene with high on emotional quotient. Really loved the way Atharv was trying to understand Kushi’s world and trying to generously get her out of that world.

    Vividha’s love for Madhav is turning into obsession. She’s getting restless and loosing her cool because of this. She’s not ready to trust Kangana.

    “TRUST” is such a thing which is hard to gain and very easy to break and once it’s broken it’s highly impossible to regain it. Even though you gain the trust of the person again, after lots of hardships it won’t be the same as before.

    Kangana broke Vividha’s trust and now she’s really finding it difficult to regain her trust. Vividha naturally can’t trust Kangana even though Kangana is not at fault because it’s natural tendency of a human to not trust the person who broke their trust.

    A FEMALE LEAD emoting real life human emotions is very rarely found on Indian TV. It’s the first time I’m seeing such. Take a bow ? Cv’s.

    I’m still surprised why Cv’s want to bring KK this early even though they had the scope of exploring Vividha-Kushi bond. Vividha-Kushi bond is really missing. I would genuinely feel disappointed if Vividha-Kushi bond isn’t explored.

    @Aleya, how was your PHYSICS exam????

    1. Vigneswari

      the way you explained about trust was really superb veer bhaiya….

      1. Veer

        Thanks, that you liked it. It’s truly and only based on my personal experiences.

    2. Sunanda12345

      Veer generally daughters have father aeffection and sons have mother effection…That’s director showing like that. …even iam also missing kushi-vivida and madhav-atharv bonding….the way you said about trust is superb….kangana is trying 2 built vivida’s trust on her..but the trust building geeting collapse always….even she broked ravish Trust..who trusted her the most…..

      But i think vivida’s geeting more anger on kangana…than limit….

      I uploaded my ff..read it..mm?

      1. Veer

        That’s true but here they made bond between Vividha-Kushi almost nonexistent. Mother- daughter bond is no less than Father- daughter bond. Cv’s are not balancing Vividha as mother. The track in Vividha’s perspective is almost one sided towards Madhav.

    3. Veer bhaya ur concept abt trust is just awesome…me to missing mother daughter bond??good mrng and wish u a great day veer bhaya,sunanda,vignrshwari and all my frndz

  3. Sandy17

    I enjoyed a lot today by watching the episode…after two days of only quarreling…it was a nice treat to the eyes…madhav trying to bring smile on vivi’s face ? so funny…he can’t see his mom in pain.
    Khushi- atharv ? so lovely …it was very cute to see atharv feeding khushi …he is the best father they both could get…when she showed vivi’s photo to atharv ,I thought that she want vivi to feed her…but atharv’s dialogue after that “mujhe bhi dar lagte ho” ??
    Ankit ..I can’t believe that he loves his sister so much that he can’t see her in pain..oh my god, what a transformation.
    Kangana – vivi part nothing much to say about that …I think vivi should decrease her temper at least in front of madhav because gradually it will make a different impression in madhav about vivi which can affect the custody.
    Precap…kk..much awaited…does she bring him to the house…don’t know but I have a feeling that if she forgives her father by seeing his mental state?. No ,no that can’t happen.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Sandy dear plsss send the link of instructions of os dear

  4. today also only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  5. atharv…so cute ..best daughter and father …combo

  6. vitharv_jabra_fan

    oh…. kk returns. i m curious what he wants to do now.! Vivi is going off balance. Ath- khushi scne was Best !!! madhav was cute.what is this Ankit upto now?Ankit should be in Jail u know.is

  7. So sweet episode ???????? atharv-kushi and vivi-madhav scenes are awesome waiting for kk’s entry eagerly

  8. Aleya.marzan

    i’m commenting
    imeant in ath-khushi way
    i enjoyed today allooott

    my xam was aawwwsome .

    can anyone tell me how to download theme song of jndsd???? plz……..

    good night all

    sweet sweet vitharv khushi madhav n jndsddream

    1. Veer


      U can download from this link all versions of JNDSD songs and flute background score.

    2. Sunanda12345

      You can Dowland from youtube as offline

    3. Sunanda12345

      Aleya wt about u r physics exam? ???

      1. Aleya.marzan

        verryyy good

  9. Atharv khushi scenes are soooopppprrr!!!

    MADHAV…..!!!! sooo… Sweet of you…
    Oh cvs …. I Know you people are a factory of illogical twists..
    Plz make any other illogical twist..and make madhav vitharv son..plz…

  10. Veer

    AtharvSujatha dialogue by Sunjiv Puri ji:

    ATHARVA:-jisne vividha ki taraf aankh bhi utha kar dekha usse aise jalaa ke khaak karoonga ki na dhuyen par tamasha hoga na raakh par behas.

    Can imagine the intensity and angst in Vikram’s eyes during this dialogue.??????????????

    1. Sunanda12345

      Yes veer dialogue is too strong….we can imagine his hot intense eye looks

      1. Pooja12

        Translation pls?

    2. Veer

      English translation of the dialogue:

      Whoever raises even their eyes on Vividha I’ll burn them into ashes in such a way that, there will be no show on fumes/smoke and no debate on ash.

      Translated it truly as it is.
      Basically he’s warning that if some looks at Vividha he will burn them into ashes?.

      1. Thanku veer bhaya for the transformation waiting eagerly to c ……???

  11. What the hell is happening jaana Na dil sE door for kavish really!!! Wow so now they r starting a love story of an ex army officer and a murderer great work keep it up CVS? except the crap of kavish the episode was awesome loved it it was a treat to watch?atharv -kushi madhav-vividha scenes were beyond dreams ?? y r ppl spreading the rumour that ravish is going to die is it true bcz before ankit was going to die right?
    Speaking of ankit trust me ankit we all want kangana to go away. How did ankit change, he changes like a chameleon ?
    Y is every1 piting on kangana suddenly Vivi is right who knows if she comes back in her psyco state then?

  12. Nikh

    This ankit is really funny…
    When did he start thinking about her sisters…
    Such a comedy piece…
    What ever it is a daughter father relationship is the best in the world…
    That too atharv and his daughter wow so nice…

    1. VizPinky

      Nikh…..how is ur exam on yesterday….happy to see u back ???. .
      Even me too not able to stop my laughter when i heard what ankith today it’s really funny and shocking too….????

      1. Nikh

        Hi pinkzz… My exam is ok except gk section… I’m very poor in gk… I’m unable to predict the results now.. I have to wait till the results…
        June 4th another exam(sbi po mains)
        I know sbi po is a day dream for me..
        But I have to give my best… I’ll be free after June 4th..
        Gud mngg…
        Have a nice day..

    2. U r ri8 Nikh….at wat point of time Ankit changed..in phase1 he tried to shoot atharv after knowing tat vividha Luvs atharv.he tried to kill his sister happiness,and now he is going to kill ravish for Guddi s happiness….or wat…totally unbelievable

      Wat abt Aditi…where is she.

    3. yes….may be cvs forget dat ankit was also a culprit or may be they can’t control sooo many villains…

  13. Sunanda12345

    Episode was superb….
    Atharv kushi scenes r awesome……???
    Sooooo cute of madhav….

  14. S.Marliya banu

    Meaning of this dialogue please

  15. VizPinky

    Guys what is meant by this tweet…???..according to latest gossip is really ravish is going die???is shanky is going to quit from the show???….

    1. Pinky..don’t worry dear…all these gosspis there also said ankit is going to die,kagana will be pregnant becoz of that ravish will marry her but nthng hapnd till now so..its better not to believe gossips..good mrng and a have a nice day dear???

      1. Sunanda12345

        Yes vismaya u r correct…we can’t believe gossips easily

  16. VizPinky

    Atharv sujatha dialogue and…..
    Ravish vashisht dialogue…
    Veer need translation very badly…..???

    1. Veer

      RAVEESH :- kabhi kisi ko apne zakham mat dikhaana …kyonki marham harek ke paas nahin hota lekin namak sabke paas hota hai…

      True translation:
      Don’t ever show your wounds/injuries to anyone because medicine/ointment won’t be there with everyone but, everyone will have salt.

      In simple words It means, if you show your injuries to everyone, no one will be ready to try and reduce your pain but everyone will be ready to increase the pain by rubbing salt on wounds.

      Atharv’s dialogue I translated in my above comment.

  17. Is ravish character ending in jndsd? Check shashank vyas twitter account

  18. Liked madhav vivi scene. Madhav vivi are true mother son goals. Even after knowing truth, their love on each other remain same. Like how madhav tried to cheer up his mom. My boy wants his mom to be happy but not sad.

    Liked khushi atharv scene.its seems funny how he entered to room with card boards to save himself from khushi attacks. They both are daughter father goals. My khushi sacred of vivi. How cutely atharv made khushi to sit on his lap and feed her food. khushi slowly understanding the language what atharv is talking. there is progression in her. Iam happy. Now iam waiting for her sweet words.

    Now I craving for mom beti and papa bete scenes.

    Atharv really managing his time for both khushi and madhav.

    no need to talk about vivi kangana scene. The same daily fighting.

    Ankit, in past u tried to kill atgarv and now kangana. This man need to be punished and put behind bars.

    Can u guys clarify me one doubt…does vivi knew about ankit hammer attack on atharv.

    Welcime kk.

    1. Veer

      No Vividha doesn’t know about Ankit’s hammer ? attack on Atharv.

  19. VizPinky

    Today’s episode highlight was mother-son and daughter-father bonding.mainly atharv went into kushis world and making her very happy.his way of understanding kushi was too good.
    Don’t know what to say about viv kang just one thing I can say is they r real human emotions.I have never seen a daily drama making such type of storyline giving importance to human emotions in such a way.hats off to cv’s for their experiment.every one r portraying their characters very well???…today i felt like it is happening in my neighbourhood.they soooo real…
    Ankith one…. it was soo funny.he is worrying soo much for his sis ????.only because of him once upon a time atharv became abnormal.then what punishment he should get???? Don’t know when did he change that much.should see how will be his character be after kk entry…
    Gud n8 guys…..???

    1. Veer

      One thing is for sure this track is dealing with core human emotions. They’re so real and actors are doing maximum justice in emoting them on screen. They seem to be so real that I can easily relate to what emotions they are undergoing and why they’re are doing particular things. Cv’s should really be appreciated for this genuine content.

  20. Nice episode especially father-daughter bonding. kk is back just hope vividha won’t be swayed by pity n make another mistake of bringing kk home,, for all we know he might just be doing drama to escape punishment for all his crimes.

  21. Can u guys clarify me one doubt… Does sujitha know that ankit hammmered atgarv on wedding day.

    1. Sandy17

      Yes she saw ankit hitting withstanding hammer.

  22. Iam so happy my dear vitharvians . Ravish is going to die. Shashank vyas himself announced that. His fans are crying.
    Now the focus will be only on vitharv.

    Today I loved the Atharv and khushi scence
    very much. And also vividha and madhav scenes but song didn’t suit .

    1. hey u I don’t know WHO r u ???? r u Anju?? plz dear don’t mind u can add something else with ur name??? don’t feel bad…

  23. epi was so sweet….atharv n khushi….?
    we r eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi…we showed our patience now it’s time to kk-vitharv?
    let’s see…

    1. VizPinky

      Diya dear is this and the above dp Diya is u..did ur dp got changed…don’t feel dear just asking because u know about virus na sheet can use anyones genuine fan name..so only asking dear…don’t feel bad…???

      1. pinky my logo is brown….one & only brown….u can see here…
        n this green I really don’t know who is this??? its not me….

  24. I think no no 100% it’s clear ravish is going to die…n yes mamta(may be) listens the need of vitharvians ( most of) bcoz there r a lot of people….just want the death of ravish

  25. @@@@@ aronno dear I’m Bengali n aleya o Bengali… sorry for late reply… Ami WB a thaki n u????

  26. Veer

    Confirmed!!!!! Ravish character is ending. Read this article

    Some shocking truths, now I understood why there were compromises in the story only after Shashank entry.

    1. Veer

      Going by this article, I didn’t expect Shashank Vyas to be this kind of actor, who is concerned about his role rather than the story. Because he has done Baalika Vadhu where his character was a name sake lead but his screen presence was very very less. I hate these kind of actors who after getting into the project make the producers and content writers to change their true story just to get more screen presence. If this is true then the earlier report on actor tantrums could also be true. Anyhow he’s still a decent actor. To be frank his character should have ended or taken back seat after AtharvSujatha regaining memory for fist time. Even though his exit has come too late, still happy that we don’t have to bear with the sidey’s when Vitharv vs Kailash Kashyap takes place.

    2. VizPinky

      I am still there in shock not able to digest it.as his track is going to end vitharv should go back to ajmeer Delhi house will not be suitable for him.omg!!!This one also should happen vitharv with their cute family should go back to ajmeer.but feeling sad for shanky.some times I feel like he should go out and some times like ayoo….The 2 hero’s charm has going to end…???
      What ever it may be we want prateek sir…vitharv return back to ajmeer and full on full phase one feel…It is enough for me..

    3. Its nice to hear iam happy becoz now we can actually feel vitharv ….intensity and kk…vs atharv but as vivi said we will miss brothers bond???but it will be gud if they go back to Ajmer…. Iam also surprised to hear abt shasha’s this kind of behavior anyway….let’s c….

  27. This is for who insult ravish

    Ravish (Shashank Vyas) tortures Kangana mentally pressurized by Atharv (Vikram Singh Chauhan) and Vividha (Shivani Surve) in Jana Na Dil Se Door

    Jana Na Dil Se Door would take another step which would portray Ravish and Kangana’s breakup.

    It was a well planned equation of Atharv and Ravish colectively that Ravish would marry Kangana.

    The other step would be that Ravish would so much torture Kangana mentally that Kangana would on her own leave Ravish’s house and go.

    This planning was not known to anyone except for Atharv and Ravish.

    Kangana frustrated by Ravish

    Kangana had married Ravish so that she can stay closer to Madhav but on contrary it was Ravish who was harassing Kangana on a larger scale.

    It would be interesting to watch as to how would Ravish and Atharv’s this Kangana torture plan work wonders?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in storyline.

    1. Veer

      This is in someone’s dream. If you are Ravish fan just ask your conscience whether his character would stoop that low to torture a woman. I will not even talk about Atharv and Vividha doing this.

  28. Hello All,

    In all serials there will be two main leads. Rest are side actors and negative actors. It would be so boring if you see only two leads, no other characters. Because of negative characters we give value to main leads, if there is no negative people then it wont be valuable.

    Here who feels Ravish and Kangana should go out of the show, let me remind they both are very good actors. If you praise Vividha and Atharv for their acting skill, then why cant Ravish and Kangana? All are actors, they entertain us.

    1. Veer

      Yes, it’s true with less number of characters the story cannot be taken forward and it becomes monotonous. Certain tracks require certain characters to take backseat. May be they should have put these characters aside for that tracks.

      I think if the actor don’t want to take backseat, compromise his character for the show and wants to quit the show the producers and cv’s don’t have any other way except to kill that character. This happened earlier with Smitha ji(Suman) and now Shashank

  29. Sunanda12345


    Guys watch this….wt is kangana and vivida doing….is anyone able 2 understand

    1. VizPinky

      Dear ur link is not working ???

      1. Sunanda12345

        Pinky now i send one more tym it’s working

    2. Sandy17

      I think madhav is there inside that table or under that table…so they are trying to save him…don’t know…just my assumption.

  30. Episode was awesome except our song being played for kavish??oh my god madav was just amazing …his dance his actions everything just to make his mother happy..ideal son..madav atharv sujatha??on the other hand…khushi atharv bond was just a treat to watch atharv making khushi feed amazing….oh my god I can’t believe ankit change???and vivi situations is so sad……and it’s confirmed…. Ravish vasishta is going to die…pinky sorry u said its not a goosip its crct..will miss brothers bonding??

  31. It seems that shanky was not happy with the track, he always has this role issue in bv also he did the same thing I sometimes feel is he really good at heart or no?
    Poor guddi what will happen to her now ? He is a good and talented actor all the best I hope in ur next project we will be able to see u as a lead.

  32. @linah
    If vivi pity on kk mental state then iam done with this show. He is,the reason for all the mess and pbs.

  33. Nikh

    A very happy mngg everyone….
    Have a wonderful day…

    1. good morning dear have a nice day

      1. Sunanda12345

        Hiiii nikh

    2. Sandy17

      Gud mng nikh ?

      1. Sunanda12345

        Sandy dear superb dp

      2. Sandy17

        Thank u dear?

    3. Gud mrng nikh have a great day???

  34. Shashnk ending this show…soo sad to hear.y the writter include Vashisht family ?one by one everyone is dying,and now the lead charectr is going to die!!!.already they hv included unwanted charectors without any base…here the writter itself don’t knw how to continue the story.the story is now lyk undecided, unplanned.i think NXT serial
    going to end in starplus is defntly jndsd…

    1. Veer

      Actor wanted to quit, what they can do except, kill his character. May be now it will be easy for characters to write tracks with less characters and I think with introduction of lesser known actors they can take story forward. But I too feel that they have compromised too much on story till this point and they may not get any proper meaningful tracks going forward. This only means an end to a show is nearing. Hope cv’s have some thing up their sleeves to carry them forward.

      1. Veer

        ******May be now it will be easy for cv’s****

      2. Me too @veer hope they have gud track for the future story.
        Just feeling sad for shanky, i didn’t expect this at all i have actually grown fond of seeing him everyday i guess we have to accept it, so what will be kangana’s role now or she will continue as madhav’s mom don’t know what CV’s has in store for us,,, someone knows reason behind his death or its that chameleon ankit taking revenge for her sister.

    2. One thing to remember u shashyank is not the lead its vikram Singh chauhan?and he is there the show will be continued.. Gm and have a nice day

  35. guys….there’s an another Diya with green logo that’s not me…. my logo is brown… pinky told me about yesterday’s comments… I just checked…
    i don’t know who’s this???
    @Diya plz add something else with ur name(I hope u r not Anju)….
    guys be careful

  36. But ending of raveesh charctr as Ankit kills him is not fare yaar..rather if he is dying as a martyr then it is fyn..but this is not justified yaar

  37. Then how sujatha excused ankit act. Y she hide it from vivi. @sandy

    Dont know y cvs introduce two families kashyap and vashisht just to show them as criminals,bad persons and foolish persons. Except vitharv and sujatha atharv bond every other bond seems like fake/ destroyed. This is the reason y I sometimes disconnected with this show.

    1. Sandy17

      I also don’t know about that…even that was a topic discussed here when ankit was allowed to stay with them.
      Yes even the sister – sister – dadi bond and many more which was in phase 1 is really missing..among that the most imp is atharv-sujata bond
      Hope that cvs will bring that missing bonds after this filtration process.

  38. Now the main question is what will be the position of guddi and kangana?

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